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tv   Mister American  CSPAN  November 5, 2016 9:17pm-9:33pm EDT

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tv," a film about dwight d. eisenhower. according to the library of congress, this newsreel style film was shown in movie theaters and distributed to civic organizations. ♪ >> through 20 years of wavering and wandering, through hot and cold wars, through corruption and cynicism, the american people have hungered for leadership founded on integrity and wisdom and courage. >> we have sought a leader of the people. >> a man raised to leadership by the people.
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>> a leader whose whole life was for the people. >> a sturdy, humble air to the allect and affection peoples felt for lincoln. such a man is general dwight d. eisenhower, the man from abilene. never in history have so many americans known so much about the very essence of one man. >> 100 million met americans -- americans know eisenhower by heart. >> white elite cheer from him -- for him? because we believe in him. we hail the hometown boy who was all the best of america. i come here first to thank you to say the proudest thing i can claim is that i am from
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abilene. [applause] >> i want to speak first of the dreams of a barefoot boy. they are to be a streetcar conductor or a policeman. --ve all, he may rich reached the position of locomotive engineer. is that days dreams when finally he comes home, comes home to welcome from his own hometown. >> ike has been claimed as a native son. texas the cattle state of has first claim. that is where he was born. >> dwight david eisenhower was one of seven sons of deeply religious parents. pennsylvania dutch who moved west and brought the bible with
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them. where did he takes them, he likes to get back home. paris,s paris -- even in his kitchen was texan. keeping close to the earth and fresh water. stories does he exercise the right to stretch the truth a little bit. you should've seen the one that got away, three feet long. >> if you ask eisenhower why he has dedicated his life to the service of america instead of retiring to gettysburg, he will point to a picture of this baby, a chip off the old block, and he will tell you -- >> i want my grandson and yours to grow up in a free america. >> he is proud of his three
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grandchildren. you can tell that he believes that the first line of defense and old-fashioned, well understood american idea. francis the first nation to hail eisenhower for his crusade in europe. the french love liberty, and under hitler they faced slavery. this ally likes ike, too. across the english channel, which hitler could not cross, the people of battered london who never would yield to the blitz surrendered to ike. president eisenhower: to every londoner who has taken one of my soldiers into his home, you will always have my profound gratitude. to everyone who has smiled at one of my men, iou thanks, also. all history tor
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remember. ladies andisenhower: gentlemen, you have listen to the words of the great commander. a man who is proved not only his capacity to organize, but ,egulate the movement of armies who has chose a capacity for making great nations march together, more truly united than they ever have before. kansan conquered britain. america, thein wife all the world calls mamie was the first to say, i like ike.
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>> bursting with pride and a great friend, a great guy, who understands that washington belongs not to a president but to the people. president eisenhower: i stand before the elected federal lawmakers of our republic. the very core of our political life and a symbol of those things we call the american heritage. [applause] >> watch what a country boy can do to the biggest city in the world, new york. [cheering] >> watch the women, watch the young people. >> watch all the people who make up the searching independent voters who will lead a victory at the polls in november. watch them flock and cheer for mister american.
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>> new york simply cannot do this to a kansas farmer boy and keep his reputation. [laughter] >> that is another thing that impressed me very much. it was not because one individual, one american came back from the war, it is rejoicing that our job is done. one nasty job is finished. that nasty job, the crusade in europe, will be remembered by three meal and -- 3 million americans who fought to keep the war from coming here.
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these americans will never ,orget that it's allied leader eisenhower was a five-star g.i., a soldier and statesman who was a match even for churchill. >> a commander who suffer the shots of the -- each casualty. a man who hates war. >> from another general, macarthur, he learned about asia. the man a macarthur picked to go with him to the pacific in 1934 was eisenhower. americans know the essence of eisenhower. >> the american system rests upon the rights and dignity of the individual. the success of that system depends on the assumption by each of personal, individual responsibility for the safety
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and welfare of the whole. politician, no soldier, no other person can assume your responsibility, else democracy will cease to exist. a united and determined american citizenry is under god the greatest force the earth has seen. it can protect itself and lead the world to respect and to write -- right and justice. -- injustice. >> as president of columbia, he the fight against communism must be fought on every front. >> no institution can be neutral. all must be joined in a common profession, that of democratic citizenship. there will be no administrative suppression or distinction of --
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or distortion. the facts of communism, for example, shall be taught here. it ideological the feldman, its message, it's economic effects, it's probable course in the future. the truth about communism is today and indispensable requirement if the true values of our democratic system are to be properly assessed. [applause] >> just as i am a student with you, so you are a soldier with me. because you are here, fundamentally to prepare yourselves to make this country
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a greater and better place for your children, and all who come after you. if we are going to have their homes, better working conditions, better of everything for the 140 million people who make up america, then each of us has a responsibility to defend for his life the liberties, the rights, that have brought all of these things about and have allowed us to enjoy them. communismrast, inflamed german youth. eisenhower led yet another crusade in europe, this time to wage peace and prevent a war. this new force for freedom isn't nato, 14 nations strong.
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♪ stretching from norway to greece and turkey. we, representatives of many nations, work day by day with these intricate, difficult problems. we have absolute faith you can do the job. of course you could do the job, all that is necessary is that each country remembers that it is served best by developing the common security so necessary to its own. require faith, self-confidence, devotion, tenacity, always tenacity. age and timesmic
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lincoln'ssive than day, the world is divided once more, half slave and half free. where is a leader who can sustain and inspire americans under arms in korea? themerican who can in the war with victory and prevent its spread into a bigger war. where's an american who can sustain and inspire our allies fighting a common enemy? in this age of hate and violence , riots rip through cities in europe, this one in italy. the reds rile the people. where is there a leader with the skill and tenacity to teach the enemy to call each other neighbor again? who can end the violence abroad and at home, too? who can unite instead of divide this nation?
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at a time where 80% of every american's budget dollar goes in defense of our freedom, where is the man of experience who can get the most security for every military dollar? and a the staggering burden of taxes, which could bankrupt america? stalin mostne man respects and fears as leader of the united energies of this free nation? the people of america know the answer. eisenhower now. ,rom every heart and horizon from women and youth, farms and factories, even from democrats who place principle above party, for all the people of america, a thunder grows, a century has brought the threat of a new slavery but there is a new lincoln.
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statesman, soldier, citizen, esther american -- dwight david eisenhower. the u.s. senator john f. kennedy story, i campaign film from 1958 detailing the compliments of jfk's first term serving the people of massachusetts as a democrat. senator kennedy won reelection that year with about 73% of the vote. >> we present the united states senator john f. kennedy's story. ♪ >> this is washington, d.c. -- official capital of the united states, unofficial capital of


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