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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  November 30, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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announce priebus. instead of just doing priebus as chief of staff where he would have gotten a lot of blowback from the alt-right crowd and the very conservative crowd. so he satisfied that political problem he could have had. and my guess is that's more likely the case. where as josh said somebody's really got to be responsible for the day-to-day. i don't know mr. bannon. >> a grace note to build on what josh and bill have said. i think josh articulated how kind of the co-equal could be viewed. look at how food
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is marketed to children, the wikipedia movement and automotive cybersecurity. first an update from capitol hill. >> we're joined by mike lillis, congressional reporter for "the hill." the house democratic elections coming up on wednesday morning. tell us why tim ryan is challenging democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> i think there are several reasons. going back to 2010 when the democrats lost control of the speaker's gavel and they were wiped out, there was grumbling then. why should we return the same leaders to the same spots if they weren't able to keep us in the majority. since then, every election cycle you've heard a little of that grumbling, but it's been behind closed doors. this year is very different
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because of the trump victory, because the democrats were expecting to pick up significant house seats. they didn't do that, and now what was once behind closed doors is now becoming very public in the form of tim ryan's challenge. i think you can break it down a couple different ways. one is generational. leader pelosi has been in charge for 14 years. she's in her mid-70s. steny hoyer, jim cliburn, her two lieutenants also there more than a decade. also in their mid-70s. there's been a constant rumbling among younger members that there's no room to move up in the world of the democratic leadership. and what you've seen is a brain drain. an exodus of people like chris van hollen, steve israel, donna edwards who are moving on to other places because of this bottleneck at the top. tim ryan is saying, we need a fresh face, new ideas, and i'm the guy who can do it. the other component of that is regional.
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tim ryan represents youngstown, ohio. very blue collar manufacturing base. and he points out that pelosi is a liberal from san francisco. hoyer is from maryland. the other leaders are all from the coast. all of them from the coast, almost without exception. and he says they simply don't speak to these working class, white, rust belt voters. and he, again, is the guy to do it. those are the two arguments we're hearing over and over. >> who is tim ryan? what's his track record on capitol hill in congress, in the house in particular? >> he's an appropriator. he's young. he's 43 so he does represent a new generation. but he's not a new guy. he's been around for this -- he was elected to his eighth term. very young when he arrived. 29. the youngest democrat in the house when he did arrive. but he's seasoned. he's been here -- entering his eighth term. he's been here exactly the 14 years nancy pelosi has been the
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leader. so a little irony there. he wants a change but he does represent this manufacturing district. it did go for trump and yet he was able to secure 68% of the vote. he's saying, we need somebody who can go into, he keeps saying the fish fries, the church servi services. we need someone that can broaden the appeal of the democratic peter. >> insurgent dems challenge tim ryan. tell me about some of the supporters in the democratic caucus. >> you've seen a trickle of supporters. right now the number stands at 11. you might see a couple more. might not. not sure how many are going to come out publicly. today you have ruben gallego, just elected to his second term. young 37-year-old hispanic from arizona and seth moulton, an iraq veteran. galego is an iraq veteran. molten is also young, also new from massachusetts. they had successfully delayed
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these leadership elections. pelosi wanted them to happen two weeks ago. they said no way. not after this election. we're going to take some time and have a reckoning. figure out what went wrong. they were successful. the election is tomorrow. but they hadn't endorsed anybody until today. they were holding their fire and now they're just trying to build a little momentum for ryan, you know, even if it's a losing effort. they're young. they'll be here when pelosi is gone and so they see it as a strategic move more than anything. >> walk us through the time frame and the logistics on the vote. we understand it's going to be a secret ballot wednesday morning? >> it's a secret ballot. it's always a secret ballot. that plays to the advantage of tim ryan. there's -- pelosi is an extremely powerful force in this caucus. she's very well respected, but she's also feared to an extent. and so that's why you're not seeing so many people come out publicly. the last time she was challenged
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in 2010, it was heath schuller. hadn't been around very long. he got 43 votes. very few of them were public. people will vote in a secret ballot because they can rimaema anonymous and not have any political reprisal from pelosi who has, in the past, denied people committee assignments or campaign cash, things like that where she could -- it's kind of a form of retribution and how she keeps people in line. how she keeps everybody so unifitd. tomorrow morning, starts at 8:50, 9:00 in the morning in the basement of the capitol where the democrats meet every week for their caucus. you'll have somebody nominate pelosi. you'll have somebody nominate tim ryan. we don't know yet who those figures are going to be. and then a couple of speakers on behalf of both of the candidates. you can expect pelosi probably
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will grab a female lawmaker, probably somebody from the chc, probably from the black caucus. she'll have a whole swath of people. and tim ryan will probably try to do the same thing. he's got some diversity there. marsha fudge, former black caucus chairwoman who -- from ohio who will probably speak on his behalf. and then they vote in the closed ballot. and then whether or not we know the tally is another thing. the tally in the schuller vote was leaked but this one we don't know if we'll know the tally, at least not immediately. >> we'll look for your reporting on all of this. mike lillis, senior congressional reporter for "the hill." thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. sunday on book tv's in epith. a discussion on the december 1941 attack on pearl harbor on the eve of the 75th anniversary. on the program, steve twomey,
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"countdown to pearl harbor." eri hotta and craig nelson with his book "pearl harbor from infamy to greatness" followed by an interview with donald stratton, pearl harbor survivor and author of "all the gallant men." we're taking your phone calls, tweets and e-mail questions live from noon to 3:00 p.m. eastern go to book for the complete weekend schedule. now a look at the regulatory framework behind marketing food to children. this was a policy on food law hosted by ucla and harvard. >> we nour going to pivot and move from science to law. we are very fortunate to have three law


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