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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 5, 2016 9:00am-9:13am EST

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this giant gap has always existed between developments and implementation or marketing of an intention. this was an issue in the soviet union and the empire. you can turn this back.
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we launched a technological initiative a few years ago. dear colleagues, everything ntht i have been talking about is there in russia's scientific and economic development. the degree for establishing this strategy has been designed. we have been facing attempts at external pressure starting with myths about russia agenda and trying to meddle in other country's elections. i am sure we will renounce from our problems. i am hoping that the doping scandal will enable us to create a state-of-the-art system in russia and i hope that will be
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prepared by next year. i would like to say that all this bad press, accusations, and media reports, all these activities, we understand them and we know how to address them. we would like to invite our counterparts to engage jointly in important international projects, specially in areas where russia's presence and engagement is desirable. we don't want any controversy. to some of our international counterparts looking for enemies, russia was never looking for enemies. on the contrary, we want to be friends. we can not permit our interests to be violated and stepped over and we will decide our future without taking unwanted advice from abroad. at the same time, we are willing
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to have equal dialogue based on mutual respect and we are preparing to discussion the task of creating a latsing, stable of international relations for the future. the lessons and the experience of the cold war, it seems it has gone in vain. we are ready for international relations based on diversity and respect for the rule of law without any monopoly or pretense or trying to limit free speech or bend international trade rules or introduce censorship in the international media sphere. russia has been long accused of imposing censorship in its own media. i any we are seeing some of our counterparts exercise in that. i think we need to promote the
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theories of international organizations and institutions such as the united nations. the asia pacific economic council. we are also developing such as the xrchcso, the shanghai organization, the eurasian economic union. russia's idea to form a multi-level marketing in eurasia. we have started to discuss it in-depth at different regional and international forum. i am sure this is what we could have with various eu states hoff having growing demand for political and foreign and economic policies. our experience with the asia
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pacific has been very successful. this was shown in the eastern economic forum that was hosted this year. would i like to ask the government to look at the discussions of this forum. russia's asia pacific agenda is not dictated by our short-term policy works but our long-term political and economic interests. one of the key factors in providing global and regional stability today is the comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation between russia and china. it is a role model for international relationship. taken into consideration in harm any. today, china is becoming the
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world's largest and strongest economy. i am happy to see that our cooperation with china has been increasing, getting new projects in various areas, including i.t., energy production, and so on. an important factor for developing russia is also developing its specially privileged strategic partnership with india. during the russian/indian summit, we have concerned our countries have great potential for deepening cooperation in all kind of areas. we expect growth and improvement in our relationship with this partner. we have seen interest and willingness on the part of the indian government to launch joint projects with russia. we are willing to co-operate wih
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the new u.s. leadership. cooperation is in the interest of the entire world. we are jointly responsible for providing international security and insuring the regime. i would like to emphasize that attempts to break that balance are perilous and can lead to a global catastrophe. it is important to direct the united states to fight real and not invented enemies, global terrorism. that is addressed by the russian military in syria. they have delivered some very serious damage on terrorist troops and showed that russian air forces, navy, and land troops are able to operate far from their home bases.
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we are seeing the work done by some special operations troops, inside the country fighting some insurgent groups and separate casualties. we will continue our work. i would like to thank all of our security officers and military servicemen for their courage and loyalty, for being loyalty to their horn and the honor of russia. >> dear colleagues, when people feel they are right and they act as one, they go along the path they choose with confidence. the past years have not been easy for us but these trials have made us stronger, really and enabled us to define and
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identify directions in areas we must act and be more consistent. overcoming these difficulties, we have created a potential for moving forward. we have not gone into some of the present day technicalities addressing only issues of survival. we are also thinking about development and we have provided for it. today, this agenda for development is coming to the forefront. the future of our country only depends upon ourselves, the hart work of each of our citizens and their individual successes. we will arrive at our goals and we will achieve the tasks of today and of tomorrow. thank you.
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join us later today when the national press foundation hosts a series of panel discussions about the trump administration and the new congress.
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journalists and political science professors are expected to participate. you can watch it live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. tonight on "the communicators." >> it is a great measure on how fast things change. the law is just figuring out cell phones and e-mails and it may be figuring that out just about the time those two are not going to be as important in our daily lives. there is this built-in delay that the law suffer fs from andt is hard to keep up with the latest shifts. >> paul ohm on how prosecutors, lawyers and judges lack understanding of technology and his work to help reserve that problem. he is interviewed by dustin voltz, cyberreporter at reuters. >> they love the law and policy and probably think they are
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better at it than they are. i wonder if it is something we can use to appeal to people to do their duties. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on cspan2. >> c-span, where history unfolds daley. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable companies and is brought to you by your cable or sat plight provider. next, a hearing on the management of the renewable fuel standard program aimed as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. they heard from representatives of the ep a&g ao. this is an hour and 15 minutes.


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