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tv   American Artifacts  CSPAN  December 18, 2016 6:48pm-7:06pm EST

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constitution is amended. learn more about this exhibit and the constitution by -america. you can download a free e-book companion to the exhibit. -america. >> all weekend long, american history tv is joining our communications cable partners to showcase the history of scottsdale, arizona. to learn more about the cities on our current tour, visit we continue now with our look at the history of scottsdale.
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>> also known as the pima and the people who live towards the water. the pima nad maricopa people are mainly farmers. they lived along the salt river and traveled with the season. the pima believe they are credited with building part of an intricate irrigation system used for the canal system we see today. it is located in the phoenix metro area. we are bordered by scottsdale, mesa in tempe. the western corner is our commercial corridor and that land is slated for economic development and web the residential space which is where our community members reside. we have 19,000 acres in natural reserves, it will never be touched. you can see our red mountains and river and showcases the
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mcdowell mountains. we have approximately 10,000 members. 4,000 of them live within the community boundaries today. it was established by executive order by rutherford b. hayes. we were given approximately 500,000 acres that spread all the way to the west valley. that was met with resistance from our community members. our leadership gathered together and went to visit the president himself and had conversations with him, explaining our ties to the land and who we are as a people and why it was important to have that land and access to it. and we were reestablished with the 52,000 acres instead of pushed out altogether. in 1990, our tribal leadership negotiated the freeway along the western corridor of our community.
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advanced from sustainable economic development for our people. -- that as brought sustainable economic development for our people. it brings not only jobs for our community but also diversified tax base. that space allows for our police, fire and health care and education. it provides for our cultural revitalization efforts. we believe the best way to preserve our culture is to share our story. we do so on the way of architecture, cultural displays. we have native american dance showcases at several of our properties. we have monthly bingo. we're teaching not only are young was but people like myself, the native tongue and keeping that language alive. we have a community garden that is active year-round with people who work it. we have families that can go out and rent a plot and cultivated -- cultivate that land as well.
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we have a lot of revitalization efforts in the mix because of our economic development effort that allows us to do so. that economic development and the freeway establishment have allowed us to create what we call the talking stick entertainment destination area. it allows us to put all of our entertainment amenities at one area so it is not only convenient for our guest ball -- guests but also for our members because it is not encroaching upon residential space. we have a casino, 2 golf courses, spring training facility. anything you go possibly want to see and do, we have it here. the community is very fortunate to be gaming within our boundaries. we use our gaming revenue to provide goods and services for our people, our health care, our education. our police and fire. we do allow our youth to go to
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college on scholarship and to afford them the opportunity to grow and be future leaders for our community. it is definitely not without issues as well. we have drug abuse. we have domestic violence. we have poverty here as well. we also have a lot of successes. we have people going to college and getting their degrees and wanting to be the leaders who are making changes within our community. we struggle like anybody else, but 12 leaders working -- but we also have leaders working diligently to make things better for all of our people. when people visit, i hope they gain a better understanding of who we are as a people. we are not one of the most prevalent tribes within the state. when people say i visited arizona, the salt river pima-maricopa community does not really pop to the top of their head as a tribe. it is usually navajo or hopi
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that people resonate with. we are a proud people and i want people to understand we have been here for thousands of years. we are strong. we are proud. and we are not going anywhere. we are happy to share our story with anybody who comes. >> this weekend we're featuring the history of scott will -- scottsdale, arizona. learn more about scottsdale and other stops on our cities tour at watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. >> follow the transition of government on c-span, as president-elect donald trump selects his cabinet and the republicans and democrats prepare for the next congress. we will take you to key events as they happen without interruption.
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watch live on c-span, watch on-demand at, or listen on our free c-span radio app. each week, american history tvs "reel america" brings you archival films that help provide context for today's public affairs issues. ♪ in the cities, in the towns together,ies, we work we are many races and religions and nationalities. we are the men and women of america. we are also the children of america. city.en of the and the country. like hair, light eyes. dark hair, dark eyes. the children of america. the children of america.
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the oldnts, the youth, and the young. that's us. her ancestors came over on the mayflower, while he came himself from italy. both are people of america. american farmer, american farmer. the people of america. weaver,e, businessman, blacksmith, american. a german doctor, a swedish mailman, a polish fireman, an irish cop. americans. we are the people of america. a mixture of the people of the world. discovered by the
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people of the world. explorers of many nations charted the land and opened it to their people. columbus of italy. --boa, and positively on of ponce de leon of spain. sir walter raleigh of england. henry hudson, and other brave exploring men who sailed their ships into unknown waters and found the land of america. and, the land was settled by the people of the world. from france, from england, from england, many settled on the east coast, where they grew in numbers and came to consider america their home.
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styles change in 100 years, and ideas change. the children of the settlers became dissatisfied. they began to talk of freedom, to talk of winning freedom peacefully, or fighting for it. people of the world fought with them. german, pole, frenchman, american. a battle won, a nation won. to join the other nations of the up theere given explorers, the settlers, the patriots, the founders of our nation. before the nation had been formed, people of england and holland had settled in the east and southeast and brought from africa negroes as salves, and
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settle the mainly in the south. settled mainly in the south. people of spain had settled in the southwest. but after the nation was formed, more people came. people from north and central europe, especially from ireland, germany, came to america in the early 1800s to the midwest. people immigrating to america, becoming americans. people from asia, many from china and japan in the late 1800s and early 1900s to the far west. the people of the world in america. but there was movement and shifting of people and intermixing. so the south became not just the
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home of the english and the negroes and the french, but the home of these and other americans. the midwest was not a land for only northern europeans to cultivate, and only for the french to farm, but a home for all americans. for the people were moving and mixing. railroads spanned the nations, joining the parts, helping to move and mix the people. industry grew and our great cities with it. people were needed to work in the cities and build them. so many more people came from europe, from eastern and southern europe. from poland, from russia, from the balkans and central europe. from italy, millions of people by the early 1900s from many
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countries to our country, to our cities, to work. from the other nations north of us and south of us, more people have come, the people of the americas, the people of the world. as the people of the world have filled our nation, they have contributed to it. the people of china and japan have brought their architecture. the people of spain and mexico
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have brought their styles and we use the styles of the french. much of that which is american is of the world. rugby,ts, football from , bothall from rounders english games. tennis from central europeans, ice-skating from northern europe . foods spaghetti from the thealians, chile from mexicans and corn from the american indians. then, there is our language. the clothing we wear. the books we read. these and many more things that belong to the world are part of the life of our nation. yet you from all of these come we have developed things that are uniquely american. american architecture, forms of
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steel, concrete, and glass. american forms of dancing, american things, the movies, the juke box and ice cream cones. hotdogs, the fourth of july, thanksgiving day. mothers today. mother's day. these are some of the things we share as americans for we have , become americans through this prospect of sharing. we americans are something new and new generations are developing, playing together, growing together, learning together. we share our many races, religions and nationalities and we come out the people of america. as we grow older, we work
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together as americans and relax together. we share the things the people of the world come here to find. things we cherish our form of government. our justice. our elected system. the abundance of food from the fertile soil. the opportunities for jobs and businesses. freedom of speech, to say what we believe in many ways. freedom to hear what we want, freedom to worship as we choose. these freedoms we share as americans. as americans, we have cultivated the land and raised the food to feed the people and we have works thecities that business of the people. the whole world has contributed
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its people and its people have become americans. america is a land whose people share what they knew and worked together. america has benefited and we have benefited. we are the people of america. announcer: next on american , three world war ii veterans talk about their experiences and u.s. navy fighter pilots. this is part of a talk posted by the american veteran center. we have three veterans of world war ii. to moderate the session i would like to welcome open rogers from


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