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tv   Communist Propaganda  CSPAN  February 24, 2017 9:33pm-10:18pm EST

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medical and legal experts, robert filed to have mother tried on mental incompetent. she could be held against her will due to "insanity." >> for complete schedule, go to this is midst of the cold war. in the filluse film clips to -- topic covered include rad radio broadcasts and others. there is about 40 minutes.
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♪ ♪ gentlemen, as you know mr. alan has been in the thick of the cold war since the beginning. you're familiar with the
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distinguished record as career diplomat and troubleshooter. four times in critical periods he was assigned to front line posts. in iran, greece. he has been assistant secretary of state. in 1948, when congress decided we out to have a overseas information program on permanent basis, mr. alan was put in charge. last fall the president decided this important activity needed mr. alan again. he brought him home from overseas and made him director of the agencies. mr. alan attends the meeting with the cabinet and the national security council. everything the other side says is propaganda while we call what we say information? >> the word propaganda has taken
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on a bad connotation. it was originally a good word but it brings to people's minds now the idea of twisting or distorting the truth or manufacturing falsehood. whereas we try in our service out put to -- thank you, a factual presentation we can we feel it's information and should be labeled that. and not called propaganda. >> i want you to give us an example of soviet propaganda as applied to the armed services which she's gentlemen represent? >> i have today with me a book that the soviet government puts out in for training course of the armed services of the soviet
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union. the book is called marxs limited on war and arm. i will read one description on the way it talks about american offer. it says u.s. armed services offer are corrupt, weak, run by wall street, and can "professional robbers." i call that propaganda. >> mr. alan, that applies to all officers of the armed forces. do you have a compare be piece that applies to the army. >> wi would like to show you a film of the american -- meeting of the armed force at river elle at end of last wear and you'll see how the soviet and their
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information services presented this meeting of the two armies. can we have the film? >> let's see what happened at before we view scenes from the soviet film. we are outside of germany in 1945 at first official meeting of the american and russian army. this united states army. you'll see the a glimpse of the river bridge in the background. it took place to arrange meetings on the following day. prior to this time, only patrol of the two armys had contacted each other. here are major general commanding general of 69
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division commanding 58th guard division red army. i crossed the river and waited for a short time. we discussed details for meeting of two core commander the next day. i was in pressed with the attitude of the russians. now to the soviet version complete with korean dialogue. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> translator: made in russia. >> now nor the soviet proof that our army officials are corrupt, as you see our -- lady friends and stock ticker in his office. this is literal translation of what they are saying. general, what's this? >> what's this. >> girlfriend. what the mar get doing? >> general, my stocks are going
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up. >> girlfriend. >> sell for a profit. >> general. get me my broker. yes, wall street. i'm making money like crazy. mr. alan, what do communist have to say concerning air force. >> i would like you to listen to broadcast on that subject which talks about psycho neurotic pilots. to we have that sound track? >> you are tuned to radio 25 meter band on 216.6 meters. press dispatch tell us american
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jet accidentally dropped rockets the population has been alerted. this brought to mind a secret report of dr. berry, secretary of defense, which made me doubt that the rocket fall was result of accident. there report gives every ground for questioning possibility of accidents in general. since it claims that approximately 70% of the officers and enlisted men are psycho neurotic, whatever is more, it shows state of affairs is critical among the airman doing stead nuclear patrol. >> what are you saying about the united states navy and marine corps. >> i have a copy of the soviet
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newspaper published called soviet float. may 18 of this year. it speaks about what's going on in the mediterranean. it says led by the united states. it says, american command has doubled the landing forces attached to the 6th fleet, the marine compliment with the slips, the em peeralist -- in particular the le bonn neez people. that's typical of the type of statements that the soviet are
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making about the united states navy. and the marine core. it tells of imperialist, wall treat, so part. >> mr. alan, don't soviet and propaganda show america opposed to all color races. >> yes, i do. i seen that when i was serving in india. they try to make it appear that the americans are the most kras conscious people in the world. actually, the experience of people in that part of the world dealing with the americans is the best way to counter act that when our navial ships are stationed in that part of the world, and the armed services is the most useful way to combat
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that type of soviet propaganda. also last fall we are experience when marry anderson went up to the far end making her apersons as an american and speaking to the people about the racial questions in the united states as an american negro. it was excellent counter weight to that soviet propaganda. >> i believe that film is sequence charging us with racial discrimination, fierce hatred. it may be interesting to take a look at that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this sign this german says
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this is your home away from home. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ screaming ] >> this scene from a soviet film, depicts another activity for theater goer, it is the fate of this korean girl to be taken up the hill for execution.
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here is a literal translation of their conversation. the officer says, if if you surrender now your life can be saved. the girl says. the daughter of the partisan even though chaptured is certai you will pay. it pains me not to see you will pay. >> the communist propaganda system, it appears to involve
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chain of command. >> i draw your attention to this chart. the soviet government has gone out for propaganda recently we have seen they have written several letters to president ice enhowever. the letters addressed to the president of the united states. this are all the world for propaganda purposes but not for serious document from one government to another. now, the soviet government is headed by the party presid yum, a small group of people in moscow who run the 200 million people of the soviet union in their hands. there are 2 elements the government and the party machine. those are the quite separate. the government is merely a
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bureaucracy, the party machine has the power. they use all the means of communications and contacts with foreign people to spread their propaganda. take for example radio. the soviet government every week in some 50 foreign languages sends out 2,000. in foreign languages they say 200, $300 in one week. if you multiply that fby the number of languages it is 200 to $300 a week. they have mass publications. many of those books and publications they use in the near east and far east are in
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english. that's the best language to reach the public in those countries. they use films. they use exchanges. they bring large numbers of indians or egyptians or chinese or greeks or anybody else they can get, give them tours around the soviet union, send them to universities in the soviet union. they call together and have big meetings in moscow. going back here just for a minute for exchanges the soviet union put on one stunt last summer in which they spent more money than the entire united states government does on all of the information and cultural
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relations work for one year. for one month the soviet union had 50,000 students from all over the world for the great youth festival we hear about. the 50,000 delegates are gathered in the moscow stadium to hear about the soviet
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version. the word mere is russian. >> here is the delegation reported to be from the united states. in keeping with the festival's theme they release hundreds of white doves, an age old symbol of peace.
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delegates during some of the daylight hours. this is the kissing ceremonies. the boys select a girl by throwing a scarf around her. ♪
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but it's back to the stadium for the grand propaganda finale.
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what percentage of the people who attend these festivals are ko communists? >> the best we can calculate of the 50,000 that went to the soviet youth festival last summer we estimate about half of them were non-communists. i was in greece at the time myself and i think there were about 200 greek young people went to the soviet union for that festival. many of them were just going and it was a chance to go and see the soviet union.
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it took them to the finest performances and the opera and so forth and back to greece all for the equivalent of $50. also they act through international fronts. that is youth organizations, college students around the world or labor organizations that don't admit they are communis communists. they are run by the hard core of communists in those organizations. they throw out their propaganda into the non-communist world.
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they were saying you are being threatened, say that in broadcast to the syrians. in turkish language they were saying americans are using you to attack the syrians.
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it's $900 a week. this is the voice of america broadcast is 730 hours a week all together. this is the soviet broadcast to foreign countries, not in the russian language. these are the broadcasts by the yun pea ysatellite states these done by china. 125 hours each week are done by the far east of it. it means to say north korea and north vietnam. there is 108 hours now being
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done by various radio stations broadcasters who are situated in one place or another claiming they are, for example the south korean broadcast. t they are announcing they are south korean broadcast.
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>> i wonder if you would discuss the main propaganda themes of the communists today. >> i have a chart here which i'll show you. these have taken five propaganda themes. one of them is that it's the united states that puts up the iron curtains while the soviet union seeks closer relations with everybody. we are the people who have the curta curtain. the soviet union seeks peace.
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they say that united states capitalism can no longer compete with progress under socialism. they are going ahead of us. they also say the communist countries will surpass the united states and allies in growth and strength and also that the united states is fighting a losing battle to maintain its colonialist on the a new countries. >> aren't there some things they can't cover up even with their highly touted propaganda. >> yes. they have seen the very bad effect on the posture
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particularly in europe and the united states by the execution of the former prime minister of hungry. they have been tremendous demonstrations now in paris and london and other places. the film is called the 41st. >> yes. i have heard about that. i believe it's about the girl who is a red army sniper.
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they are ship wrecked and fall in love. it proves fatal. let's see what happens in this communist love story. >> all right.
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go ahead. forget that i'm here. >> you first. i'll wait outside when i'm ready. it is reliable to catch it out there. you and your high and mighty ways. anybody would think you are shy.
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>> the communist girl eager to fight. >> in other words you don't care about destroyers as long as you can read and go -- >> i don't care what happens. leave me alone. i won't spoil my hands again.
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>> i don't care. i'm no longer interested. >> i see. >> don't be angry. wait. i don't mean to hurt you. don't you understand i'm exhausted. if only you'll go me. i'll be good to you. >> you're asking me to cast aside my obligations munching candy. >> don't be so mellow dramatic. >> yes. i remember you like to pretend it doesn't exist. >> is that all? i wonder how you can blow yourself so much hot air and forget you're a woman. >> it has been trust on me by people like you. how dare you think i could lie around your house like any --
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>> that's about all i can stand the scum that you are. >> it is lucky for you there is such a thing as chivalry. i hate you.
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[ crying ] >> i can't. i can't. >> i thought you would understand. >> i'm sorry. don't cry. trust me again. >> where is all of that courage i credited you with? >> that is one of the demoralizing. yes. you and your wishful thinking.
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so you admit you were wrong? >> yes. thanks to you i stopped fumbling. i was wrong to think i could go back to my books. there is work to be done. it is plain if her destiny is to be left in her plans.
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>> wait. we have got to give them a signal. >> hurry. >> got it. [ screaming ] >> who is it? >> i'm not sure they are fishermen at all.
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[ screaming ] >> how can we compete with this propaganda the communists can resort and we have to stick to the truth. >> i think first and foremost that we should do more of what we have been doing this afternoon, that is we should recognize soviet propaganda when
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we see it or hear it. some times it's very subtle and some times it's in a disguised form. most americans don't realize how much of it is being put out or what it is when they see it. now, secondly, we must do more ourselves, that is more counter propaganda and more presenting the story of the united states and the american way of life and democratic principals that we stand for. we are doing a great deal. this afternoon we only considered what the soviets are doing. i haven't talked about what we are doing and don't think we have been folding our hands and doing nothing. we haven't done as much as we should because we americans are not inclined very much but we realized that it is ours to be done and we are doing more of it. but thirdly and perhaps more
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important we should do everything we can to deprive the communists in fert l ground. that government should follow policies it is an aspect to them and but more than that each of us individual americans should behave, act when we are feeling in a way that makes foreigners like us as individual americans. and then these signs it will
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continue. they won't catch on if all of us americans, civilian and military behave in the way that we should. >> thank you very much mr. allen for this very interesting discussion. ♪ ♪
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and i think a lot of these kids look at these huge ideas. you take twitter and uber and they seem like conversationally this episode, if only we had this. >> the young people who have ventured there with hopes of becoming the next big success story, in her book valley of the gods. >> a lot of people felt like hollywood actresses to l.a. and they end up being a waitress. i feel like it's harder to be musk than tom cruise.
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the people oning them didn't just have a lucky break. the stories were years and years of years of engineering and. >> sunday night on cspan's q and a. jeffrey cope land teaches a class during the cold war. he argues that the foreign policy was to showcase america in a positive light and counter act the negative global press about u.s. racial inequality. this class is about an hour. all right. you're up, man. let's get


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