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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2017 2:03pm-2:26pm EDT

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this weekend, c-span cities tour along with the help of our charter communications cable partners will explore the literary scene and history of wilmington, north carolina. saturday at noon eastern on book tv. author phillip gerard discusses his book, cape fear rising. >> and so 1898 wilmington was one of the largest cities of north carolina. two thirds of the citizens were black. they achieved an amazing thing in just a little more than a generation after being enslaved and coming out of bondage with not even owning the clothes on their back, literally. they achieved the status of
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middle class. they achieved some political leadership and power. they achieved social standing and they achieved economic wealth in large degree here. >> we travel to fort anderson with author as he talks about wilmington's war in the civil war and what happened that place, with his book "to forth a thunderbolt." >> wilmington's performance is so great that it became known as lee's lifeline and eventually the lifeline of the confederacy. >> at sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv. visit what remains of fort fisher, once the largest fort in the confederacy. >> this is the largest amphibious operation undertaken by the united states up until june 6th of 1944, which was the invasion of france. >> and tour missile defenses on the battle ship uss north carolina. >> the uss north carolina is the official memorial to the
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veterans of north carolina from world war ii. i am just awe struck with what was accomplished in 1940 in terms of technology, training, dedication to the mission. you can say the last war that everybody agreed on. >> watch c-span cities tour of wilmington, north carolina saturday at noon eastern on c-span 2's book tv. and sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv on c-span 3. working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. a live look on capitol hill where a house judiciary subcommittee meeting is about to get under way. lawmakers will hear from four law enforcement officials on efforts to identify and prosecute crimes committed against children, particularly those of a sexual nature,
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perpetrated on-line. the hearing should get under way shortly. members right now are voting on the house floor, so the 2:00 p.m. start time being pushed back just a bit. but we will have live coverage when it gets started here on c-span 3. elsewhere on capitol hill today, the house budget committee is working on the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. that bill has already made its way through several committees. now the budget committee gets a crack at it today. you can watch live coverage of their work on our companion network, c-span 2. also a programming note that this coming monday, the president's pick to be the next supreme court justice, neil gorsuch, starts his confirmation process, starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. senta sentate on monday will hear opening statements with questioning of the nominee himself slated to start on tuesday.
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live coverage on monday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2 as the confirmation process begins for judge neil gorsuch. again, live on capitol hill waiting for house judiciary subcommittee hearing to get under way on crimes committed against children. while we wait for it to get started, we're going to show you the irish prime minister, andy kenny, who was in town. he spoke following his meetinging with president trump today with reporters outside the white house and commented on some of the issues they discussed including trade, immigration and the northern ireland peace process.the issue including trade, immigration and the northern ireland peace process. >> thank you very much.
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just add very constructive and a very engaging meeting with the president and his team. in the oval office. we talked about issues about ireland, issues in europe andish r issue of u.s. immigration and other matters. i gave the president a detailed account of the outcome of the election in northern ireland. it is now a priority to put together an executive and provide a voice for northern ireland and the fact that we have a clear agreement with the british government that there be no return to hard border and no direct rule brought back from london. the president asked a number of questions about what the hard border meant in the past. they pointed out to him about customs posts, sectarian violence that that brought with it, the engagement of the united states along with europe in terms of putting together the peace process and the fact that
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during those times it was impossible to travel from some counties in the republic into northern ireland because of roads impassable and blown up. there is a very clear and understanding of that. i also spoke to him about the difficulties that brexit would have for ireland and for northern ireland. the economic indicators that would be most adversely effected and because of currency fluctuations, down over a half a billion in the food industry and business in britain alone. and also pointed out to him the fact that ireland is a microcosm, if you would like in many ways of government having made some really difficult decisions, sacrifices accepted by the people, but that ireland is now in a very different position than it was six years ago. president trump asked quite a number of questions about the irish economy, drop in unemployment, rise in employment, the improvement in our growth rates being fastest in europe. very complimentary of the people
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of ireland for having had the courage it make those decision answers ps and put up with the sacrifices that applied over the last many years. pointed out to him that european council want to work with the united states and that i see real potential for future trading relationships impacting on jobs outside of the atlantic. i made the point that ireland is an example of a small country have not benefitted from 50 years experience of the european union and that irish firms are now confident enough to expand outside the shores of ireland and that we employ 100,000 people here in the united states. really interested in that in terms of the surge of job numbers in the u.s. and anxious to work with us and our companies in that regard. also spoke to him about immigration and its important that we take particular note here of the fact that the president is interested in this
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and a very constructive beneficial talk about this. first of all i wanted to say to him that ireland has add very low response in respect of e-3 visas, which are for young people who want it come to america do have the opportunity to work here for a period. and the second point is that for those who are undocumented, among the many millions in america who are undocumented, the president was surprised at the figure. i think he might have thought that that might have been a higher figure. and he made the point when i referred to the speech he gave out of phoenix, arizona where he pointed out about border security, secondly about criminals apprehended, and thirdly looking at anyone else who was here undocumented. i would say to irish undocumented that if there are small issues, like parking fines
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or traffic lights or whatever, they should clear those up through their legal people whether they be in whatever city. and that's an issue that can lift the concern and fear and anxiety that many irish undocumented might have. at the end of the day this will require cooperation on the hill between republicans and democrats and the president is very conscious of the majority that the republican party have in the senate and in the congress. so my conclusion on the discussion we had about immigration is that there's clear agreement to work constructively in this regard to deal with this matter. i had conversations earlier in the morning with john kelly himself, of irish extraction in boston, knows ireland exceptionally well. and i had further conversations this morning with vice president pence. pointed out to the president and vice president that they now
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occupy the seat in government in the united states dealing with responsibilities on a worldwide scale and i think they are very conscious of that. my conclusion here is that i said ireland will always be a friend of america. the european union will always be a friend of america. that cooperation between those two most developed economic regions on the planet will be for the beneficial and mutual benefit of millions of people in europe and in the united states. so we've had a good friendly constructive engagement and the president referred to hospitality and the fact that he is very well afainted with golf courses of ireland. and i said to him, you know, in ireland, invitations are always returned and returned in kind. and so during the course of his presidency here in the united states, i've asked him to come to ireland and he hopes to do
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that sometime during the course of his presidency. >> quite specifically about misdemeanors. >> speaking of the counsellor general and ambassador and others here, i know there is a concern and anxiety among people from ireland who are here who might have have minor indiscretions carried out over the last number of years. my advice in that regard is to have those cleared up through their legal people, lawyers or whatever. the president referred to the speech in phoenix, arizona where border security and criminality is what they are are really looking at higher. and general kelly pointed out that on the homeland security website, the real priorities of the government are set out there. so we're pledged now to work together with the american administration and with the european union in respect of
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these issues about immigration both e-3 visas specifically for ireland and for the undocumented as part after larger immigration reform that hopefully will alie in due course. >> so this has to be unfortunately dedined the question -- news ne- [ inaudible ] >> did theish you've taxation coming up, particularly to multinationals in ireland. >> i referred to american companies that recently expanded in ireland. we didn't talk about any taxation measures. i made the point that asian-american firms were anxious to be seen as global international players and many have expanded in ireland. we did speak specifically about the pharmaceutical industry. the president pointed out that prices in america are very much higher than other places around the world. an example for the drug for cystic fibrosis and made the
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point that minister harris is engaged with other ministers in other countries to talk with the pharmaceutical industry about a more common baseline level for pharmaceutical prices. we didn't discuss a particular time for his visit except to say that during the course of his presidency he would be happy to come to ireland. >> if you didn't talk to the dangerous characterizations, you didn't apologize for that, you didn't discuss the travel ban? >> we discussed in a very constructive fashion the relationships between ireland and the out. ireland is a microcosm of the european union. in that context i see real potential for a revised trade negotiation. [ inaudible ] >> john, will you be a reporter when he arrives? >>. [ inaudible ]
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>> [ speaking foreign language ].
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back live on capitol hill waiting for a house judiciary subcommittee hearing to get started on efforts to identify and prosecute crimes committed against children. the latest vote on the house floor has been completed, so we expect members to arrive here in the hearing room shortly and this hearing to get started.
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a programming note on c-span 3, monday, fbi director james comey will be going before the house intelligence committee on monday to answer questions about russia's influence in the 2016 presidential election. it's the committee's first public hearing on the issue. live coverage again here on c-span 3 monday morning at 10:00 eastern. you can watch on-line on or listen on c-span's free radio app. again, live on capitol hill for house judiciary subcommittee meeting. we will hear from four law enforcement officials on efforts to identify and prosecute crimes committed against children, particularly those of a sexual nature, perpetrated on-line. our live coverage when the subcommittee gets started here on c-span 3.
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we're waiting on this hearing for crimes against children to get started. it was delayed a bit on votes on the house floor. the chair of the house judiciary subcommittee, tray gowdy is in the room, so we expect the hearing to get under way shortly. our live coverage here on c-span p.
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