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tv   Theresa May Tells Parliament Theres No Turning Back from Brexit  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 1:42pm-2:03pm EDT

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pointed and pointed in our denounce yagss as we possibly can be. >> prime minister, you have had a unique view of history and a unique voice and we thank you for that 'thank you for your time here this evening and for your clear-eyed vision. >> thank you, frank. >> thank you very much. ♪ ♪ military officials will testify about the shortage of pilots in the military and efforts to keep them from leaving for jobs in commercial airlines. wa live coverage in about 20 minutes at 2:00 p.m. eastern. you can also follow live coverage on and listen on c-span's free radio app. until then, british prime minister theresa mai's statement today in the british house of
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commons about the british exit from the european union. >> statement, the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. today the government acts on the democratic will of the british people. and it acts, too, on the clear and convincing position of this house. a few minutes ago, in brussels, the united kingdom's permanent representative to the eu handed a letter to the president of the european council on my behalf confirming the government's decision to invoke article 50 on the treaty. the article 50 process is now under way. and in accordance with the
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wishes of the british people, the united kingdom is leaving the european union. we are going to take this opportunity to build a stronger, fairer britain, a country that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home. that is our ambition and our opportunity. and that is what this government is determined to do. mr. speaker, at moments like these great turning points in our national story the choices we make define the character of our nation. we can choose to say the task ahead is too great. we can choose to turn our face to the past and believe it can't be done. or we can look forward with optimism and hope and to believe in enduring power of the british spirit. i choose to believe in britain
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and that our best days lie ahead. and i do so because i am confident that we have the vision and the plan to use this moment to build a better britain. for leaving the european union presents us with a unique opportunity. it is this generation's chance to shape a brighter future for our country. a chance to step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. my answer is clear. i want the united kingdom to emerge from this period of change stronger, fairer, more united and more outward looking than ever before. i want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerant country. a magnet for international talent and a home to the pioneers and innovators who will shape the world ahead. i want us to be a truly global britain.
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the best friend and neighbor to our european partners but a country that reaches beyond the borders of europe, too. >> can i just apologize for having to sbrinterrupt the -- that's your long-term goal. may be very long-term and should be your goal. and what i say to the house is this. you can study the record. i will want all colleagues to have the chance to question the prime minister. but this is a very important statement. and i think it is reasonable to expect that the prime minister gets a courteous hearing and then every other colleague should get a courteous hearing. the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i want us to be a truly global britain, the best friend and neighbor to our european partners but a country that reaches beyond the borders of europe, too. a country that goes out into the world to build relationships with old friends and new allies alike. and that is why i have set out a clear and ambitious plans for
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negotiations ahead. it is a plan for a new, deep and special partnership between britain and the european union. a partnership of values, a partnership of interests, a partnership based on cooperation in areas such as security and economic affairs and a partnership that works in the best interests of the united kingdom, the european union and the wider world. because perhaps now more than ever the world needs the liberal democratic values of europe, values -- perhaps -- perhaps now more than ever the world needs the liberal democratic values of
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europe, values that the united kingdom shares and that is why while we are leaving the institutions of the european union, we are not leaving europe. we will remain a close friend and ally. we'll be a committed partner. we'll play our part to ensure that europe is able to project its values and defend itself from security threats. and we will do all that we can to help the european union prosper and succeed. so, mr. speaker, in the letter that's been delivered today, copies of which i have placed in the library of the house, i have been clear that the deep and special partnership we seek is in the best interest of the united kingdom and of the european union, too. i have been clear that we will work constructively in a spirit of sincere cooperation to bring this partnership into being. and i have been clear that we should seek to agree the terms of this future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal within the next two
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years. i am ambitious for britain and the objectives i have set out for those negotiations remain. we will deliver certainty wherever possible so that business, the public sector and everybody else has as much clarity as we can provide as we move through the process. it is why tomorrow we will publish a white paper confirming our plans to convert the -- into britain law so everyone knows where they stand and why i've been clear that the government will put the final deal agreed between the uk and eu to a vote in both houses of parliament before it comes into force. we will take control of our own laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in britain. leaving the european union will mean that our laws will be made in westminster, edenburg and belfast. and those laws will be interpreted by judges not in luxembourg but in courts across this country. we will strengthen the union of
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the four nations that comprise our united kingdom. we will negotiate as one united kingdom taken account of specific interest of every nation and region of the uk. when it comes to the powers that we'll take back from europe. we'll consult which power should reside for west minister. mr. speaker no decisions currently taken will be removed from them. it is the expectations of the government that the administration scotland will see a significant increase. we want to maintain the common travel area. there should be no return of the borders of the past. we'll control immigration so that we continue to attract the
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brightest and best. manage the process properly. we seek to guarantee the rights of eu citizens who are livi living -- that's set out clearly in the letter for the talks ahead. >> we'll ensure that workers' rights are fully protected and maintained and indeed under my leadership, we'll build on them. >> we'll pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the european union allowing the possible trade of goods and services between britain and eu. because you were paula ebben leaders have said many times that we cannot cherry pick and remain members of the single
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market without accepting the four freedoms of our indy visible. we respect that decision. >> accepting those freedom is in compatible with the british people. we'll no longer be members o f the market. we are going to make sure that we can strike trade agreements with countries from outside european union, too. important there are trades with eu is and will remain. it is clear that the uk needs to increase significantly of its trade of the fastest growing exports in market of the wors o. we hope to continue with our partners in areas of science and technology so that uk is one of the best places for science and innovation. >> we seek continued cooperation and important areas such as crimes, terrorism and foreign
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affairs. reaching an agreement of our partnership by the time the two years fiscal process has concluded. mr. speaker, we understand that there will be consequences for the uk leaving the eu. we'll know that we'll lose influence -- we'll know we'll lose influence over the rules that affect the european economy. we know that uk trade of eu will have to align of rules by institutions that we no longer appall. >> just like we do with over seas markets. we'll accept that. >> for in the interest of the united kingdom and the european union. we should use the process to deliver our objectives and
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affairs o f the orderly matter. it is in the interest of the united kingdom that there should be as little as disruption as possible. it is the interest of both the united kingdom of the european union that europe should remain strong and prosperous and capable. >> there are signs that protection is instincts are on the rise in many parts of the world. europe. europe has a responsibility to stand up for free trade in the interest of as of all citizens. >> weakening our corporations. as a european country, we'll continue to play our parts in promoting and supporting those
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values during negotiations and once they are gone. we'll continue to be reliable partners and winning allies and close friends. we'll want to continue to buy goods and services and sell them. we want to trade with them and work with one another to make sure we are safer and more secured and prosperous through continued friendship. we must continue to force security operation to keep our people safe. we face the same global terrorisms and extremisms. there should be no reason why a partnership between the uk and the eu. mr. speaker, i know that this is a day of celebration for some and disappointment for others. the referendum last june was dee
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s decisive at times. the arguments on both sides were passionate. mr. speaker, when i sit around in negotiation tables in the months ahead, i will represent every person in the united kingdom of young and old and rich and poor and all villages and in between. yes, those eu nationals who make the country their home. it is my determination to get the right deal. as we face the opportunities ahead of us on this moment of this journey. we awesome want to see britain stronger than it is today. we want a country that's fairer so that everyone has a chance to succeed. we all want a nation that's safe
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and secure for our children. these are the ambition of our government plans. it is ambition that unites us to make a success of the results. we are all great union of people and nation. now that the decision to leave has been made and the processes is under way. it is time to come together. for this great national moment needs a great national effort. an effort to shape a stronger future for britain. so lets do so together. lets come together and work together. let us together choose to believe in britain which o optimism and hope. for if we do, we can make the most opportunity ahead and make the success of this moment. we come together build a stronger, fairer britain. a britain of our children and
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grandchildren are proud to call home. >> yeah! >> thank you mr. speaker. >> i would like to thank the prime minister for an advance copy of the statement. today we embark on the country's most important negotiations in modern times. the british people made the decision to leave the european union and labor respects that decision. the next steps along this journey are the most crucial. if the prime minister is to unite the country as she says she aims to do. the government needs to listen and consult and represents the whole country and not just the hard lying ideas and interventions.
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brita britain is going to change as a result of this. the question is how. >> mr. speaker the direction the prime minister is taking this country in is reckless and damaging. labor will not give this governor a free hand for protections and services. all create a tax paradise. let me be clear mr. speaker, the prime minister says -- the prime
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minister says no deal is better than a bad deal. the reality is no deal is a bad deal. >> yep. >> less than a year ago, the treasury estimated that leaving the european union on world trade organization terms would lead to a 7.5 fuall in our gdp and 45 billion loss of tax receipts. has the treasury updated those figures or do they still stand in it . if updated, can it be published? >> what deal can be worth of consequences of no deal. it would be a national failure of historic proportions in the prime minister comes back from brussels without having secure of jobs and legislatiiving stan. we'll use every opportunity to
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make sure of every stage of negotiations. mr. speaker, we all have an interest in ensuring the prime minister to get the best deal for this country. living standards, we do need full access to the single market. the sector state for exiting the eu seems to be agreed on this. he stated on this house of the 24th of january. the government plan is and i quote "a comprehensive agreement agreement that'll deliver the exact same benefits as we have." that's what we pledged. will the prime minister confirm today that she intends to deliver a trade in discucustom agreement with the exact same benefits and environmental standards and protecting britain
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nations and regions and protecting britain's financial sector and services and making sure there is no return to hard border in northern island and when mr. speaker does she expect to be able to guarantee the rights of all those eu nationals who live, work and makes such a mess contribution to this country. and for those nationals who live or in all parts of the european union including guaranteeing that the uk pensions. >> today we'll hear from the services on their progress towards increasing the retention of military pilots both officers and warren officers. we know pilot demands are increasing o f the commercial sector and the demand to hire qualified pilots is


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