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tv   President Johnson Address on Civil Disorder 1967  CSPAN  July 23, 2017 9:30am-9:41am EDT

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spent a lot of time on the eighth circuit, more than he needed to. he spent half the year riding courthouse to courthouse across. every other member of the circuit if they could get home for the weekend they would do it. not lincoln. he would sit in these little county seats all by himself. the weekends on any prefer that to being with his wife. i know he loved her but it was a relationship that gave him great problems. we're almost out of times. if you want to learn more, i encourage you to go to lincoln for w createde a fake website for abraham lincoln. i basically used all of his own words. if lincoln were using the web to communicate, we think this is what it would've looked like. american watching history tv, 48 hours of programming on american history every weekend on c-span 3. c-span us on twitter @
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history for information on our schedule and to keep up with the latest history news. 50 years ago on july 23, 1967, detroit erupted in five days of civil disorder that led to 43 deaths, hundreds of injuries. and 7000 arrest. the next day president johnson announced 5000 federals were sent to detroit in an attempt to restore order. this is about 10 minutes. president johnson: in the early morning today governor romney communicated with ramsey clark and told him of the extreme disorder in detroit, michigan. the attorney general kept me advised her of the morning. at 10:56 this morning i received a wire from governor romney officially requesting that federal troops be dispatched to michigan. this wire was sent at 10:46 a.m. this morning i instructed the
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secretary of defense to initiate the movement of the troops that the governor had requested. at the same time, i advised the governor by telegram that the troops would be sent to selfridge air force ace and be available to report and assist some 8000 michigan national guardsmen and the several thousand state and local police under the command of governor romney and the mayor of detroit. i informed the governor that these troops would arrive this afternoon. i also informed the governor that immediately mr. cyrus vance as a special assistant would proceed to detroit for conferences with the governor and other officials. this plan proceeded as scheduled.
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approximately 5000 federal troops were on their way by airlift to detroit, michigan, within a few hours. mr. vance, general throckmorton and others were in detroit and a conference with governor romney by the middle of this afternoon. their initial report was that at appear that the situation might be controlled without bringing the federal troops on the air force base into downtown detroit. they therefore recommended that the troops be maintained on a 30 minute alert and they advised that they would be in charge of the situation and with the secretary and me making periodic reports about every 30 minutes. at 10:30 this evening general
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throckmorton reported to me by telephone that it was the then opinion of all the states and federal officials who were in consultation, including governor romney, mr. vance, general throckmorton come the mayor and others that the situation had developed in such a way in the few intervening hours as to make the use of federal troops to augment the police and michigan national guard imperative. they described the situation in considerable detail including the violence and deaths that have occurred and submitted as their unanimous judgment of all concerned that the situation was totally llama control of the local authorities. on the basis of this confirmation of the need for federal participation by federal troops, and pursuant to the official request made by the governor of the state of
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michigan, in which mayor cavanaugh of detroit by forth issued theith necessary proclamation and executive order as provided by the constitution. i advised mr. vance and general throckmorton to proceed immediately with the transportation -- to places of deployment within detroit a movement they have done pursuant. i'm sure the american people will realize that i take this action with the greatest room. -- greatest regret. and only because of the clear, the unmistakable, and undisputed evidence that governor romney of michigan and the local officials of detroit have been unable to bring the situation under control. law enforcement is a local matter. it is the responsibility of
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local officials and the governor's of the respective states. the federal government should not intervene except in the most extraordinary circumstances. the fact of the matter is that law and order has broken down in detroit, michigan. looting, murder, and arson have nothing to do with civil rights. they are criminal conduct in the federal government in the circumstances here presented have no alternative but to respond. and to be called upon by the governor of the state and was presented with proof of his inability to restore order in michigan. we will not tolerate unlawful acts -- we will not endure violence. it matters not by whom it is
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done or under what sources or -- what slogan or banner. it will not be tolerated. this nation will do what ever it is necessary to do to suppress and to punish those who engage in it. i know that with few exceptions the people of detroit and the people of new york and harlem and all of our american cities however troubled they may be before and condemn these -- deplore and condemn these criminal acts. i know that the vast majority of negroes and whites are shocked and outraged. tonight, your president calls upon all of our people in all of our cities to join in a determined program to maintain law and order.
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to condemn and to combat lawlessness in all of its forms. and firmly to show by word and by deed that robbing looting and public disorder will just not be tolerated. in particular, i call upon the people to return to their homes, to leave the streets and tumor -- and to permit the authorities to restore quiet order. without further loss of life or property damage. once this is done, attention can be turned to the urgent problems of repairing the damage that has been done. i appeal to every american.
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in this grave hour to respond to this plea. 3 today forn c-span an american history tv live detroit riots967 50th anniversary at noon eastern. heather and thompson of the university of michigan and detroit free press editorial page editor stephen henderson at 1:15, and former detroit police chief and the former detroit free press journalist and american history tv, special, the 1967 detroit riots 50th anniversary. live today at noon eastern on c-span 3. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a
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public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> on lectures in history, appalachian state university professor jud browning teaches a class on the 1862 civil war peninsula campaign and seven days battles. he reviews union general george mcclellan's failed attempt to take the confederate capital in richmond, virginia and examines how terrain, disease, and nutrition impacted both sides. this class is about an hour and 15 minutes. professor browning: today we'll pick up where we left off last time in the western theatre. so the last battle we covered was? [inaudible] professor browning: the last battle was shiloh, april 6 and 7, 1862. we talked about how grant thought the war was going to be over, one more battle and this thing will end and then after


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