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tv   PLO Ambassador Husam Zomlot  CSPAN  February 5, 2018 8:32am-10:01am EST

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captioning performed by vitac we are here. we did leave nothing. the third thing he mentioned is that the palestinians have been disrespectful. we have been respectful of four things. the first is our own people. and self-respect for us comes first, the palestinian people first and we have a vivid active
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nation, rooted, diverse eaand i is the people of palestine we are -- for, nobody else. we have accepted the international consensus. by refusing these steps, the third respect we have done is to the u.s. itself, the long held policy and to the majority of the american people who according to all polls have been against the jerusalem decision and jerusalem announcement. and lastly, that funding will be cut and the u.s. funding to the palestinian authority, the u.s. funding to palestine. let me say this, u.s. funding that has been there for so many years, we appreciate every
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penny. every dollar. but that funding was not really a gift. the funding was part of a u.s. vision. the funding was part of a u.s. commitment. that funding was part of a u.s. interest. that funding was part of an international and u.s. obligations. it makes sense that the u.s. funds its own vision of building two states on the 1967. the u.s. has invested in the infrastructure of peace for all of these years. and we appreciate it. but financial pressure doesn't work. especially when it comes to people like ours. it doesn't work. it's been tried before and it didn't work and it will not work this time. if it does anything, it adds to
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our sense of pride and sense of resilience, if you may, against this way. coercive political agendas cannot be implemented by means of political pressure. weaponizing aid if you may, is that a term i can use? it doesn't work. weaponizing financial assistance, it doesn't work. and then after jerusalem the u.s. freezes funding from other -- i mean, denying people's education and health care, i was educated at an honorable school and has really been able to turn a catastrophic situation into a less catastroph catastrophic, a little bit less
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catastrophic and give being people and children like me the opportunity, the platform. to be educated and to lead the different future. please go back to netanyahu's remarks, including recently, and you'll find the purpose. netanyahu said it perpetuates the issue of refugees, he thinks that by dismantling, the issue of refugees will vanish. it's a fallacy but it does exist in netanyahu's head. i have news to netanyahu and israeli government. whether it exists or not, the right of millions of palestinian refugees are not linked to -- it is linked to them achieving internationally endorsed rights.
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until the rights are aachieved and the commitment is firm and the international community's commitment is firm and in no circumstances it will fail to uphold its own responsible. i received representative -- senior representatives in our office only a couple of days ago and the statement i received is that the commitment and mandate will be fulfilled. let's go back to the first meeting in february, president trump said and i quote, one
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state, two states i'm happy with whatever the two sides are happy with. he said that. and we agree with him. we agree with him. we yes with president trump. there are only two possible solutions he's right, either partition, two states, on the 1967 borders, not even based on the 1967 borders, first option endorsed by the international community and u.s. successive administrations or one state that is ee gal tear yan and democratic and that gives full equal rights for all of its citizens regardless of the color or creed or religion or langu e
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language. full equal rights in the historic land of palestine. that's the second option. president trump is right. we now the people and the leadership are with the two state solution on the 1967 -- we are with it for implementation, not for negotiations. we are with it because we believe it's the possible, knowing that in israel it's an nonstarter, the idea of a one state solution. we're still with it. however, we realize that netanyahu's government actively seeks to destroy not only the president possibility of a two-state solution on 1967 borders but actually the future
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discussion of the solution all together. the netanyahu government is involved in removing the tracks of the two-state solution. how else would you interpret the ruling party's decision only a few weeks ago to annex the west bank. how else do we translate the passing a law not to negotiate jerusalem unless 80 members vote, which is practically an impossibility. oslo passed by only 61 votes, the threshold. how else do we explain that netanyahu has taken pride only a few months ago publicly that he's the first prime minister in israel in 20 years to build a new settlement deep in the west bank, so proud. how else do you explain what he said only two days ago, two or three days ago, when he went to
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open a new road deep in the occupied territory. deep in the west bank. what did he say? netanyahu said this settle only bypass road is part of the system of settling bypass roads that are building throughout judiah. which is the occupied west bank. that serves the residents settlers and the residents of the state of israel, ie linking the west bank to israel via a system of infrastructure and system of roads. this is not a government that is rejecting the two state solution by words. this is a government that is rejecting the two-state solution by deeds.
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action, every day, murdering the possibility, burying it deep in the ground. and it is not circumstantial evidence we're talking about. it's clear it's unambiguous. and people forget just not to focus only on netanyahu government. people forget that the israeli prime minister back then came from kicking and screaming to the madrid peace conference, didn't like it. it was only after president bush senior father threatened to with hold $10 billion that he came kicking and screaming. and famously said back then, that by the way, shamir is netanyahu's mentor, something
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netanyahu says. i would have shamir was saying i would have conducted negotiations on ought tonmy for ten years and in the meantime reach half a million settlers, 1991. in the west bank. he was right on the number of settlers, even exceeded the half a million, much more exceeded the half million. they did better. they stole more land that he expected and more towns than he expected 25 years ago or 26 years ago. but he was wrong on pt the number of years. they left us and kept us in this process for 26 years. but with the same logic palestinians walk out of negotiations while they were
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doing the real job. the real intention. they wanted to establish a process that was lasting process, not lasting peace. they established created a process that was actually designed to prevent that. designed to prevent the outcome as far as we're concerned, the terms of the two state solutions are clear. i would repeat this, they are not up for negotiations, they are only up for implementations and we are ready to set on international table, multilateral table, where the world sits and this is not the exception, this is the rule for all other conflicts it was an international table to implement
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international resolutions, we were made the exception for 26 years. we were told it requires multilateralism, and internationalism, south africa requires international ifrm. iran requires multinationalalism, except you. only the two sides can resolve the issue. there is one side clear. when president trump said we are fine with the two state solution if the two sides wants it, effectively, we want it, we demand it. we endorse it. it gives the veto power to the unwilling. no one can love peace than the two sides. think the audience in this room
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would love peace as much as we do. the whole idea is just to leave the two sides with this asymmetry of power in one room. so it's not a process of rights but a process of -- it's not a process of right but process of might. we're done with that. 26 years is a generation, my generation, actually. enough. enough. and i say it to you in the heart of washington and the palestine center, enough. our rights are not up for sale. our principles are set enshrined and in the hearts of the millions of our people and who are not any other people. i mean, let's remember this is a
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very proud nation, very rooted. everything started there. don't blame us for that. we exported to you almost all profits. the oldest human community is in jericho. okay, so if this is the situation for the two state solution the first is that the current israeli government, all the way back to shamir, and by the way not just to blame the right wing in israel because it is very clear, now all of the parties to the right like israel and all of these parties, they are very clear. they say what is yours, what is mine. they say what is mine. what is mine and what is yours is mine. they say, clearly by the way,
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the center left all the way to oslo, startsing with what is mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable. we'll sit and negotiate what is yours. all of israel never took the 1967 formula as a formula for implementation but as a formula -- as a starting point for grabbing more. unacceptable. unacceptable, for a nation that has been able to concede 78% of what is it's own land for the sake of peace. it's unacceptable to consider further compromises. and it will not happen. the 1967 formula is not just a palestinian peace agenda. it is
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equilibrium, no one can touch it. but, given that and given the clarity of the current administration, that they are not going to endorse the two state solution clearly, and in our opinion this dangerously plays in the hand of the netanyahu government, given the situation, president trump mentioned the one state. this is interesting, really interesting and important. i wish the u.s. had mentioned this before our 1988 declaration because that was our position by the way before 1988. before we accepted international legitimacy, our platform was one democratic state. remember the plo. they mention it now. one state for all of its citizens with full equal rights. palestinians accepted the two
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state solution as a concession as we said because of international community was oriented around that idea. if this administration has ideas for a one state solution. we're interested to hearing what they have. we are. and then we want full rights like everyone else. and we are impartial about how we get there, not just about the journey, it's about the destination. however, if one state solution is disguised apartheid or apartheid in disguise, in one form or another, it will be rejected. and we must save our efforts and not repeat history again. >> this has been tried
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elsewhere. it has been tried before and it came to a crashing defeat. needless i say mandela and south africa and needless i say, martin luther king and civil rights movement. it's very simply put, either we all have equal rights or none of us have. rights are not subdivided. you cannot subdivide rights or selective. that's called apartheid. and we are fully human, fully human, right? not three fifth. human, we are fully human. and today by the way, marks the first day of the black history month in the u.s. let us remember.
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so please when you hear someone arguing like netanyahu we will give the palestinians a state minus, nothing will be minus about us. either full sovereignty on the entire land that israel occupied in 1967 or full equal rights in the historic land of palestine. for every citizen, we will not accept a system that is there to privilege -- one group over another. we've lived that and experienced that long enough. and you know, i know there will be interesting discussion and i'm not going to go on but let me try to conclude by saying this. the israeli government is absolutely delusional, if it thinks that the transactional
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approach to the international community to the issue of negotiations, to the situation in the arab world is going to take it anywhere. delusional. and they are also delusional about where the moral arc of history is bending. either they don't want to see or they are just blocking what is happening actually. prime minister netanyahu can speak of the congress but do you think he can go and speak at the university in california or wisconsin? no. because the arc of history always bends towards justice. let me be clear by way of
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ending, we don't want to end an injustice by creating another injustice, we don't. we have tasted the bitter taste of injustice. we don't wish to inflict in justice on anybody. we want a bright future for israeli kids as much as we want it for our own kids. for better or worse our face are intertwined and interconnected. we know that. as the fate of all of our world -- indescribable.
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irresponsible, levied by the sword, mentality mindset strategy. will get us nowhere. it will not secure our future and only destroy the basis of co-existence. we hope that the israeli -- israelis will listen to their better angels rather than the current politicians. and i know they will ultimately, we definitely no they will ultimately. we are all the sons and daughters of our -- we are.
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and the battle is not between those siblings but those who want to split this family and those who want to bring it together in peace and harmony and i believe -- i believe now by numbers and by this this international community and by the structural change that is happening in america. more american people are to the side of the truth we see it in the compasses and see it in the polls and see it among the jewish community and the youth of jewish community. we see it everywhere we go, that the tide is going towards supporting the just cause of palestine, therefore i believe that the ultimate goal of reaching peace and harmony in the land of palestine will be achieved. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, in the
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interest of time, we're going to open the floor to questions and answer. please keep your questions brief and to the point so everybody can get a chance. >> thank you. yes, my name is said and i have a question for you. do you believe the listing of the head of the hamas bureau on the terror list in any way destroys the efforts conducted by the plo and by the pa reconciliation? thank you. >> i guess we'll take a few questions. >> thank you very much. benjamin, retired diplomat. mr. ambassador, could you speak to the unintended consequences of mr. trump's decision perhaps even some intended consequences,
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the organization of the islamic conference that has a slightly different name now declared it supports east jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. european union does. russia even before mr. trump's statement said the same thing about east jerusalem being the capital of the future palestinian state. and his action has reinvigorated discussion about this and essentially made clear that the u.s. has a band onned its role as the lead player in the so-called peace process and maybe there will be now a genuine peace process. thank you. >> thank you. do i understand that the plo now is for a unified state in
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palestine and israel together, not a two state solution? >> i'd like to add a question as well. among the decisions there's been the threat to close the plo office here in washington. is there any development with that issue? >> well, about the leader of hamas on the terrorist list, you know, do you know even the plo, the plo that has been engaged in a peace process, via the invitation since 1991, we have signed the oslo agreements in the white house. we have entered into several bilateral agreements with the u.s. the u.s. has been paying $700 million at one point to establish the state of palestine. israel has recognized formally the plo as the representative of the palestinians.
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with all of that still in the u.s. law, the law is a terrorist organization -- since 1987. it didn't change. no one has the guts or courage or the wisdom to just come and revisit that law. so this isn't about justice. this isn't just about the situation. the whole legislation in the u.s. congress and the whole way of looking at this needs to change i have to say. and i'll stop at that. >> that's not a function of how the u.s. list anybody, that's a function of the palestinian national requirements and the function of the palestinian people and their demands and a function of our commitment or democratic process and renewing our democratic process and function of always making sure that territorially also gaza on the west bank is one territorial entity. ending it -- ending the dichings
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and regaining control of gaza and making sure we have one government and we have one rule of law comes before any other consideration. the -- the second question about the role of the international community practically in the european union and all of those are still recognized the 67 borders still recognize east jerusalem as an occupied city. that's why we're saying that now only alternative is a multilateral forum and we find these countries you just listed, including europe and china and russia and africa and latin america, these are very important players. you cannot just exclude major countries. i'll give you one example. europe has more revision in real terms than america. the biggest trading partner of israel is europe, not the u.s. the biggest donor to the palestinians is not america, it's europe. by far by the way you're not
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talking about just a small little difference. by far. and we don't border you know, the shores of the u.s., east shores of the u.s. or the west for that matter. we border europe. europe has a geopolitical interest. whatever happens hits its borders immediately like what happened in syria and issue of refugees. so europe is crucial in being on the table. so is other major international countries. the problem was in the exclusion in first place and we hope what happened in the last few weeks would give that argue mment and logic support that there is no way but for international table to implement international resolutions. the third question about the one state solution, let me be very clear. we believe that the two state solution on the 1967 borders
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with all of the international contours is the best way forward. we believe so, sir. we believe sometimes -- we believe sometimes that you may have to cut the land to save your child. and we believe given the dynamics in israel now and given how israeli society has been evolving, to think that netanyahu is causing what is happening in israel is a mistake. netanyahu was the outcome because he was elected on certain promises. to think at this point in time the israeli society is going to be open for the system for ee gal tear yan for all and i want my little daughter to live a different future and to experience different reality. we're also at the pressure of time to implement a possible
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vision for peace. however, what i was saying is, should this vision continue being buried by netanyahu? should this vision to be not supported directly, straight forwardly, absolutely by the u.s. administration, then we want to explore the other option that we want to hear. we want to listen. what does president trump mean when he says one state? if he means one man, one vote in the historic land of palestine, we will listen. and if he means a democratic system constitutional arrangement, bill of rights, that guarantees the right of every citizen, we will listen. if he means that the people in that area will decide collectively on the state and
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capital and future and international relations, we will listen. we will listen. we are not against this person, this formal solution. we were never against it. what we were against was the lack of a solution in the first place. we believed in 1988 that we must drop that platform for the sake of aligning ourself with international legitimacy hoping that alliance with international resolution will fasten the process of implementing the peace vision. that's the formula. we want the international community to play the role of the equalizer, to equalize the equation. what i was trying to say today very clearly and in the absence of a clear cut commitment to the two-state solution and there is enough evidence of that absence, we are here all ears and want to
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listen. we want to listen. that's the meaning. we want to listen. and i'll tell you we're not oriented towards one form of resolution, we're oriented towards a solution. about closing the plo office, only a few days ago i was reading some israeli media leaked discussion between president trump and president netanyahu in davos and it was mentioned netanyahu also asked foreclosure the plo office in washington and also some news september that was also in the israeli media that netanyahu adopted, endorsed or planned in his cabinet to actually close the plo office in washington. so it's all there. you can see the news. i think netanyahu's head, he is after the liquidation of the palestine issue. and he thinks by taking
9:35 am
jerusalem off the table, then taking refugees off the table, then bringing down a flag from the heart of washington, he will simply achieve his -- it's more than just an office, it's the symbolism of that office. it's what that office represents. it represents the collective political aspirations of a righteous people. and it represents the decades of struggle to get an embassy an and office here. they don't even like to see a flag of palestine flying in the heart of washington. but i have news for mr. netanyahu, first of all, it's obvious that the united states and us have a very deep rooted relationship, bilateral independent of what israel wants. and there's sufficient way -- you remember that the administration has actually worked the situation out tracking from the original
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decision that was in november allowing us to continue here and allowing the bilateral relationship as a very important line of communication to continue. but i have news for mr. netanyahu, if he keeps pressuring in that area, you know, even if he manage to bring or close an office or in a situation, this will be a palestinian home and there are thousands of -- thousands of palestinian homes and addresses and flags. [ applause ] >> they are delusional if they think you know, if you attack the issue of 7 million refugees they'll just go away. they are delusional if an announcement by the u.s. president about jerusalem will take away jerusalem? take away jerusalem? i was in jerusalem only three weeks ago. they went -- i wanted to see what changed. nothing changed. jerusalem east still occupied by military force. the people are still speaking
9:37 am
arabic with a beautiful palestinian accent by the way. they are still opening their shops and want to go and smell the beautiful ancient smell of zatar and herbs and what have you, and even becoming more delicious now. people own jerusalem. they own it. nothing changed and nothing will change. i assure you. nothing will change the. only thing that changed is that mr. trump and the u.s. administration has decided willingly to walk out of the negotiation table, to walk out being sole mediator for all of these years. nothing will change about our rights and the main line of protection for us, the main line of defense is the people. okay, with all due respect to the international legitimacy and
9:38 am
law we're aligned with, but you've seen the people of jerusalem only a few months ago. only when netanyahu tried to elect -- let alone, let alone if somebody comes and tells them this is not your city. this is not your heritage or history or narrative. this is not your identity. hell to all that. >> why continue -- why then does the palestinian authority continue to cooperate on security in helping to police and silence the will of the palestinian people? >> you have to distinguish between our ability to maintain an unviolent confrontation and what you just described as preventing people from the
9:39 am
demonstrating. they have been demonstrating with full support of the leadership as happened in july with jerusalem and so many other areas from all of these wonderful examples. and the latest war i can't remembers of popular resistance are members of the pa itself by the way and they have been rounded and present only in the past few weeks. no, but we don't the case of blood. we don't want it. we're not bluffing when we say our commitment to an unviolent way of enkbajing the occupation. we mean it. sir, we mean it. some would say that you know, this is really being part of the status quo. no this is challenging the st status quo. violence does not work. it doesn't help us. we are a nation with a calling
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and rights and international support. for too long, this has been confused with us curbing on resistance. no, we call on mass peaceful naup violence re -- nonviolent resistance. >> why not do it yourself? >> go and see all of those who have been leading the effort recently. check their names and families, including ait mini and see the support. it's a very complicated matter. a nation must always look and find where it is strongest and we are not the strongest in the military arena, we are not. we are strongest in the moral arena, in the political arena and legal arena. why do we always want to engage in the boxing ring? he'll eat your ear and this regard israel has no limits
9:41 am
because it is shielded and protected, blaming the palestinian leadership and authority and not blaming the international system for giving this long exercise and practice of immunity. so we want to shield our people as well. we don't want to see our children being slaughtered with no accountability. slaughtered. today as i was driving here, i saw the -- disheartening news of seven people in gaza losing their lives and tens of injuries and casualties. why? because there was some sort of gas leak and then explosion. this should have been averted. the inhumane treatment of gaza for decades is because of a
9:42 am
twisted mentality. not by the palestinian leadership or people of palestine. a regime that has seen the kplisty and the complacency of so much. it's unbearable, a war after another, right in front of the eyes of the world. bombarding entire neighborhoods, burying children, babies. we don't want to bring suffering on our people. we don't. and we consider to be -- the human soul the human being to be our most important asset. we don't want the palestinian heroes. we want free and alive palestinian heroes. free and prosperous, free and educated. if you blame us for that, bring it on.
9:43 am
>> thank you for your remarks. i'm peter shutly, foreign service and also on the board. my question is, many american congressmen senators visit israel, not very many go onto the west bank. my question is can you describe for us a little bit about your efforts to have members of congress get a clearer picture of what the situation is? >> yes, it is an important question. and you're right, the way that the truth has been blocked here, and the concerted effort to actually make sure that there is only one side of the coin presented, one side of the narrative and the story and that side is not even israeli side. it's a distorted minority who has the money and organization. we haven't been doing as much in that arena in the last few
9:44 am
decades but that's not because we don't want to receive them. but things have been changing. in the last few years we have been receiving several senior u.s. congress delegations, several. i myself, before i became ambassador, i myself received several u.s. senators, congressman when i was the strategic adviser of president abass over the last year and year before. and this is beginning to happen. i don't want to reveal much but there is now a concerted effort and program to send as many. there's much more interest because in the past i think many of the congressmen and women would not find it easy to do so. now they do. things have changed. and the past some of them would consider it to be a political suicide. now they don't. and i assure you one thing, things are changing in the congress. ever since i arrived, i've been
9:45 am
visiting congress almost on a daily basis, meeting all of the representatives right across the board, republicans and democrats. the senior heads of committees and what have you, things are changing. and the change of the public opinion in america is also reaching and being translated to congress. when the presidential candidates were competing, some of them were supporting palestinian rights and guess what, they got more votes. without mentioning names. >> even president trump himself when he was going on in the republican race and saying the heartland of the evangelicals kept voting for them because the priorities are israel number four and five, a testament that things are changing. somebody asked me about closing the office here or doing all of that. it's part of them, the israeli government realizing that things are changing. they wanted to abruptly.
9:46 am
>> shut it down. >> they see where the wheels of history are going. they see it. and they want to insert poison suspicion and the body of the growing palestinian american relationship. in the growing public opinion awareness and the growing -- in the -- among the youth about what is happening thanks to the social media and the alternative sources of media. so you're right, we have a homework to do. we need to do it and this is the moment. time is you know, i have been saying to our community all over, the palestinian community, that we believe that this is our moment in america, for three reasons. first, is the change in the public opinion. it's real. it's real. the second is the change among our own community i.e the new
9:47 am
generations of the palestinian american community is really confident, they know the culture. they are proud americans and proud palestinians. they are not concerned with survival. they are also concerned with political action. and the third is the change among the jewish community. many, many members of the jewish community are saying not in our name. what is this? and i encounter them on a daily basis. leaders, youth movements. so this is a very important moment for us and we must seize it and that explains to you why they want to shut the office and why they want to do it because they know it. they know where we're going. >> u.s. official quoted as saying a peace plan will be presented to the palestinians and israelis regardless if the
9:48 am
palestinians come to the table or not. how would the palestinians receive such a proposal snl. >> say it again? >> a u.s. official was quoted saying that a peace plan will be presented to the palestinians and israelis whether or not the palestinians come to the negotiating table. how would the palestinians receive such a proposal? >>. >> we will not receive any proposal that is less of the implementation of the international and u.s. long held positions about the two-state solution on the borders, one centimeter less of that. next. >> thanks for your visit, ambassador. we mentioned a lot of trump's provocations, jerusalem, and the threat to close the plo offices.
9:49 am
and palestinians have refused vice president mike pence's visit. one might imagine that the relationship between the palestinians and united states are breaking down but what we saw three days ago with a group of activists disrupting an official meeting at the chamber of commerce in bethlehem, which by the way is a nonviolent popular resistance, indicates continued engagement. so the question i want to ask and it's really inspired from a refugee in bethlehem, is to what extent will the palestinian government continue to coordinate with the united states and what aspects of the relation will stop? >> this is a very important question. so people realize that we distinguish very clearly between the bilateral relationship -- let me clarify. the u.s./palestinian relationship has three dimensions. the first is the bilateral
9:50 am
relationship. the relationship between the people of america and people of palestine. this has nothing to do with the peace process and nothing to do with israel or nothing to do with peace plans. the much the israelis for the last to fix it. the third dimension is multilateral, america's contribution, america voting on the u.n. security council, not voting and vetoing. these are the three dimensions. what we are saying is since the announcement, america has self inflicted on it self, the try lateral relationship. america is disqualified. you can't be mediator if you forego the rules and principles you are presented with. and you have single handedly unilaterally suddenly changed rules of engagement.
9:51 am
we are not interested to engage under such rules of engagement. we're not. but we are adamantly, strategically interested. america is america. this is very important country, not only a super power but america is not the only -- you see the opportunities and how many people, even during announcement on jerusalem, thousands took to the streets in washington, new york, chicago, what have you. we also are thankful for american support to the palestinian people and institutions, and we will always want to maintain and not only maintain the instructions received from president abbas a few weeks ago, to double down on our efforts in the bilateral.
9:52 am
and make sure that the real objective, what is the objective of the prime minister do you think by pushing all these directions, the jerusalem announcement, refugees, what is the real objective. the first is preempting president trump himself, believe you me, some in israel were panicking about this, even if the ultimate deal was not perfect for the palestinians, the discussions and political arena is nothing new. even discussing political issues. the second is to predetermine the outcome before it even starts. so the logic now. the third is to destroy the
9:53 am
solution. if you aim lethal shot at the heart, the body will close. the government does not want a two step solution. they see it as threat. the last factor, they want to abruptly destroy the growing bilateral relationship between palestinian and the united states. here comes the question. we will not allow that to happen. we will not allow for that to happen. we must invest more and more in our connection, outreach, relationship to the american government, representatives, the congress and public. and we will. now people have the right for what did you call it, nonviolent protests. yeah, they do. but we have a legal system. when somebody presents to the legal process any complaints, we will have to investigate it.
9:54 am
there's a fine line we must define it. very fine line. we appreciate the u.s. assistance to people of palestinian, we do. and we must distinguish, separate clearly between that and between the political track. >> time for one more question. >> thank you. thank you, ambassador, for your presentation. it is very important one. and would like to encourage you to continue in saying these facts and convey to the american public opinions. i know that some americans they know the facts, but some of them would like to put hand to ears not to hear. but we would like you to continue a we are with you as an arab group. and i just had news at a meeting today for the ministerial peace
9:55 am
initiative today. they adopted a plan for rejecting the trump decision. we will continue in that and our heart with you. we heard some european in the process to organize palestine. maybe poland or slovenia or lucks emberg. what efforts are you giving to this initiative. thank you. >> as far as recognition, palestine is recognized by 138 countries worldwide. what left practically is the u.s. and western europe because we are also recognized by majority in eastern europe,
9:56 am
since the soviet union thing. and then western europe there has been, started with sweden, fully recognizing state of palestine, and sweden did that out of how much sweden as a country and political system is much more based on values and principles than interests and fears. i would like to give a hand to sweden actually. also because my kids were born in sweden. you know, i have worked with swedish government for that very important moment. but the vatican recognizes state of palestine. and the vatican has such a resounding symbolism for recognizing the state of palestine. and we are asking and demanding from the rest of the european countries, if you really want to invest in the two state solution
9:57 am
for all these years, you better start by recognizing the two state solution. by not recognizing the two state solution, it would be almost taken by israel as policy of continuing expanding. you have to draw a border. now we the palestinians are saying we cannot continue recognizing israel -- >> we have to have the israeli -- two state solution. what do you mean by that. >> what i was saying is that recognition of the state of palestine is a very important thing to do for any country. european country or otherwise. but it is europe we are focusing on. if they really mean to see the two state solution being revisited, the blood is inserted in it because it is dying, dying in every sense, then recognition becomes the only act that makes sense and the political and legal arena. i cannot reveal much about the other countries, but there's a
9:58 am
lot of talk, there will be delegations to visit, and number one on the jaenagenda is recognn of palestine on the 1967 borders. no, i don't mean that, sir. what i mean is we accept to establish independence of state of palestine. on the 1967 borders. and the right of the palestinians to go to their homes, to go to their original homes. my father lost his farm is what has become israel. i have right to go farmland if i choose to and compensated according to international law. that's the first scenario. second scenario if this is not accepted and if this continues to be unrealistic given the situation we're in, we would have to take our heads out of the sand and start listening and discussing nationally and internationally the real option of equal, full equal rights for
9:59 am
all the people who live in the historic land of palestine. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] the house returns today to consider military sales to jordan and combatting russian cyber attacks. those are possible early this week on a temporary spending measure to keep the government funded past a thursday deadline. the senate is back to consider a
10:00 am
nomination of undersecretary of commerce, sport and intellectual property and director of the pat en ent and trademark office. watch live on cspan and cspan2. tonight, we're in las vegas for the second part of coverage from the consumer electronics show where each year, tech companies unveil new products, give insight to what's ahead. the latest on robot and drone technology. with artificial intelligence and cameras. watch tonight at 8 eastern on cspan2. now live from brookings institute. speaking shortly, ira shapiro,


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