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tv   Jerry Falwells Liberty University  CSPAN  February 17, 2018 10:37pm-10:51pm EST

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history when one party has been ,ble to do this are very few maybe 19 or three in 1934, fdr dealing with depression. reached out tobj the republicans. afterwards on c-span cia -- book tv. this weekend, american history tv is joining our comcast cable partners to showcase the history of lynchburg virginia -- lynchburg, virginia. look atnue now with a history of lynchburg. quite the ultimate in suspense or if that is-talk about the book of esther.
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he was the eight pillar of that date. in the books of ezra and nehemiah, we have the story of what happened to the minority of those who tour -- returned to jerusalem. family have had been in .irginia since the 1600s his father died when he was 15. andtwo brothers still lived he began to go to church and lynchburg. he became a christian and decided he wanted to go to a christian college. public speaking. bible collegetist
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and came back to lynchburg and he applied a lot of those business principles that he learned from his family. and starting immediately a radio television project. fundraising was a big part of it. 1971, a university. he was a pastor first, but he had inherited a lot of entrepreneurial traits, so he applied those to his ministry and school. it was a big reason for the phenomenal growth. -- by father fronted thomas road baptist church in 1956. the growth was comical. in aed with 35 adults
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-- former donald duck bottling facility. after 10 years, there were over he-- 1000 numbers treated was one of the first national hisgious broadcasters mantra had really skyrocketed and he started liberty in 1971. if you were an evangelical christian young person, the only was a smallad college with small academic offerings.
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something is wrong. there ought to be world-class universities for evangelical young people like brigham young or notre dame. one and soy wasn't he went to change that. everybody thought he was dreaming because it was a small town in virginia. a lot of people thought he was crazy. that was the vision from day one. we are seeing this. now. it was all funded by conservative listeners all of
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the country and so it was a constant struggle to raise the funds, but the idea was to provide church for people who would not otherwise get up and go to church. ministrye television was used to spread the word .bout living i think he can about 1987. it was a national program about , 18 years. that caused a lot of the donors ministry.ving to that was about the time i finished law school and i came in as a general counsel to the toversity and my job was me
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manage debt because the university was known to receiving contributions from television ministry, so we had to really restructure the diversity so it operated on its own tuition fees. it took us in years to get stabilized and another 10 years before really exploded. not phenomenal growth over the last 10 years resources to rebuild the campus. liberty is in a good position to and continueision to train champions for christ. where the largest nonprofit private university in the country. about the fifth-largest in the country if you count all the online students. >> for you celebrate other on this joystick and and there is no place in the world i'd rather my first commencement
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address you are at liberty university. invitation along time ago you said to jared i would be there and when i say something, i mean it. think liberty students rubio, but byo the time the election came around, a lot of them saw what i saw in him and 84% of liberty students voted for him and same thing was true with evangelicals across the country. background,trumps pleasantly surprised on how he has been the best president for .hose issues
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i think he will be one of the greatest presence would ever had. a lot of people thought i lost mine because he owned casinos in 19. -- i thought the country needed the same thing. career politicians did not understand anything other than politics. they get into a rut where all they care about is getting reelected.
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>> my father was criticized for supporting reagan and jimmy carter was a sunday school year. most evangelicals come along just like they did with trump and saw this person might not be the best choice to be my pastor or teacher, but he takes the right position on policies best for our country. reagan won for that reason and trump one for that reason. >> never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people that care about you, carry yourself with digging a and pride and the unafraid to challenge entrenched entrance challengeests -- entrenched interests.
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>> what they don't understand is evangelicals would want to -- or the most antiestablishment of any group. jesus spent more time condemned the religious belief of the establishment that he did of anyone else. and privilegeupt and pun of the government of europe. it was evangelicals who left europe because they were antiestablishment. when evangelicals supported trump more than any of president, what a press never understood is two things. one, they hate the
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establishment. independent and don't want the good was to run things and don't be career politicians to run things. two, the whole christian faith that evangelicals believe it on the idea of forgiveness, redemption and we are all sinners. even the locals had no problem supporting anyone because they believed everyone is a center. there's no problem for them to support someone like trump. i would like to see students be a good he can christian without being holier ben thou and that you can
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.uccessful how can you help other people unless you are successful yourself and have something to if they can pick up those principles while they are here and repeat thousands of times over what has been done, i think that would be the best legacy possible. our staff recently traveled to lynchburg college virginia two learn about its rich history. learn more on tvching american history come all weekend, every weekend on c-span three. and james eve paul
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discussed ernest hemingway john to possums during world war i and how the war effected writing. served in the american volunteer ambulance corps which brought wanted soldiers to hospitals for treatment. the talk was hosted by the national world war i museum in kansas city museum. >> i would like to welcome you to your national world war i of a reallyhalf tremendous group of colleagues. they really did a spectacular job. along with our president and


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