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tv   Reel America Steel Mans Servant - 1938  CSPAN  September 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:39pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] americane watching history tv, only on c-span3. according to the national film preservation foundation, the :939 industrial film, "steel man's servant." it was a public relations tool and an era steel before television and the internet. it documents steel construction, tw to ♪
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narrator: from the good red earth comes iron or, the basic element of steel. wouldyou imagine what happen if steel was wrenched what wouldily lives, become of our great bridges, how could we travel, how could we farm, how could we communicate with one another? what would become of all of us? only in a nightmare could such a calamity occur. so we begin the story of steel. 17 tons, the capacity of the giant eating into the tank of or, a 34,000 pound load made
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profitable by steel. this is also the age of electricity. it's an age of tremendous madeotive strength possible by the use of steel. mining is restricted to months when frost is off the ground, but year-round we find the men of the underground lines contributing to the steady carsm of loaded ore in the northern harbors of the great lakes. the boats must go, we must get this good, read or to the mills, so down, the loading shoots like the mouths of a prehistoric monster.
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up goes the gate and out pours the brown, red stream of the earth which makes steel. few things have less value of this rock iron ore as we see it now, yet there are few things of value to our civilization when the intelligence of man is applied. these carriers must work fast while the ice is out. ships in this lake fleet are constantly on the globe. streamart in an endless to the hungry lake ports to feed blast furnaces. later it is the end of the line and all hands on deck. there is no rest. you are three hours from port and that's all. buckets already for the blast furnaces.
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writing the cabin of a clamshell bucket as high as a six-story building we see the or picked up by another clamshell and carried across the storage yards, traveling along a giant ore bridge just like the one we are on. thousands and thousands of tons past beneath us. the ants have nothing on the steel business, for enough ore must be saved to last through the winter. 's skyline looms before us, skyline made of blast theaces which change of th ore into molten steel.
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we are getting up speed now. down below on the floor the stage is set. signal. comes the job, for their end of the these fellows sat and oxygen torch through the hole, and here comes the rising stream of molten iron, 6300 degrees hot. and 250 tons are tapped into a cask, and sent a river of graphite into one of two huge ladles. ladle, as bighe
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as a tank car lined with brick capable of holding multi-and iron at the highest possible temperature. a lot goes on in the 20 minutes it takes to make a cask, but not so much in the six hours between tasks. then, there is time to relax. but another sample now must be taken from the golden stream which will tell the steelmakers the quality of their work. whimses men who know the of iron, men who have been taking the temperature of liquid metal for a good many years. , the way these fellows with a single glance at their samples recognized the caliber of the whole cache. thisseem pretty happy with one. now we have multi-in iraq the first step in the production o f steel.
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next, the open-hearth furnaces of steel. amount of steel produced in the united states is made of open-hearth furnaces like these. it devours scrap metal, odds and ends, chunks of old rails and even chicken wire. up on the charging machine, you see the operator handling the piece of machinery so agile that it except an 8000 pound scrap, puts it in the furnace. now back to that iron soup we left in the storage makes her a moment ago. as the work goes on, this molten metal is combined with the melted scrap. high above the crane man watches the ladles spill, and terry's giant iron hooks down the line.
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hand at the game wait by the open hearth for the hot metal coming to the mixer, ready to direct the firing charge into the blazing furnace oe. this sceneeauty of never fails to grip the thousands that visit the plants. years ago the making of steel with the experienced guesswork of experienced old-timers.
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today they are backed up by scientific instruments. this is steel in the making. 'sroughout every step of steel evolution, tests are taken. sample, poured into a test mold, goes to the laboratory for analysis. these are the crafts men of steel, these and hundreds of them, young men learning their trade, old men grown gray at the university of steel, meant who know all the fancies and quirks of molten metal, who know how to attainment temper this lending monster to the service of mankind.
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by their glasses ye shall know them, a golden globe on their faces as they peak into the hearth. even as a great chef as just the right seasoning to his dishes, these experts of the open hearth add the condiments to make steel, in this case a load of manganese. handle theirn stuff. they swing and follow through with all the grace and power of a champion golfer. quite an art. on the ranch are in a lumber camp, this means come and get it or we will throw it away.
10:11 pm means gru jack's of all trades, with ramming rides it ready they wait while men on the other side prepare the furnace for casting. another pitch of this and that, a short recipe from the steel cookbook. i help her with an oxygen torch, moment.o go, just a a few more ashes to get out of the way and then the go-ahead will,. -- the welcome signal go-ahead will come. it is a welcome signal. there she goes. for bridges,steel automobiles, magic and marvels from the earth, from the labors of men who serve their fellow .en
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♪ it takes 15 minutes to fill the ladle. skag floats on top, finally overflowing into the slag pot. loadrane man heavies his of molten metal like a huge soup bowl, 150 tons of liquid steel. stately as a ship, the ladle moves to position at the pouring
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platform, ready at the mere touch of a hand to discharge the waiting flows. the crane man maneuvers the heavy load to rest, centering it to fill them one by one. little movement has a meaning of its own in steel. as these quality such are very important, they make the most of scientifically happen controlled operations in all industry. meanwhile, the fascinating work of pouring goes on. here is a young apprentice taking a lesson from one of the older heads of the platform. he measures the temperature of the molten steel, and we are seeing just what he sees, steel at 2800 degrees hot.
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slowly cooling, beautiful to look at, it ends up sparkling and effervescent in their gold. when cool enough, they will be stripped of their most unfashionable edges. another day without an accident. it is now common for months to go by without a single man thing injured, so highly developed our modern safety practices. thrilling most operations of the holder medic story of steel making is the production of alloy steel and of the electric furnace. inside this hottest of all furnaces, huge electrodes suspended over the mountains of collected scrap slowly creep down, and electric arm leaps from the loads of scrap and produces one of the most spectacular sights ever filmed. ♪
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here is in fonferno. after three hours under this man-made lightning, the scrap is melted and the electrodes per over the melted steel now ready for the alloy. pours the cauldron now another river of steel, steel for our kitchens, fine instruments, laboratories, hospitals, for use wherever steel contributes to modern industry and modern living.
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rising before you like a harvest moon is the hungry mouth of the converter, chief actor of one of the great shows in steel. closely watching this rising monster other the men who run the show, looking from behind glass 30 feet away from the converters. to operator gives a signal start the steel pouring into the mouth of the converter. this iron whale is really hungry . july night is fourth of when the converters going to action, and here is a roman candle lighting the night. the girders of a railroad bridge
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march past, silhouetted by the licking flames of these beacons of steel. these huge torches flareup in the dark as symbols of steel for man.rom you are seeing it as the steelworkers see it. the conversion is complete and the bessemer's are ready to pour the magic metal which was first ore, now transformed to steel to meet the needs of man. now in the stripping yard, cool enough to shed their molds,
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reaching like the human -- reaching down the humanlike ingotss of this giant, and g waiting between 20,000 pounds at 40,000 pounds. steel has no possible substitute. wherever you look you will find man.n toof its service as a barometer of economic conditions and watched by many who seek to gauge business activity, for as the kiningots go, so goes industrial activity. next go to of fire .its to soak
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that was the signal to send one glowing ingots to the soaking pit. we get an idea of the innumerable processes involved in making fine steel. this is a hairpin, a thumbtack, a monkeywrench, a infancy. beam in its through a mirror directly in front of him, the operator sees unaware of the punishment to cal as it will be
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pounded and pressed into shapes to meet the demand of industry. ingot for thehe real rough stuff to come. ingot is rolled down, the roller man glances at the dials, and it is a squeeze play, one inch or more at a time until the slab about five inches thick, ready to become like cheese into shorter lengths for further rolling. in the continuous rolling mill, skilled workers are set up high above the four foot set of rul olls. the traffic lights of the mills are as important as the red and green stoplights in town. the roles are set and ready and here it comes, the white-hot
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slab of steel sliding swiftly and smoothly toward the all-powerful rollers. ♪ the first pass, then a quarter the slab sideways into the spreader to increase its with. or bush is needed here to force it through the roles -- an extra push is needed here to force it through the rolls. it races between showers of steam, back and forth and back and this it tracks, reducing process we don't recommend it to the ladies. it is hard going for the slab, but it is just another dial setting and a turn of the switch for the man at the levers. he sits at the control board like the keyboard of it an organ
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slabssually watches the as the rollers work. squeezes it thinner and better. from the beginning of this pictorial drama of steel, we have seen the machines and the men who make steel. at steel mills are more powerful, more incredible, than aladdin ever saw by rubbing his wonderful lamp. some are as delicate as the flutter of a butterfly wing add some are as powerful as an avalanche. machines have created many new commodities, many new markets, thus providing for countless workers occupations that never existed before. one of the most interesting of recent inventions, the rocking sheer, was suggested by an
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ordinary rocking chair. results,atch the rocking power, a high-pressure share cutting cold steel with incredible ease. such is the story of steel today, steel for use in railroad cars, steamships and buildings. well, boys, you are doing a swell job. and we are getting a real thrill watching you. let's have a bottle of pop together. drink hearty. moving on in the production of steel, we come to the manufacture of sheet steel. is rolled thinner and thinner and coated with acids, it is cold rolled even thinner, emerging on the other side of this machine is cold rolled sheets for use and
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automobile fenders and bodies and refrigerators. rolled steel has thousands of uses as 10 plate. here's where the girls come in as inspectors of the finished plate. this would tempt the vanity of any girl, but surely not this girl. touch of little feminine vanity satisfied, she goes back to work hard at her job. these girls are mighty useful and their schedules range accordingly. one hour on and 15 minutes off for coffee, tea and rest. herery are back again -- isare back again, and there a red-hot rail taking on its first impression. the rail bar takes a more
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definite shape with each pass. after the first pass it goes down to the end of the line, across the conveyor table off through the high line in the middle and across another conveyor table, to the finishing impression, tol make rails on which your train wheels may someday click. cutting a rail bar more than 100 feet in length. another interesting episode in the fascinating drama of steel production, rolling giant beams. how many could guess that a 36 inch high beam almost as long as a city block could be rolled. an operator skillfully trips the
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switches controlling the pressure with many thousands of pounds back and forth under the until it takes on the fate shape, the suggestion of an i-beam. it all as easy as falling off a seams as this young man shaves the rough beam into an almost finished product and sends it's on its way down the line -- and sends it on its way down the line. there comes the i-beam out of the finishing tent. we have actually seen how when hundred 50 feet of strong, sturdy steel can be rolled from ingot, the columns with which america builds its future.
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they are mighty particular to get things right, these steel men. testthey are taking a piece which will go on to the
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laboratory. but right now they have another use for it. the hot beam sample serves a privatee, for mike's coffee pot. it is too good a thing to keep big mike collis powerful path to have a sip of the old java with him. i don't let the wife know where she will be out putting an apron on your. now let's go to the axle forge where a immense hammers are pounding. the machine does the heavy work and the man's hands shapes the axle, beating it into shape.
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two crews alternated the hammer as each axle is turned. now the axle is forged at the other end is a giant hammer shapes the column. intense patients of these met -- intense patience of these men. railroad wheels are being turned out in another impressive operation at the modern steel. is about to take shape the twin two halves of the wheel mold, and the machinery takes advantage of the precise moment under 20 million pounds of pressure, very slowly
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pressing it into the shape of something close to at railroad wheel. and within scarcely an instant, it is lifted from mold number 12 gripped between the powerful jaws. then comes the final shaping of the finished mold under terrific pressure. if you thought the first one was a terrific squeezer, watch number two. the throttle of casey jones never controlled as much power as these levers, which now release the rough wheel and send it on to the caliber men. all the perfection gets by this cap. this chap. here is another chapter in the tale of steel. coming out of a reheating for furnace ise-heating
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a pair of ballots. withillets run the gamut, rolewer reducing reducing the diameter. its rate of speed through the is better than a racehorse, as the length increases from 30 feet almost three quarters of a mile. faster ande start, still its speed increases. last, there it comes, whipping into the coil are to be shaped into a coil of finished rod.
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these marvelous machines of rods, but we are not through yet. arethe rapidly thinning why goes through a huge drum and our wire gets tenuous and more tenuous. gauge,rator measures the for 1000th of an inch counsel for the accuracy that is standard and wire. the rest of the story of wire making is one reduction after another, finer and finer the top weaving tois drawn, o until it finally comes
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out albright ancillary. and so wire is made for springs, demands, bed nails, telephone lines, more than 90,000 uses now represented in our modern civilization. of kilns is another phase of steelmaking. a reheated cylinder of solid steel is household along to a seamless piercing mill by means of great pressure, forcing the malleable steel over a point, emerging on the other side of the seamless tubes, a hot type of molten steel. how perfectlye this is pierced, expanded and finished to meet specifications, one of the most interesting operations to be found in any of
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these great steel mills. so mile after mile of stainless in the service of heat, fuel, water and other necessities of modern life. let's turn from the colorful, dramatic sight of the mill to the laboratories and scientists. much of what you have seen would not have been possible without the research man, constantly working on the future of steel and devising new ways for it to serve its master, man. getting piece of steel treated. it is being subjected to the severest possible test to see how remarkably a piece of steel can be stretched, almost like -- almost like robert, 50,000, 60,000, 70,000 pounds per square inches did find the breaking point.
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k,nally, it does break o under much greater pressure then it would ever face under normal use. reflectsing surface the research and effort devoted to its production. this is the fascinating world of steel. many of those who walk its padth s, the minor, the engineer, the crane man, the scientist, more than 500,000 men are engaged in making steel, over half in the company of united states steel alone, men who are competent and confident in their work, proud of their contributions to society. weond the door of a furnace, see nothing but hot gas and bubbling metal, but the man who streamlinedsees
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trains moving across the company come at great ships carrying products of the farm and factory to the four corners of the air of, sailing the 70's with a promise of world peace through world trade, with commerce and profit for all. he sees concrete roads made from the slag of blast furnaces, busy with cars buttressed with steel. he sees the wire lines of modern telephone and telegraphic communications, turning electric power for industry, modern farming made possible by steel machinery, countless oil derricks, stretching their gauntures to the heavens, frameworks of steel, landmarks to another great american industry. sees,d little things he modern cookery, stainless steel utensils and kitchen sinks, hammers and little nails that plate a big part, i finally drawn steel piano string, acid
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resisting cans for food preservation, or a fine steel watch spring, tall buildings of steel rearing their tall heads almost above the clouds. rivers,idges, spanning bring in and people closer and closer together. all these and more, the man of steel sees, new eras, new standards of living as the world moves forward with the men who make steel. ♪ >> you're watching american history tv, only on c-span3.
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our cable partners worked staff-span cities tour when we traveled to flagstaff arizona. , the name is derived from a flag raising ceremony held on july 4, 1876, when the u.s. flag was nailed to the top of a ponderosa pine. learn more about flagstaff all weekend here on american history tv. meg: -- meg: they did a flag raising ceremony in 1876. hence, flagstaff became the name and flagstaff as a city has been established for about 135 years. >> while in flagstaff, we took a driving tour of the city with flagstaff communications specialist meg roederer. meg: the flagstaff visitors


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