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tv   Lessons Learned From WWI German U- Boat Attacks  CSPAN  October 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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russians had anywhere in the world at any time. they could not put a submarine in the water without us knowing about it. not only that we would know what class submarine it was, we might even know what boat it is. but they still could not escape us. damn, we're good. [laughter] i think we're good in that regard because of the challenge of the environment. it's a completely hostile environment. maybe even more so than the air. glide home in a submarine. you can't bail out. i'm glad all of those things are possible for aviators. when the thresher went down in 1963 everybody died. a completely unforgiving environment. you really have to know that. it was during the first world war, they began to appreciate that. am i talking too much?
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one of the things we saw on the screen, the original -- sending the radio communications, we don't know what else they did. what happened in 1912? you remember the titanic. >> yes. [inaudible] >> what he began doing was he and a number of others created a system that would allow the radio communication on the ship to send out sound pulses in the water equivalent to an sos. they began to understand the nature of the water and the ease with which you can transmit sound.
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