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tv   Reel America Japanese Bride in America - 1952  CSPAN  November 21, 2018 11:29pm-12:02am EST

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we hear from and you settlement -- andrew sullivan on cspan-3. >> when the new congress starts in january there will be more than 100 new house and senate members. the democrats will control the house and the republicans the senate, new congress, new leaders, watch the process unfold on c-span. >> at the end of world war ii, thousands of serviceman part of the allied occupation, married japanese women and returned to the united states with their wives. up next on real america from 1952, japanese bride in america, this 30 minute u.s. army film documents the experience of a newlywed couple who settles in a soldier's hometown of cleveland.
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then, i had michael look up cleveland ohio, my new home. since walter's father died, we are going to stay until we can get a home of our own. ♪ as i looked around me, i was frightened. in this house i
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would have to face a new life, very different than the one we had known in japan. ♪
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the next evening, walter invited his family to come to the house to see the pictures he had taken in japan. i was uneasy because i wasn't sure if these people would like me. ♪ something unpleasant happened to me, walter's cousin wanted me to introduce myself. english was hard for me then, especially under pressure. what i expected happened, i could not understand a word. i knew there was no reason to be
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upset, but i felt stupid and ashamed. ♪ >> i took this picture on our wedding day. this is her hometown, where we met. this is her mother, she took this picture of me near mount fuji. one thing that especially intrigued me was bamboo. this is us after we became engaged, this is a picture of her family taken the day with we were married. the picture show was
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almost like introducing her family to mine. more than anything else, i wanted my mother to accept her and like her, especially because the two would often be alone together while i was away on business. one thing was sure, the children liked her.
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i could see she was relaxed and happy, now, she was teaching the kids a japanese game. the next day, i introduced her to my town, i was a little nervous for her sake because i knew that an american with the japanese wife would attract
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attention in the street. we did get a look of real resentment from one woman. -- was disturbed, when i explained, she understood. a she was still feeling a little strange and i thought some new close might make her feel better, so we went shopping.
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>> the day came , two weeks ago when walter would have to go away on business. as his suitcase snapchat, i felt the loneliness of being without him. walters mother would be with me, but my poor english made it hard for us to talk, and we did not know each other yet. ♪
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>> i became homesick for japan in my own mother.
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and remember the house, the voices of my brothers and sisters. i remembered home. ♪
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>> i wondered if walter, 300 miles away, was as lonely as i was. ♪
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>> when my trip was over and i came home, i could hardly wait to see my wife. although she tried to conceal it, i could see she was desperately lonely, more than anything else, i wanted her to be happy. one thing was clear that i would have to have a different job.
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one that would not take me away , but what job? ♪ these bamboo carvings seemed so simple, maybe we could make them ourselves. it would be fun to try.
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that night, she wrote to her brother asking him to send us raw bamboo. weekends and evenings we experiment ♪
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little by little, we improved on our first crude attempt. we both became so interested in what we were doing that we lost all track of time and often worked late into the night.
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finally, we were so pleased with our work that i decided it might salable, a friend of ours owned a small house furnishing store and offered to try sell the things for us. the objects sold so quickly that we could hardly make them fast enough.
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>> not long after i was to go on another business trip, i always dreaded these separations as much as she did. just before i left, my mother handed me a letter. my friend who owned the store, inside was another check for a sizable amount and a request for many more orders, more than we could fill working on the evenings and weekends. i never went on that trip. then and there i made my mind
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up to quit my job and go into the bamboo business. i had some savings so we decided to open a store. >> i was so happy about the store, little by little, i was feeling less like a stranger in a foreign country and more at home. then, the telephone rang, i knew the others were busy and i should have answered it myself but i just couldn't.
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they hung up.. i couldn't blame walter for being annoyed with me . i decided to do something about this so i joined a class that the ywca where i could improve my english.
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as time went on, my english improved so much that i was able to wait on customers.
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but, i was still afraid of the telephone. walter understood and always answered for me. and yet, each time the phone rang i felt i had failed him. >> it was after our regular closing time and walter was anxious for us to get home. we had both been working very hard
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ever since the opening of the store. the next day was a sunday, and we were going to go on a picnic . we thought a day in the country would do us both good. business at the store have been slow at first but now, we can look around with pride at what we had done. we worked together in our future seemed good.
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it was fun being alone with walter, just like our first date in japan.
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walter needed a dock and somehow i had to get one -- needed a doctor and somehow i had to get one. >> rick: i had no choice now, at that moment, the telephone became my friend, instead of my enemy.
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when walter was better, we decided to have a party.
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i now never wondered whether i was like i knew i was. i had a second mother there was something in my mind
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that night, something i needed to tell walter about. i told him i was going to have a baby. but that was just the beginning. we have two of them now, two little girls. i wish my mother could see them
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