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tv   Tour of Santa Monica  CSPAN  January 6, 2019 10:46pm-10:56pm EST

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hindsight, and say what do americans understand at the time, how do they understand their roles and responsibilities as american citizens to fight against nazism as it's happening? >> this was part two of a two-part american artifacts. you can view part one and all other american history tv programs online at >> this weekend, american history tv is joining our spectrum cable partners to showcase the history of santa monica, california. to learn more about the cities on our current tour, visit we continue now with our look at the history of santa monica. kim: i think to live here in santa monica, you enjoy incredible weather. we have over 300 days of sunshine per year.
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there is an abundance of healthy oftaurants, the number fitness studios large and small is impressive. it's very easy to live that california, healthy lifestyle. >> while in santa monica, we took a driving tour of the city monica travel and tourism chief officer kim sidoriak. >> what are we going to see today? some historic spots, where the locals like to go. and we are going to see a couple places with the sunset. we are at the end of route 66. drive-in. this is the site of an historic diner called the penguin. you can see they still have the penguin. route 66 is obviously a road from chicago to los angeles.
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the road opened in 1936. -- 1926. originally it ended in downtime -- downtown los angeles, but lawmakers extended the road to santa monica, and the end is here at olympic boulevard and lincoln boulevard. there is a little bit of debate and urban legend surrounding the end of route 66. this is the actual and. we get a lot of route 66 enthusiasts, historians, people s who comercycle tour in to santa monica and do the whole of route 66 and they love to celebrate the end of the jury at the santa monica. .- santa monica pier 2009, santa monica was named the spiritual end of
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route 66. so we are on ocean avenue -- we are coming up on santa monica pier, which is one of the most iconic destinations in the country. one of the most instagrammed spots in the country. it has a rich history. today it houses everything from an amusement park called pacific park, which you can see has a roller coaster, carnival games, the ferris wheel of has been seen in many movies and tv shows. definitely a beloved mestination, historic ge full of surprises. , >> how many people visit per year? kind of give us a perspective on the tourism industry in santa monica. kim: it's one of the biggest contributors to santa monica economy. santa monica, being its own city is very well-funded cause of a diverse economy. about $500 million was contributed to the general fund
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in 2018. that revenue goes into the city, and it is utilized for parks, police and fire departments, street improvements, libraries, schools. that quality of life is paid for by tourism in santa monica. we are entering downtown and monica, which is the most lively, bustling area. a lot of people work in downtown santa monica. there's also the access to the third straight promenade which is a pedestrian-only thoroughfare which is essentially santa monica's living room. you see street performers, movie theaters, restaurants with outdoor patios. here we are on main street. this is one of the places where you will see a lot of local santa monicans.
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it is a couple of blocks off the beach, and east of here there are number of homes, apartment buildings, condos. awesomeeet is an street. lots of individually owned art galleries, bars, shops. during the daytime, in the morning you will see locals who , have just gone for a workout and they are coming to get their juice, or coming out of a yoga class. it's a very, very health thatious community converges here on main street. upon the right, we have the california heritage is him and the victorian. .e have two historic homes they were built in other locations, and moved here in the i do not know how they did that. 1970's. this is a museum with exhibits about california's history. they've had exhibits about
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tattoos, surfing, california tile the influence of native , american history. on our right, there's the fairmont hotel. this is an interesting sites. the grounds are home to the cofounder of santa monica. senator john p. jones built his mansion here in the 1800s. one of the most significant features of the fairmont, it's itsoming symbol, is figtree. they planted the tree many years ago and it is still here welcoming visitors. >> so, where are we right now? what are we seeing? kim: this is one of the many residential areas and santa monica. 80% of santa monica residence are renters. you see lots of apartment buildings, condos. santa monica homes, single-family homes are hard to
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come by. it's a pretty special quality of life here. home prices are in the millions. if not multimillions. >> what industries are most people in? kim: most people in santa monica work in some form of the creative industries. whether it is film, advertising, arts. and then, santa monica is becoming more known as silicon beach. forly becoming a hotbed technology companies, startups, incubators, venture capitalists. again, that speaks to the quality of life. the tech companies know that if they have an office here, they will be able to attract top talent. >> do you often get put in the same basket as l.a.? kim: yes, i think that's really
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our charge at santa monica travel and tourism, is to establish awareness of santa monica in its own right. often times, when we are educating potential visitors in the travel industry about santa monica, we describe it as l.a.'s beach city. we urge people to base themselves in santa monica if they want to come to southern california, los angeles. if you base your hotel here in santa monica, the experience will be -- we will deliver. it is a place where you can stay in hotel and walk out and watch the sunset. encouragens, we visitors to go to beverly hills and disneyland, but basing yourself here makes for a really exceptional day. >> kim, thank you for taking us around town. kim: my pleasure. >> our cities tour staff recently traveled to santa monica, california to learn more about its rich history. learn more about santa monica
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and other stops on our tour at you're watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. tv,ext on american history charlotte waste and talks about influential western women, including annie oakley, abigail scott dunaway, and jeanette rankin. story."o-author of "her the center for colorado's women's history hosted the event. it is about an hour. we could not be more happy that you are here to join us, and we are happy there is a center for colorado women's history. i am the education coordinator here.


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