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tv   Arizona State of the State  CSPAN  January 26, 2019 2:00am-2:46am EST

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we build a plan, that could make a real effort, the safe arizona schools plan. more police officers on campus, more school counselors, improved background checks.
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a stop order that protects second amendment rights, while keeping guns out of the hands of people, that are a lethal threat. these are solutions that will make our schools safer, and it is time for us to get it done. >> i will be including elements to this plan in my budget, you will see it is friday. with a greater investment that i proposed last year. we know when a police officer is around, that it makes things safer. who do we call whenever there is trouble? our brave men and women in blue. and, that is why we are including enough dollars, to put one police officer on every campus that needs one. >> [ applause ] and, i will be
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working with legislative leaders to pass the rest. the plan is a recent and balanced approach, which is why thought leaders like david french of the national review and hugh hewitt, endorsed it. why the arizona pta supports it, and why we modeled elements of that, from gabby giffords plan. this is simply, too important of an issue to let partisan politics and special interest, get in the way. we have got a responsibility to do something, for our kids. and, we have got to do it this session. >> [ applause ] >> whether it is water, or, school safety. these are things that matter. we know that. we have been here before.
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we did it on prop one, two, three. who thought that lawsuit would ever get settled? we did it with a 20 year extension of 301. nobody believed it would happen. university bonding, the obituaries were written, but, we got it done. opioids, a unanimous vote, of the entire legislature. and, it was just eight months ago, that we delivered a 20% pay raise, for hard-working teachers.>> [ applause ] -- >> when we unveil that proposal, many said that it was not possible. and, there is no doubt that
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forces were standing in the way. but because of teachers, lots of them, and principles, and, superintendents, ptas, parent, education champions and business leaders, with the leadership of jd mass nard add president yarborough, with bipartisanship support, leaders like david bradley, sean bowie, andrea del sandro and, steve farley. we got the pay raise past and into teachers paychecks. >> [ applause ] >> half of this commitment was added last fall. with some school leaders, going even further. payson, yuma, miranda, the washington elementary school district, right up the street, and many others. and, for anyone out there,
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considering using these resources, somewhere else, i have only one message. do not even think about it. >> [ applause ] >> these are raises that the teachers earned and they are raises we are going to fulfill, and, protect. and, more is needed on k-12 education. a focus on results, resources, and, reform. arizona has been the leader in school choice, it is good for parents, and most of all, it is good for kids. healthy choice and competition, bring about innovation, and, that has been the case in arizona public education. but, we also know improvements can be made. more transparency, more
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accountability, and, granting more financial review and oversight, over taxpayer dollars. all with the purpose of making sure that every public school is improving, and, providing arizona kids with the best possible education. >> [ applause ] the same goes for addressing the teachers shortage. in my past life, i used to tell my team at cold stone creamery, if you find a good idea, grab it. so as we build cold stone, we borrowed ideas, from others. mcdonald's, subway, starbucks, and, i confess, i have kept the habit going. four years ago, i heard what sounded like a really good idea,
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to address the teachers shortage. if someone graduates from an arizona university, and is willing to stay in arizona, and to teach in a public school, why not allow them to graduate debt free by providing a scholarship, so that we turned it into a reality. and, launch the arizona teachers academy. >> [ applause ] >> already, 221 students have started moving through the program. this year, we plan to significantly expand that. more dollars, more support, we are going to create a pipeline of talent, and, the next generation of arizona teachers. >> [ applause ]
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>> and, today, as a guest of angela and i we have the person that came up with the idea. and incredible career of public service. continuing the service as the newest member of the arizona board of regents, and his wife jennifer is with him today, arizona thank you, brad devol. >> [ applause ] >> education and the economy, going hand and hand, -- hand in hand, many of us remember a class when we were in high school, called shop. where a lot of good people discovered a passion that they turned into a purpose, and a pretty good paycheck.
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our education leaders are creating the shop classes of the 21st century. it is called career and technical education. cte. >> [ applause ] >> today students in these programs are training to become nurses, pilots, pharmacists, bankers, firefighters, and software developers. all before graduation. in fact, 99 percent of cte students, graduate high school. 99 percent. a much higher rate than the national average. performing better in mathematics and reading, and, their technical skills, rival professionals in the same trade. take a look at some of
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these programs. aviation, at pima community college, advanced manufacturing at maricopa community colleges, diesel mechanics, at the western maricopa education center. and, culinary arts at the east valley institute of technology. >> [ applause ] >> today we have more jobs available in the state of arizona, then we have people to fill them. whatever and wherever the skilled trade is needed, arizona is prepared, to meet the demand. >> [ applause ] >> i want to recognize the age education leaders that are paving the way.
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lee lambert, maria harper marinette, greg donovan, doug pruitt, and, sally downey. >> [ applause ] >> these are programs that we plan to build, expand, and, align with the jobs of tomorrow, and my budget will do just that. if people want to work, let's let them work. 100,000 people, will move here this year. there is one job available, for every single one of them. lots of them are trained and certified, in other states. standing in the way of earning a living in arizona? our own licensing boards, and, cronies that tell them that you
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cannot work here. you have not paid the piper. let's stop this foolishness. pass warren peterson's bill to grant universal recognition, for all occupational licenses and, let them work. >> [ applause ] >> before those unelected boards feign outrage, let's remember, workers do not lose their skills simply because they moved to arizona. and in the name of good government, let's have the bullies, on these boards, answer three questions. what do you exist to do?
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how do you know if you're doing it well, and, who would miss you if you are gone? >> [ applause ] >> last fall i visited our state president in buckeye, arizona. there, joined by arizona cardinals defensive back, and defensive lineman corey peters, along with cardinals president michael bidwell. we saw the possibilities of opportunity for all, firsthand. at a job fair, soon to be released, men and women, excited to participate in a program, that equips them with the skills necessary to successfully reenter society. they lined up at employers like jackson's carwash, and, hickman's family farms, some
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left with multiple job offers, and, this is a program that we need to secure, well into the 21st century, to protect the public safety and reduce arizona's prison population. >> [ applause ] >> arizona's economy is booming, there is no doubt about that. we have already added nearly 300,000 jobs in the past four years. >> [ applause ] >> and i want to say our relationship with mexico is stronger than ever.>> [ applause ] with an updated north american free-trade deal, known as the u.s. mca.
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meaning even more trade coming through our ports, and, more jobs for arizonans.. >> [ applause ] >> i have become fond of saying that the last time unemployment was this low you are renting your movie that blockbuster. but, the benchmark is moving. by the end of this year, unemployment is forecasted to plummet, to levels we have not seen since before you knew what a hashtag was. some said, that the teacher pay raise was unsustainable, and based on rosy projections. turns out that those projections were not rosy, they were response to a growing economy. that has led to a record balance in our general fund. >> [ applause ] when i stood
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here four years ago, we faced a $1 billion deficit, it is not by accident that today, we have got a $1 billion surplus.>> [ applause ] >> breaking news -- somebody called the daily show and we even owned this building again. >> [ applause ] arizona weathering the storm, making tough decisions, holding the line on raising taxes, and, will continue to hold the line on raising taxes. >> [ applause ]
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>> it is the arizona way, it is a winning game plan. and, i have no intention of changing course.>> [ applause ] >> government did not rebuild arizona people rebuilt their businesses, they hired and invested, workers and families rolling up their sleeves, so for their sake, let's make sure we are on strong footing today, and, into the future. with revenue soaring, some have suggested to loosen up. let the good times roll. ladies and gentlemen, we have seen that movie before. and, we know who how that ends.
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it was not that long ago that the state wrapped up a massive gap, went on a spending binge, with no long-term plan of how to pay for any of that. and, when the economy tanked, every one of those false promises evaporated. it was painful. for real people. let's learn from the mistakes of the past. to the big spenders? on november 6, the people spoke. they want their teachers paid, and, their budgets balanced. >> [ applause ] >> so, the balanced budget, i will present to you on friday, fully funding the priorities that we know are important. public safety, child safety,
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education, above and beyond inflation, there are some targeted investments, in critical areas, but frankly, for a surplus year, this budget is pretty light reading. i am proposing that we secure arizona's future, and, prepare responsibly, for the unexpected and, the inevitable. by bringing our rainy day fund to a record-breaking balance, of $1 billion. >> [ applause ] >> if ever, there were a way to protect public education, to protect the pay raises that our teachers have earned and that they deserve. to prevent budget gimmicks,
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band-aids, and massive cuts down the line, to avoid tax increase, budget standoffs and government shutdown. it is through this thoughtful, prudent, and, fiscally conservative approach. >> [ applause ] >> four years ago as a new governor i inherited 35,000 hard-working state employees. 40 billion in combined spending, over 200 boards and commissions, and, 43+ state agencies. we got to work restructuring the government that should operate at the speed of business. we have made a lot of progress, we have got less bureaucracy, more efficiencies, and, still, more can be done. remember, when andy tobin,
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worked his way out of the job? well, buckle your seatbelts, because there is going to be a lot more of that, as we look to save taxpayer dollars and, streamline state government. >> [ applause ] >> and, our dedicated state employees will continue to play a critical role, in shaping that direction. relying on expertise, and, their know-how as we better apply technology, and customer service technique to further consolidate our government. this is another nonpartisan issue. it is not republican versus democrat, in our nations capital, both parties are equally guilty, for bloated government, spending sprees,
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and, unmanageable that. if anything, it is an arizona versus washington dc issue. the federal government is broke. broken, and, broken down. >> [ applause ] >> and it has been for decades. washington could learn a lot, from us. when the federal government failed to secure the border, we created the border strike force, combating crime, without interrupting trade. we know the value of time, so, we reduced late time at the mvd, the department of child safety has become a national model, and, dances -- the envy of other states. and, yes, when congress failed
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to do their job, we capture the gates of the grand canyon opening.>> [ applause ] >> i spent a lot of time these past four years making a lot of friends. visiting every county and dozens of schools, state agencies, large and small, it has been fun and delicious. the chocolate chip cookies at beyond bread in tucson, the especially out at the casino in yuma. and, you have to try the pies at the moose in payson. let's just say you do not need to guess my new year's resolution. we have great people in the state. some have been here for
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generations, others just got here yesterday. and then, there are those that we said goodbye to last year. for the final time, their memory, and their legacies, will live on. congressman, ed pastore, superintendent, of public construction carolyn warner, treasurer, jerrell springer. chief justice mike jones, senator john mccain. others had names, that we were not familiar with. their lives were cut short in the line of duty. their service will be honored, and remembered, all the same.
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staff sergeant maximo florez. chief warrant officer taylor delving. staff sergeant alexander conrad. first sergeant, nicholas m's barry. army specialist robert jones. usw marshall, chase white. no gallus police officer, his use cordova. salt river police officer, clayton -- trooper tyler ed no offer -- ednoffer. their sacrifices remind us of the sacrifices made every day by
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heroes in uniform. law enforcement, first responders, corrections officers, our national guard, and, military personnel. we salute you. we are proud of you, and, we thank you. >> [ applause ] >> we knew that to truly secure arizona's future, we cannot do it without you. and, we pledge to continue to support and invest in you, and,
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your families. ladies and gentlemen of the legislature, we have got our work cut out for us. and, with the leadership here, and, the passion and the purpose that you and i bring to the issues that face us, i have high hopes and great enthusiasm, that this will be our most productive session yet.>> [ applause ] >> let's put party labels aside, let's put arizona first. let's do the things that matter. let's get to work. thank you, and, god bless. >> [ applause ]
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>> the members of the joint committee will please escort the governor from the house chamber. >> [ applause ] >> cspan washington journal, policy issues that impact you,
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coming up saturday morning, the president of public affairs, clifford young, and, the recent pulling on the government shutdown. and world magazine reported long discusses recreational marijuana in the u.s. and, the senior writer tom jones on the top media stories of the week. including the video covington catholic school students and, stories about the mueller investigation. be sure to watch c-span washington journal live at 7:00 p.m. eastern saturday morning. during the discussion. -- join the discussion. the richard dean story does not end there. last november, he was forced out of his office with the government shutdown. and, the second time the government shutdown? he continued helping social security recipients, but he was working without pay. on behalf of richard dean and his family, and all of the
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other people that are out there, working every day, doing a good job for the american people i challenge all of you in this chamber, let us never ever shut the federal government down again. >> this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures of history. how the state of the union has changed since the time of george washington,>> he scored politically. right? and so, we start to see that the address, the lore of politics, it is too great for many presidents. this is wilson's small constitutional presidency. it is designed for party leadership, and so, presidents do not avoid the opportunity,
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to use the address, to try to score political points, we are very far away from that formal kind of address, that george washington would have given or, many of his successors. >> this weekend on american history tv on cspan 3. >> mississippi governor phil bryant giving his last state address last week. preventing republicans from running in november. in his remarks governor bryant touting gains and education and unemployment during his eight years in office. this is 40 minutes. >> thank you mister lieutenant governor. as always i appreciate your introduction. more importantly i am thankful for your support and friendship over these last seven years.>>


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