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tv   James Carville and Sean Hannity Conversation at Politicon  CSPAN  October 31, 2019 8:49pm-9:40pm EDT

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>> hello, how we doing out there? how are you liking politicon so far? let me tell you something, if you are not already having a good time, this is going to be a lot of an. i have a great honor of moderating this conversation. i'm the founder and president of a nonpartisan group working with the next generation of elected officials to bridge the political divisions in our country, make our democracy stronger. i would like to introduce tonight's panelists. first, political strategist james carville. give him a round of applause.
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(applause) and the host of "hannity" on fox news, sean hannity. (applause) >> there you go. >> whatever. >> how you all doing? you having fun? let's hear it trump 2020, right? let's keep america great, all right. >> this, honestly, guys, this is my favorite part of politicon. we get two opposing viewpoints, you might have some
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areas of common ground, you never know. let's start with a very unifying topic of impeachment, right? let's start there. let me frame it this way. maybe it has not been framed this way exactly so far. i was recently reading george washington's farewell address, and he's talking about in these moments of extreme division and partisanship, the country becomes susceptible to foreign corruption and influence, and the recent ukraine story seems to be the thing that really set off speaker pelosi to start this impeachment inquiry. let me start with you, sean. let me get your take on the ukraine story. do you think the president was wrong or right to solicit their help? and your take on their decision to pursue impeachment. >> i don't even agree with the premise of your question. i have here the statement you know, do me a favor we spent three years in this country, right, talking about russia, trump, collusion, collusion, collusion. what we do know, politico, january 11, 2017, they wrote an article about how ukraine colluded on behalf of
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hillary clinton in the 2016 elections. the president says can you get to the bottom of this because we cannot have foreign interference in our elections, if it be you know, the only russian interference was hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty dossier full of lies in 2016. >> i'm actually of two minds. james carville, he is a wonderful human being. i love mary as well. they've got great kids. if the democrats do this, i predict it will be the greatest campaign contribution to donald j. trump's reelection. it is overreach. the president has a sworn
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constitutional oath to faithfully execute the laws of this land, and ukraine did interfere i'm quoting politico, january 11, 2017. you look at the article and how they had an impact on that last election. for the president to say after the country supposedly cared about election interference, if you can help us find out if any shenanigans went on, that would be good. it would be constitutional and we have a treaty with ukraine on criminal matters. the president should be thanked or what he was asking to have happen. there was no quid pro quo. look, for three years i run on "hannity" all the time impeachment, impeachment. it started two days after this man was elected. we have had four investigations. fbi investigation, house intel investigation, senate investigation, mueller investigation, no collusion. that doesn't work. we will just say it about ukraine. can you name one thing that the democrats have done to make this country safer, more secure, more prosperous? all they've done for the last three years
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is hate on donald trump. i don't think that is a platform to win elections. >> let me go to you, james. you were making the point to me earlier that you were right in the mix of now two impeachments. what do you see as the parallels from the late 1990's and what's one thing we can learn? >> i think this is a historic thing because i was very vocal and very involved in one impeachment and sean is very vocal and very involved in the other. what's going to happen is they are going to impeach him. that's going to happen. as i recall, going back to when lockhart was here earlier, we actually had a strategy. our strategy was portray the prosecutor as tape receipt as a prissy, partisan, pompous
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prosecutor, and, of course, he played right into it. i had more fun slapping ken starr around than most anything i've ever done in my life. the second thing we did is we trivialized the charge. i mean, come on, guys. the third thing we did is we kept the base intact. the only thing i've seen them doing is keeping their base intact. well, their base alone is not going to win. lindsey graham, i'm going to quote him. said the president was defiant. he just kept saying he did nothing wrong, did nothing wrong, over and over. he went on to say, i went against the clinton people, and they were good. i told the president, we got to get better. just being a dog
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howling at the moon at the mainstream media and the clinton's, you control the justice department and the state department, if something is wrong, investigate it. you have the entire power of the united states government behind you. if she was doing whatever, investigate. you have fbi, cia, everything in the world. a politico article from january 2017? go do it. if she was breaking the law of course, we heard ad nauseam, ad infinitum about the stupid emails, but i'm just saying as someone who has seen this before, let me tell you, trouble is coming. they will not lose three democrats on impeachment vote. if you look at the way these
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senators are acting sean, you have a big role to play here. you've got to bring some strategy to this. you cannot put mick mulvaney on tv. god's sake, nobody likes him. that's not good. could you imagine in the middle of all this, david kendall is gallivanting around with two goons? y'all got to get a team in place. see all these pro-trump people here? they want you to fight back. they want you to get organized. they want you to take it to them, not fooling around with broad guarantee and all that stuff. these guys are ready to fight. you got to give them some leadership. >> do you agree with that premise? do you think the house will impeach trump? >> i think there's a strong likelihood they impeach, the senate will not convict, and donald trump will be reelected.
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>> i will tell you the other thing i actually had to write it down. i give credit james carville went to war for bill clinton and they were very effective at fighting back, but i will tell you this newt gingrich allowed the vote on the house of representatives for a real inquiry. newt gingrich also let the full house vote on the scope and the rules and the procedures. newt gingrich gave both the ranking member and the chair coequal subpoena power, also subpoena power as it relates to the minority. we also know that they let the president's council have the right to attend every deposition and every hearing. they are not doing that now. they also gave the president's counsel the right to present evidence. they also gave the president's council the right to object to the admittance of some evidence. they also gave the president's counsel the right
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to cross-examine and also recommend some witnesses. if this is their process, that they cannot allow hearings for the american people to see, and they think they are going to impeach him behind closed doors, that sounds to me more like the former soviet union or venezuela or cuba. that is not due process. that makes this whole thing illegitimate, unconstitutional, and the american people, if your democrat or republican, you should agree that every american, including donald j. trump, the president of the united states, has the right to due process, and if they want to do this behind closed doors, the american people will see the fundamental unfairness of this, and they will also put together his track record over the last three years. are we better off than we were four years ago? the answer is overwhelmingly overwhelmingly yes.
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>> i will add we have the best employment in this country since 1969. we have for the first time in 75 years we are energy independent in the united states of america. record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment. we have a president that made hello, i'm nice to meet you, what's your liberal name? we have a president that delivered the biggest tax cut in history. we have a president that said he's going to find a way to secure the border. he found the money, he's building the wall. we have a president that said he would have us better trade deals. japan, half of china, european allies, mexico, canada. we have a president that said he was
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going to beat back the caliphate in syria, and he decimated them when he removed the insane rules of engagement of barack hussein obama, and we beat back the caliphate. isis died in syria as a result of his peace through strength policies. here's the thing james carville and i are never going to agree on these issues. the divide is real. it is profound. america will have the clearest choice it has ever had. we will either continue to be this great democratic republic based on an economic system of capitalism, risk and reward, or americans are going to choose a level of socialism and a new green deal, which we will talk about and get rid of oil, gas, combustion engines, cows, and planes .only a
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liberal would want to get rid of cows. really? but here's the thing we are going to have the just choice election, and i think a president that has literally fulfilled almost every campaign promise that he has made and gave us all of these records with the economy and beat back the caliphate i think that record will carry the day, and i believe he will win more states in 2020 than he did in 2016. (applause) >> i will let me respond to that. i just cannot talk for that long. the first thing is this is the weakest president we have ever had in american history. no one cares what he says. bin laden is dead and gm is alive. no one cares what he says. iranians don't care. iraqis don't care. turks don't
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care. the north koreans don't care. the chinese don't care. but for sure the democrats don't care. they are going to impeach him, all right? that is going to happen. you cannot instill any discipline unless you have fear.o one is scared of donald trump except for people that live in hard red states. they cannot get what the 44 senators they could not get 40 for senators to sign something before lindsey graham got them together that mitch mcconnell had to edit down for him. once people don't care what he says, he has got the weakest polling numbers by far of any president in history. he just wreaks weakness. you look back, when they came after us,
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we came back after them. we picked up seats. we had an approval rating in the 70's. this guy, there's no fear. nancy pelosi does whatever she wants. he's just getting clobbered by i guess i cannot say a girl, by a woman. just every day making every democrat so proud, and every day, just disciplined him like an errant child. that's what i think is happening. they will have hearings, don't worry. there will be plenty of hearings. there will be plenty of witnesses, believe me. they have more of these whistleblower people coming online then you can imagine. they got the book coming out by anonymous.
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>> oh, "anonymous." how about you have the courage to put their name on the book. >> can i say you are all supporting a very weak, compliant man? unless you get a lot better, unless you get some talented people, it's going to happen to you. it's going to happen, i promise you. it will happen. >> as good as james carville was, and i mean this, what i love about james and we have debated a lot over the years he is a warrior for his side. he went to war for bill clinton. his team went to war for bill clinton. they had a war room for bill clinton. bill clinton, james, got impeached and the day he got impeached, he had his highest approval rating ever. bill clinton lost his law license. bill clinton paid paula jones $850,000. i will say this bill clinton when
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hillary care failed and he said these words the era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it the person that james carville went to war for but still got impeached he's saying impeachment is so bad that guy would not even be accepted in this extreme, radical, new democratic-socialist party. i've never heard of so many candidates for president that think that we are going to wean ourselves off of the lifeblood of our economy oil and gas in 10 years. if we do that, we will destroy every opportunity in this country. if you come up with alternative energy, i suggest you sell it because you will be a billionaire very quickly. if we get rid of the combustion engine, get rid of airplanes that's a brilliant idea if we get rid of cows, but we are going to give every american free childcare, free
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health care, free government healthy food, free education by the way, how did obamacare work out? free retirement. 90 the price tag, maam, is $94 trillion. all of those promises are unsustainable. they will never be fulfilled. barack obama said, "keep your doctor, keep your plan, and save money. 40% of the country only has one health care option. so many millions of americans lost their doctors and their plan and on average paid 174 percent more in higher premiums. now we are going to have medicare for all at $36 trillion a year. we only take in $4 trillion a year. maybe socialism is appealing everything is free. eventually, you have to pay for
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it. if you think what is happening in new york, new jersey, california this mass exodus stashed by the way, they are coming to nashville and the carolinas and they are going to florida and to texas. if you think that exodus is bad, you give a 70% tax rate to individuals, 90% to corporations, you add a wealth tax on top of it, and then a 40% death tax, i'm going to tell you what everybody and i never got a job from any poor person, and i started out as a dishwasher when i was 12 years old. i never got a job from a poor person, but those rich people didn't get rich by being stupid. they are not only going to leave california, new york, and new jersey. they are going to leave the united states and take their money with them. nobody will stay here. if you leave california and take a u-haul to texas, it's about 25 hundred dollars. if you take
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that same u-haul from texas to california, it's about $300. why? nobody from texas wants to go to california because they have a 13.5 percent state income tax rate. james'support of bill clinton is admirable. bill clinton was far more moderate for the last six years. him and newt gingrich i think did great things for the country together. we balanced the budget and have not done it since. we need to get back to that, but i will tell you, impeachment never hurt the clintons. impeachment helped the clinton and he never had higher ratings. my production is james is probably right. these radical democrats and their secret soviet style impeachment plan it will probably go through. what are they afraid of? let the witnesses talk. by the way, the person that's running the hearings he is compromised. he is corrupt. he is a liar and a
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fact witness in the case. that would be the cowardly schiff. let the american people see this circus for what it is, and if they see this, they will find it repulsive because the democrats are not looking out for safety. they are not looking out for security. they are not helping create jobs and prosperity in this country, and donald trump has broken more economic records than every other president in the last 100 years combined. that is something to run on. >> do you think impeachment will be the defining issue in 2020? >> it's going to be huge. it's going to happen, and it's going to be a huge story. there's no other way around it. i wish hillary was president. i would be here defending her. there's
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nobody left in california except san francisco and silicon valley on beverly hills and newport beach. california is out of rich people. they have all moved. that's why housing in san francisco is so cheap because no one wants to live there. i mean, the whole thing is so it's so, like, ok, fine. california, don't crap on the street. i don't know what to say. you talk about the left, the night before the house will vote on impeachment, they are going to be 250,000 people on the mall. maybe you will put 250,000 people in and we will have a great democracy festival. but this thing is coming. they have more witnesses coming. they want people to come forward. there are people like john bolton is
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going to come forward. john kelly, general kelly said today that the syria thing is, like, the dumbest thing he has ever seen in his life. there's no fear. no one is scared of this president. until people like sean start propping up the senators and bucking them up right now, a senator said mitch mcconnell told him something and mitch mcconnell said i never trump that conversation with him." there's no fear. there's not a single democratic congressman that has any fear whatsoever of this. they are going to do it and he is too weak to stop it, and he may not stop it in the senate. this train is leaving the station and as long as he is sitting
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there, you can pass this on to him, as long as he is sitting there. you get the people and there that could make a case. but right now, you're getting the crap kicked out of you. you have to toughen up a little bit. >> speaking of fear, i'm curious, sean who do you think trump does not want to face and 2020? >> i look at this field of candidates and i'm like i'll take any one of them. he's right, the country will get all jazzed up. if you watch, we've never seen anything like this.
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i aired the other night on "hannity, " the dallas rally of the president. there were 30,000 people outside watching the president's speech inside. now, barack obama got big crowds. nobody in my lifetime has had this phenomenon which is donald trump. there is this disconnect with the washington establishment, the new york establishment, the l.a. san francisco establishment. and there really is contempt for, you know, what did peter strzok say, smelly trump wal-mart shoppers. i confess, i like to shop at wal-mart and i think people that shop at wal-mart are pretty smart because you usually get the same thing for a lot less money. and hillary
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said irredeemable deplorable, and barack obama once said, those angry, bitter americans that cling to their god, their bible, their second amendment rights, and i'm like, okay, i believe in god, jesus christ is our lord and savior, i believe all of that. (applause) and america, what i think james is missing in his analysis here, those people that wait online, and i have seen them, i've been there, they will wait, it's like they tailgate for 24 hours to get into a trump rally. and those people are watching this sneaky behind the scenes closed door every ending three long years impeach, impeach, impeach, and they are sick of it. and all of these democrats are doing is one thing. they are off the american people, and every one of those people here's how i analyzed 2020. are you better off than you were four years
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ago? in every category, yes. also, is donald trump, i love the little i love you liberals in the background, hi, is donald trump going to lose any of the people that voted for him in 2016? i don't think so. right? all right. now, the question is, now that we have the best unemployment, the best employment conditions since 1969, now, look, barack obama literally gave us 13 million more americans on food stamps after eight years. he gave us eight million more americans in poverty. he gave us the lowest labor participation rate since 1970s.he gave us the worst recovery in forty years. donald trump in 2 1/2 years has created seven million new jobs. donald trump in 2 1/2 years has gotten seven million americans off of food stamps. and
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millions more out of poverty. if i'm right we're better off than we were four years and if i'm right that donald trump supporters in 2016 are not going anywhere, i've got to wonder, those people that are off of food stamps, out of poverty, and the seven million new jobs, and the record low unemployment for hispanic americans, asian americans, african-americans, and women in the workplace, does he have a shot? because their lives are better at getting them to vote for him? my answer is absolutely, moody's analytics had him at 351 electoral votes. that's where he's headed. he'll be re-elected, in my opinion. (applause)
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>> i don't know where to start. obama had 80,000 at his acceptance speech in bronco stadium. his clout at his inauguration was twice as big as trump's. this is all whatever you want. fantasizing. you've got trump got 46.1 in 2016. the president got 44.8 in 2018. it's not like we've not had an intervening election here. it's not like he was the highest turnout since the right to vote, the biggest popular vote majority in the history of the congressional elections. so please, this is going to happen. he's going to be impeached. and republican senators that are up for re-election are scared of this vote. they don't need talking points. they need talent. they need a strategy. they need somebody to come together and pull together and fight back because they are coming. and the people that are coming are from all over the place. and
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former people that have been within the government. and, you know, this is just going to happen. and what i believe, i mean, i have some insight as to what they are doing and what they are going to do, not total, but they better be prepared because there is so much more coming down the pike, and, and my counsel would be you've got to have effective people. you need good lawyers, good spokespeople and you need a clearly defined strategy. that is, we had ken starr. the problem with the whistleblower is no one knows who he is and he's not a face. you can put ken starr's face up there with his pushy lips an you can see what you're looking at. you can say, they can, this is a trivializing thing. people are way more concerned about what might have happened in the ukraine than anything that bill
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clinton did, with monica lewinsky. i'm just telling you, just look and see, and, you know, you've got to get more than your base here. you're scratching the bottom and i just am thinking, we've got a lot of trump people here, i don't think strategically they are serving your interest very well. >> so we'll have a chance. >> can i just add one thing to add. listen. james is really good at what he does. he's a formidable strategist and a battler and i admire him for it. you've got to remember, donald trump, keep underestimating him. he kicked the out of the bush dynasty and he kicked the out of hillary clinton, and no one saw that coming, and james is saying, well, republicans are nervous, how do you think the 40 house democrats in trump won districts are feeling if nancy
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pelosi and the corrupt compromised fact witness in the case running soviet union's style impeachment hearings, how do you think those 40 democrats are feeling? >> i know. i know. they are going to vote to impeach him. i know these guys a lot of them are friends of mine. i'm just telling you. >> james, what crime do you want to impeach him on? >> for leveraging his influence for personal political gain which, if you read the federalist papers, or you read anything else is about the most serious thing that you can do, plus they are. >> what's the crime? i didn't hear it. >> what they are going to impeach him on is self dealing while conducting the business of the united states. you may say it's not he will be impeached.
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>> for what? what is the crime? tell us, tell the crowd. >> the crime is that you used u.s. influence to dig up something, from a foreign government on your opponent. if you don't think it's a crime, go on your tv and say it's not a crime. >> i have the transcript. there is no quid pro quo. a president has a duty to faithfully execute the laws. ukraine interfered in our elections. >> he is going to be impeached. >> for what? >> i'm not going to sit here and go back and forth. i'm just telling you what it is. if you want to defend that, that's fine. the evidence is coming it's going to be totally overwhelming. but you can sit here, my point is simply this. i'm making a point. you can scream, you can yell, this is
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going to happen. and you are just going to be out there screaming at the moon the moon pays as much attention to the dog barking at it as the democrats pay to trump. it has no fear. >> i want to jump in here. >> i'll tell you what a crime is and this is where i love democrats. >> quick response and then we'll go to questions. >> this is what i love about democrats. remember, we had all the i believers, right? kavanaugh, kavanaugh, kavanaugh. now we have credible allegations against the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia about rape and violent sexual assault. not one i believer. they cared about russian interference. they didn't give a about hillary clinton's bought and paid for russian dossier full of lies. that was
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used in the 2016 election. they don care that hillary clinton, if any of you ever have anything subpoenaed, i'm going to give you advice, acid wash your hard drive with bleach pit, then bust up your devices with hammers and remove the sim cards. good luck to you. because unless your name is clinton you're going to jail. and then you've got the dirty russian dossier that was never verified, unverifiable, because the guy that put it together, christopher steele, under oath, said i don't know if it's true. we also have the outsourcing of illegal spying to our allies to circumvent american law. here's what i'm going to say to you. i have down here the transcript. donald trump's phone call with the president of the ukraine.
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the only corruption i see in ukraine is a former vice president, now vice presidential candidate by the name of joe biden, bragging how he used a billion taxpayer dollars and said, you're not getting the money unless you fire this why would a vice president want a ukrainian prosecutor fired? in six hours, son of a, they fired him. why did he fire him? do you have any experience with ukraine, any experience with oil, no, gas, no, why do you think he gave you millions of dollars? i don't know. do you think maybe it had something to do with buying the favor of your father, the vice president, the second most powerful man in the country at the time, in charge of the ukraine? why would china, hunter biden, no experience with china, none, zero, zip, no experience in private equity,
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he flies on air force 2 with daddy, by the way, he's not a kid, he's 49 years old, 10 days later, he gets a billion dollar deal with the bank of china. i didn't take a penny. but his lawyer pointed out, he has a pretty big equity share, daily caller estimates, a minimum of $20 million. why would somebody with no experience, none of you in this room would ever get paid millions of dollars if your name isn't biden, with no experience. that, james, that would be a crime, because that's called buying influence. >> let me make one clear point. i see the trump people out there. you control this entire apparatus of the united states government. you control the justice department. you control the state department. you control everything. if there was a crime, for god's sake indict somebody. don't talk about it on television. if
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you're down to talking about the lieutenant governor of virginia >> wait, james, accused of rape and violent sexual assault of a woman. >> again, where is for god's sake that's not the argument. the argument is all of these laws are being broken, you're in control. do something about it. you don't go and tell it. again, this isn't a dog barking at the moon. if you're the justice department you have power. you have real power. the republican controls the senate. they can subpoena anybody that they want. and they don't. why are they letting you down? because they just want talking points? on fox? or do they really think this is happening, because if it's happening for god's sake do something about it. you have power like you
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would not believe and you're letting these people sit out there and not getting the defense worthy of the passion they feel. that's the problem you have. >> i want to know where the whistleblower i have a question for james, james carville. when hillary clinton had her emails subpoenaed and she deleted 33,000 of them, and then they clean the hard drive with something none of us i had never heard of bleach but did any of y'all hear of bleach pit they clean the hard drive, they bust up the blackberries and iphones with hammers and remove the sim cards. james, are you going to tell this wonderful audience in beautiful nashville, tennessee that hillary clinton did not commit a crime there?
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>> again, statute of limitations has not run. get the state department after her, two or three-year investigations there is nothing to it but for god's sake, do something. if you >> lock her up. do something. >> if there was a criminal out there, do nothing. i wouldn't talk about it. you have power. >> i think that points we have a chance for probably one or two questions. sorry, only one or two. we have one gentleman here who has been close to the front. we'll give you a chance to ask a question an it needs to be relatively short and end in a question mark. try one more time. we're not able, just shout it out and i'll repeat it.
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>> you promised would you get water-boarding for the troops and never d. are you going to get water-boarding for the troops and their families and donate that money to charity? >> so the question is related to the troops and water-boarding. i love your little talking point. if you will listen, including nashville, i partnered with more country music stars, we did more concerts, we raised millions and millions of dollars for scholarship funds for the troops, and i'm proudly donated, i like to keep my donations private. the answer to the question is, you can take your keith olbermann talking point and run away. i tell you, i don't believe water-boarding is torture, and i'll tell you one other thing. there were three people that had enhanced interrogations. one of them was khalid muhammad. the only reason we ever got osama bin laden is because khalid muhammad was
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water boarded and guess what, he gave us the name of the courier and the courier brought us to osama bin laden and we were able to take out the guy responsible for 9/11. i'll continue to raise money in a multitude of ways for the troops. >> all right. we have time for one more. >> is time up already? >> yeah. it's gone fast. >> my question is to mr. hannity. the movie producer michael moore stated a while ago that only a politician could possibly beat president trump. what do you think a ticket of dwyane johnson and tom hanks would do to the democratic party? >> i'm going to go back to my
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four points. are we better off than we were four years ago? overwhelmingly yes. is donald trump losing any of the people that went out and voted for him in 2016? i don't think he's losing any. third. with his economic employment record and beating back the caliphate in syria, isis, i believe there will be many more people that will vote for him this time around than last time. all of this noise that you're hearing and other secret people and anonymous books and anonymous whistleblowers and whistleblowers that are hearsay whistleblowers, nonwhistleblowers-whistleblow ers, apparently colluded with adam schiff's team, it's meaningless. all that is, is noise. what's going to matter is are we safer, are we more secure, did he keep his word? is america better off? i can't think of one politician in my lifetime that's kept his promises more than donald j.
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trump. that's why i believe he gets re-elected. >> let me ask one final question. this is the impeachment stuff out of 2020. both of you have been some of the most prominent voices in american politics over the last few decades. and one of the things that's happened during that time period is that our politics have become more polarized, our media has become more polarized, even tribal, i would say, so james, i'll just give you this question. from both the campaign standpoint as well as from a media standpoint, where do you see this polarization going? is it sustainable for the country? what do you think we need to do about it? >> i don't know if there is very much that you can do about it. but i do know in 2018 we had a lot of swing voters an most of them were from the suburbs. a lot of women. a lot of college educated women. you know, eight point plus congressional majority tells me that there is a potentially emerging majority in the united states. only one political party has ever won the popular
9:35 pm
vote in six out of the last seven elections, since the foundation of political parties. that's the modern democrats. so does the democratic party have problems? but you know, when you've got, when you've got something this week, this tepid, you've got to go in and eradicate it, political, i'm talking about politically you've got to go in and take a chance and do something about it. and i think they are going to do that and they are going to put maximum pressure where on these senate republicans, i think mitch mcconnell is scared to death. i think they are all scared to death and they are scared to death for good reason. because there is so much more coming. so pay attention. we'll see where it goes. >> james is right. there is a lot coming. we've got the horowitz report on fisa abuse
9:36 pm
coming. my sources tell me it will shock the conscience and soul of the nation, and when the durham report comes out that will similarly shock the conscience and soul of the nation about abuse of power and corruption. look, your question is an important one. at the end of the day, we're all americans. we love our country. i don't question any democrats'motives. i don't. i think they are corrupt. i think what they are doing is corrupt. i think their policies insane. it's like we're a country that has irreconcilable differences. either you believe in socialism or freedom. capitalism or socialism. either you believe in energy independence or energy dependence. either you believe in limited government or you think, you buy into the
9:37 pm
lie that everything will be free. i don't know how you reconcile it. my advice to republicans who, by the way, i think are often weak, timid, spineless, visionless, and they can learn a thing or two from donald trump, in my view, i'm a registered conservative, but at the end of the day, you have to defeat bad ideas. modern, extreme, radical socialism is bad and will destroy this i say this, you've got to be good football teams. tigers! >> thank you, really appreciate you guys.
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>> hello, politicon, how are we doing? (applause) it is great to be back at politicon in nashville, tennessee, how many folks here


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