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tv   Wyoming Womens Suffrage  CSPAN  November 2, 2019 8:50am-9:01am EDT

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he was immediately blindfolded and bound. the americans [indiscernible] explore our nations passed on american history tv, every weekend, on c-span3. announcer: the c-span cities tour is exploring the american story. join us the first and third weekends of each month as we take book tv and american history tv on the road and to watch videos from all of the cities we visited -- road. to go to all of the -- to watch all of the videos from the cities we visited, go to we now take you to the laramie plains museum which beatles -- features a special exhibit on wyoming women's suffrage. >> we are in the women's hallway of the laramie plains museum and islands and mansion. we begin to tell you the story of why wyoming was so unique,
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granting women this right to vote, hold property, and elected office. 1869, our wyoming territorial legislature dictated this, and it was signed by governor campbell, granting women this act. so remarkable that we have a copy of this. they have it at the capitol, but we have this copy that is so extraordinary. you can see the writing that said what was happening in the west. decemberf this act, 10th, 1869, giving women full rights alongside men, we had the first woman voter in the world, we had the first woman bailiff, martha boys adkinson, the first woman on a jury, and we had all of wyoming's women able to be in the legislature. hobart morris who
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was the first woman justice of the peace. we had the first woman governor in the world. all of these were the cattle keep fallout -- cattle cave oflout from the dissent 1869. we have a few more mentions of our women who were important, and here we have a great thing where her friends were so worried. she is in the west caught in the suffrage act, and she writes about it. she says some of my friends are eastern girls, so judge women's suffrage by the english suffrage reports and think any woman who votes must be stressful while a woman who holds office must be a portly beyond hope. i told them about a friend of mine who had recently be in -- been elected to county office and assured them she was nice, modest, and womanly as many of them and probably much shyer.
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they assured me you could not possibly stay so. you would undoubtedly become bold and mannish in a short time. when we leave this hallway, we are going to go out into the foyer and into the salon, which has been set up as a defensive suffrage. me. with we are going to go into the drawing room or withdrawing room in the victorian age where they withdrew for special events. ofare showcasing a defense the suffrage act. we have the exhibit set up in the eye vincennes withdrawing room. here are the eye vincennes, jane and edward, and their adopted daughter maggie. iversen's, jane and edward, and their adopted daughter maggie. they arrived on the first train in 1868 when there was nothing here. they made their fortune and built this house 24 years later.
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we have salvaged this house, and then here, we tell history like this ever jacked -- suffrage act. we have december 10, 18 69, the wyoming territorial legislature passing this law -- 1869, the wyoming territorial legislator passing this law. we had just become wyoming territory from dakota territory. we were here, and one of the reasons the legislature did it is they may needed to attract women's of the west. this was cowboys, railroad workers hammering out a railroad. we had the central pacific and from california, the union pacific, and it was. . fast and furious we had crazy living can -- was fast and furious. we had crazy living conditions. the legislature wanted to attract those women to become and be part of this adventure so they gave them full rights.
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rights, fulloting holding property rights, full political office rights. there's no other state that can claim that. no other territory that can claim that. north dakota and utah like to believe they had the first woman voter, and and they may have, but they voted in restricted elections. wyoming women never had to do that. they were on the same terms with men, which is extraordinary. have maybe elizabeth cady stanton coming to the salon to listen about the defensive suffrage, because what happens, it was passed in 1869. in 1871, wyoming was getting so legislaturehat the was saying maybe we should resend this act. is ann downey, and this exhibit of stephen, thinking
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about this possibly in this salon -- speaking about this possibly in this salon, speaking about these act -- this act. they were given such grief of an act giving women the same rights as men. the wyoming public about how important this was that we keep this, that we retain this. it was retained in 1871 by one vote in the legislature. fast-forward 17 years. wyoming territory is wanting to become a state. washington, d.c. says no one else in the world or in the united states is giving women these kinds of rights. you need to resend that act and then we will let you become a state. and we said don't care will not become a state unless we can hold all of these rights our women have had. when you talk about that wyoming
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had the first woman voter in the world in 1869, the first them in on a jury in 1870, first women bailiff -- woman bailiff, first women justice of the peace. all of those could happen because wyoming had given that right to women. it is remarkable. it is a fact no one ever knows about. how great is it we can tell this story? this is now 150th anniversary of that gift to women and men by the men of wyoming territory. announcer: our cities tour staff recently traveled to laramie, wyoming to learn about its rich history. watch more video from laramie and other stops on the tour, visit you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend, on c-span3.
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book tv has coverage of the recent boston book festival getting today at 2:00 p.m. eastern, with author discussions on violence. >> it is common to say, in the area of gun violence, that we need more research, and the thatption implicit in statement is that we don't know what works to reduce gun violence. that's not true in relation to urban gun violence. urban gun violence is the most studied, most rigorously studied form of gun violence. announcer: american foreign policy. >> the failure in serious the -- syria goes back. it doesn't begin with donald trump or last week. it began with the united states never knowing what it was trying to accomplish there. announcer: the environment. >> right now, we are carrying conditions of cold, which is where the asthma comes from, it has lead and mercury, all of the things we talk about.
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we cite these things in poor communities, communities of color. nuclear plants can produce electricity with all of those -- without all of those pollutants. announcer: ann aquino talk by the civil rights attorney. >> states like florida and everysee one out of five black men are convicted felons. these statistics are similar in many of the states across the country, and experts suggest if this trend continues in the next 25 years, it will be one out of every three black men in america who are convicted felons. announcer: watch the boston book festival today at 2:00 p.m. eastern, and be sure to catch them live saturday and sunday, november 23 and 24th on book tv, on c-span2. announcer: on september circle on embassy row
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in washington, d.c., just over a mile from the white house. next on american history tv, historian alan mcpherson on his book "ghosts of sheridan circle: how a washington assassination brought pinochet's terror state to justice." mr. mcpherson gives an bus boysed talk at and poets in washington, but first, we visit sheridan circle with the author to see where the crime took place and the memorial there for the two victims. dr. mcpherson: so, we are literally at the scene of the crime. this is a memorial that was put here by the institute for policy studies to memorialize the assassination of orlando letelier. at the same time, ronni moffitt,


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