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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Democratic Party Liberty Justice Celebration  CSPAN  November 5, 2019 8:48am-10:29am EST

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test. test. captioning performed by vitac by rising up together to build a better future. i have seen what america can do and so have you. after all, you're looking at someone who as a young man growing up wondered if something
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deep inside of him would mean he would remain an outsider, never be accepted, never know love. and now you are looking at that same young man, a veteran, a mayor, happily married asking for your vote for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's why i believe in this country. iowans, i am asking for you to caucus for me on february 3rd because i know what the presidency is for, because we know that the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, it is the unification of the american people. that is why we have the office.
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so, iowa, are you ready to bring this country together? [ cheers and applause ] are you ready to turn the page to a new era together? [ cheers and applause ] then let us make history together and we will have a lot to celebrate in november of next we're and we will know where to go from there. thank you, iowa. thank you, democrats. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ >> put your hands together for vice president joe biden. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> hello, iowa democrats. thank you, thank you, thank you. hello, iowa democrats.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> let me get right to it. you all know this election is more important than any one you've ever voted in. it's not because of those who are running, it's because the man who holds the office. the very character of america is on the ballot next november, the very character of the country. and donald trump is a genuine threat, a man locking in the character we need. you know, folks, hate, hate only hides, it never leaves. this is a man who has employed it in a way, when it gets oxygen, it comes out from under the rocks, it pollutes everything. this is a man who started his campaign based on hate and division, dividing people in
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ways that we haven't been divided before. this is a man who's embraced tyrants and deck th tyrants and dictators. this is man who's looked at kim jong-un and vladimir putin and embraced them. this is a man who's poked his finger in the eyes' of our allies. number one thing i've learned is that vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president. [ cheers and applause ] >> and number two, donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. [ cheers and applause ] >> spent a lot of money to make sure i'm not. i'm flattered. i'm flattered. folks, look, we have got to, we have got to beat this man. it's not enough, it's not enough that we just beat him.
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we've got to beat him soundly so everybody knows we're not going back to a time when another president like him can hold that office. and we must beat him. and i will beat him like a drum if i'm your nominee. and he knows it. he knows it. folks, look, you all know that this is a man who is -- i said you give hate a little oxygen and it comes out from under the rocks. he's breathing nothing but oxygen into hate. look at what's happened. look what happened in charlottesville, people coming out of the woods and fields carryi carrying torches, preaching hate and division, met by people who oppose it and someone was
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killed. when he was asked to comment on that, what did he say? he said there were very fine people on both sides. no president, no president in american history has ever, ever said that, including andrew johnson before the civil war. look, folks, i learned something early on from my family and mom and dad. they said, joey, nobody is better than you, but everyone is your equal. everyone is your equal. and, folks, folks think about it. think about how we're treating people. think about how he has treated people. look, you know, my dad used to say it's all about dignity, your dignity. you know, i said after charlottesville that we're in a
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battle for the soul of the america. we are. we are in a battle for the soul of the america. and, folks, if you doubt it, think about it. the middle class is under siege and it is the soul of america, the middle class. wall street bankers did not build america, the middle class built america. and unions built the middle class. [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, folks, how can a parent maintain their dignity when they look at a child with a pre-existing condition and tell them they can't afford, they can't afford to get insurance from them. how can a parent maintain their dignity when they have a child, husband or wife who's ill and
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said, you've run out of coverage, die in peace on your own. how can a parent have their dignity? that's why we have to build on the affordable care act, not abandon it. that's why we have a provide a public option. that's why, that's why we have to make sure everyone has access. ladies and gentlemen, we can do this. we can do it quickly without taxing the middle class. we can make sure that the 160 million people who have health insurance they like can keep it if they want. and if not, they can buy in to a medicare-like proposal. ladies and gentlemen, that will not take four years or five years or ten years to happen. it will happen immediately,
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immediately. [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, there will be no increase in taxes for the middle class, none, none, none. how could a parent maintain their dignity and look at a talented child who has real opportunities to go onto school and have to look at them and say like many people did this fall, the breakfast table, sorry, honey, we can't borrow the money, we can't figure how to get you there. there's nothing we can do. i'm just sorry. that's why we have to change the way -- look, jill -- my wife jill is with me. she has an expression. she teaches full time. she has an expression, any country that outeducates us will outco out compete us. we have to triple the amount of money we spend for title 1
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schools. making sure every child can go to preschool, making sure community college is free, making sure those who have college debt, if they volunteer, if they engage in a public service, their debt can be forgiven. ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, that's what we can do. it's within our power. how can we look at our children knowing that this quintessential issue facing america is climate change and that we're doing nothing about it. or how can we walk into a situation where today children went to school today learning how to duck and cover because they may get shot in school. hey, honey, how are you? may get shot in school. talk about a troubled soul in a country. that's trouble. we have to go out and take on the nra and beat them and i'm the only one that's ever beaten them nationally, and if you make
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me the nominee, i will beat them again. i've beaten them twice and i will beat them again. assault rifles, there's no room for them in america. they should be outlaws as i did once. in addition to that, magazines holding 40, 50, 60, a hundred bullets, what rational can there be for that? that is a sick system. ladies and gentlemen, when you talk about climate change, first thing i'll do as your president is rejoin the paris climate accord which i helped put together. i will invite within the first hundred days, the 173 nations that joined that at our organization and up the ante on them to make sure they keep it. i will make sure we put in place the climate change plan -- and, by the way, they make up 85% of the problem. we make up 15%. what we will do under my
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proposal, we'll have net zero emissions by 2050 and lock in standards that cannot be changed this decade. ladies and gentlemen, how can we talk about not restoring the soul of america if we don't do that? ladies and gentlemen, and why? we think about the way we work now. as i said, why in god's name should a firefighter, a school teacher, a nurse pay at a tax rate higher than a bond trader making millions of bucks. it's wrong. under my proposal we're going to begin to reward work, not wealth. we're going to change fundamentally the tactic. ladies and gentlemen, we're in a situation where the next
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president of the united states is going to face a divided nation as well as, as well as a world in chaos. it's going to require a president on day one who can unite the country, who has experience in being able to put together major initiatives that bring the country together. i know some of my colleagues say that's naive. well, i've done it. that's been my whole career and i promise you i know how to do it and i will do it again. because let me tell you, if you can't bring the country together, we're in real, real, real trouble. ladies and gentlemen, think about it, next president is going to be commander in chief of a world in disarray. there's going to be no time for on-the-job training. you better, the day you're sworn in, be able to command the world
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stage knowing that our allies know that you know what you're doing and your enemies know that you are for real and you will keep your word. [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, look, take a look at this, the united states of america is so much better prepared to own the 21st century than any nation in the world. we are the wealthiest country in the world. we have the most productive -- or workers are three times as productive as workers in asia. every, every major change that's taken place has come out of a university and there are more than any of them in the united states than the rest of the world combined. what are we doing? i'm tired of democrats and republicans, independents walking around like, woe, is me,
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what are we going to do? the first thing we have to do is get rid of donald trump, get him out of office, and once that happens, the road is clear for significant change. there is no reason why we will not lead the world in the 21st century. it's time for americans to lift their heads up, remember who in god's name we are. this is the united states of america. we have never, never, never, never, never failed to accomplish what we set our mind to once we've decided what we're going to do. it's time to decide. it's time to move. and, folks, here's the deal, the only thing that stands in the way is donald trump. the only thing. and, folks, the reason he's spending too much money with his
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henchmen with his runs ads against me is because he knows i will beat him and beat him like a drum. i promise you. ladies and gentlemen, get up, remember who we are. let's take this country back and begin to lead the world again. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, iowa. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> please welcome, andrew yang. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> iowa! thank you, iowa. thank you so much. and thank you, yang gang. i love campaigning in iowa because this is one of the only places in the entire country where democracy still works as it is intended. you know this, but i don't know if you realize just how much power is in this room tonight.
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i did the math, iowa, do you know how many californians each of you is worth? 1,000 californians each. when i look around this arena tonight, i do not just see 14,000 iowans, i see 14 million californians. that is a power in this room, the power to change the course of history. that's why it is a thrill to be back here and a privilege to address you all. now, i'm a presidential candidate, yes, but i'm also a parent and a dad. how many of you all are parents? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, my wife is with us here tonight. we have two young boys, christopher and damion.
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and i'm running because of this, our kids are not all right. they are not all right because we have left them a future far darker than the lives that we have led as their parents. now, many of you think of me as a business guy, but for the last seven years, i've been a non-profit guy. i started a non-profit called venture for america that helped create thousands of jobs for cities like detroit, cleveland, baltimore, st. louis. and i saw millions of young people who are not starting families, let alone businesses, because they couldn't pay their bills. i saw millions of young people who were buried under a mountain of debt and trapped in their parents' basements. i saw record-high levels of anxiety, stress, depression,
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mental illness to the point where our country's life expectancy has declined. if you turn on cable news today, why would you think that donald trump is our president? go ahead and shout something out. someone who's not the yang gang. russia, racism, facebook, hillary clinton, emails, all mixed together. but i believe many of you know different. i'm a numbers guy and the reason why donald trump is our president, the reason why he won your state by eight points is that we blasted away 40,000 manufacturing jobs right here in iowa and you saw all of those towns go from blue to red as it happened. and that did not just happen here in iowa. we did it in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, missouri, all of the swing states that donald trump needed to win, we blasted away 4
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million manufacturing jobs and unfortunately, we are not stopping there iowa. how many of you have seen stores close where you work in live in the state. and why are those stores closing? amazon. that's right. amazon is soaking up $20 billion in business every year causing 30% of your stores and malls to close. how much did amazon pay in federal taxes last year? that is your math, iowa, 20 billion out, zero back. the most common job in your state is retail clerk. 39-year-old woman making between 9 and $10 an hour. when her store closes, what is her next move going to be? i am a numbers guy, but you don't need the numbers. you just look around your communities, you see it when you walk into the cvs and grocery store and you see the self-serve kiosk, you see your neighbor's kids addicted to drugs, you see
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the headlines where google is working on trucks that can drive themselves. these are the real problems in a got donald trump elected, experts are calling this economic transformation the fourth industrial revolution. when is the last time you heard a politician even breathe the words fourth industrial revolution. just now, right? and i am barely a politician. these are the problems that got donald trump elected and this is what you must solve. this is how you must use your power. i want you all to ask yourselves for a moment, how is a man you'd never heard of eight months ago speaking after joe biden and before elizabeth warren? [ cheers and applause ] how did a man you never heard of before raise $10 million last quarter in increments of only $30 each. my fans are almost as cheap as
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bernie's. it's because i know what the true nature of the problems are and how we can solve them. and it is up to you to take the solutions to the rest of the country to present a new way forward as fast as possible. what is this new way forward? what is the vision? if you've heard anything about me and my campaign, you've heard this, there's an asian man running for president who wants to give everybody $1,000 a month. and the first time you heard that, it sounded like a gimmick. but this is not my idea and it's not a new idea. thomas payne was for it at our founding. 1,000 economists endorsed it. the u.s. house of representatives passed it twice in 1971 and 11 years later, one state passed a dividend where everyone in that states gets between 1 and $2,000 a year, no questions asked. and what state is that? and how does alaska pay for it?
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oil. and what is the oil of the 21st century, iowa? technology, software, self-driving cars and trucks, our data is now worth more than oil. raise your hand if you got your data check in the mail? where did the checks go, facebook, amazon, and google. think about what a thousand dollars a month would mean in your hands, in the hands of your friends and neighbors. it would mean lowering stress levels, it would mean fewer arguments with your spouse, it would mean being able to retire with dignity. it would mean about not choosing between car repairs and new clothes for your kids. it's about what it means to us. and i've been giving a thousand dollars a month to families around the country for months now. i recommend it. and one of them is here tonight,
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kyle christianson who lives in iowa falls. i thought you were up there. kyle lives in iowa falls with his mom who's recovering from cancer. when i saw kyle, he said after he had taken care of some bills, he bought a guitar and was playing shows for the first time in years. for jody in new hampshire, it was car repairs to visit her daughter. for mallory, it was going back to college. this is the vision that you can make a reality like this, iowa, this is in your power and your power alone. now, my first move -- my first move was not to run for president of the united states because i am not insane. i worked in the obama
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administration. i went to washington, d.c. and i said, what are we going to do to help our fellow citizens understand that it is not immigrants that is causing these problems, it's technology. and the folks in washington, d.c. had very little to offer, but one of them gave me some guidance that led me here to you all tonight. he said, andrew, you're in the wrong town. no one in washington, d.c. will touch this because fundamentally this is not a town of leaders, this is a town of followers. and the only way we will do anything is if you were to create a wave in the rest of the country and bring that wave crashing down on our heads and that's why i'm with you tonight, iowa! i am with you tonight because you must be that wave. i am not running for president because i fantasized about being president. i am running for president because like so many of you in this room, i'm a parent and i'm a patriot. i have seen the future that lies
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ahead for our children and it is not something i am willing to accept. here in iowa, you actually know what the future holds if you look up. you saw it happen to your farms, and then your factories, now it's on your main streets, soon it will hit your highways. it is up to you and you alone to turn the tide. you must be the wave that helps us rewrite the rules of the 21st century economy to work for us, to work for you, the people of this country. you must be the wave that helps give the entire nation a new way forward and gives me and millions of parents around the country the ability to look our children in the eyes and say with truth in our hearts, your country loves you, your country values you, and you are going to
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be all right. thank you very much, iowa. let's make history. let's move the country forward together in 2020 and win this whole thing. i love iowa. i love it here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> please welcome senator elizabeth warren.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, iowa!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> okay. okay. okay. hello, iowa. i'm here to talk about something that people all across iowa and all across america know down deep in their bones. our democracy has been hijacked by the rich and the powerful. they make it work for themselves and they leave everyone else behind. we see it every time a corporate executive threatens to cut pay and move jobs overseas. we see it every time an insurance company won't give
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people, denies treatment, and denies access to the doctors that people trust. we see it when a criminal justice system tears apart black and brown families and the list goes on. people crushed by student loan debt. people crushed by student loan debt. we see it over and over. we see it. when a gun industry prevents any vote on sensible legislation that could save the lives of our children. we see it when an oil industry continues to drill and calls all the shots in washington. that is corruption plain and simple and we need to be willing to call it auto for what it is.
9:36 am
if we're going to make the big challenges of our time, then it's going to take big structural change and that starts with you, iowa. you know, a lot of people are afraid of big structural change. afraid because they're already rich and powerful and they may lose influence, afraid because they built lives sucking up to those who are rich and powerful, afraid because they see an america where they won't be able to make the changes they need, afraid because there are either too cynical or too downtrodden to believe that change is possible.
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well, not me. i believe in change and i know we can get it done. and why do i know we can get it done? because i've done it. so i want to tell you a story about a toaster. back when i was a young mom, toasters could actually set houses on fire, really. those little toaster ovens didn't have a shut off switch. so you could put in the bread, hear the baby cry, leave the room and come back and your toast would literally be in flames, sometimes along with the kitchen curtains and kitchen cabinets as well. and then a federal agency stepped in and said enough. you can't sell toasters in america that could have a one in
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five of burning down your house. done. no more toaster fires. back by the early 2000s, mortgages in this country had gotten so complicated and so dangerous that they had a one in five chance of costing a family their home. not because of fire, but because of foreclosure. only this time, this time the federal government was not on the side of the families. it was deep in the pocket of the big banks. in fact, so deep in the pocket of the big banks that they permitted millions of those mortgages to be sold and they crashed our economy. that was 2008. so i have an idea, and the idea was a consumer agency that would
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protect people -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- that would protect people when they got mortgages or credit cards or payday loans, the same way that other consumer agency had protected people when they bought toasters. so here's the deal, i went to washington and i tried to talk to everybody i could about this idea. and they told me two things, almost everyone i talked to said the same two things, first, that is a great idea. you could make a real difference. that's structural change, yes. and the second thing was, don't even try. big money, the big banks, they will fight you. the republicans will fight you. a bunch of the democrats will fight you. you will never get this done. i get it.
9:40 am
big structural change is hard. but it was the right thing to do. so we took on wall street. we took on the big money and we won. and that little consumer agency has now forced the big banks to return more than $12 billion directly to people they cheated. we know how to make government work for the people. so what did i learn from this fight? i learned that notwithstanding what the billionaires will tell you, what big ag or big banking or big pharma will tell you, that if we're going to meet the challenges of our time, we need big ideas. [ cheers and applause ]
9:41 am
>> big ideas. big ideas to inspire people and get them out to caucus and get them out to vote. big ideas to be the life blood of our party and show the world who and what democrats will fight for. big ideas to take back the senate and put mitch mcconnell out of a job.
9:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we need big ideas and here's the critical part, we need to be willing to fight for them. it's easy to give up on a big idea but when we give up on big ideas, we give up on the people whose lives would be touched by those ideas. [ cheers and applause ] >> and those people are already in a fight, people who are struggling to pay their medical bills are already in a fight. people who are crushed by student loan debt are already in a fight. people who are denied the chance to vote or stopped by the police
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because of the color of their skin are already in a fight. and those fights are all our fights. look, anyone who comes on this stage and doesn't understand that we're already in a fight is not the person who is going to win that fight. anyone who comes on this stage and tells you they can make change without a fight is not
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going to win that fight. and anyone who comes on this stage and tells you to dream small and give up early is not going to lead our party to victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a time of crisis and media pundits, washington insiders, even some people in our own party don't want to admit it, they think that running some vague campaign that nibbles around the edges is
9:45 am
somehow safe. but if the most we can promise is business as usual after donald trump, then democrats will lose. we win when we offer solutions big enough to touch the problems that are in people's lives. fear and complacency does not win elections. hope and courage wins elections. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm not running some consultant-driven campaign with some vague ideas that are designed not to offend anyone. i'm running a campaign based on a lifetime of fighting for
9:46 am
working families. i'm running a campaign from the heart because 2020 is our time in history. 2020 is our time to win the fight for a green new deal and save this planet. [ cheers and applause ] >> 2020 is our time the win this fight for medicare for all and save our people. [ cheers and applause ] >> 2020 is our time to win the fight for a two cent wealth tax and invest in a whole
9:47 am
generation. 2020 is our time in history, our time to dream big, fight hard, and win. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> put your hands together for senator kamala harris. ♪ ♪
9:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening, iowa. [ cheers and applause ] >> so we all know why we're here. we're here because this is a moment, this is a moment where we have to be prepared to fight for the best of our country. this is a moment where we need to fight for this country we
9:50 am
love, for the rule of law, for our system of justice, and for our very democracy. [ cheers and applause ] so we're all here to fight. we're all here to fight to end that national nightmare called donald trump. and to win democrats, to win. it can't be about anything other than looking at the future. it can't be about looking at yesterday, we need to be focused on tomorrow. to win. we're going to have to fight against those who have been trying to push hate and division among us and have americans turn
9:51 am
on each other. to win, we're going to have to fight for what i know in my heart and in my soul to be true. which is the beauty of the diversity of who we are as a nation. we all have so much more in common than what separates us. and to win, and to win, and to win. we're going to need a nominee on that stage with donald trump who has the ability to go toe to toe with donald trump in iowa, you're looking at her.
9:52 am
so i've spent my career, i've spent my career as a prosecutor. i've only had one client in my entire life and that's been the people. unlike other people, unlike others, i've never represented a corporation. i've never represented a special interest. and i started my career fighting for the people. in fact, the first day i walked into a courtroom i spoke five words. kamala harris for the people.
9:53 am
and those words, those words for the people capture our system of justice. because there are two points when we say for the people. one, in our system of justice, we have rightly said a harm against anyone is a harm against everyone. that no one should ever be made to fight alone. and for the people, when i stood there and when i stand here today, also means all the people regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation. regardless of the people with which they're registered to vote. regardless of the language your grandmother speaks. it means all the people.
9:54 am
and it was for the people that a large part of the early part of my career was about fighting against those who molested children and raped women because it was about saying that those survivors deserved justice and a voice that gave them safety without judgment. for the people, when i was the elected district attorney of san francisco, that saying the war on drugs was an abject failure and i created national models about what it means to give jobs to people who were arrested for drugs. for the people. when i was the attorney general of california running the second department of justice in the united states, second only to the united states department of
9:55 am
justice, meant taking on the biggest banks in the united states with engaged and predatory lending practices and bringing back to the homeowners of my state $20 billion. and for the people, as a united states senator making taking on jeff sessions. taking on bill barr. taking on brett kavanaugh. in iowa, i stand here before you today for the people fully prepared to defeat donald trump.
9:56 am
and that's why i'm running, for the people. and i will say, that in the name of the people i believe that in 2020 justice is on the ballot. justice is on the ballot. when in america, there is a father who is holding down two jobs trying to figure out how to get through the end of the month, and paying more taxes than the richest 400 families in america, economic justice is on the ballot.
9:57 am
so i'm running for president to pass the largest middle class tax cut we've had in history, and you want to know how we're going to pay for it? on day one we're going to repeal the tax bill that benefits the top 1% and biggest corporations in america. but in america, there is a mother who is in a parking lot of a hospital afraid to walk through the sliding glass doors to get into the emergency room with her child because she knows if she walks threw those sliding glass doors she'll be out of pocket a $4,000 deductible. healthcare justice is on the ballot. so i am running for president to make sure there is medicare for all. not medicare for some. medicare for all to bring down costs. and to insure that you also get
9:58 am
choice because i heard from folks that say don't take away my opportunity to have a private plan so you'll get a public or private plan depending on your choice. when we are looking at teachers who across america here in iowa are holding down two and three jobs to get through the end of the month, education justice is on the ballot. so i am running for president to put in place what will be the first in our nation's history federal investment in closing the teacher pay gap here in iowa, that will be $12,200 a year. when all over america there are women who are being attacked for their constitutional right to make decisions about their own
9:59 am
bodies, reproductive justice is on the ballot. i'm running to insure every woman will have her legal and constitutional right and that not these out of date republican legislators tell women what to do with their bodies. when children in america regardless of who their parent voted for for president are afraid to go to school because they're afraid they may get shot, they're afraid there will be a gunman roaming the hallways of their school. justice for children is on the ballot. so i am running for president to take executive action if necessary and implement what people who have failed to have courage have not done, just take
10:00 am
on the gun lobby in washington, d.c. and i want to give a shoutout to beto, because he had thecourage, beto had the courage to say, look, you can't walk around talking about gun safety but you don't have the courage to figure out how you're going to take five million assault wins off the streets of america. justice is on the ballot. so it is time that we fight. this is a fight that is about all of us. because, yes, a harm against anyone of us is a harm against all of us. here's the bottom line, iowa. here's the bottom line. i do believe, i do believe that when we overcome these
10:01 am
injustices, we will unlock the promise of america and the potential of the american people. and i do believe that this is what we want and need. this is the america. that is the america that i see. that is the america i believe in. that is the america i know us to be, and that is why i'm running for president of the united states. please join me in kamala's corner. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> let me say this, this is the biggest gathering of democrats in 2019. and it's going to be the biggest gathering of democrats until the democratic convention next spring. pretty amazing. and let me say this, you guys are getting a chance to hear a lot of great plans and policies
10:04 am
from some real democratic leaders. and we should all remember that everybody you hear today is more honest, more coherent, and more patriotic than the criminal who resides at the white house. everybody. and i know, i know that the people up here on this stage are all pointing towards february 3rd, 2020. because that's the caucus day. but you should know that for me, the big iowa day is december 15, 2019, because my aunt betsy segoing to turn 100 going to tu i've got to be there. that's my big day. so i know these policies are great. and i think everybody in this room and everybody on this stage shares the same values. we know we need a change.
10:05 am
we know we need a huge win. we know we need to turn the page. but we're not going to get to do that unless we break the corporate stranglehold that's controlling our government. corporations have bought our government in washington, d.c. and all the great plans for us to get them done, we're going to have to break that corporate stranglehold and that's why i'm running for president. because i know to break it, we're going to have to tell the truth and we're going to have to take real strong bold action. so let me tell you a story about someone who did that in iowa. in 2016, mary rose was living in iowa falls, iowa. she's 90 years old. and she watched donald trump get elected with horror. she was scared, she was upset.
10:06 am
and she was worried about the future for her grandchildren. when i started the need to impeach program, mary rose immediately signed up. but she's 90 years old. so she can't go door to door. and she can't make a series of phone calls. so what did she do? she wrote over 1,000 cards to other americans asking them to hold the most corrupt president in american history accountable. mary knew that mr. trump is a fraud and a failure and a criminal. so when people said to us it's not politically smart to push impeachment, i'm with mary. it's not a question of what's politically convenient. it's a question of what's right. truth and action, that's what
10:07 am
america needs, what democrats need are truth and action. we're talking about turnouts. we're talking about grass roots. i started one of the biggest grass roots organizations, next gen america in this country. with our partners in the labor movement, we've knocked on tens of millions of doors, and we've organized young people across america, including in iowa. in 2018 we did the largest youth voter mobilization in american history. we were in the congressional first and third in iowa. we more than doubled the turnout of young people in those districts. and we helped to elect two women. truth and action. truth and action is how america has solved our biggest challenges at home and abroad.
10:08 am
we have a huge challenge in front of us in the shape of climate change. i've said i'd make it my number one priority. there is no doubt in my mind we need to address it on a realtime basis, on an emergency basis if we're going to handle it. and i have an over a decade long history of winning around the country on climate change. i've taken on the oil companies at the ballot and beat them. i've pushed clean energy at the ballot and won. and with my partners in the labor movement, we have protected and created hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs across this country. in addition, especially when the harm is pointed at the most vulnerable communities in this country, low income communities,
10:09 am
black and brown communities, where pollution is centered, i have worked to hold elected officials accountable to make sure those communities aren't picked on. truth and action. if we're going to break the corporate stroanglehold on our nation that's what it's going to take. i'm talking about term limits on congress and the senate. 12 years. look, earlier, joy was talking about making the congress look more like america. do you want to make the congress look more like america? how about term limits. congress is not supposed to be a lifetime appointment. if you want the strongest argument for term limits that i know, it's the six words, mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, chuck grassley. you want to get rid of them? term limits.
10:10 am
but let me say this too. we don't have a failed society. sometimes i listen to people talking in politics, it sounds like we have a failed society. we don't have a failed society. we have the most successful society in the history of this planet. we have a failed government. if we can get back to government of by and for the people and control our climate crisis, we're in the best position of any people in the history of the planet. we're going to get everything. we're going to get a right to an equal vote for every american. we're going to get a right to clean air and clean water, nobody poisons us for profits. we're going to get a right to a living wage, because one job should always be enough. we're knowigoing to get a right
10:11 am
quality education, because schools should never be for sale. we're going to get healthcare as a right. we're going to get affordable healthcare as a right for every american because companies should never be able to dictate our care. so we're actually looking at the best position we could be in. i want to talk for a second about how i got on this stage. i started a company by myself, one person in a room, no employees. the room had no windows and i built a pretty good company. then i took the giving pledge to give away the bulk of my assets while i'm alive to good causes. i walked away from that company. and i've spent the rest of my life building coalitions of americans to take on unchecked corporate power and to push for broader democracy. and that may seem strange. you may wonder why does that
10:12 am
make sense? i'll tell you why it makes sense if you know my family. because my mom was a teacher from minnesota. and she ended up teaching in the new york public schools and in the brooklyn house of detention. and my dad was the first generation in his family to go to college. my grandfather was a plumber. my father was so grateful for the opportunity this country gave him. he left his law practice, went into the navy in world war ii, and as a lawyer ended up prosecuting the nazis at nuremberg. and they thought you give back at least at much to this country as you get. because that's what you do and actions speak louder than words. my mom said that to me every day of my life. actions speak louder than words. so when people told me nobody beats the oil companies, they're too rich, they're too powerful,
10:13 am
you'll never win. we went ahead and won. i delivered on that promise. when they said the tobacco companies have won 17 times in a row don't waste your time, don't waste your money. we beat the tobacco companies. i delivered on that promise. when people said impeaching the president is a liberal pipe dream, forget it, it's never going to happen. you're ridiculous. look at where we are now. i delivered on that promise. so let me say this, if you support me, there are three things i promise you. i'll tell the truth. i will take bold action and i will deliver on the promise. so iowa, best day of the year for democrats is today. we're going to have a huge victory come next fall. let's all do it together.
10:14 am
thank you very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> please welcome senator bernie sanders.
10:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening, iowa democrats. let me congratulate troy price and the iowa democratic party for turning two congressional speets bl seats blue in 2018. that is no small feat.
10:16 am
the iowa democratic party is on the move and i look forward to working with you. to make sure that in this vitally important battleground state, we take back iowa in the general election and defeat trump and defeat him badly. and i will do everything possible to make that happen and i'm very happy to announce tonight a $20,000 donation from my campaign to the iowa democratic party. tonight, all of us, no matter what candidate we are supporting, are in agreement than we must defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country.
10:17 am
a man who is a pathological liar. and a man who is running the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. a man who does not understand the rule of law or our constitution. and a man who will soon be impeached. now that is what we all agree on. but as friends, and we are friends, let us acknowledge that we have some disagreements. at the end of the day, the democratic parties of iowa, of vermont, every state in the country, have got to make a fundamental decision. do we continue the status quo of
10:18 am
politics which has enabled the wealthiest people in our country, the largest corporations and their lobbyists to have extraordinary influence over the economic and political life of this country. no is the right answer. now that is where the republican party is and has always been. but as democrats, it seems to be that we must chart a very different path. at a time of massive income and wealth inequality, the democratic party must become the part of the working class of this country. not of super pacs, not of
10:19 am
corporate interest, not of their lobbyists. in that regard i'm very proud to tell you that our campaign has received more campaign contributi contributions from more people than any candidate in the history of presidential politics up until this point in a campaign. and i want to take this opportunity to thank the teachers, the waiters, the waitresses, the low paid walmart employees and amazon workers and other members of the working class who have supported our campaign so strongly. and now i want to take a moment to quote to you one of the great political leaders of the last century. in 1936, in a famous campaign
10:20 am
speech, franklin roosevelt said the following as he reflected on his first term in office. and i quote. we have to struggle with the old enemies of peace. business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism sectionulism, war profiteering. they had begun to consider the government of the united states as a near appendage to their own affairs. we know that government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob. never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they
10:21 am
stand today, they are unanimous in their hate and i welcome their hatred, end quote. what was true in 1936 is perhaps even more true today when three people own more wealth than the bottom half of america, when in the last 30 years the top 1% has seen a $21 trillion increase in their wealth. and when many of the largest most profitable corporations in america do not pay a nickel in federal income taxes. now i understand that nobody likes to be hated. not me, not you, not anyone. but the truth is that real change never takes place without
10:22 am
struggle. without having as roosevelt told us, the courage to take on a corporate elite whose greed and corruption is destroying the middle class of this country. tonight i say to you that if i'm fortunate enough to accept the nomination of our party in milwaukee, that convention will not be funded by corporate interests or their lobbyists. that convention and our victory over donald trump quill be funded by millions of americans who are sick and tired of status quo politics.
10:23 am
in order to defeat trump and generate the voter turnout that we need, we need an agenda that speaks to the pain of so many of our working families. in that regard, let me quote another great historical figure, nelson mandela. and this is what mandela said. profound statement. he said, and i quote, it always seems impossible until it is done. it always seems impossible until it's done. end quote. now the establishment and the moneyed interests always tell us that real change is impossible. let me respectfully disagree. in my view, healthcare is a
10:24 am
human right, not a privilege. and it will pass, whether the insurance companies like it or not. medicare for all. we will end starvation wages in america, raise the minimum wage to a living wage $15 an hour. and make it easier for workers to join unions. every person in our country regardless of income is entitled to a quality education, which is why we'll have universal pre-k significantly increase funding for public schools, provide
10:25 am
teachers with the income and respect they are due. make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt in america. and when it comes to whether or not we save our planet, that is not a debatable issue. we will take on the greed of the fossil fuel industry. we will transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. and, yes, we will pass a green new deal. together, we will reform a
10:26 am
broken and racist criminal justice system. we'll end the war on drugs. we will legalize marijuana. and expunge the records for those who were arrested for possession of marijuana. together we will end a broken immigration system, move to comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship for the 11 million undocumented. together, we will codify roe versus wade into law. and make certain that it is the women of this country who have the right to control their own bodies, not politicians.
10:27 am
together will we stand up to the nra. we will not be intimidated by the nra. i want to thank my good friend, beto o'rourke for helping to lead the effort to end the horrific level of gun violence we see in this country. brothers and sisters, good policy is good politics. now is the time to stand with the working families of our country and end the outrageous level of greed and corruption we see from the corporate elite.
10:28 am
now is the time to create a political movement and a government that works for all of us, not just super pacs and the 1%. thank you all very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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