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tv   Reps. Jordan Zeldin and Wenstrup on Volker and Morrison Testimony  CSPAN  November 19, 2019 8:33pm-8:43pm EST

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we ask for ambassador volker and mr. morrison to be our witnesses, we also see why chairman schiff wanted to put them in the afternoon we also see why, from the -- remember, ambassador volker was the first witness that we deposed, and we called for the release of his transcript. getting that out, because he's the definitive source on this. i think you saw him tell this story. the one thing i thought, even telling
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the ukrainians when they learned that the aid had been held, they said don't worry about it, and that's exactly what happened. it got worked out without any promise, start of any type of investigations. this is a very good day for the truth, and for the president of the united states. a very good day for the country, but the sad thing, as i said in the hearing, these two individuals are no longer working in our government, because they are the kind of public servants that he would appreciate. >> some of the important facts to recap, ambassador volker says that president zelensky doesn't know there's a hold on aid. he gets a readout from both the u.s. side and the ukraine side, and there's no witnesses to a quid pro quo, extortion or bribery. on july 26 he meets with sondland and volker, and there is no reference to a quid pro quo,
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bribery, extortion a hold on aid and over the course of the next several weeks, ambassador volker is in frequent contact with the ukrainians. there is no reference to any of those conversations, know hold on a, quid pro quo, extortion, bribery in any way shape or form. it's not until the end of august. ukraine reads in politico, they didn't get a confirmation there's a hold on. eight the aid gets released shortly, after and, guess what? ukraine had to do nothing to get that lifted. ukraine did not have to do anything to get that hold on aid released shortly after they had that conversation in the vargas. something else that is important, the democrats and some in the media like to say that the burisma's issue is just totally debunked. even though burisma is a corrupt ukrainian company, run by a corrupt ukrainian oligarchic, hiring hunter biden like his
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own admission solely because of his last name, and because he's vice president son. at least 50,000 dollars a month, no ukraine experience or energy experience, his father is the person running the most conflicting person out in the obama administration to be running point in ukraine. this 30 money that hunter biden is getting from this 30 company run by this oligarchic is a legitimate issue that the president was concerned about. our country should be concerned about corruption, while there's a history of a company and an oligarchy going back years. the other thing that democrats like to say is it's totally debunk that ukraine interfered in the election. but if you pay attention to some of the specific back and forth you heard from jim jordan and evidence and the others there were ukrainians who sought to injected themselves into the 2016 u.s. election, and whether
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it's the gop witness last, and said that she wants to testify, or the black ledger or the steele dossier or ambassador charlie and that list goes on, these are ukrainians who interfered in the election so the president wanted to look into to actual issues, ukrainians he did interfere in the 2016 election as well as the burisma's all issues. so today was a great day for the truth, that's all we want, facts. i think it is important for the other 97% of the story to get out there, because to tear our country in half for this charade is a disgrace that we should be passing legislation. we should be able to deliver our constituents, but in order to do that, this
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has to end. >> what do you think that mr. schiff saying that republicans are meant to take our? the phone call on the restaurant --? >> i look forward to both of those hearings. he got caught doing? what nothing happened. this is the whole point. they did not have to announce, start, they never did any type of investigation, and the aid got released. a guy released after all these interactions they had with senior officials, and they all came to believe exactly the circle k told, zelensky was the real deal, and the aid was released. >> if you read everything that went with it as how he worked as a diplomat, to try to mend fences between the administration that was
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concerned about corruption in another country, and what skeptic -- he was a skeptic about delivering aid in general. he worked as a diplomat should, and he got the job done. we got to aid, the very aid, the lethal aid that president obama denied them, and now they have it, and it's all they ever wanted. you can go on and on about all these other things, and side conversations, but the bottom line is what did the president do? we heard from everyone who has testified, no quid pro quo. then they changed the dynamics, and they've not had a witness yet that can conform with the president was doing. i sit in that, room i'm on the ways and means committee and i would like to get back to the work that the american people are waiting for every day. >> there are two witnesses to
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raise concerns about the trump asking ukraine to investigate the bidens, even volker revise his testimony, said he would've pushback said he had have known before that the breeze manifestations was tantamount to investigating the biden's. are you willing to conceive that the president should not have asked ukraine to investigate the bidens? >> we did not happen. they never undertook the investigations. >> the president is right to be concerned, particular when he is sending the hard earned tax dollars to one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet. that was the focus. ambassador volker and guess what, it worked out. >> he said there's nothing he saw that joe biden that acting inappropriate, i think the american people can see that the arrangement, putting him on
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the board of this corrupt country, we know it's corrupt because secretary can, we heard from last week, told us that he had concerns about burisma whack back in 2014, 2015. >> if you don't think it is corrupt, why is he not coming in to testify? why is adam schiff not allowing him to come in and testify? you can draw your own conclusions, but why is this man being hidden from the american people and what his role was?
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the house intelligence committee impeachment inquiry will hear from a total of nine witnesses, four of them testifying today over the course of some ten hours. jennifer williams, and advisor to vice president mike pence, alexander vindman, a ukraine expert, and this afternoon they heard from former ambassador kurt volker, and tim morrison, former national security council adviser on europe and russia. here on c, span we would like to hear from you, your thoughts on what you heard, in today's testimony. here's how to join the conversation. the lines are, for democrats,


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