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tv   Reel America President of the United States - 1948  CSPAN  February 15, 2020 10:30pm-10:53pm EST

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♪ to help educate foreign harry s truman, president of the united states.
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president of the united states, harry s truman. and man to whom many millions of people, a man whose responsibilities and whose best far-reaching as any on earth. indicate his aim by mail.
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the town of lamar, missouri. here in the land of midwestern so far.tates, on this quiet small-town street, unpretentious in which his father had built in the rural surroundings, the future president of the united states was born, on may 8 1904. -- 1894. nearby the somewhat larger town of independence, they made home when henry was -- harry was seven years old. here he went to church.
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in sunday school, he met a girl who now shares the nation's capital with him as his wife. in independence he went to public school, and a small town drugstore he got his first job at three dollars a week. town of kansas city was not very far away. here truman journeyed every afternoon. his job was prepping newspapers for what seemed like a constant avalanche from the presses. as muchmore than twice as the drugstore job.
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at 17 years old, harry truman became a railroad worker. fathered had suckled financial difficulties which a limited harry's chances of going to college. within less than a year, he was a clerk at a large bank. then followed years as a missouri farmer. defending the flag of the united states during the first world war. shortly after being discharged from the army, harry establish this clothing store in kansas city. but along came the national
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depression which cause the business to fail. he slaved for 15 years to pay back every dollar that was owed. through the intervening years --ing where harry truman independence missouri has continued to be home to him. it is now called the summer white house. harry s ferment is fundamentally -- harry s truman is fundamentally an average american. not rich, but not poor. a hard worker and very much a family man.
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areas in the backyard lawn of his summer white house of independence. the family is equally unpretentious and american. to the president the first lady of the land is known as sarah. they are bound by a fighting devotion. mary margaret is their only child. her mother well past 90 years of age, to whom he is extremely devoted.
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the family farm where harry spent his boyhood, she taught him to be fair and honest. both things the president has never forgotten. in spite of the heavy weight of her many years, she is surprisingly active. she still never loses an opportunity of giving mother's advice. the president has never lost interest in the family farm land which he still retains. the president's mother says, harry could plow greater than any other boy in the county. harry was a farmer when his
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political career began. politics for the betterment of conditions in his district. as -- as a result of harry truman's early political efforts. it is a long way to the capital of the united states. harry truman came to the national capital as a senator from missouri in 1934. be fair andation to honest. by the time of the inauguration of franklin d roosevelt of the president of the united states.
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harry s truman has been president roosevelt's supporters. no one knew what the future held , nor did anyone know how soon harry truman would hold the bargain of fate. completion of what franklin roosevelt had come close to fulfilling.
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harry s truman takes the oath of vice president of the united states. being vice president of the united states in the most difficult and hateful time in the nations history. it established a native missourian as a national statesman. to take the place left vacant by the sudden death of franklin roosevelt come desk, harry s truman became the vice president
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of the united states on the evening of april 12, 1945. president truman quickly and skillfully assumed all frequency roosevelt responsibilities. the united nations conference in california, to which the president. field, the president is welcomed by high-ranking officers and diplomats. secretaries of foreign affairs, the governor of california, the united states senators.
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diplomatic greetings were followed by meeting the military. the president inspects the guard of honor, his first formal inspection of the military unit. when he came across the bandleader, truman thanked him for the music. his greetings and it official inspection of the guard he leads a cavalcade
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of 100 cars which moved on its way. from thedelegates united nations have been gathered for the purposes of drafting historic world charter. urged delegates to ratify the charter. that had already been agreed to. his first words to the audience were, oh what a great day in history. in referring to the conference and world charter, the president ,aid the world must now use it
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if we speak to selfishly, the advantage of any nation or small group of nations. this charter is only the beginning. the fact that there is such a charter is ample cause for universal and profound thanksgiving giving to almighty god. said let's not fail to grasp the supreme chance to create an enduring peace. president truman's appearance in
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at thek city in 1945 conclusion of the greatest war enrolled history. his first official act was to personally commission the united states navy new supercarrier, the franklin d roosevelt. president truman said in commissioning this ship, the american people are honoring a hero of this war who gave his life in service of his country, franklin d roosevelt. and as a symbol of our commitment to help the peaceloving nations of the world, and to stop any future international gangsters.
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more than a million persons gathered to hear president truman declare world affairs. the united states seeks no international expansion. changes, alll people for choosing the own form of government. enemies establish democratic governments. all. rights for [music playing]
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in new york harbor, 51 warships from the mightiest navy the world has ever known, were waiting to be received by harry s truman, president and commander-in-chief. the fighting is over, the flagship in the pacific fleet that decimated the japanese navy.
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the president inspects on the deck, where the historic surrender of the japanese, and where the war was brought to a close. tables down at the same where signed the papers of surrender, and adds his name to the ship's register. with natural pride, the
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president inspects the mighty ship's personnel. after which he went aboard the , with his review of the seven other warships in the harbor. after review, the ship moves up , more than abor thousand warplanes move swiftly in the sky overhead. as their commander-in-chief passed by.
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harry truman has come a long way from the farmlands of missouri, to the national capital of the united states. private trains bring him to the depot, where huge crowds wait to meet the arrival of this president. a boy who once wrapped , now has his name in newspapers throughout the world. with the treasury of the united states of america, trust the responsibility of this man, who
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once worked as a clerk in a small bank. in the white house, the ideologies of a family man. no other president of the united states has been called upon to do so much, in such a brief. of time, but of such great importance for the future of security and prosperity of mankind. for the people of united states and the rest of the world.
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>> each week, american history's real america brings a forum to provide context for today's public affairs issues. the life of president eisenhower is a 1953 biography produced by au.s. information agency, cold war initiative to show foreign audiences a positive view of america. film primarily focuses on after world war ii, and his first state of the union address. [hail to the chief playing] announcer: yellow dwight


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