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tv   American Artifacts 4th Infantry Division D- Day  CSPAN  April 6, 2020 8:32am-9:04am EDT

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so, we hope that offers a
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little insider perspective on the daily trials and triumphs that american world war ii soldiers went through. and as we've been talking here, a number of world war ii veterans have actually come into our camp. and their the reason why we're out here. we are here to hear their stories firsthand, impart them to other generations, and we certainly encourage viewers to do much the same thing. we thank you for coming to visit our encampment today. >> hello! >> hey! >> they want to get a picture here, a group picture. >> a lot riding right here. >> want to get a picture -- >> one. >> what regiment were you in, 18? >> 26. >> you're a blue-stater, huh? >> oh, yeah. >> that's my reenactment group. >> oh, yeah. >> we're not here today, our reenactment group -- >> want to get a picture -- >> he was on a destroyer and he saw the raising of the flag on iwo jima. >> i'm dick donald. i was first class sonar man.
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our ship was damaged the night before, a kamikaze attack. the last aircraft carrier in the war was sunk alongside of our ship, and then we had to limp into iwo jima, put the bow on the beach. and watching those marines with those flame throwers mopping up those tunnels. the navy and marines never get along well on the board. it's always the flight. but i learned to love the marines that day. and then, suddenly, the brightest of suns, up goes that flag. i was 19 at the time. and for the first time, my fifth invasion -- i had seven altogether -- it hit me why we kids were willing to die for that magnificent flag. and we did. and we did. two-thirds of us never left the island.
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two-thirds. but only two guys from the flag-raising walked off that island. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming to visit us today. weeknights this month, we're featuring american history tv programs as a preview of what's available every weekend on c-span3. tonight, the national history center, which hosts events on capitol hill, for congressional members and staff to learn the history behind contemporary issues. we begin with scholars from rice and georgetown universities and the u.s. naval war college on the role of middle east oil in american foreign policy since the end of world war ii. american history tv, this weekend, every weekend on c-span3. every saturday night, american history tv takes you to college classrooms around the country for "lectures in history."
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>> why do you all know who lizzie borden is? and raise your hand if you had ever heard of this murder, the jean harris murder trial before this class. >> the deepest cause, where we'll find the true meaning of the revolution, was in this transformation that took place in the minds of the americans people. >> and so, we're going to talk about both of these sides of this story here, right? the tools, the techniques of slave owner power, and we'll also talk about the tools and techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. >> watch history professors lead discussions with their students on topics ranging from the american revolution to september 11th. "lectures in history" on c-span3, every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv. and "lectures in history" is available as a podcast. find it where you listen to podcasts. army heritage days takes place each may at the u.s. army heritage and education center in carlisle, pennsylvania. hundreds of living history


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