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tv   Oklahoma City Bombing - Timothy Mc Veigh Arrest  CSPAN  April 21, 2020 1:55pm-2:11pm EDT

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borden is and raise your hand if you ever heard of the jean harris murder trial before this class? >> deputyest cause where we'll find the true meaning of the revolution was in this transformation that took place in the minds of the american people. >> what we'll talk about both of these sides of the story here, the tools, techniques of slave owner power and also talk about the tools and techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. >> watch history professors lead discussions with their students on topics ranging from the american revolution to september 11th. lectures in history on c-span 3 every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv and lectures in history is available as a podcast. find it where you listen to podcasts. on april 21st, 1995 attorney general janet reno announced that timothy mcveigh was arrested as suspect in the oklahoma city bombing. she appeared before the press at
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the justice department with fbi director and several other officials. a c-span camera was there. >> one of the individuals responsible for wednesday's terrible attack on the murrah federal building in oklahoma city has been arrested. timothy mcveigh, age 27 who we previously called john doe number one was arrested by local authorities on a traffic violation about 60 miles from oklahoma city on wednesday morning. about an hour and a half after the explosion occurred. at the time of his arrest he was in the possession of a firearm. he has been in the local jail since the arrest. he will be taken into custody by
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the fbi. searches are being planned and executed at several locations around the country this afternoon. i remind everyone that john doe number two remains at large. people should not attempt to take any action against john doe number two or anyone else involved in this matter. but we continue to urge anyone with information to call 1-800-905-1514. i have been in communication with the fbi director. the fbi has been leading this investigation through the command center at fbi
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headquarters in close consultation with the department of justice's attorneys here and in u.s. attorney offices across the country. the fbi has also established command centers in oklahoma and other locations around the country. this investigation has been true lei model of law enforcement keeping. i commend the treasury department and its law enforcement agencies, the atf, secret service. i would also like to commend the department of defense, the federal emergency management agency and the immigration and naturalization service for their outstanding efforts. their work has been magnitude in this effort. the outpouring of support and assistance from authorities have been tremendous and we would like to thank the local and state authorities who worked around the clock on this effort.
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foreign authorities support assistance has been. of great meaning to us. i am most grateful to all americans who have provided leads and former about this investigation. i urge people with any information as i have said to contact the nearest fbi office or call 1-800-905-1514. so far we have received over 2,650 calls to this telephone number since we announced it yesterday afternoon. this investigation has been fast-moving. although the investigation is in the preliminary stage, this announcement shows the substantial progress made by very dedicated law enforcement agents and officers in a very short period of time. but we continue to pursue absolutely every lead. we are determined that we will
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not rest until the people who perpetrated this terrible act are brought to justice and convicted. our prayers are with the victims, their families, and their loved ones for our heart and all america's heart has gone out to them. >> what basis do you have for holding him other than the gun and the description. >> again, we will not comment on any of the evidence but this will be a pending matter. >> can you shed some light on either a possible motive or possibly if these men belong to a paramilitary group. >> we will not suspect on the evidence or motive related to the pending matter. >> do you until plan searches at several locations around the country. you say several others may still be at large. should american people worry that in their community there might be a terrorist that might have an attack in their area? should they be concerned at this
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moment? >> we want to pursue every lead to take every reasonable precaution to make sure people responsible for this terrible act are brought to justice. [ [ inaudible ] ] >> i could not comment on this. >> this was from a statewide group or is this individual from oklahoma, someone on our own soil killing our own people? >> at this point every evidence indicates it's domestic in nature. how we characterize it will depend on the investigation as it proceeds and we will as i indicated yesterdayed try to provide all complete information as is appropriate consistent with the investigation. >> general reno, timothy mcveigh, is he being charged while he's being and the into federal custody? is he being charged with a federal crime at this point? >> he'll be charged under the
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john doe warrant. >> miss reno -- [ inaudible ] >> i would not comment. >> miss reno, the chairman of the arab-american anti-discrimination committee said this morning that he has literally hundreds of cases of arab-americans and their children in particular being intimidated and harassed in the wake of the outrage in oklahoma city. is the department receiving any of these complaints or do you have anything to say about such alleged conduct? >> what we have said from the beginning every lead must be pursued. there should be no generalization based on somebody's race or ethnic background whatsoever. i have not received any complaints but any complaint that indicates action that this department should take will be pursued. >> he's not complaining about the department, he's talking about the reaction of the average american -- >> as i indicated i have not
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received any of the complaints, but if and when i do we will review them and if there is any action that the department should take we'll certainly do so. >> do you have purposes of identification? >> i would not comment to any matters relating to the investigation. >> you said a traffic violation. can you tell us some details how that occurred? >> i'll relate that to the fbi director. >> there will be an arraignment before a federal judge orma g s or magistrate in the near future. the local arrest was the result of a traffic incident. more details will pair at the arraignment. north of oklahoma city about 60 miles. >> do you know if law enforcement authorities connect him to the explosion after the traffic stop? >> i can't comment on that right
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now. >> will you change procedures in any way? will you do anything differently in the future to prevent a repeat of this incident? >> i wouldn't want to comment on that now. i think what we'll do in cases like this is exactly what we did today. pursue the evidence wherever it takes us. the investigation is still early. many of our findings are preliminary. we have a long way to go to complete the final resolution. >> the arrest was wednesday? >> initial arrest. >> he was in jail? >> yes, sir. >> what can you the tell us about the raid in michigan that's going on and whatever other raids are going on. >> i can't comment on the nature of the investigation. i can discuss that at this point. >> most people are wondering why oklahoma city. can you shed any light on that at all? >> again with respect to motivation there is a lot that has to be done. too preliminary to comment on that. >> when did you notice the prisoner in jail resembles your
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sketch in >> i can't comment it. >> the ease which this bomb is made and farmers have don't do for generation. and there's even a description on the internet how to make these types of bombs. how can the government protect the public when you're talking about such a fast operation. >> large question and large issue. our job together with all the enforcement agencies, treasury, local is to prevent these acts. we do that vigorously daily to the best of our ability. >> can you tell us whether or not the identification of this suspect was a consequence of this department's publication of the composite drawings yesterday? >> i can't comment on it at this time. as i said at the arraignment many more facts will come on. >> were you aware he was in custody? >> no, sir. >> where will he be arraigned. >> most likely before the
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nearest federal magistrate in oklahoma city. >> can you tell us more about the traffic incident? >> no i commented on that. >> is there a group behind these two individuals? >> i can't comment on that. >> was reward a factor at all in information that's been developed >> we got 2,600 calls. many different lead. i couldn't determine that to you right now accurately. >> can you confirm he's off the hook as far as a suspect. >> i reached no conclusion to origin. >> any clue how many people were involved? >> i'm sorry sir. >> any clue how many people were involved. >> i can't comment at this point. >> can you say -- [ inaudible ] has he any criminal record or any public record about him, occupation, military history? >> sorry. >> is it interstate? >> yeah. the person brought back from england has never been a suspect. he's been voluntarily
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cooperating, assisting the government since his return. >> there was a group within the building a target, a specific target from this individual or was it a random act that they just wanted to conduct? >> again as to motivation i can't comment. >> can you tell us the atf have or did it have an office and personnel in that building at the time of the explosion? >> i'll let the director answer it. >> okay. yes, atf has an office on the 9th floor. kind of katy corner across the hall from the secret service and dea. if you look at the front of the building it would be to your left haechbl moon around the corner. 15 of our personnel are in that office. four or five were injured. there's one still in the hospital but none are critically injured. but if you look at that building, it's a case where we were lucky by office assignment in this case.
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>> still missing? >> they all have been accounted for and none dead. >> director -- >> were you asking about the secret service and dea or just atf. >> the atf. >> they've all been accounted for. and all, i'm here to say alive and recovering very well. >> director -- >> unfortunately they are not all accounted for. there were six secret service employees missing, four were injured, two were support personnel. and we're going through the process now of identifying certain bodies that have been recovered and we will refrain from making any kind of public statement about that until we made positive identification of the bodies that have been recovered. i would note there are dea personnel that are missing as well or unaccounted for and same would hold true for them and customs as well. >> is this guy one arrest has he been interviewed? is he cooperating. >> we won't comment.
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>> any white supremacist said their members have been questioned and contend that you yourself are on the hunt for white supremacist. do you have any reaction to their claims? >> only based on the evidence and the law and i just try to apply the law as vigorously as people to people who commit violation of the law that destory of be punished. thank you. >> thank you. you're watching a special edition of american history tv. during the week while members of congress are in their districts due to the coronavirus pandemic. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern we'll tour an exhibit at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum for a look at how the u.s. public and government officials reacted to nazi germany's persecution of jews between 1930 and 15945. american history tv now and over
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the weekend on c-span 3. on april 23rd, 1995, six days after a truck bomb killed 168 people at the alfred p. murrah federal building in oklahoma city a memorial service was held at the city's state fair arena. next a half hour portion of the 90-minute event. first president bill clinton gives remarks followed by reverend billy graham. you can watch the entire undid itted program at [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america bili


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