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tv   Reel America Franklin Roosevelt Funeral United Newsreel - 1945  CSPAN  April 24, 2020 3:46pm-4:00pm EDT

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involvement with key war time issues during world war ii. you're watching american history tv on c-span 3. every saturday night, american history tv takes you to college classrooms around the country for lectures in history. >> why do you all know who lizzie borden is, and raise your hand if you ever heard of this murder, the gene harris murder trial before this class. >> the deepest cause where we'll find the true meaning of the revolution was in this transformation that took place in the minds of the american people. >> so we are going to talk about both of these sides of the story here, right? the tools and the techniques of slave owner power and we will also talk about the tools and the techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. >> watch history professors is lead discussions with students on topics ranging from american revolution to september 11th, and lectures in history on
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c-span3 every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lecture in history on c-span tv and where you listen to podcasts. ♪ from his beloved second home at warm springs, georgia, the body of franklin delano roosevelt moves on the journey of its final resting place. scores of infamous people came
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to his resting place, and the president's dog follows his beloved master. the 31st president of the united states leaves warm springs forever. along the 700-mile route, people gathered to honor president roosevelt and his ideals. ♪ slowly the train backs into union station in the united states capital and awaited by a military guard of honor and the
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late chief executive's family. with justice burns and secretary wallace, president harry s. truman heads the assembly of the nation's leaders. on a six-horse field artillery kason escorted by every branch of the nation's armed forces, the casket passes throngs of grief-stricken americans. and the men of the mighty armed forces which he led marched in slow measured tread in franklin roosevelt's honor. across from the white house in lafayette park, the men, women and children for whom franklin
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roosevelt served so well watched in tearful silence. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> then just before the private white house rites, president roosevelt's casket rests in the east room. here 80 years before lay abraham lincoln. now home again to the garden of his family home in hyde park, new york, comes president roosevelt. here in the old and lovely hudson river estate, which several years ago he bequeathed
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to the people of the united states, remains of a man who has known no parallel in our time will rest forever. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the nation and the world mourn with mrs. roosevelt and her family. ♪ harry s. truman, president of the united states. distinguished senator from the state of missouri for ten years, and vice president since the last national election, mr. truman brings to his new high office an understanding of the gigantic american war effort second only to that of the late president roosevelt. a long record of senatorial leadership, his work was a vital
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factor in the vast allied war effort. and last summer's democratic national convention, harry truman was chosen as candidate for vice president with president roosevelt. his brilliant record included leadership for the reciprocal act and the appeal of the neutrality act. he had consistently given support to the progressive social program of the roosevelt administration. returning to washington with mr. roosevelt, harry truman was nouz the vice president elect. in the first speech after his inauguration, he said peace loving nations must band
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together for the preservation of human progress. this expressed the american program. roosevelt born to wealth and harry truman one-time farm boy were firmly united on that and every other world aid. as the nation is plunged into mourning by president roosevelt's death, harry s. truman becomes president, the seventh vice president to assume the office under similar circumstances and president truman announces that the san francisco conference will go ahead as scheduled. and immediately received the nation's military leaders. war secretary stinson, army chief of staff marshall and admiral king.
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james f. burns high roosevelt aide who took part in the crimea conference, secretary of state, british foreign secretary aidan and ambassador halifax also visit the president. arriving to the joint session of the congress, truman pledges to carry forward the work of roosevelt. >> with great humility i call upon all americans to help me keep our nation united in defense of those ideals which have been so eloquently proclaimed by franklin roosevelt. [ applause ] i want in turn to assure my fellow americans and all of those who love peace and liberty throughout the world that i will
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support and defend those ideals with all my strength and all my heart. so that there can be no possible misunderstanding, both germany and japan can be certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that america will continue the fight for freedom until no vestige of tyranny remains. our demand has been and it remains unconditional surrender. [ applause ] we will face the problems of peace with the same courage that we have faced and mastered the problems of war. in the memory of those who have
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made the supreme sacrifice, in the memory of our fallen president, we shall not fail. [ applause ] ♪ you're watching the special edition of american history tv during the week while members of congress are in their districts due to the coronavirus pandemic. tonight, we look back at presidents who faced crises while in the white house. start at 8:00 p.m. with the program from c-span's book note series. john seigenthaler talks about james k. polk who conducted the war against mexico. enjoy american history tv now and over the weekend on c-span3. every saturday night, american history tv takes you to
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college classroom around the country for lectures in history. >> why too you all know who lizzie borden is and raise your hand if you ever heard of the jane harris trial? >> the deeper revolution took place in the minds of the american people. >> so we'll talk about both sides of the story here. the tools, the techniques of slave owner power and we'll also talk about the tools and techniques of power that were practiced by enslaved people. >> watch history professors lead discussions with their students on topics rangeling from the american revolution to september 11th. lectures in history on c-span3 every saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv and lectures in history is available as a podcast. find it where you listen to podcasts. up next,


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