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tv   Reel America Decade of NATO - 1959  CSPAN  May 12, 2020 9:23am-10:04am EDT

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starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c span 3, online, or listen live with the free c-span radio app. on april 4th, 1949, the north fra atlantic treaty was signed. "decade of nato," celebrating the 10th anniversary of the alliance by profiling the' gog if i and member resources of the country. the united states army presents "the big picture." armed forces and for the
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american people. now to show you part of the big picture, here is sergeant stewart. >> in recent years on the big picture television series, we have been pleased to report on the progress of nato. today we turn to the same subject, however this time in a film produced by nato and narrated by edward r. morrow. it is a story about the north atlantic treaty since it's birth more than ten years ago. in this organization we have developed a deterrent and retaliatory capability of great constructive power. we are all partners and having an appropriate part to play in international security. today, tomorrow, and for the
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indeterminant future. december 16th, 1957, a date to remember. for the first time 15 chiefs of government gather around one table. eisenhower, mac millen, benderez, dr. conrad. these men in their countries have sometimes been at war with each other. often they have been united against a common enemy. but here at nato for the first time in history, they're united in peace and for peace. >> they can exercise their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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peace is built of hope, dreams, hard work, paper, and steel. as well as details for organization. that is the job of the permanent s secertariate of nato. nato's work for peace goes on daily in the permanent council. the leaders of nato are chosen for their own ability and not for the size and the power of their countries. belgium, one of the smallest nations, provided their secretary general.
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these men represent more than 400 million people. people as diverse in background and in their way of life.
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old lattimore, the small partner with castles out of a fairy tale. there is nothing imaginary about it's fabulous steel industry. the steel production per capita is the highest in the world. the people's of these three small countries, belgium, the netherlands, and luxembourg have formed a union. a wheat field, a cathedral, old france. there is a new france, alive
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with energy, with the biggest stations in europe. and the fastest trains in the world. mass production in the land of the artisan. power and beauty in modern france. from the joy of life to the preservation of life, france, the country of pasture. paris, open to students of all colors and all nations. the oldest democracy in the world. the british commonwealth and nearly half of the free world's
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trade. but britain is one of the world's leading atomic powers. britains like nothing better than a hard fought game. a sim boymbol of the unity of n britain. the queen opens the session of parliament in canada with the same authority as at home. the commonwealth is the largest association of free men in world's history. britain and germ any fought two term worlds. and the salesman town is the new
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capital. berlin is now a valiant outpost. a beacon to those who live in the grey silent of the earn plains. there are still tens of thousands of refugees in europe. the entire world has been astonished by the resurgence in germany. nowhere is the contrast wean the old and the new so striking as in an gent roam. . >> this is --
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>> faith in italy's future burns bright. they have been building a strong new industry. . aitalian cars are in demand throughout the world. everyone is riding scooters. italian vehicles of types speed down the road.
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with copenhagen one of the most popular. clen cleanlyness is a way of life for the danes. high timber and the midnight sun. it is a rug ged they are tranqul
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and unhurried. yet just beyond their homes, the soviet order, and the barned wires of a very different world. iceland does not have an army, but it is an invaluable base. on the great circle loop between european and american partners in nato. they feel strongly about their position. freedom to disagree is one of the basic human freaedoms.
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one of the basic freedoms of a free alliance. slave nations do not quarrel. they do as they're told. nowhere in the borld does freedom fly higher or wider than in canada. one of the youngest nato nations. canada is fertile, rich, and generous. canadians sent the fruit of their labor and the fields to europe. the largest land mass in nato combines terrain and harsh
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conditions. british and french influences are roots of modern canada. and across the frontier, the united states. in america more than america, a early european common day tor. i sought the image of democracy itself with it's inclination, characters, prejudices, and passions. the image of democracy is often distorted. the world is fascinated by american power and rarely looks upon the other faces of america. the libraries of it's great universities, it's arts, it's rich and diverse culture.
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the free expression of it's citizens. there informality a religious heritage, and the tradition of sport. a hard pick. and hard work. owned by millions of stock stockholde stockholders. it is a vital part of life and a contribution to nato. their products, their factorief,
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fields, rivers mean variety and an easier life. freedom and movement. these are important to americans. from the new world to the hold, a journey through the ages. . fishermen have been pulling their boats down to the seat for centuries. some of the great exporers of history opening new routes to the west. old traditions, but modern roads, modern homes, a modern
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capital. the most an gentle, athens. a beloved beautiful birthplace of the most glorious culture the world has ever known. this an gent alliance of greek city states successfully resisted the threat of aggression from the's, but they quarrelled m eled among themsel the glory that was grease died. today modern athens is alive with new life and new vigor. and just across the order, turkey. facing directly on the soviet
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union, summturkey is faced with perils but alive with new vigor. and everywhere one sees people busy learning new ways. many years ago, turkey tore off the veil. building a new nation. hoping some day to be free of ancient fear. fear may have been the cement of nato, but hope is the super c l sculpture and freedom it's faith. men may argue and quarrel, and buycommunist papers, for in the
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atlantic decade, freedom has prevail prevailed. since nato was formed, not one foot of free soil has been lost. the post world war began with a hunger for peace and home. but this illusion started to set in early after the war.
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liberation brought slavery to some countries. but there was some brave men left in the east. after prague, a new target, berlin. 1948, a year of fear. the person people's had not wanted this. but this time the west acted. this time foresighted men
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decided to join together in a new alliance. an alliance in which all were equal and the state, western civilization. nato was born. soldiers in a cold war reluctantly fold to guard an arm and not give up. a top military headquarters outside of paris. a new nato alliance. from here, they started the planning that was resulting in a conflict. >> in norway, the northern
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command. an integrated international staff. dames and norwegians. in france, central european command. here there is a commander in chief with his three commanders for land, sea, and air. the base for the american sixth fleet. today headquarters for the forces of five nato countries. and in the united states, the supreme ally command atlantic home of the u.s. navy and
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international headquarters on american soil. a similar poll of new unity in the western world. and on the on conquerable island, the royal navy with their continental allies must keep open the ports of europe. and in north wood, the navel forces assisting in the task by their air force. in 1952, two new nations joined the alliance. turkey and greece, recent storm centers of communist threats.
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and in 1955, the federal republic joined nato. eisenhower said fair well. reasserting america's commitment for the defense of europe. they are acting and planning together. and learning to work together, men and women of the alliance learned a common language.
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and now people moving slowly working in about 28 inches. it was hard going for nato in the early going. men had to break ground to build airfields. they have delayed pipelines to feed the machinery of the alliance. a unique experiment in neutral experience in time of peace.
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and the result was powerful.
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if he has grown to be 10 years old. indeed, if he and other children are strong, healthy and free, it is at least, in part, because nato was born with him.
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♪ >> the big picture is an official report for the armed forces and the american people. produced by the army pictorial center. presented by the department of the army, in cooperation with this station.
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we're live from capitol hill, waiting for today's senate health committee to get under way. dr. fauci and redfield, along with other task force members of the coronavirus are expect ed t testify.
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this is expected to get under way shortly.
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we're live from capitol hill waiting for the senate health committee to get under way. doctors fauci and redfield, along with other members of the coronavirus task force team are expected to testify. this will get under way shortlyi
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