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tv   Reel America Wonderful World - 1959  CSPAN  May 23, 2020 10:46pm-11:31pm EDT

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counter cola a multinational history of the global corporation, the 1959 coca-cola travel film "wonderful world" was translated into nine languages and some 2,000 prints were distributed to be shown for free. next on "reel america" coke's visit to six continents as they celebrate world cultures and well-known tourist locations. and also suggesting that people everywhere drink coca-cola. the colorful film was produced by detroit's jam handy company, makers of thousands of educational, promotional, and industrial films from the 1930's through the 1970's. from the earliest edges of
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recorded time people have sought to make more of their lives than satisfying the everyday necessities of food and drink, clothing and shelter. the universal desire for something beautiful. something ordered and in good taste is expressed in the architecture, the arts, sports, the varying patterns of hospitality. in these designs for living, there are impressive parallels everywhere. in this truly wonderful world.
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as americans, we are proud of our skyscrapers. great steel, stone and glass etched against the skyline. nothing is more american of course than baseball, the great american game that brings young their together to share enthusiasm. it's hip for sure, and how the fans do love it. the rolling country side of new england with its rugged sea coast towns reminds us of the old worlds from wednesday our forebearers came.
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sailing ships that traverse the sailing seas still haunt our dreams of adventure. our forebearers in dedication to the enlistening spirit of man erected harvard in the early years of their settlement upon this continent. a monument to the universal ideal of education as a uniting force for people everywhere. people everywhere of course follow parallel pursuits of
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happiness. in canada, the crown of ospitality is afforded chateau in quebec. the constant quest of humanity -- the old and the new join in special significance. parliament in canada. and parliament in great britain stand out as sentinels to an ever flowering tradition of freedom everywhere. westminster abbey in london bespeaks a majesty echoed in the exciting parade of the guards at buckingham palace. the friendly inns of england, the public houses with signs of
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hospitality calling up the good cheer and the great bounty of common fellowship. we seek good times galore. signs of hospitality, yes indeed. and it was in the inn yards of england that the stage of hakespeare had its beginnings. art , romeo, wherefore though thousand, romeo? shakespeare. immortal shakespeare. filled with meaning today as ever in the past. his plays are still the thing in stratford, his home place. in the cloistered quiet that is oxford, symbolized the universal idea of the oneness of mankind. people everywhere are certainly one in the love of sport.
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in england, it's horse racing with the added delight of a day in the country. there's more gentle pleasure in the boat trip on the seines. did you know that the original statue of liberty stands within sight of the eiffel tower? the architectural magnificence of nortedarme bespeaks majesty rom any angle. the champs-elysees bubbles with excitement in every sidewalk cafe, good living and the joy of life. they are as much monuments to french culture as the arc de riomphe.
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[music] decidedly more than an operata. it is the spirit of the city of light, the french spirit. you there in that elegant restaurant, what is the piese did he resistance? something delectable. something french. something ultimate in cuisine. the french spirit reverb rates from a cobblestone pavements of monument to the restful gardens of the louvre. the louvre with its celebrated art treasures is the dream of every painter in france.
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a loud and beautiful country side reflected again and again in the french masters. but every boy in france dreams of the tour de france. every town and village turns out to cheer the cyclists whizzing by. in europe, they live in easy harmony with the old and the new. whether it is magnificent houses of the guild rising in medieval splendor in the grand of russless -- of brussels and belgium, the quiet canals of amsterdam in the netherlands or the busy downtown streets, the 20th century rub shoulders with the pleasant past. the town hall of stockholm in sweden looks across the water
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at modern structures, crisp and clean in line as sailing paths. every youngster in sweden dreams of voyaging the seven seas. hospitality swedish style is the smorgasbord. come and get it entertaining. help yourself to something of everything. and then come back for more of everything. his is the life. quick living is around the orld at universal. in germany, as wellser in europe, modern structures are rising in modern devotion to freedom of form. in germany, elsewhere in
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europe, soccer, the football in europe is a favorite sport. [music] rough and tumble and rugged. yes, indeed. and fans will be fans wherever you find them. the rhine valley spells the enchanltment of song and story. legends at every turn of the river. cattle it seems on every mountaintop. the echoing past hovers over memorable heidelburg and the
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hiddleberg lion, symbol of the university -- heidelburg lion, symbol of the university. the symbol of yuringt universal in the ageless world of learning, and not always serious, especially between classes. the german word for the good life. gemudlicht with the country tunes and the country dances abound with it. the conviviality, the exuberance, the transcending goodwill of just plain folk. the rhythms change from place to place. but the spirit is everywhere the same. they swing their partners. even as the fabulous town clock in munich. or do you prefer a bit of
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medieval tournament? in vienna, the opera is the musical hub of the city. the great masters are always with you. and the world waltzes because f johan strauss. [music]
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it is festival here. festival of the spirit for all the world. and boy meets girl in austria s anywhere else. dreams of the alps perhaps. the swiss alps where even in the hottest summer weather the snow encrusts the lofty mountain ranges. when boy meets girl, the dreams are of tomorrow. always tomorrow. and in italy, a favorite dream aria dering an operatic or sightseeing along the grand canal in venice.
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demark square live with pigeons at feeding time. every tourist of course investigates the romance of a ride in a gondola. gondola. or seeking out the treasures of the art world. the masterpieces of centuries past. beautiful florence. like the eternal city that is rome where the ecclesiastical splendor of the renaissance completely enthralls the imagination. the dome of st. peter's rises
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upwards. the the topmost pinnacle, centuries that are rome spread out in everlasting beauty. the play of the fountain. square.tain is in every every turn of every street. the romance that is rome. what the backdrop of the arch of classicine, or the quiet of ancient rome. ♪ the mediterranean world is a festival world. young and old join in the fun, dancing in the streets engage carnival spirit. pamplona and spain combines its festival with the national sport.
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♪ bulls charge through the narrow streets. everybody imagines himself a matador. there is rough-and-tumble free-for-all in the arena before the professionals take over. ♪ >> then all is impressive dignity. colorful, yet dangerous. ♪
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the crowd is quick to recognize during that is real. -- daring that israel. in pamplona, there is gaiety and enjoyment on these bright afternoons. not, the delight of spain continues. ♪ always in some sunny courtyard there are the haunting strains of spanish music -- strings of spanish music. spanish music is more controlled, more formal than some. the rhythms change from place to place, but the spirit everywhere
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is the same. ♪ that leads us into the enchantment of the east. ♪ much of the enchantment is time immemorial. as of old, the caravan still journeys from the desert wastes. storytellerse gather in a rapture circle around them to hear legends more remote than the arabian nights. the poetry and the tall tales of the ages handed down by word-of-mouth from generation to generation. here is theater in the round, and in the original. here likewise is the news of the day, the gossip, the good joke,
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the glad tidings. ♪ stand at theets beginnings of civilization. yes, it is like casablanca. more and more there are modern homes. modern, yet with accidents ancient and design. -- in design. the occasion for a celebration calls for lamb in this part of the world. the breaking of bread is a ritual and thanks for the bounty of good food and good friends. to the arabs, hospitality is not overly a way of life -- only a way of life. it is a profound business practice. there are times of the pleasantries, the little courtesies that make life enjoyable.
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people relax in the bizaar before this strenuous temptations of buying and selling. time must wait for the talk of the town, even in modern cities like cairo in egypt. minarets and mosques reflect the spiritual strivings of the muslims in the way churches and cathedrals and temples do elsewhere in the world. a ride up the nile is a right of the corridor of history -- ride up the corridor of history. the sphinx, and the pyramids. monuments enduring. monuments silent. guardians to the enchantment of the east. ♪
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up you go, junior. and, into the tombs of ancient kings. the valley of the nile bespeaks the dawn of recorded time, built indeed for the ages. some of the most ancient relics in the world. ♪ africa is a continent of striking contrasts. [waterfall sounds]
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beyond the falls, there are miles upon miles of dense jungle and uncharted -- the greatest reserve of wild animals in the world. enough to enliven the tall tales of any continent. ♪ here also linger such primitive art forms as the tribal dance. symbolic animal skins, feathers, amulets. the markings of tribal ritual.
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almost withinalmost within earse resounding drums -- ♪ the national memorial in cape town honors the pioneers who built a new world upon this continent. there are gracious reminders of the customs and traditions of the european ancestors. the family outing is a picnic. there are beaches and coves galore an in cape town harbor. boy meets girl at the appointed rocks where the atlantic ocean meets the indian ocean. ♪ course, this was a further fashioning of the fabric of enchantment. adorned is the taj
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mahal. like the splendor of eastern satins.d boy meets girl on the wedding day. won't you join this polite reception? the guests enjoy a lavish spread brightened by all manner o enticing spices. the bride and groom are enthroned on this happy day of days. poet kipling wrote that "east is east and west is do meet inhe twain the governments of freeman everywhere." new delhi symbolizes the new india. striving forward with this idea. for so many different people, so many different religions and
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philosophies. at the university of malaya and singapore, there is again that spirit of youth universal. serious, but not too serious. even the newest leaders of some of the oldest civilizations on earth can't be too sober about the prospect. ♪ there is an intricacy in eastern craftsmanship that defies the world and its patterns of protection -- perfection. yet it is joyous. in bangkok, there is a positive gaiety and the temples themselves. ♪ this is thailand, of course. also known as the happy land. the land of peace. the sound of temple bells
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tingling are heard all day and all night. ♪ dancing in thailand is more controlled, more formal than dancing anywhere in the world. ♪ how different the rhythm. yet how similar the spirit. ♪ nightlights in hong nightlightg sparkle like jewels -- -- ahh.cuisine is an absolute triumph of the culinary arts. a chinese restaurant teases the
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pallet with tantalizing sweet and sour combinations. rice is the base, of course. never like and home for many millions in the orient is a float aboard the junks that jammed the harbor of every seaport. living is a delightful ceremony. entertaining guests and engaging ritual. -- an engaging ritual. ♪ the japanese garden brings the outdoors indoors so nature is a permanent cast in the japanese
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home. ♪ people are naturally formal in all the arts. japanese players are born to the traditions of the japanese theater. and here they enact a bloody tragedy with the internal plot of good and evil. the audience is truly moved by the symbolic spectacle. ♪ the philippines are known as the pearl of the orient. is aapital, manila, thriving and busy metropolis. is a wonderful x ration of hospitality extended. theoming guests whenever
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occasion is special. special indeed is this dance. ♪ life,mboo, the symbol of the man's the nimble of foot and they had. -- the head. ♪ in hawaii, it is the hula of course. ♪ the luau party direction the polynesian feast from the far islands of the pacific where nature is so kind so much of the year. foot, indeed. life?ys is a dog's
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♪ australians also have a great love of water sports. the island continent is another pioneer country, and seven seas away from its european heritage. it is celebrated in the heat of midsummer, which can mean a trip to see the ever popular whoifiers -- koala bears live only in this part of the world. in their friends, the lively kangaroo. friends, the lively kangaroo. best of all is a trip to the beach to escape the 90 degree christmas temperatures. ♪
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from the far islands of the pacific, in craft no larger than 30 feet came the legendary inhabitants of the coast of south america. weather factor fable, they civilization dazzled the spanish conquistadors. here in peru rose the civilization of the incas. the remains of their architectural achievements still puzzle archaeologists. ♪
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the children play the ancient tunes handed down from memory. since when, nobody knows. ♪ it is rugged riding, especially at roundup time. ♪ small wonder polo is a favorite sport here. small wonder the argentine has brought some of the greatest teams in the world. ♪ how the fans do enjoy it. excitement every tense moment of
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play. hosts thes aires whiting street in the world, and exciting structures throughout the modern metropolis. americatries of south are more pioneer countries, and the early settlers endured the hardship of pioneering in much the same way as elsewhere. ♪ routed by tradition and the europe of spain and portugal, naturally there are reminders of that tradition in cities like montevideo in uruguay. here, as elsewhere however, there is the modern accent and architecture -- in architecture. sao paulo in brazil constructs with a passion for modern materials. ♪
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famed copacabana and rio de janeiro. here too the beaches are crowded on christmas day, for this too is land south of the equator. rio de janeiro, with its somber rhythms, different from any and all the world. but the spirit not unlike the carnival spirit of people everywhere. ♪ [applause] ♪ rio de janeiro, with famed sugar. morel the world, surely no inviting or hospitable harbor.
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in north and south america alike there are many monuments to christopher columbus. but here on the caribbean island in the dominican republic is the legendary resting place of the discoverer of this new world. this new world, so strikingly modern and so much of the architecture wherever you go. the first prize of the spanish can keep the doors was the -- can keys to doors -- conquistadors was the pearl of the antilles. so bright and intriguing. ♪
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the goldeneamed of mexic -- gold in mexico, but he never reached mexico city. many are the remains of the civilization his followers found their. the civilization of the aztecs that rivaled the end because of peru. here are pyramids rivaling those of ancient egypt. archaeological -- some of the ceremonial dances are preserved to this day,
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rigorously reenacted on special occasions. ♪ the basic rhythms echo elsewhere around the world. ♪ the ancient culture, with its many legends and art symbols isn't the works of many modern artists. the new structures on the new campus on the university of mexico, the oldest university in the americas. and the new structures on the busy avenues of modern mexico city are definitely rooted in the waves of light that make latins latin. behind the high garden walls there is gracious living that encompasses all the decorative arts for which mexico is famous, past and present.
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here is hospitality latin style. the profusion of good things to enjoy and in such good taste. anything untilen you have seen the daring high divers of acapulco. ♪ death. modern acapulco. renowned as a resort throughout the world. ♪ conquistadors stretched their domain as far as san francisco and california, where the golden gates offers an eternal and openhearted welcome. ♪ mark therep of the are magnificent views of the
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city and its bridges. ♪ the hills provide roller coaster excitement. ♪ [bells] the golden west was also pioneered. it is delightfully commemorated today in the old-time streets of disneyland. ♪ like the streets of many western cities echo with the pageantry of the past. here is carnival, american-style. [crowd noise] 'em cowboy is excitement in
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any language. em, cowboy. yes, ride 'em, cowboy. easy now. your trail is beauty beyond words. ♪ from the dramatic sweep of the to the quiet majesty of the canadian rockies, here is a wonderland of nature unsurpassed anywhere in the world. to the quiet mounties are thenadianthe legey symbol of law and order in this vast domain. paradise alle
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sportsmen dream about. the aroma of the fresh catch sizzling in the skillet. the camp fire cookery of the old and new wild west. man alive, this is the life. this indeed is the life. whether it is canoeing on lake louise, or sailing on the great lakes, a world of adventure is ours for the asking. and within easy reach of our great cities. chicago. st. louis, where the wide missouri joins the mississippi.
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down the mississippi in this version of the legendary riverboat. home is we go, undoubtedly best of all. ♪ the family circle, with a few friends invited over for a backyard barbecue holds a charm for us like few others in the world. hospitality is a tradition with us, too. stepping out from the home of the first family in the land. we, the people. yes, we the people all think our lucky stars. privilegeshts, the -- ♪
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goodwill dreams of reflected in so many places. everywherey others in this truly wonderful world. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] ♪ [birds chirping]
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>> this is american history tv featuring events, interviews, archival films, and visits the college classrooms, museums, and historic places. exploring our nation's past every weekend on c-span3. >> each week, american history tv's "american artifacts" business is to workplaces. up next, we traveled to new orleans to visit the national world war ii museum and hear about their world -- wrote to berlin exhibit. exhibit.o berlin


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