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tv   Reel America All- American News March 1944  CSPAN  May 24, 2020 11:53pm-12:01am EDT

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vietnam, with round table discussions, tour, archival films, and interviews. exploring our nation's past at 8:00 a.m. eastern on memorial day here on c-span3. >> american history tv is on social media. history.s @cspan ♪ all american youth, bring to our people's constitution for america and freedom. ♪ happy birthday to you. that is what it says. the occasion is the 100th birthday of misses lucy berry smith of louisville, kentucky, and the ame church is the scene. mrs. smith makes a wish and blows out 100 candles, but in
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three puffs. mrs. barry's grandson gets the first slice of the lovely cake. with the family, that night there was a reception for her with hundreds of towns people attending. mrs. berry was born in 1865. may she have many more birthdays is everybody's wish. yes, just 100 years young. ♪ >> the atlanta daily world and the negro newspaper publishers association are for the first time -- have obtained for the first time full accreditation to the white house press conferences of the president. in this critical period in our history, this move is important and significant. to be able to obtain news
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information firsthand from this important source is an accomplishment for which the daily world and the publishers association deserve praise and commendation. it is my good fortune to be selected as their white house correspondent. i am not unaware of the responsibilities this honor carries with it. ♪ >> the 34th annual indoor track and field championship of the intercollegiate conference athletic association are being staged. the winner of the 60 yard dash. the heat is on. young men won three events. the low hurdles, plenty of champs in this one. competition is tough.
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but young is again the winner. another champ from michigan. brian mcdonald, ohio, and arthur robert kelly, university of illinois. and still another one from iowa. ♪ the police boys club has some real boxers, believe it or not. if you do not believe it, look at this. athletics is important for this organization. there is great enthusiasm in the stands. the club is made up of schoolboys who govern themselves and help keep the law. even help enforce it in set of -- instead of breaking it. the windup is a one-handed free-for-all. ♪
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the end of the all american bowling sweepstakes in indianapolis, indiana. $1000 in prizes were posted. some real bowlers compete for the award. fans encourage the players with lots of cheer. boilers -- bowlers from columbus, toledo, louisville, as well as indianapolis came to be take part in this tournament. many other scholars looked on. the girls showed plenty of class. it is going to be a strike. it sure is. in the face of tough competition, 11 negro place, most of them first. the scorekeepers are kept busy. the first and second prize winners are both negroes, and they receive cash awards. ♪
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>> the united states navy in action. the objective is the islands. next up in our chain of victories, leading forces to tokyo. they bombard the jap fleet. ♪ the landing party receives instructions. it will not be long now. the barrage continues. this island is 127 miles from japan. , as far asor comfort the enemy is concerned. under the head of the naval fire, these boys can make a landing.
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yes, and take the island. our troops are no further from japan than chicago to los angeles. our folks draw closer. at the landing, our men are ashore. they do not know what they will find, but they can depend upon one thing. this is no picnic. the how many japs infest brush and hide in trees cannot be determined. ♪ essential supplies are successfully landed. >> observe the great caution which with or boys approach the japan pill box. they may open fire. general mack arthur lands. he is mighty proud of this
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conquest. a dead jap, typical of thousands slain in this battle. a decisive victory for mack arthur's men. and back to the philippines. >> this is american history tv on cspan3. for each weekend we feature 48 hours of programs exploring our nation's past. >> next on the presidency, we revisit first lady jacqueline kennedy's televised whitehouse tour from february 14, 1962 and her extensive restoration of the executive manages. this 2012 presentation of the john f. kennedy presidential library and muhammad marked the 50th anniversary of the tour nd later awarded an honorary alabama. then william allman talks about the work and the white house


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