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tv   House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Holds News Conference  CSPAN  June 25, 2020 5:48pm-6:06pm EDT

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house speaker nancy pelosi spoke with reporters on police
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reform, house minority leaders kevin mccarthy spoke to reporters about the speaker's "getting away with murder" comment. >> good morning. >> good morning. welcome back. so, today marks one month since george floyd's death. senator tim scott and congressman pete stall very developed an impactful reform. this should have been a week to show the nation that we could come together to solve problems. if you had any doubts that the democrats were never interested in working together to reach a solution, speaker pelosi dispelled it yesterday. if you recall, two weeks ago we were in this exact room, and sochl you pushed me to say what
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my red lines were in the democratic bill. it was jake continuing to ask. but jake actually made it clear in the playbook pm, i didn't want what i may have disagreed with to get in the way i literally said, i would not point out where i disagree because i want to find places we can agree. i want to make law. contrast to house speaker pelosi responded to senator tim scott. she said, republicans are trying to get away with murder. the murder of george floyd. tim scott has now -- not been working on this bill for one month, this has been a life passion of tim with his own personal life experience. that's why you found his success with opportunity zones or funding black colleges. her words are reprehensible. this is actually a new low for
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speaker pelosi when it comes to just trying to score a point with her newly radical base. thanks for one moment, this is the speaker of the house of representatives. the job as speaker is too big for words so small one. does anyone in her conference stand by her on these words? do they call tim scott wanting to get away with murder? contrast to what happened in the senate yesterday, simple requests to get on the bill where you can start debating to become law. democrats said they would read amendments, first five is going to be good enough, no. 20 amendments just to start to debate contrast what we see here from committee to floor not one republican amendment is
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going to be allowed. never consulted us on the creation of this bill. i've reached out to those on the democrats side explaining that i wanted to make law, i wanted to work together and i still do. the only place this is a holdup is the democrats partisanship to try to make this political instead of finding the solution. schumer has no reason why not to debate the bill. even being given 20 amendments. name me one amendment republicans are being offered to even debate on the floor, not one. name me one amendment that it democrats allowed in committee. name me one meaning the democrats had in crafting their bill with anybody on the other side. and then the words of the speaker. america expects more and
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deserves more. perhaps the speaker is being silent on the riders -- writers and criminals who controlled the face of the heroes and the history of our country and assault innocent innocence because she wants to appease the radical left. the statue of saints in the speaker's own district was destroyed. i joined the speaker in praying with pope francis in front st. stereo statue in 2015. when the mob wanted to destroy a, she condoned it like she never heard of saint sarah. a bit like peter's denial. and this week in wisconsin, criminals took down the statues of an abolitionist who died fighting to end slavery during the civil war and lady forward, a symbol of women's suffrage movement. worst, they physically
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assaulted a democrat state senator kicking him in the head, knocking him out cold. so much for peaceful protest at the speaker continues to celebrate. civil society cannot survive with this type of lawlessness. if cities and state leadership 's failed to uphold the rule of law, congress should move to withhold their funding. the time for warnings have lapsed. order will be restored. republicans have spoken up and the silence on the left have been deafening. it's time to restore this nation and rebuild it and the way you do that is you start by passing a bipartisan bill that will become law. you look at tim scott's, you look at the democrats, 70, 80% were is in both bills. this is the moment in time that
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we should rise to the occasion and all my language, and all my work has been simply for that to have a solution the. but with the speaker, it's been all politics putting us on a course for failure. with that, let me open up for questions. yes, ma'am. >> mr. mccarthy, yesterday republicans indicated that the president needs a key strategy and perhaps -- if he wants to win reelection. does he need to change the strategy? >> look, i think the president's best strategies are working to. i know his opponent, biden has not come out. what his plan for the economy? who's best to rebuild this economy? who's best to stand up to china? who's best to put the best days in front of us? i think president trump will win overwhelmingly, simply on that. let's start the debate. i know joe biden wants to fear for abate, he shouldn't fear. let's talk about ideas. what idea has joe biden put out
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there? the sooner that campaign starts, the sooner the numbers will go up. >> the polls are devastating for the president, so believe in the polls are not, what did the president need to do get that money? to change -- >> look, i think the easiest thing to do is you simply talk with the issues and look at the plan, put both plans up and i know the president will win reelection. who is best to rebuild the economy? because you've seen both men. you've seen on a condo me under biden and you've seen an economy under trump. the strongest economy you've ever had for every walk of life and still a virus from a foreign distant land that we did not invite or did not request hit us but we will rebuild and we will restore and we will be stronger. yes? >> the democrat bill --
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>> no. >> what are the next steps? >> well the first thing we should do, we should go to conference. schumer should allow the senate bill to be debated and go to conference just like anything else with any other issue. if they do not, it's simply shows that they are playing politics. i'm interested where my own senator, i know her craving to be a vice president made a political decision yesterday to not even allowed to be debating. how did she answer all those in california that maybe crave to have some reform? how did she answer to the floyd family that she would not even debate the issue are allowed to come up? because that's what that vote was, it was a purely political vote. and that's wrong. yes? >> on another topic, the senate voted last week on this major public lands package, it's backed by the president, it's going to come up on the floor
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at the end of next month. some of your republican colleagues -- do you support it? >> yes, i think it will be signed into law. it's time we fund our parks. it's something that we've been working towards for quite some time. yes? >> when the house judiciary committee considered the equality act, they rejected an amendment that would not require biological females and biological males -- to biological males be allowed to play sports? >> that becomes the real challenge. i have a daughter, it becomes a fairness issue and i think that's a real problem and i think that's wrong just as many others throughout this country do as well. yes? >> there's been the politicization of big crowds depending on whether or not you approve of the reason for the crowd gathering, so i just want to ask you more broadly do images of tens of thousands of people together whether it be for a george floyd protest or whether it be for a gathering
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that the president had or rallied, you think those images are making americans complacent about coronavirus, about social distancing, giving the past week we've seen cases in hostilities shuns rise? >> i know we are coming a couple of weeks after all of these protests and i know they get passionate. i watch them on tv where i see people screaming and remember we learned something new about this virus every day. and we understand that that's one of the ways you will catch it and how close people are together. i remember seeing in l.a. a drone go over where thousands of people standing right next to one another for long periods of time and then i just watch california spike, what, 70% that we have seen before and you know it takes almost up to 14 days anywhere from three to 14 before you see the spike and that's around the timing of this happening. it was concerning to me that that would take place, so no matter whether you are in a big crowd or a small crowd, we should all remember, continue
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to wash your hands, social distancing, wearing the mask and others. i think those are the best ways as we move through this. also, let's make sure we learn from the mistakes of what happened in new york. let's look after our most honorable. what is happening in these nursing homes overwhelmingly the deaths that were caused by that where we watched governors pushing people into these nursing homes. i have a nursing home problem my own district. let's learn from the mistakes what we saw happen in new york. let's take care of those most vulnerable going forward. now we are finding after these protests we are having a spike when it comes to younger people as well. it is a real concern and it should be for all. yes? >> one police reform, mr. mcconnell rejected that the house proposal pretty much as soon as you heard it that you saw senator schumer what he had to say about tim scott's bill. it seems that neither side is willing to give -- >> senator dermot? >> yes. >> who won america supports
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that? who would in america thinks tim scott in the eating his life and spending his commitment on the experiences he had even as a u.s. senators, tim scott was stopped, questioned whether he was a senator when he had a senate panel on, they asked him who he took it from. and the speaker of this house claims that tim scott from is allowed murder when he's committed in his life to make a difference? that's appalling to me. durbin saying it's a token. that's appalling to me. or the idea that democrats on the senate side were not even allow the bill to come up. do they care about the issue? or do they want to play politics when? a simple example would be amendments on this side as well. you have enough people, you have shadow voting where you got all these votes in your pocket so the people don't even have to be here on the your
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side! you are guaranteed to win! but you are guaranteeing you are not going to solve the problem by what they are doing and that's appalling to me and it's unacceptable. >> given the rhetoric on both sides, do you think the issue of police reform is effectively dead for the year? >> i don't get to determine that. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, because of the rules of the senate and they both apparently made a decision to kill these bills. that will not stop us from working, trying to solve it. thankfully the president took executive order action otherwise there would be no change. yes? >> the president has been describing the coronavirus and calling it the covid flu, is at the appropriate way to characterize the coronavirus? >> do you think that's the most pressing issue you have about the coronavirus? >> think about that. >> i know, what i'm thinking about is why is that your most pressing issue as a question when we just seen a spike in coronavirus, you're concerned about somebody under the way
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they named it. that's appalling to me. you know what, i think we should all focus, learn more about this disease and stop this virus. but every time i've come here, you've always had those type of questions. it's interesting to me if that's what your viewers care most about because you know what -- i >> don't say if it's racism. >> you know my most constituents care about? their safety and their health and if you want to debate what's it called and what it's not, that's not what they are debating. they want to make sure they say a vaccine for it and that's what we are moving towards. therapies forward and you see great movement. we've done things this country has never done when it comes to the fda and others. so no, that's not my biggest concern, my biggest concern is the safety of americans and that's what i look forward to. >> will testing be ramped up? >> thank you very much i appreciate it.
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>> during the summer months, reach out to elective officials with c-span's congressional directory. it contains all the contact information you need to stay in touch with members of congress, federal agencies and state governors. order your copy online today at c-span store .org. >> first ladies, influence an image on american history tv examines the private lives and public rows of the nation's first ladies through interviews with top historians. monday night, we look at edith rows felled and helen taft. edith rose felt, along with her husband theodore became the first president and first lady to travel abroad while in office when they made a trip to panama. and how untapped for the first first lady to ride with the president in the inaugural parade.
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watch first ladies influence in image monday at 8 pm eastern on american history tv on c-span 3. >> lawmakers recently discuss the best ways to ease financial burdens for those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. they heard from witnesses who shared solutions like work from home programs and unemployment insurance extension to help those impacted. this house select subcommittee on the coronavirus hearing is two hours. >> with objection, the chair authorized to declare a recess of committee in time. i now recognize myself for the opening statement. today, the select subcommittee is holding our first official hearing which bills


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