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tv   End of World War II 75th Anniversary  CSPAN  September 27, 2020 2:00pm-2:26pm EDT

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>> on september 2nd, 1945, government and military officials from japan signed surrendered documents in peace ceremony aboard the uss missouri in tokyo bay. formally bringing world war ii to a close. japanese emperor had announced japan's surrender earlier in 1945. to mark the 75th anniversary the friends of the world war ii memorial hosted a online commemorative program including remarks from gen.
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mark milley and nbc author tom brok. >> good morning, money is jane droppa and -- the proud mother of a world war ii veteran, -- victory over japan day. or vj day the allied victories in the pacific in the end of world war ii, the deadliest conflict in human history. 75 years have passed since millions of people around the globe celebrated the end of world war ii. thank you for joining us to celebrate our world war ii veterans who served overseas. all of those who served on the home front and our allies who together helped defeat tyranny, preserve freedom and literally save the world. the front of the national world war two memoriam your friends online commemorations is a small nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor and preserve the national memory of world war ii, and to create the next
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greatest generation of tomorrow. the ceremonies taking place throughout the day today are part of the friends for a year world war ii 75th anniversary commemoration, which began on pearl harbor day 2016. friends is the only organization to have hosted a full four year 75th anniversary tribute, marking every major battle in which american troops participated during world war ii. >> lord please be honored here as we present our gratitude to you as well as the sacrificial he rose in the allied forces indexes powers in the pacific. as we in the u.s. officially recognize this victory in the signing of the representatives -- 75 years ago today may lead to redress in this action as it officially ended the deadliest and most expensive set of hostilities that humans have ever experienced on planet earth, and thus finalizing world war ii. may he, their supporters consisting a family members and
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friends in their progeny be blessed on account of their sacrifices made to foil the tyrannical plans of a potentially one world dominating government, which was primarily led by the nationalist socialist party also known as the nazi party and could joining powers. in commemoration of this the honorable meaningful and historically informative, i prefer this in the name of all names. amen. >> when we commemorate in the 2nd of september the signing of missouri in tokyo bay of the set rendered instrument in which the imperial japanese empire surrendered to the united states, we were represented principally by general douglas mcarthur and chief admiral -- the surrender was long and controversial.
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the decision in japan wins much contradicted and much worrying i guess i could call yet from various organizations in various parts of the pacific that's not happening. of course current surrender aside eventually observed officially (inaudible) a few days later and that was the end of the war. remember we commemorate soldiers and marines who served and died there, the people that we honor and remember today. to use a quotation of winston churchill, succeeding generations must not forget the triumphs and sacrifices made by the citizens and soldiers who prosecuted them. >> my name is jeff and it's my honor to serve as the superintendent of the park in the nation's capital. it's my pleasure to speak with the front of the world war ii memory one of the many memorials and the national parks. they commemorate our nation's military legacy and honor the
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veterans (inaudible) this year marks the 75th anniversary at the end of world war ii. and vj marks the final commemoration of those come embraces. this year might be one of our final opportunities to honor and think world war ii that era and their families personally. -- it was a very difficult decision
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to cancel this day's vj day, we know how many people share our great disappointment and not being able to gather here to properly honor the fallen from world war ii. especially as we mark 75 years since the wars and. we are indebted to the front of the national world war ii memorial our partner is in a special place for providing the special forum. we share in the mission to ensure that the legacy and sacrifices of world war ii veterans are not forgotten. more than 4 million visitors come to the memorial each year, thank you to the volunteers a national park service staff care for this magnificent place. the prided take in your work is apparent to us. all i know how difficult it has been free to be away from that.
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especially with the observance of so many important anniversaries. we truly look forward to welcome you back when it is safe to do so. the surrender ceremony aboard the misery of 1945 general douglas mcarthur said it's my earnest hope indeed the hope of all mankind that from the salon occasion a better world show a merge out of the blood and carnage of the past. a world founded upon faith and understanding. a world dedicated to dignity of man and the fulfillment of his
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most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance, and justice. in a world still struggling to achieve peace and understanding herein lies history and the power of our sacred memorials. these places aren't merely reminders of those deeds, of the men and women who fought and struggled and ultimately were victorious. they remind us that extraordinary things can come from people with otherwise ordinary lives. they help us understand the monumental trials and sacrifices that have shaped our nation, our government and our society. and they remind us not only of what we can achieve when we work together as a nation but also the work that remains to be done. national park service is proud to steward the memorial and the legacy. we know that will be here every day of every year watching over the place to keep it protected, with all the reverence it demands. thank you. >> on september 2nd, 1945, aboard the uss missouri, anchored in tokyo bay, allied and japanese officers signed the terms of japanese surrender. a day now remembered as victory over japan day or vj day. japan's capitulation ended 60 years of hostilities and bloodshed officially concluding the war.
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through the 1930s, japan's imperial expansion enabled by its modernized and formidable navy posed a serious threat in the pacific. on december the 7th, 1941 tensions boiled over when japan ill attacked the american fleet at pearl harbor. shortly after this rage, japan launched similar attacks on american forces on guam, week island, and the philippines. all of which fell by mid 1942. before long, japan had claimed a huge collection of nations and violence under its new empire and its powerful navy secured its reach. america and its allies now had two theories of were to worry about. the image of brutality against captured americans give this new
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fight isn't of urgency. with the japanese fleet seemingly stoppable allied forces in the pacific reorganized and regrouped, looking for a way to help this advance and regain ground. fortunately, japanese actions to capture midway -- in june, 1942, we're quelled with a decisive american history that sank japan's for carriers and several other vessels before forcing the remaining fleet to retreat. this battle was a monumental turning point that effectively halted japanese expansion by significantly crippling japan's naval strength and reducing the number of carriers and skilled pilots. with japan's momentum halted, the ally seized the initiative and launched a amphibious assault on quantum -- and the solomon islands. from there, the allies launched a island hopping campaign. he series of amphibious assaults
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aimed to bring american forces closer to japan, and the occupied philippines by capturing philippine islands along the way and -- linking the most official ground with the most bloodshed. carol was the first target. the assault that ended in an american victory but a standing cost at its four-day duration. using the lessons learned their hard-fought victories at the -- islands through 1944 brought allied forces ever closer to their ultimate objectives. with every victory on land, american forces secured greater air and naval superiority. yet casualties still climbed. in october, allied forces began amphibious operations to
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liberate the philippines. a task that would take ten months to complete. allied forces elsewhere meanwhile continue to leapfrog closer to mainland japan into 1945. american air forces spearheaded by the new long-range b29 super fortress began a super balmy campaign against japan. tough amphibious operations in the spring of 1945 captured the islands of hiroshima and leader okinawa. each a important steppingstone for the invitation of the japanese mainland. despite its rapid loss of military and imperial strength, as well as it's beseech meant under a light strategic bombing, japanese forces did not surrender.
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and american military leaders began to debate the necessity and human cost of a amphibious assault on japan itself. instead, on august six, 1945, american b29 drop the first atomic bomb on the japanese city of hiroshima, causing catastrophic damage to the city and shocking the world. on august 9th, another b29 cupped east second bump on daca psaki. just one day after the soviet union no longer at war with eight defeated germany invaded the occupied region. at last japan had had enough. after a few days of diplomatic assurances of the post war structure, on august 14th, august 15th in japan, japanese leaders agreed to surrender. the emperor issued a proclamation to the japanese people that they should accept
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this decision and honor its terms. that day in washington president hillary truman announced the news of japan's surrender, signifying a end to hostilities. crowds of dublin americans took to the streets in preparation for a moment they have been waiting for since that tack on pearl harbor. ticker tape, parades, fireworks and bans overcrowded the streets as family, friends and strangers marked the occasion across the country.
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on the morning of september 2nd, 1945, general douglas mcarthur supported by admiral -- , admiral -- and several other top american officers received -- aboard the flagship the uss missouri anchored in tokyo bay. two copies of the official terms of surrender were signed at a small table on the missouri's deck, by representatives by each wearing nation in this theater. this event officially marked the end of the war in the pacific. popularly known as victory over japan day or vj day. after years of bloody war and fighting, with the surrender of japan, the guns at left fell silent. with its last belligerent defeated, world war ii at long last came to the end. >> it's 75 years since that vj day, oh do i remember it well even though is 75 years ago. no i wasn't overseas at the time
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i was in the army air corps base in florida but what a day it was. how we celebrated, and we are celebrating it again today. i do recall though all of us there went on to different ways and among as some of the things i did was writing books. one of them was a book of poetry, and one poem in it was a remembrance of that great vj day. i will recite that home for you now. here it is. world war ii is over, at last, it was done. oh how we celebrated. was it ever fun? soldiers, sailors, airman and marines, in our spiffy dress uniforms, flooded the scenes. pretty girls wearing gloves and cute little hats and high heeled shoes rather than flats. greeted us everywhere we go on the streets or in bars or at the u.s. saw. when the band plane little brown jug, we laugh, we fought and we
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jitterbug. ever since then we heard anyone saying, likes to nacho, dina, sinatra, dina, ella and bing, god, we were young. optimistic and foes as. we were up for all challenges, for any test. college days and so much more back in this now and in her we tour. when those days on campus came to an end, onward we move to the roads next. and then we got married to that girl we adored, got a job and bought a house you could barely afford. with children, with families, with friends, with delight, we kept surging forward with all of our might. but the years kept passing and then one day i noticed my hair was turning gray. so what if i was a little bit older? i just ignored it like the pain of my shoulder. i kept right on enjoying the world that we saved from those tyrants so evil and be brave. -- and to pray. -- and depraved.
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but now, faster and faster the years go by, and many of my dear pals have said goodbye and know today's world might consider sold, they should have seen us when we were young in bold. fewer than 1 million of us march along but i remember all six billion strong. i remember as world war ii buddies, not as some out of date funny duddies. i remember that time when we went off to war them return to a world which was better than before. i will remember all those who served, the greatest generation, a title deserved. that is it and i am going to go celebrate the 75th so with that i will say, off we go into the wild blue yonder climbing into the sun. >> hello, as senator bob dole's cochairman to build the world war ii memorial, it is my honor on the 75th anniversary of vj-day to pay tribute to the millions of americans who served
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and those who built the arsenal of democracy at home. the gold stars on this beautiful monument represent hundreds of thousands of comrades lost their lives who helped defeat the graced yearnings in history. it was particularly brutal and difficult for those who served their. we are forever in the debt of these a veterans and must never forget the sacrifices they made for all of us. >> hello, i am tom brokaw and it is my privilege to participate in this commemoration of vj-day. the end of the greatest for the history of mankind. i was just -- but i was living at an army base at the time and the extraordinary celebration that erupted across that base in the small towns of southwestern south dakota. i knew this was an event that will define my love time and lifetime of everyone who comes after.
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so we need to be reminded again about what happens when america works together for common cause because we are going through another kind of war right now and we need to prevail because this is an on scene for it. but nonetheless, it is a war that depends on all of us pulling together and finding that great american spirit that has gone through was, gotten us to so many, many challenges in the past. i am confident we can do it again and if we remember, the elation of vj-day and the triumph of the western nations against the greatest war in the history of mankind, the greatest enemies, we could do it again. >> on behalf of the 2.3 million soldiers, sailors, airman, marines and coast stars, i want to say thank you to all world war ii veterans.
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living legends of the greatest generation and their families watching online across the nation and around the world. patriots like you fought the bloodiest war in human history and your generation, the great generation, took up arms against tyranny and second world war fought for something. you fought to achieve a better peace. from the ashes of destruction, death and bloodshed of that war, you established a rules based global order rooted in political and economic liberty that has maintained great of our piece forever seven decades. my father and mother both were part of that generation. my father was with the foot marine division in may -- quietly insight pan anyone jima. when my mother served at leaving hospital in seattle taking care of the wounded coming back from the pacific battles. both have passed on, i carry the example of integrity and selfless service as daily
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inspiration. while my parents served in the pacific sphere, the second world war was truly a global conflict. many others fought across the atlantic, in north africa, in italy, at normandy, and on the eastern front. in fact in june, 1944, as my father hit the beach outside pan with the fighting force, his brother was at normandy on the other side of the world on the way to liberate paris from nazi control. it's an incredible tale of one family's service and it helps illustrate the scope and scale of the conflict our nation was then fighting and the sacrifice of every american family during world war ii. i often reflect on my parents service to this nation and the lessons i take from their example has shaped my view on america's role and place in the world. my parents and still in me a
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sense of service and an understanding of how lucky am to be un-american. how lucky i was to grow up in a country where we have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and all the other rights and privileges that we, as americans, enjoy in our daily lives. today, those with firsthand knowledge of world war ii are becoming fewer and fewer and so we must never forget. never forget the horrific cause of the great war and the sacrifices that went before us. last year i had the opportunity to go to the 75th anniversary of the normandy landings. i was talking to several of the veterans there and asked one of them simply, what is your lesson from world war ii? what is your graceless in here for those of us in uniform today? he looked up at me and tears came to his eyes and he simply said, general, never let it happen again. never let it happen again. as a chairman of the joint chief of staff, on behalf of all those who are in the -- about a should, we send our sincere and
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thanks to world war ii veterans for passing onto us the gift of freedom and we renew our commitment to preserving the piece you established and to protect the constitution and the values you fought so hard to defend. >> today we remember the people that died during the war in the pacific and the more than 60 million people lost worldwide including 400,000 americans during the deadliest military conflict in human history. they are not forgotten. >> you are watching american history tv. -- >> on september 2, government signed surrender documents, formally bringing the pacific war in world war ii to a close. the uss missouri is now a
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memorial and museum docked at pearl harbor in honolulu, hawaii. up next, a ceremony aboard the ship to mark the anniversary of the surrender. esper andnclude mark hawaii governor david he gave -- david. other distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, a loja and welcome to the battleship memorial here at historic pearl harbor. it is nine: oh 2 a.m., the moment 75 years ago when this on this ship. my name is michael and i am the president and chief executive officer of the uss missouri memorial organization. it is an honor to serve in that capacity and be the mc for this ce


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