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tv   Reel America Theodore Roosevelt - American - 1958  CSPAN  December 19, 2020 10:00pm-10:21pm EST

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film marking the centennial of the 26 president's birth, a man who came to office unexpectedly in 1901 after president william mckinley was assassinated. in 20 minutes, the white house, the first year, which documents the ambitious plans and optimism of president kenny from his .nauguration to >> in 20 minutes, white house, which documents the ambitious plans his esident concerned from inauguration to the state-of-the-union address. the film shown daily at the ford museum and library. details the challenges facing a president picking power in the of the watergate scandal, and finally in 70 minutes or so, united states elects president truman. a short u.s. information service foreign audiences that
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tells truman's life story election the 1948 which the incumbent beat the republican eated thomas dewey. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] > at the beginning of the 20th century something happened to
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america. teddy roosevelt. he was an explosion fon dynamic, scene, exciting, colorful, inspiring. bursting with vitality he was a of action, a fighter, a leader of men, and under the of ideals, a man with a passionate belief in america. its people and its principles. today by an act of congress we hundredth he anniversary of his by the. ot merely to record his greatness as our 26th president his o be fired up by battles for truth and justice and to remember in our time we similar ready to fight battles if we're to remain free men. on october 27, 1858, i was 28 east 20th
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street new york city. having been a sickly boy, with bodily prowess, and having lived much at home i was quite unable to hold my contact.thrown into i was nervous and timid. accordingly, with my father's started to learn to attained to the first rank. >> a struggle to gain physical the man.elped to make he entered politics and was to the state assembly. youngest not only the assemblyman. e took on all opposition taminy, a roosevelt found legal ways of curtailing but not all his
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interest was in politics he challenging life of the frontier had always appealed to him. he went west. > the bad lands affected his later career. lonely s a land of rivers and of plains where the wild game stared at the passing horsemen. i do not believe that there ever was any life more attractive to vigorous young fellow than ranch in e cattle those days. hardship andll and hunger and thirst and we saw men die violent deaths as they worked among the horses and fused with one
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another. >> but it was a fine healthy too. it taught a man self reliance, of instant e decision. i enjoyed the life to the full. private dutiesmy i sometimes shared as the deputy. i took in more than one man who a better man than i was with both rifle and revolver ut in each case i knew just what i wanted to do and like david, i did it first. he was occupied on another ranch. he brought a certain western to his new job as united states civil service commissioner holding firmly to conviction that government jobs belonged not to those who stormed the doors of washington an election demanding ayment for services rendered, but to the qualified. his fight against favoritism is well remembered. spirit still weapons over
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commission.ervice during the 1970s and 1980s new ork city was already a metropolis. witht and thriving, busing progress. and the following years, this a city of lth became wonder. ♪ during the gayty that reached a peak, he went to work a job that was harder than he had ever faced. the situation when i
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to the street. >> the first fight i made was to out of the force, not only politics but every kind improper favoritism. started.-up called.e favoritism started. there was no holding roosevelt desire to reform the city. once he sank his teeth into a he just wouldn't let go. to as called back washington. out west, he said a man's threat he's ready to shoot. he began to strengthen the navy while a crisis was slowly relations withur spain. >> to guard american lives the ordered to aine was havana harbor. night of february 15, 1898,
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maine was blown up and the and spain were at wa war. attitude refle reflected that of most americans. he volunteered and helped to rganize the first volunteer calvary, the rough riders. ♪ >> i suppose every man tends to regiment but it does seem to me that there never better worth bragging about than ours.
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>> teddy roosevelt, field of was the greatest challenge he had ever known. danger est he had seen and had learned to face it. now his men felt his confidence, fought with and battletion in the famous of san juan hill. he fighting was hard but after three months, it was all over, new merica had found a hero. he was quickly picked to run for of new york and plunged into the race with his usual fill. teddy was elected, opposition tried desperately to over control but while
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the reins were firmly hands. he accepted the vice president o the united states reluctantly. he confided. >> it would be a weirdsome place where i could do nothing. > a dull job, and then a few months after election, president mckinley was assassinated. how long would it be before the newon felt the force of the parents in the white house? >> there were a few quiet months. particularly, work of began.vation but an important issue was brewing. or some years large corporations by combining had created efficiencies which vast and rapid development of the country.
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railroads were but one example that by pooling resources great strides could be in a relative short time but now in many industries been formed and almost before the country could grown it some had powerful and dangerous. the question was before the nation, were the great concentrations of capital to powerful than the government itself? the struggle to regulate the was to be a long one in which roosevelt was to take part. he was ready for the part. law was on his side. he opposition protested heartily, letting out much steam in its defense. firmly on the ground that law and government must be supreme.
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his intention was never to hamper big business but to law which he did. ow, mr. businessman, rates are too high. down.must come safety must be guaranteed. my hope i've impressed meaning on you. good day. ♪ >> he was a whirlwind in office. motto a south african proverb speak softly and and you will ick go far. was roosevelt going too far with his big stick policies. if one understood his deep purpose. enforcement of the law against monopolies proved that was is country authority truly in the hands of government. when he used the big stick the executive power invested in him by the people he knew they were behind him.
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the real power in america. he lected to a second term, prepared his message to congress. lively message but balking.was he prepared for a new message. came fast and furious, abuses, hild labor bribery and corruption in federal elections. actionthe most important i took in foreign affairs during related i was president to the panama canal. here had been a good deal of talk about building a canal for the previous half century. job once to do the all.for after a sufficient period of wrangling the senate ratified with panama and work on the canal was begun.
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>> he went to the canal himself engineers and ditch diggers came to realize through him the grandeur of the work, and became more determined than ever that it can be accomplished. roosevelt was able to see that the canal was vital to america's future as a great power. and he seemed to have a sixth future in america's realm. ♪ >> he approved the purchase from wright brothers of the first military airplane ever bought by a government. characteristically he risked his by going aloft himself. >> in my own judgment, the most mportant service that i rendered to peace was the voyage of the battle feet around the world. become convinced that the pacific was as much our home that as the atlantic and our fleet could and would at ill pass from one to the other
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of the two great oceans. had been a america had gained new respect as a naval power. ♪ term of office was almost over. restless.was growing he just couldn't sit still. his term expired and he was off to africa to hunt. animal kingdom, there was an immediate reaction when word teddy was on his way. in a tour of europe kings and were overwhelmed by his charm and vigor. least, was say the impressed. one day, america learned that he was coming home. ♪
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he was cast to become a candidate for a third term. there was disagreement on major party principles and followers nd his broke away. after, a new third party was born. it was very much his own. symbol, the full moose. bull moose was defeated.ull moose. but the bull moose was defeated moose. but the bull moose was defeated. defeated.1914, war threatened. he was opposed by those who
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hought they could exist in isolation. the germans were beginning their sweep across europe. they couldn't be halted by peace overtures, by words on paper. we needed trained men who were also prepared in their minds and hearts for the duty ahead. roosevelt made enemies. militaristic.m ♪ >> as soon as war was declared e went to the white house offering to lead a division rough riders. he was refused. quinton, was son, killed in action. though saddened by the blow oosevelt continued to tour the country. he was dedicated to his mission. america's winning of the war. ♪ victory came and for weeks the country's happiness and then suddenly --
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there was the tremendous sense a nation at comes to great men passes on. up.was impossible to sum him but one word helped. better than any other. -- was quiet, go roosevelt family lived a full life, where the father enjoyed this role more than any other. the rooms here are rich in hunting adventures, f the president's stories, of colorful friends and the rough riders. there are those who can remember the stirring personalities of teddy who can still hear that energetic impassioned voice old havingt with its sagimore the porch at
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hill. >> the fate of the 20th century, bears on the world will in no small degree depend upon the ype of it can zen ship developed on this continent. > i ask that we meet the many problems with which we're fromonted from without and within with a wise, fearless, of resolute desire to make this nation, in the end, as the foruries go by, the example all the nations of the earth, a shall see theh we of justice ace and incarnate. while he lived something did happen to america but more to be remembered than his achievements is the passion with which he upheld basic american beliefs he principles and the way brought alive a similar spirit
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in others. together with our greatest among , he still moves us. always our great need is for his idealism, willingness, and courage. l america the white house the first year 1962*- el america the white house the first year 1962*- >> on january 20, 1961, john f. took president of the united states. on that day he made it clear administrn


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