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tv   Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance Ceremony  CSPAN  August 12, 2021 7:34pm-8:01pm EDT

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a lovely evening. [inaudible] . who died during the war. it will become part of the existing korean war memorial the kid on the national wall in washington, d.c..
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anne you didn't judgment, please remain standing for the invocation by jacqueline. -- >>. >> he [speaking foreign language] would you go with me, please. now, gracious heavenly father, we come to you with thankful hearts on this special day and
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in this special place. we commemorate the end of one [inaudible] and the beginning of another. we ask your planting your blessings of what will be done here and pray that the names to be inscribed will be known for their sacrifice to enable the people of south korea to live in freedom. we have said many times that freedom is not free. the names here will remain that truth forever. father, we know this game would not be possible without the diligence and perseverance of colonel bill weir their turn and the others who saw the need and worked to make it happen. be with us now, and help us all, but here and around the world to know this is a significant achievement to remind us of
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those who paid the ultimate sacrifice over 70 years ago. in his name we pray, amen. >> it is and gentlemen, please be seated. [speaking foreign language] . i would like to introduce the chairman of the korean war veterans foundation, genre john each tilelli to give his remarks. >> [speaking foreign language] >> president moon, ambassador lee, governor and mrs. hogan, secretary of defense austin, minister wong, superintendent reinebold, distinguished guests,
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the families of the fallen, and most importantly, the many veterans of the korean war who fought and guaranteed freedom in the republic of korea, welcome to this groundbreaking ceremony of the korean war veterans memorial oral wall of remembrance. as chairman of the korean war veterans memorial foundation, i'm honored to host this momentous event. the groundbreaking of the wall of remembrance addition to the korean war memorial, which will at 100 [inaudible] with the names of 36,595 americans and 7174 korean augment east to the united states army who were killed in action during the korean war war in 1950 to 1953. it will be a physical manifestation of the strength of the rock and u.s. alliance. it will educate over 4 million
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visitors here each year on the cost of freedom and the cost of war and most importantly it will honor and pay homage to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, for freedom. i personally wish to thank president moon for his unwavering support of this project. i want to thank the ministry of patronage and veterans affairs, the national assembly, the korean veterans association, the national park service, and the generous contributions of the citizens of the republic of korea, and the many american and korean individuals, organizations, and corporations that donated so generously to make this happen. without your continuous generosity, the dream of our korean war veterans could not become a reality. as you can see, the wall of
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remembrance is under construction. this symbolic groundbreaking turns a concept, a dream, into reality. we are hopeful to have the dedication of the complete renovation and in the wall of remembrance in may of 2022. thank you all for being here, [speaking foreign language] . >> [applause] we will now have the plane of "o danny boy" and arirang by cellist kim jong-bin. >> [speaking foreign language]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ("arirang") ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ("o danny boy") ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, we will now have the president of the republic of korea, president -- give his welcoming remarks. >> [speaking korean]
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[applause] >> [interpreter] all noble war veterans, yesterday, as i was visiting the international cemetery, i realized why the life of individuals is respected, as those who dedicated themselves in the service of their neighbors and communities are bestowed the highest honors and courtesy. the very root that under bears account -- america. there are defined a spirit, that guided the world towards freedom and peace. 71 years back, young men and women of america came in a heartbeat to the korean
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peninsula in the thick of gun smoke. there are the sons and daughters of america who answer the call to defend a country than ever knew, and the people that they never met. there are descendants, of the founding fathers of your great country showed their devotion and sacrifice to the republic of korea, that could safeguard its freedom, peace, and become a prosperous nation that it is today. inevitably, however, we had to part with countless foreign heroes. today we are breaking ground for the remember us they'll be home to the homes to 43,769 such heroes. now, their courage and commitment shall live forever deeply ingrained in our memory. in 2018, i gave my word to the un war veterans that a world would be built to remember their names. three years later today, i am a
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measurably touched that the promise has been kept. [applause] >> [interpreter] with us, today, are connor william, bill wagner, and other veterans. i express my most profound respect to them. as the president of the country that you fought for, i say this without a doubt, you are selfless service was never in vain. the family members who still hold their loved ones dear to their hearts, i offer my warmest condolences. now, notwithstanding the challenges, the wall of remembrance initiative will continue to progress thank you to the chairman of the korean war memorial foundation, and staff also pitching in with the career -- and it's affiliated bodies, communities, korean america women's association, criticize
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unions in the u.s., and korean americans. i thank you all from the bottom of my heart. celebrating this occasion today with us is but the secretary of defense austin, and governor marilyn hogan. and governor hogan, i'd like to thank you for your participation today. today, i was reminded of a remark made -- who will lead not only by example of power, but by the power of our example. it was with a power of values that america changed the world. a nation belongs to its people and everybody is free and equal without any discrimination. these founding principles of america have now become universal values shared across the world. korea was no exception. it was with a power of those values that we surmounted the
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colonial rule, dictatorship, and poverty. not in a tale of fear but one of hope that could be written. during the most trying times of the war and the construction, it was a korean war veteran who stood by our side. and as struggling as we were to rise above the ashes of the war. general richard which kim was the one who reached out to firmly hold our hands. where is done by weapons and its remains undone, unless it is done for the people in the country. these wars of the general, give the u.s. conference, inspired a standing ovation. greater quantities of a surprising, were so approved. general which come who touched the hearts of koreans is now resting in peace in my hometown. honored, the only un rural cemetery, alongside his 39 fallen comrades who loved
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korea's their own. blood and sweat as well as friendship and commitment to the veterans were what gave birth to our alliance and that continues to evolve, connecting peoples together, uniting a values as one. america serviceman in korea following your footsteps, and continue to uphold the values of solidarity and friendship. the alliance is no longer a simple military alliance across the full spectrum of politics, economies, society, culture, it's evolving into a more comprehensive alliance. freedom, democracy, rule of law, human rights are the shared values that we defend and in so doing our striving towards -- one of greatness. the world is now faced with a common crisis triggered by an infectious disease in climate change. however, we have ahead of ourselves the power of solidarity and cooperation. and it is very power inspires us to take hopeful each and
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every time. build back better is giving us such hope, not only to americans, but also see the entire humanity. the u.s. and korea and every painful turn in history, and every moment of glory, have always been there for each other. as we continue to move forward for every occasion that will call for the strength of alliance, korea will always stand with america. green war veterans and bereaved families, on my first overseas trip as president, i visited the reservoir battle memorial. the peoples of korea, and the u.s. truly humbled by the courage and noble sacrifices of the battle heroes came together as one. they lifted each other's spirits and -- last year, the remains of the five heroes who had been uncovered were repatriated to the united states by korea with the utmost courtesy. while bidding farewell to the war heroes, as they returned to the embrace of their beloved families, the korean people,
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too, we're left with profound emotions and a sense of relief. until the very last one finds his way back home to the love of his family left behind, the korean government will continue doing its upmost. just as last year, we are deploying 100,000 people this year to 41 locations including the dmz to search for the remains of fallen soldiers of the korean war. since the first u.s. north korea summit in singapore into any 18, north korean trends over 55 boxes remain to the u.s.. and of these 74 serviceman were identified. to bring back the brave warriors laid to rest on the north korean soil to the warmth of their family, we will continue striving to keep the dialogue going with north korea. on the korean war, contemplative bench near the arlington national cemetery, inscribed the words, the beginning of the end of the war lies in remembrance.
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we shall never forget the selfless service of our heroes. we shall also remember the sorrows of the families who lost their heroes. in 2022 when the wall of remembrance will stand tall before us, i hope for the future generations of the u.s. and korea to meet these unsung heroes by their great names. in 1950, in a land he never knew, but only for the love of this country and mankind, a soldier charted the path to atrophied him and peace, whose name will be long remembered as part of great history. the republic of korea will continue to honor the invaluable sacrifices our war veterans made. may the heroes rest in peace. and i wish everyone here good health and happiness. thank you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the official party will now prepare for the groundbreaking of the wall of remembrance. >> [speaking korean] >> ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the replica of the wall of remembrance. president moon, secretary austin, mr. charles mcgovern and dr. paul cunningham will now reveal the first stone replica of the wall of remembrance. >> [speaking korean]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please director attention to the ceremonial bonds as chairman -- superintendent jeff reingold, colonel webber, chairman son, and secretary, with ambassador lee -- will conduct the official groundbreaking for the wall of
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remembrance. >> [speaking korean] >> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's ceremony.
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please remain seated until the official party has departed the area. >> [speaking korean]
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>> i ruth gaiters being spur, do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. against all enemies, foreign
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and domestic. >> against all enemies, foreign and domestic. just -- >> that i will bear truth, allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. that i take this obligation freely. without any metal reservation, for the purpose of invasion. >> without reservation, or purpose of invasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office in which i'm about to enter. >> the duties of the office in which i'm about to enter. >> so help me. god >> so help me. god [applause] >> follow us on social media for c-span history for more on this day in history and posts. >> american


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