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tv   Reel America To Help Peace Survive - 1974  CSPAN  August 25, 2021 7:32am-8:01am EDT

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on the activities of the army at home and overseas. for use by the signal corps pictorial center presented by the u.s. army in cooperation with this state. ♪♪
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>> korea harbors more than 4000 years of myth in history but its claim to being the land of the morning calm is marked by a tortured history of domination, war. still korea today boasts at dynamic 20 century momentum. there is throughout the republic of korea are growing vitality underscored by technological progress in ever increasing self-reliance. yet in the midst of accelerating change historic figures and
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shrines continue to recall long-ago legends and dynasties and the fatal korean earth still works by men who claim two centuries past. still mocking the legend of korea as the land of the morning calm is the grim reality of the armed conflict with chilly today -- to decades ago were ever since guard this ever since garth is country leaving permanent reminders of the price paid to preserve individual freedom. ♪♪ here at pusan in the united nations memorial cemetery more than 2000 markers internally symbolized, more than 94,000 united nations soldiers airmen in salem and who paid the
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supreme price during three years of war. out of foreign debt the country's right to survive rebuild and prosper through self-determination has been preserved. for more than 20 years now the american servicemen has continued to represent the united nations and america's mandate to sustain the republic of korea's territorial security and for what reason is the american servicemen and united nations forces still in korea? for one continuing essential purpose to help peace survive. ♪♪
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and july 27, 1953 the guns in korea and mostly silent but the continuing ideological conflict between the north and the south has made it a setting for psychological warfare carried on by north korea through volumes of accusations, tabletop illusions he along with overt and covid acts of aggression. these hostile acts directed against the united states in the republic of korea military personnel over the years since the truce are documented reminders as to how fragile still lives the morning calm in korea. ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ the routes of north korea's hostility and aggression have been deeper their origin unknowingly seated at another conference site cairo, egypt. there in 1943 the big three held a world war ii meeting. president franklin d roosevelt prime minister winston churchill and chiang kai-shek leader of mainland china along with high-level military and civilian advisers focus their attention on post-war liberation of countries and peoples including korea. the cairo conference included a declaration that korea's long
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and repressive occupation by japanese military forces would be ended by allied liberation followed in due course by korea becoming a free and independent country. two years later the conference with the soviet union reaffirmed a pledge made in cairo to stabilize korea is one free and independent nation. but the physical liberation of korea turned out to be soviet union style. planners pinpoint the famous 38th parallel as a necessary stopping point for soviet forces. out of that line liberation would be carried out by the united states. as world war ii ended in 1945 korea found itself a divided nation despite her efforts to create a free and independent
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country. the soviet union assumed firm control in north korea. frustrating efforts of a joint commission working to unify the country. all traffic to the north was sealed off. the question of korea became a united nations concerned in 1947. un's efforts to hold supervisory free elections throughout korea are blocked in the north by the soviet union. only in the south were elections held. the republic of korea was created and the national legislature elected the provisions for north korea's representation if elections could be held there. the first president -- these were elections in the south. >> the only legal government in korea. in december of 1948 the soviet union in a surprise move announced as she had removed her occupation troops from north
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korea. we found ourselves compelled to do the same in the south except for a small u.s. army advisory group which remained at the request of the korean government. the question of a unified korea remained unanswered. the future of the south korean people was another anxious american. ♪♪ rip korea's plan for unifying korea was made known to the world on june 25, 1950 and it was by military invasion. as six divisions of north korea's people's army slammed into the republic of korea within three days they had seized the capitol city of stohl korea had suddenly become a cold war crisis.
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in our capital reaction was dramatic and swift. resident sherman immediately offered military assistance to help stem and repel north korean aggression. another voice that if united nations condemned north korea's aggression and in a series of emergency meetings called upon u.n. members to assist the republic of korea. united states was designated as the u.n. executive member nation to head and coordinate the u.n. military command. 20 member nations which were not responded to the u.s. request for military assistance. 90 days following north korea's invasion were grim. desperate times to build u.n. ground and air forces in size
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and firepower to match the scale of the expanding war. as u.n. military units went to the public of korea by air and sea and may ground targets were pounded by her air force. ti gene and pusan gave the general and his u.n. command the need -- needed time to prepare its own initiative. un's initiative turned out to be the bold invasion some 150 miles behind koreans lines.
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the surprise paid off. when elements of the 1st calvary division raised 100 mouth to link up with advancing seventh infantry division forces north korea's plan for unifying korea became a nightmare. ♪♪ ♪♪
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by september's and stohl was retaken by u.n. forces and the embattled capital of korea was returned to president sigmund reid. ♪♪ as north korea watched its grand strategy for conquest sagging collapse its communist leader kim il-sung would admit that his decision to invade the south would not have been made had he believed the united states would commit itself to such total military support. he gambled on america being week and lost.
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♪♪ ♪♪ the 38th parallel was again crossed that this time the momentum was normal. ♪♪
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u.n. airpower put pressure against the ground forces in the names like quezon and one song were in the headlines as u.n. forces rolled on. the only only question seemed to be how soon the fighting would end. optimistic g.i.s military strategist looks toward prison but his u.n. forces edge closer to whether north korean resistance he came better in thanksgiving turned out to be korean style. and then came communist china's only thanksgiving surprise giving the world 1952nd shock as waves of men and equipment
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poured across china's border into north korea to again change the entire scope of the war. 18 chinese divisions slammed into u.s. forces using massive matériel or the war became more savage than ever. the chinese direct did offense did gain momentum in the port city of who non-off the sea of japan. just before graham 1950 prison u.n. forces were evacuated from yong yang by c.. or eight army received a new
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commander in general matthew ridgway whose immediate concern was the three had one manpower superiority enjoyed by the chinese and north korean forces. ♪♪ the 30th parallel was crossed by forces, complicated by a korean refugees who repeated u.n. operations. seoul change hands for the third time. as the winter of -- turn the winter the wasteland u.n. forces went against overextended bylines to gain the initiative.
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then we replace ridgway who replaced macarthur and what was left of seoul was taken by u.s. forces almost one year after north korea's miscalculation, tactical stalemate developed above the 38th parallel. a new phase of the war was at hand. in the early summer of 1951 the communist world let it be known that the cease-fire and troops -- and a truce were possible. they stipulated that kaesong were in territory talks for the u.n. found kaesong to be hostile north korean propaganda show. closer to the 30th parilla became the compromise of choice. for three years and 17 days exploratory talks offering two
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to 55 sessions went on and so did the fighting. ♪♪ another winter in korea past. combat became limited the lucky producing isolated battles and now famous legend and acts of heroism became just as legendary.
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♪♪ oh ♪♪ finally in april of 1953 sick and wounded p.o.w.s were exchanged as part of operation little switch. expectations for a meaningful cease-fire spread throughout the world especially among the bone where united nation's forces and then july 27, 1953 an armistice was agreed to. across korea it would stand
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silent. ♪♪ but highland dancing career were not enough to preserve the republic of korea's existence or guarantee its people's survival so in 1953 the united states signed a defense treaty with the republic of korea pledging our military aid and assistance to help peace survive and to warn any would be oppressor that we would not allow south korea to become a repeat victim of aggression. in spirit and practice we have not wavered from that treaty commitments. because we have pledged to help peace survive in a divided country where peace has been so elusive u.s. forces remain today is a symbol of our commitment to
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the mutual defense treaty with the republic of korea and the course of peace in that area. uniformed americans presently serving in korea are there to carry out one basic mission, to deter any act of aggression against the republic of korea. to the american servicemen serving in korea training and readiness to. the korean war in two decades of uneasy peace underlined the series in urgent need for a quick return military response. ♪♪ in partnership with american soldier serving in combat and support units of the more than 10,000 republic of korea soldiers that represent korea not mentation to the united states army began during the
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korean war. the program has grown into a dramatic presentation is to house differing lifestyles languages the national customs can coexist to benefit the common purposes of both nations. since 1950 progress within the republic of korea's armed forces has transformed them into one the largest in the free world. it's army, air force are combat ready well-equipped and well-trained. ♪♪ in recent years the defense of south korea has increasingly shifted to the republic of korea's military forces. in march of 1971 dmz security for the most part has been carried out by south korean soldiers allowing our 2nd infantry division to stand in reserve and the veteran seventh infantry division to be removed from korea and returns the united states for reactivation.
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this shifting emphasis to defensive responsibility by the republic of korea's armed forces does not mean a lessening of our resolve to meet their treaty commitments to the government and people of south korea. it is rather a dynamic demonstration of the american work an independent northeast asian country assuring increasingly greater control of its own security and allowing eight production of u.s. military manpower involved in day-to-day internal affairs. the continued presence of highly trained american servicemen into the republic of korea is key to did during aggression. how long even one u.s. servicemen must remain in korea depends on when turbulence and the threat of aggression against
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the republic of korea will end. the american servicemen served in south korea as the counterpart does in western europe as a symbol of america's intention to stem aggression and preserve peace. but there is a light side to serving in korea today which offers relaxing fun, adventure and a variety of travel and rep regional opportunities. wherever you're stationed going on leave can mean places to visit with lots to do at sea. ♪♪ ♪♪ there is of course seoul who's rapidly changing broke -- profile is home.
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old and new lifestyles coexist amidst the racing pulse of this capital city that expresses the essence of today's south korean vitality and research and see. by night seoul swings, sings and sores and even though a midnight curfew prevails there still ample time to savor the flavors of the city. it's culture and beauty are part of your seeing seen a lifetime of korean history can be found in the historic temples and palaces scattered throughout the land. ♪♪ throughout korea you'll be surrounded by beauty where traditional farming villages and
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rice paddies offer another reflection of korea and dramatic contrast to its modern momentum. ♪♪ while serving in korea you are going to find many differences between local customs and traditions than those in the western world. learn to understand and respect them and you will enjoy them too. be aware also that the united states in the republic of korea have signed a status of forces agreement. this means that the local law in professional -- property rights are -- the republic of korea can legally sentence in american servicemen if found guilty to a korean jail. by being in accordance with national laws your tour of duty can be most rewarding.
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the continuing presence of american servicemen on the soil of their public of korea has contributed immeasurably to the country's security and stability. because of their presence piece, even though fragile, has brought economic growth, prosperity and a sense of renewed national pride to this historically troubled land. ♪♪ once again the morning calm has been restored and it is for that very reason that the american servicemen remained in korea to help peace survive. ♪♪ ♪♪
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