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tv   Republican Natl Lawyers Assn. Holds Policy Conference  CSPAN  April 29, 2022 10:35pm-11:01pm EDT

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judges in the trump administration put on the bench and those are good things. i tried to look to paraphrase justice kavanaugh. >> thank you so much a token of our appreciation. >> i need to be trendy. >> thank you. [applause] >> organ exit this room shortly and eliot's gonna step outside and do signings of his book you can purchase on outside take your belongings, purses, laptops we need to clear the cells of the contorted over for the lunch we will be back at noon. thank you.or president reagan attorney general
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>> thank you all very much, thank you for the kind introduction and thank you for the warm welcome. it is great to be back at the republican lawyers association. someone described as group as a lesson or to group of the federal society. you have to look around the room and i'm not sure if that's accurate or not. that was an april fools joke. not about the federal society but about you. the tip of the spear for the courtrooms and places all across the country to ensure republicans get a fair shape and
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the democrats as partisan as it may be, played by the rules. when republican campaign needs a legal brief at 3:00 a.m. on election night they call you in their home states.
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many other patriots like my former boss chuck cooper. i have to tell you it is hard work as a young associate to keep chuck cooper appointed in the luxurious lifestyle which has become accustomed. it was so hard i had to join the army and go to iraq to get a break from them. but i am deeply honored, have to say little mystified at the great award that you've given me. thank you very much. [applause]
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it's meaningful to receive the award this year and what you might call the year of the republican lawyer from state attorney general to the federal judiciary to the highest court in the land. republican lawyers are leading the charge for freedom in america today. you have to look forward to see what i mean is isn't it great that once again we have a republican attorney general and virginia. is jason here? i know he was here earlier but glenn youngkin and jason have been doing an outstanding work in the first few months of the job. there in richmond were liberal democratic lawyers have treated the state government like it's a cost program for putting a stop to propaganda like critical race theory and in the midst of the
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crime wave there holding prosecutors accountable. prosecutors like fairfax county zone steve's staccato up the road he releases val violent balance back onto the street with the lightest possible sentences. one of those felons just got arrested again after cold blooded shooting spree against homeless people. it is no coincidence that we saw the largest reduction in the united states prison population followed almost immediately by the largest increase in the murder rate in u.s. history pre-drug overdoses has also reached all-time high. last year alone drug dealers killed more than 100,000 americans. this carnage has to stop. we have to put a stop to the
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myth that we have an over incarceration problem in america. almost half of the murders go unsolved in more than three quarters of a violent crime go unsolved creed we do not have an over incarceration problem. women under incarceration problem in america. [applause] >> the american people are counting on us, republicans to put criminals behind bars where they belong and to put prosecutors on the job where they belong as well. [applause] it is not just virginia republicans across the country are taking a fight to the far left. criminals behind bars challenging mask mandates, defending our constitutional rights. protecting our kids from literal ideologues and fighting reason to gerrymander, legislative
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masks and the ringed rules for elections. this is republican lawyers and like the center of it all. considering was happening the federal judiciary and the few short years republican succeeded in transforming and feeling vacancies with five cases. i know this is crazy based on what the constitution and the law says. >> i know it sounds crazy that we cannot decide this based on our personal feelings and preferred outcome and no with the losses in four years and 21722020 republicans confirm 234 article three judges. many i would add are very young
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creed all of whom are very impressive. there will be an echo of the four years for decades to come. it will protect the rights of all americans. [applause] despite the smears and lies the far left about some of these judges, we all stood strong and now those judges are standing strong against joe biden's assault on the rule of law. when joe biden cut illegal aliens from being reported in the first 100 days of his administration. the texas court intervene so they will be sent home where they belong. when joe biden tried to bill out billions in federal pandemic cash on the basis of skin color. a wisconsin court stepped in to stop the bullying racial discrimination by the federal
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government. when joe biden tried to stop oil and gas drilling on federal lands louisiana court slap down the degree and protected the jobs on america's drillers. when joe biden department of justice was harassing conservative journalist. harmeet dhillon and her team fought vigorously to ensure a master was appointed in a one. [applause] >> joe biden is on a big losing streak right now. and the democrats are officially on notice that they are not above the law. all thanks to the hard work of republican lawyers just like you and the republican lawyers who make judges during the last administration. of course who can forget the progress that we made on the
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high court in the four years as well. were we now have a solid conservative majority for the first time in decades. the results are coming in the supreme court stopped the bite administration unconstitutional and counterproductive vaccine mandate and advection moratorium and it stops from california persecuting people faith with arbitrary covid restrictions. none of those things will be true if liberal democrats had a majority in their court. >> the summer the supreme court will have an opportunity to reverse one of the worst decisions ever by ending roe v. wade.
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>> the end will not be a monumental victim refer human dignity. it will also vindicate decades of hard work to confirm sound jurist who believe the law and the constitution means what they say and you build the case against liberal activist of constructing on a foundation of stand 50 years of made a pro abortion case law. of course the democrats can't take all outlined on you may have noticed they're trying to pack the court very different kind judge judges who rule based on the wishes of far left activist. i was single out some of the district court's and court of appeal nominee as the worst
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example but there is too many to pick from. let me focus on the nominee in the news now. the democrats are poised to confirm judge ketanji brown jackson to a lifetime appointment on our supreme court. judge jackson may be a fine woman but she's been a radical far left activist her entire life and did not change when she put on black robes ten years ago. she's an el paso of the left-wing line that are criminal justice is racist and we lock up to be criminals for too long. her confirmation will be a major setback for the court, the rule of law and the safety of law-abiding americans. there's a lot that judge jackson does not seem to know or claims not to know.
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she claims not to know what a woman is. which by the way how do joe biden no when you made a campaign promise in the first place. she claims not to know whether were leaving terrorists from guantanamo bay and make america more safer less safe. she plays ignorant on these questions because she doesn't know the answers but because she and the democratic party are beholden to a radical liberal ideology that denies even objective reality or things that they can create a new reality and the force of will in judicial decision in the law.
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she is bad on the board and bat on crime consistently taken the side of criminals over victims and handing out insanely low sentences. she even apologizes to criminals as she hands out the sentences. these are not well-meaning people in the heat of the moment made a terrible mistake for society must hold them accountable. not will smith maybe. these are hardened criminals, drug dealers and pedophiles in one instance judge jackson apologized to a self-described kingpin that's what he called himself and she sends him to 20 years in jail and two years later when she had them back in front of her she chopped seven and half years off the sentence. even admitting that congress had denied her the power to do so.
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i asked judge jackson whether she had contacted kingpin victims before she arbitrarily and unlawfully reduce the sentence. she responded there was no victims in the case. currently to liberal judge dealing fentanyl is a victimless crime. she should tell that to the mothers and fathers who discover their child with a needle in the arm overdosing kingpins poisons pre-drug dealing is not a victimless crime and if you don't understand that you don't belong in the united states supreme court. in the week ahead like every other republican senator will do everything that we can to stop judge jackson's nomination and we will continue for as long as
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joe biden is sending the radical nominees in front of the senate to stop the confirmation to our courts. i know the lawyers in this room will do the same. republican lawyers are the only people stating between the american people on the crazy activist law schools are turning out these days. they're defending her party to defending our country and defending the rule of law from a left-wing onslaught that trended all entrance also. we have to keep fighting the spirits and all the other fine men and women in great legal minds are party has produced. with that i want to thank you for this high honor and say god bless you and god bless the united states of america.
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>> thank you very much senator cotton for being here and addressing assembly integrate platelet and delivering the very important inspiring remarks. i feel blessed and honored myself to be here to be asked to present this award to senator cotton. first it's an honor because it's named after ebenezer the third. >> the undoubted leader of the conservative movement now for
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decades. the man who i worked for and served in the second term of the reagan administration when he was the attorney general and i headed the office of legal counsel was a great privilege and honor to say the least to serve under. it's a great privilege and honor to bestow this award on somebody who used to work for me. as senator cotton mentioned he served time in my law firm and i remember he was with her for money decided to leave and join the army in fight against terrorism and he came into my office and he told me and i said is very admirable of you.
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i'm pretty much entered the fourth quarter of my active practice. and then thinking about what is going to happen when i start pulling back and turning the reins over and how it is that this firm is going to support me in the style to which a bit excessive. things turned out pretty well and i wish that young tom cotton could be prouder in a more
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deserving recipient of the edwin award. it's his prerogative to present this every year but as you know he doesn't move around as well as he used to. he sat and he cannot be with us, he sends his regrets and he can't be his congratulations and he wants us to hear from him about it on every. dear senator cotton is a pleasure to join your colleagues and your friends and honoring you with the republican national lawyers association award for distinguished service to our country into the legal profession. although my limited mobility prevents me from being in person i want to express my congratulations to you and your appreciation for your outstanding public service. as one of the leading republicans of the united states senate yet distinguished herself by your patriotism and your
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effective defense of the basic ideals and principles embodied in the constitution and the traditions of our great country. you have been getting out the facts of so many critical issues in bringing transparency to the legislative process encouraging tenacity are an invaluable to making sure citizens of the truth about what is going on in our nation's capital for your important contribution termination begin with her military service in which you are a devoted member of the armed forces upon completion of the army duty and you to come for the responsibility by running. in your role as senator from arkansas you been an outstanding example patriotism and leadership per particular important and the rule of law.
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adversaries in some members of the news media. pre-good legislation and prevent those bills with the democratic republic appreciated by people throughout our country. congratulations on receiving the prestigious award and best wishes for continued success. [applause] >> thank you
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