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tv   Open Phones  CSPAN  June 21, 2022 12:29pm-1:02pm EDT

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who have been very vocally bennett against trump and what he did with the 2020 election are on the committee. that's just kind of one of the reasons that it seems one-sided. republicans have been claiming that's one sided. there was an effort there. >> notably, the testimony has been from former trump allies, former trump officials. these weren't just republicans. some of these people, these are people working in the white house, working in pence's office that we've seen. sometimes even family members of donald trump. i think that needs to be pointed out here when we talk about the supposedly being one-sided. these aren't democrats talking in the evidence, this is people who work for the president and in hand. >> joey garrison's work can be found at usa, he covers the white house, and doral declared, you can find
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his writing at he's a reporter of congress. to both of you gentlemen, thanks for giving us your time. the polling that was hired by newsweek and -- conducted by the yougov organization along with yahoo. taken between june 10th of june 13 second between june 10th and jen 13th on the question should former president donald trump ran for president in 2024? 55% of those who responded said no. 35% said yes. broken down into the political affiliations 80% of democrats voted no and 14% of democrats voted yes. for republicans 25% voted you and 58% voted yes. the story adds that according to that polling president biden received an even negative verdict when asked if president biden should run for president in 2024. 64% of people said no, only 21% said gas and one broken down into political affiliations 36% of democrats said no, 43% of
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democrats said yes, he should. adding to the story that republicans said 84% of that said he should not run again. 10% saying yes. one more factor it from the yougov poll saying that when asked who they would vote for, if either former president trump or president biden ran against each other, the majority favor trump, 42% of people said they would vote for donald trump and only 39% said they would vote for joe biden. 20% said they were not sure, maybe you fall into those camps of questions of whether either man should run, make another run for office in 2024. in our first our, with that in mind, tell us what you think if either the current president joe biden or the former president donald trump should make another run for office. again, republicans are -- democrats to a 274 8000. and, independent 20274 8002. if you want to text us you can texas that to a 274 8003.
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you can also send us something on twitter or post on our facebook page. when it comes to plans either man are making as far as that, the story from the washington post highlights the fact that president biden and his advisers have been studying eight spring of 2023 reelection announcement that would echo the timetable of former president barack obama. story adding they have flooded 2024 battleground states with millions dollars that built up democratic operations in advance of the next presidential campaign. under the biden team student leadership the democratic national community decided against repairing the bait scheduled for a contested nomination fight. the stories as the goal of the advisers have sent every possible message that president biden is ready, able, and determined to carry the party banner into another presidential election. especially if the opponent's his nemesis, don trump. he, at 76 years old. when it comes to former president trump himself not specifically say whether he would run for office or not.
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but, the story from the associated press highlighting the fact that it was during an event in nashville that he alluded to it, and event that you can still see on our website at if you are interested. making his first public appearance since the committee investigating january six insurrection began its hearings, president donald trump said he lashed out at the committee and teased his plans for a third presidential run. that full event on c-span but here's a fortune of that from the national event with farm president on trump. >> even while january 6th respondents are having their lives totally destroyed and being treated worse than terrorists and murderers, despite most being charged with parading through the capital. most people should not be treated the way they are being treated, if i become president sunday, if i decide to do it i will be looking at them very seriously for pardons. very seriously.
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[applause] they have been treated very unfairly. should i decide to do that. >> again, that full event on c-span and on the phone lines if you want to let us know what you think as far as either man running for reelection for president of the united states. let's start with our live democrats robert in arkansas. in arcadia, hello, good morning. >> good morning. i do not think trump should run for sure. because, trump wanted to be a dictator, he loves all these dictators and praises them. he talks about them and himself. the people that are supporting him are mostly wealthy people or very poor people. eligible going to be her are going to be their families, their children and grandchildren, if they want donald trump they can get, it be careful what you wish for. >> as far as the current president, joe biden, should he
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make another run for office as well? >> i am not sure about him. jojo at the center allows him to do. things the biden tried to do in order to help ordinary people is being blocked. like i said, be careful what you wish for. >> you said you are not sure as far as a reelection effort. why is, that specifically? >> there is so much hating going on for the democratic party. that is all i can tell you. i do not know. every time the democrats get in power they do things to help people, they do things to help the wealthy. >> that is robert in arkansas giving his the thoughts, let's hear from jim in newport, virginia, republican line. >> hello. >> you are on, go ahead. >> yes [inaudible] former president donald trump. >> you are saying he should run
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for another term as president of united states? >> yes, yes. >> why is that? >> [inaudible] it was not like that when he was in office, we need him to come back in. >> and, if the president decided to hold off from running again, who would you like to see as far as his alternate? >> i really do not know at this point. >> okay. >> jim and virginia. giving us his thoughts this morning. let's turn to carl. coral is in massachusetts on our line for independence, hello. >> good morning, thank you for c-span. i do not think either one of them should run. i am five years younger than joe biden. i know i am not the same man i was even five years ago,
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mentally or physically. the as clearly two old. there are exceptional people who can be sharp as attack into their 90s or whatever, not in his case. i can tell by myself and trump, trump will turn on his own people. i do not see how people can follow him. he is out for himself and basically that is my opinion. thank you for c-span. >> before you go, let's say either man, if president biden decided to run or if president trump he held off, who would you like to see run in either of their places? who is a candidate that appeals to you? >> i used to support bernie sanders but he became kind of an disappointment as well, he is an older man as well but he still has it together i think. people are different, that is
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all. people are different. maybe they should consider a limit of 75 years or whatever as far as running for the presidency or something. i am not sure. biden definitely should not run, i would not want to see trump. >> that is carl, sorry, carl, that is carl in massachusetts. the topic of age coming up in a conversation on fox news yesterday. it was democratic representative jim apply burn, a large supporter of president biden, you remember, leading up to his election. he was asked about the age of the current president, if that should be a factor in a reelection. here is jim clyde burner from yesterday. >> 95 years old, i have been saying and i will say again. age is chronologically a thing to talk about three.
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the individual determines what it is too old, not the calendar. when you talk about joe biden and his age, he is 15 years younger than one of the strongest people i have heard from today. she is a very sharp women at 95. >> all right, now you are talking about the environment could change, you are quite right to go back in history when it looked very doubtful for bill clinton. even after the republican when he came back a couple of years later and got reelected by a comfortable margin. the difference was bill clinton, we are told, is that he was flexible. he could read the writing on the wall and see which way the parade was going. in his case, he got in front of it. there is skepticism that joe biden can do the same thing. do you think he can, will he be hostile to progressives in your party who seem to be calling the shots? >> you know, he won the
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nomination won a lot of progressives in the party had no chance. i cannot tell you what they said to me, a lot of people called me saying i was crazy for being towards joe biden. i look back on it now and say, who was the crazy one? you would have sold yourself short if you sold joe biden short. >> again, that is representative clyburn from fox news yesterday. your thoughts on whether either president biden or former president trump should run for office in 2024. democrats line in pennsylvania. this is crystal, a low. >> yes, good morning. i like joe biden. if he ran again and especially against trump i would vote for him. i could never vote for any republican, especially trump. trump took over the economy from obama and it absolutely
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did nothing. but if i had a choice to choose someone, if biden did not run i want katie porter. for some reason i like her, i think she is very sharp. i happen to like her. but, trump, never again. i think he is a criminal. he swindles money from the american people. he lies every single day. didn't get enough of him? honestly, i hope he goes to prison. >> when it comes to joe biden, himself, what do you think about this age factor that some people are talking about? >> my father was old and i thought he was old, i thought he was the smartest man alive, to me. age does not mean anything. if you are sharp, if you know what you are doing, to me,
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these are the factors. if you do not lie to the american people, if you show compassion then i like that. i like biden, he does not do everything that i wish he would do. the voting rights and all of that was very disappointing to me as an african american. however, if he ran against trump he has my vote 1000%. i will get out there and do everything i can do to get him elected. >> okay, that is crystal in pennsylvania, another one in pennsylvania from newcastle in our republican line. hi. >> hi there, good morning, thanks for taking my call. i definitely am for president trump, he gives so much for us while he was in office. if you just look around at what is going on you can see how we have declined since biden has gone in.
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we had better pray, get out there and vote, and pray that trump, he is a smart businessman who can get us back on track again. we have to get him back in. i want to thank you very much for taking my call. we had better all keep praying. >> if i may ask, do you think the events that are the highlight of the hearing now and january 6th, if president trump tried to make a reelection campaign, do you think that will be a factor for what people are looking at when it comes to the events of january 6th? >> i have been watching that as well, i do believe that there were some bad apples there. do not get me wrong, i do believe there were. and they need to be punished. they had no business going in there and doing what they did. however, i do not believe all of those people were there for the wrong reasons. they should never, ever, none of them have gone into that building. they should not have. they should have stayed outside. >> you do not think that would
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impact president trump if he decides to make another run for office? >> no, not at all. people can see what is going on. our country is in such disarray right now, when we pay $5 for a gallon of gas? you go to the grocery store and everything has gone up $1 to $1 and a half, you see what is going on at the border where they are bringing -- in >> we are going to leave washington journal but you can continue to watch the discussion on or the free c-span now video app. the january six committee is getting ready to start their next hearing. today will focus on efforts to pressure officials from georgia and arizona, to help with president trump's plans to change the election results. california congressman adam schiff will lead the questioning for the committed stay. witnesses include the georgia republican secretary of state brad raffensperger. today's coverage of the january six committee and all of c-span's coverage is brought to
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you as a public service.
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where all of this morning in the cannon house office building waiting for today's january six hearings york began, it is scheduled for about nine minutes from now at 9 pm eastern time. today is questioning will be led by down credit committee member adam schiff. he has represented california's 28 district for 11 terms and also says on the house judiciary committee. he participated in both impeachment proceedings against former president donald trump as an impeachment manager. he was most in attorney and a prosecutor for serving in congress. today the committee will hear from four witnesses, russell bowers, speaker of the arizona house of representatives, brad raffensperger, georgia secretary of state, gabriel sterling, ceo of the georgia secretary of state's office, all republicans. and a former georgia elections department employee who served in a nonpartisan position.
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today's coverage of the january six committee and all of c-span's programming is brought to you as a public service by the cable industry. and, these television companies including verizon, comcast, and charter communications. and a reminder if you need to step away from your tv you can follow all of today's hearing on the go with c-span now. congressional sessions and speeches, conferences and hearings, all on your phone with c-span now. our free video app.
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as witnesses are gathered just waiting for the january six committee just artist next hearing, today focusing on efforts to pressure officials from georgia and arizona to help president trump change election results. california congressman adam schiff will lead the questioning for the committee today. witnesses include georgia republican secretary of state brad raffensperger who is seeded.
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