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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 23, 2022 1:02pm-1:24pm EDT

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the january six committee enters day five of its public hearings, watch today as they examined the trump administration's alleged attempts to pressure the justice department to overturn the results of the election. coverage continues live today at 3 pm eastern. on c-span 3. c-span now, our free mobile video app, or anytime online at you can also visit our website at c-span dot org slash january six, to watch previous hearings and other videos related to that day. c-span, your unfiltered view of government.
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: we are back in our last 20 minutes before we end at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, we are getting your thoughts on whether or not you support or we are back in the last 20 minutes of washington journal before we end at 10 am eastern time. we are getting a last point on whether you support or oppose the senate gun legislation. or, if you are not sure, gun owners are welcome to call in as well. you are welcome to texas with your first name city and state if you want to join the conversation that way or on slash c-span. or, with a tweet at the handle at c-span. let's begin with one of the lead negotiators for this bipartisan proposals, that is the democrat kristen sinema, she was on the senate floor yesterday talking about the --
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>> all of these tools together will give families in arizona and across our country more peace of mind so that they can trust their communities are sick secure and their schools are safe. and, critically, they broad bipartisan support of well over 60 senators from across the political spectrum. including both of the republican and democratic senate leaders, ensures that when our bill is signed into law it will stand the test of time. over the past few years we have been told time and time again that bipartisanship just is not possible. even after proving by patterson success with our historic infrastructure investment and jobs law last year we continue to be asked by pundits and political purists to accept a new standard by which important policy can only come together on a party line. that just is not true.
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what could be more important then keeping families and children safe and secure in their communities and in their schools? the truth is, americans are far more united than today's politics would have you believe. ask our constituents, in arizona, connecticut, texas, north carolina, and every state in between. ask them what they want to see in washington and they will tell you. and ability to work together, to solve problems and help them build better lives for themselves and their families. >> kyrsten sinema, one of the ten democrats that negotiated with ten republicans on this bipartisan gun violence prevention bill. they lead negotiator for the republicans was senator john cornyn of texas, here he is on tuesday on the legislation. >> our bill also strengthens
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the criminal background system to ensure it is more fulsome and accurate. in uvalde this young man, salvador ramos turned 18, went and pass a background check, it was like he was born yesterday. there was no way for the criminal background check system to look back on any mental health adjudication's or criminal convictions, which would have barred him from purchasing a firearm, had it occurred as an adult. if a 17 year old is convicted of a violent crime or adjudicated as mentally incompetent that information should show up in the background check system if he tries to purchase a firearm when he turns 18. 87% of gun owning households in america support making juvenile records available and the background check system in this legislation will make that possible. the states will control what information they are willing to share. but, our legislation provides
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an incentive for states to upload the records that reflects on the suitability of an individual to purchase a firearm. allow them to upload juvenile records into the national criminal background check system to ensure that firearms are not falling into the hands of those under 21 who would be prohibited from purchasing that gun if they were an adult when it happened. mister president, i know this bill is not going to please everyone, some think it goes too far, others think it does not go far enough. i get it, the nature of compromise and the nature of actually wanting to get a result requires that everybody try to find common ground where we can. that is particularly hard in a 50/50 united states senate. i believe that dissent people
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who are telling us to do something if sending us a clear message to do what they can, to keep our children in our communities safe. i am confident this legislation moves us in a positive direction. i want to thank all of our colleagues who have worked so hard in this process that has gotten us this far. my understanding is the text will be released at any moment. although the principles upon which that text is written have been public for quite a while now. this legislation is a product of good faith bipartisan negotiation that includes bills and ideas offered by colleagues on both sides of the aisle. it makes changes that are supported by vast majorities of americans. i think most importantly it has the potential to become a law. and you create real changes in communities across this country. safer, healthier communities,
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stronger, more secure schools, saving lives. that is what we are all about. >> texas republican john cornyn, who helped negotiate this bipartisan bill that is headed towards final passage either later today or tomorrow. eli oakley reports this morning that he may have been booed by the republicans in texas at their latest convention. but, according to this poll to his involvement in bipartisan gun talks has not hurt his popularity level among texas voters. including republicans. this morning we want to hear from you, the constituents of these senators. do you want them to support, oppose it, not sure? gun owners as well, calling in. earlier this week on tuesday, one senator cornyn was talking on the floor and went forward with debate by getting 64 senators. 14 of them republicans, to approve moving to this legislation.
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they have been debating it, that will continue today. they will have a procedural vote to and debate today. we understand around 11 am eastern time. after that if they clear that hurdle you will see what the vote is. if you tune into c-span two. then it will depend on whether or not they can get agreement to expedite this legislation to final approval. which could happen today. or friday, tomorrow. they are heading toward final approval, our first caller is in colorado. do you support it? good morning to you. >> i do not support it, i am confused, you have leaders who have no problem arming the world's worst terrorists to inflict death and destruction across the planet. but, they are-bent on taking the rights of americans. as these leaders wanted to keep schools safe we have perfect examples of keeping that
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accomplished. they are kids that spend their time playing in bunkers at the sites of missiles. they are fired indiscriminately at schools-y which are targeted perfectly for terrorist activity. they are keeping their kids safe. >> steven oak ridge tennessee, you are a gun over, steve? >> good morning, always good to see you. i am 73 years old and i have only gone since i was 18 years old. primarily shotguns because i am a hunter. i do not need any high powered rifles because i do not care about shooting big animals. i also have to say i totally support this. it is just an update. i will just give you a couple of things, i taught school for 31 years. many of those years in a mobile classroom outside of a building. one of these weapons will shred
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one of those classrooms just like a paper shredder shreds paper. we would have these drills for the kids until i mention to them the fact that those guns will go right through the walls of that classroom. also, there is an issue about doors. these kids get in the bathroom sometimes. how do they get in the building? there are issues with that. 1500 kids are at most middle schools and high schools. and so, you are going to get 1500 kids through a metal detector in the morning? it is just not feasible. put more security, parkland calk, the cops in uvalde stood around well the guy was killing people. and, one last thing if you want to stop this. show videos to the classroom in uvalde. people need to understand what these weapons do.
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it is insane. >> all right, steve, let's hear from joseph in bedford, virginia. are you opposed, joseph? >> yes i do, i will tell you why. criminals do not obey the law. laws only affects us law-abiding. so, they can pass all the laws they want until they are blue in the face and it only affects the law abiding. if you give the socialists an inch they will take a mile. they always want to exploit a situation like this to punish the law-abiding for the behavior of the criminal. and also, when they put out no guns, gun free school zones, et cetera. most cities mass killers admit that that is why they chose that place. it is a welcome mat for them. >> dale and granville, pennsylvania. you support, they'll? good morning. >> good morning, yes, i support gun legislation.
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i also have a question. in the 1930s, 1920s, 1930s waistband, as far as i know tommy guns. submission guns. why can't we ban assault rifles now? that is basically a sub machine gun. i may be wrong about this ban on submission guns, i would like to know if there is such a ban. that is all. that is all i have to say. >> dale, supporting this legislation, dale, you can watch along with others on c-span two when the senate comes in today. they will move around 11 am eastern time, we understand, to end debate on this bipartisan proposal. we will get an idea of what the final vote could look like than. you can listen to the debate and a vote on c-span two on our website. you can also listen and watch on our video app.
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it is called c-span now. you can download that to your phone this morning. they could expedite the process and go right to final passage later today. or, that may spill over to tomorrow. if you are interested listened to the gavel to gavel and watch the gavel to gavel coverage on c-span two. also, what is happening in washington today. we are waiting on the supreme court at 10 am eastern time to issue more decisions from this term. there are 13 remaining including that abortion case decision, as well as a decision on gun laws. all of that happening at the supreme court today. they could issue opinions on those two high profile cases i mentioned. or, they also added a decision day to tomorrow, friday, potentially early next week as well as the supreme court wraps up their term this year. and then, on capitol hill the federal reserve chairman will
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be back up there, testifying, this time before the financial services committee. we will have coverage of that on c-span 3, on the video app c-span now, and also on the website that is before the senate banking committee yesterday said made some news saying rates could increase and tips into a recession. the january six committee will hold their fifth public hearing today, 3 pm eastern time. also on c-span three. it is going to focus on the former presidents efforts to pressures the justice department to challenge the 2020 presidential elections, republican congressman adam kinzinger is expected to lead most of the questioning today. again, that is 4 pm eastern time. you can watch on our c-span now video app or online on if you miss it today it is going to re-air at 9 pm eastern time on c-span, tonight. dale, granville pennsylvania. you support the legislation? >> pardon? >> hey, dale, you have to turn
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down your television. can you mute it? >> i am sorry. okay. >> there you go. you are up, it is your turn. what do you think about this gun legislation? >> okay, i support the legislation. i have a lot of confidence in our representatives and i think they will do the best they can. when i do not understand is why they can't stop the purchase of these ar-15s and automatic weapons when in the 1930s and 1940s whiz stopped the sale, the private citizens of tommy guns and sub machine guns. because gangsters use them. what's seems to be so difficult to stop the sales of ar-15s, which are a weapon a regular
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citizen does not need. that is all i'm saying >> jim, saint petersburg, florida, gun owner. hi, jim. jim, good morning. >> glad you got my call, good morning. can you hear me? >> yes, we can, please go ahead. >> hello? >> all right, chris, vernon hills illinois. you oppose, chris, a reminder to you and others you have to turn down the television. go ahead. >> thanks, my question is really about assault rifles. assault rifles are used for home protection and hunting. i am not arguing that. but, pump shotguns are used for home production and hunting as well. i am not sure you can argue with that one or not. but, my why can't assault rifles be redesigned or upgraded to be similar to a pump shotgun? it has a limited capacity, slower reloading. then hunters can still use them and have eight or ten shots, whatever. and if you do not have this unlimited 50 around capacity
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that is just insane. unreasonable weapon. >> chris, you are saying you oppose what they have put on the floor and the senate because it does not go far enough? >> i think it needs to go a little bit further, i think the gun manufacturers need to step up and redesign their product to make it safer. they can use different designs to do home protection and hunting use. they do not need military grade capacity. >> you heard senator cornyn talk about the legislation. the washington times has some numbers for you to digest. in this bill, one billion in grants for mental health care programs to be administered by the health and human services. gives states incentives to adopt red flag laws or other crisis intervention programs. expands the federal background check system to include state juvenile records, makes it illegal to sell guns or ammunition to individuals. requires individuals who
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repeatedly buy and sell firearms to license as gun dealers. and, as 100 million for the federal background check system. gives two billion to the education department for mental health care and school safety. expands the definition of domestic violence to close the so-called boyfriend loophole. and, other provisions, jerome in california, you support it? >> yes, i do, the reason why i do is because we have to do something. i do not think it goes far enough because i have been shooting guns since i was 12 years old. my dad did not even show me where his guns were stored until i was 18. responsible gun owners know that we need gun control, they longer it takes to stop that 18 year old shooting up the school we know we did not go far enough.
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>> all right, drill, i'm going to hear from a gun owner before the house comes in. the lake in georgia. >> i am a gun owner, i do not support. the reason being is because if someone plans to go out of their way to buy a gun for find one, however they go about it. they are going to do it regardless of what laws are in place. so, it is better to have it and not need it and need it and not have it. i have a firearm and i have not had to use it. rest assured, if something was going on i know that i have the weapon to protect myself and those around me >> all right, kelly in salem, new hampshire, you support, kelly, why is that? >> yes, i support, i am almost 30 and i have been going through school shooting drills since i was about ten years old. so, when they say that kids are the only ones who are dealing with this adults are now voters who have lived with this. i very much support


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