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tv   The Presidency Obama Presidential Center Groundbreaking  CSPAN  August 29, 2022 10:17pm-11:16pm EDT

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break out of the presidential center in chicago.
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>> every years in the white house, michelle and i know joins all of you. we want to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the incredible privilege of serving the country you love. and i'll tell you a little bit about what we will be up to next. >> i will be right there with you as a citizen for all of my remaining days. >> rock and i, there is a strategy printed. >> mice foundation, that is really my focus over the next several years trying to create a platform for younger people to inspire and mentor and convene and learn which is even more powerful in place for younger people aspire the skills the connections they needed to match their aspirations and reveal the opportunities pretty. >> the reason i know i could do it is because i had seen it in
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my campaigns have seen it during the presidency and incredible talent, i and idealism imagination innovation and people all across america in all across the world pretty. >> so many kids around they just only know what they see it is like wow, we can open this up in a minute these mind is an showcase all of they can see and all of the fight they can have and that is a life, that way of thinking is beginning of the concept of the obama foundation. >> we think this can be completely transformative and we put the programs forward is somewhat i am thinking that they need to be successful. >> we wake up in the morning and i have to ask myself, what kind of program will be doing today. >> more affordable textbook, helping people experience and
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all of these young men and we want to stand out is not like we didn't have this to stand up for them predict. [inaudible]. >> and we have this power and all around us. >> you can understand how to change world if you don't understand how to change a country and you can understand that it change a country if you don't have the change city and you can about unless you don't know how to change neighborhood so okay we could have a place, we joke about this a little bit like mothership. we want this to be a universal for activism and socialism predict. [inaudible]. and we saw this as a movement and were moving from individual agency to collective action on it and from me to we. >> for us to be a little locate that is given us so much 11
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impact nationally, and internationally, the project that i will be spending the next 20 years and 30 years and 40 years of and it will be a labor of love that we are going to build together. >> what i think that president obama when we first had this to be said that he wanted to be exactly the opposite of all of the presidential libraries. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ much less about making a building and much more about making a whole place. how do we find the balance between creating a place of a destination it and then also creating something that melds into the parking really is a place of joy for the people who
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use it rated. >> we didn't immediately come up with a design we said what are the values to help us focus, two words came forward. mobile and enable. >> we think about empowering the people with enabling what we want this to become a is the world's premier institution that will train the next generation of leadership. >> it will power and equip city innovators. >> you millions of people, you may not always he was but we are out there believing it and everything that you can do. >> we are trying to talk about
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what the form of the tower might be pretty. >> i think we were looking for something that would be a light or vessel. >> the collaboration of effort is across many many disciplines. >> the conversation we are saying and is a conversation at amongst ourselves. >> this will be overall, this is where we can come to focus this what we want to talk and glow a little bit. >> the building will have kind of a light coming out sort of, true to the word of obama speeches. >> the word we his most powerful word.
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>> the process of selecting words can be so carefully done that we would commitment and commit to put them on the building. >> you'll be about this faraway from its of this can all be finished virtually the same as that. >> when we think about the stories will be told at the obama presidency, were not just on the story the present, we are telling the story about the people who help shape the presidency. >> we must plan for the future. let's restore this to the original vision it so that it once again becomes a people's park. >> i think we begin with the idea and set a singular billing
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but a campus is not about a singular person, is not about a secular place, it is about people coming together. >> michelle obama was talking about her aspirations and this would be a place for families that's why it's so critical. >> she's always stress that i want to be only see through this to the park it was like there's only one building on the site because the landscape kind of covers the top of it and all presidential building was designed for the public in mind and had an active place, 24/7. >> it's a place for people to have fun as well as serious conversations and what's unique about the center is in so personal, a genuine authentic representation of the people not just what the foundation aspires to be.
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>> the best things that happened to me in my life, happened to this community, the start of my life in public service anyone all to this community. >> it means something with good important things happened in a place where you live in its assigned you are valuable. you want to do something to try to make the world better, wherever you are you think this is a place to come. >> it was a huge swelling when president obama in a moment of hope and continue to arise in the people, and so when the building is built. >> we have been working on this building for over five years and
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is now that the ideas the visions become reality. >> it's going to happen. >> twenty years from now, 30 years from now, want young people all across the southland a chicagoan and all across chicago and all across america, to be able to look at this center and say this is a sign that i count, this is a sign that i can change the world. >> hello chicago, it's hard to believe that almost 13 new members ago, we gathered a grant park, take the first steps to incredible journey, and i think about the millions of people whose lives in a country made stronger and more equal and the president and the first lady who made it all possible. the dignity and the character
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and their grace, barack and michelle obama led by the power of their example they made clear simple truths of the progress in our nation it is not measured by a single president alone, inconsequential as it is, is by all of us, by we the people, try to journey forward toward a more perfect union. and hope and change, and expectation, hope and change and conviction and you know that's what today represents pretty stop just breaking ground in a new building, on the very idea of america as a place of possibilities. each day of every age background will learn about this historic presidency. especially for all of the young people, vegan yourself as a person who you dream to be.
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you will know that you can do this. you know that americans and anything is possible. his right the next chapter. what a gift to this great city. adore country and to barack and michelle obama we are forever grateful for you and i can't wait for liz to open it and of our journey together. we love you guys hope to see you soon. >> please welcome mayor lori lightfoot. >> hello everyone and thank you all for being here today braided today is today for celebration and gratitude we are here to celebrate in this important milestone groundbreaking of the
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obama presidential center and we are faithful to the former president obama and first lady michelle obama for choosing chicago to make what i know will be a transformative investment on this historic southside of our beloved city braided it marks the next chapter in a journey began several years ago. but with many twists and turns due to the first parents dedication and hard work of many, we've arrived at this momentous day in the presidential center and complementary investments, in the surrounding neighborhoods will be bringing to life the promise of true equity and inclusion investment and development on the south side. and that's why i'm proud to be here to break ground in incredible an incredible project what will help create growth for
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our residents in our community and unlock their untapped potential. in the center will among other things provided brand-new museum and visitors alike and residents to learning and beautiful public spaces together in an immersive community programming to take advantage of and of course, jobs that pay a living wage and prioritize for folks by nearby communities printed in table five the catalytic impact of the obama presidential center, played ministration in partnership in the stakeholders have made a number of capitol and community investments in partnership read and this includes, more than 200 million investment a jackson park and also generating sustainable jobs for the residences surrounding areas areas pretty create more and better green spaces and
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improve productivity and safety for pedestrians and bikers accommodate the traffic demand this and in addition the department of housing department of planning and development are implementing multiple community resources to set the stage for future private investments in areas in the footprint and shadow of this incredible presidential center. one of the resources is the revolving - a part of the woodlawn housing preservation organization that will provide nearly 10 million and financial support to help rehabilitate existing housing which will ensure long-term residents can remain in their homes and witnessed the revitalization of the community. and with these investments we will be helping bring into reality the vision that the residence in hyde park had demanded it and make sure the social and economic vibrancy of
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our city southside remains strong and grows in years to come and we can imagine it a future with the metra to see a thriving 63rd street and only goes a short distance to visit a world-class museum complete with the iconic obama presidential center and museum of science industry read and this is the future on the south side that we will be creating in partnership with the community and this will not only send a ripple effect of economic development through the area, but really our entire city will benefit from these investments. supporting these communities and protecting its residences and effort that i am personally passionate about and that is also for that means that you can't get this done alone. so many people that i am grateful to on this historic day and i want to thank the governor and his team for their support of the jackson park for structure investment.
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the staff and on multitude of the departments like parking, the library, housing, putting development and water buildings to name a few who have and will continue to be vanguard of these investments efforts in this community. we must also humbly thank our many community partners including those gathered with us today, taylor and mitchell as well as the many organizations and individuals is number from the surrounding communities, these community stakeholders at work tirelessly years and we would not be here today without them so we must give thanks to them one and all. and of course we must also think the obama's for president and first lady, and everyone at the obama presidential center and their teams for making this incredible project impossible
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and choosing to make it here on the south side of our great city. i also want to think the foundation board and the staff who have also been incredible partners on this journey. with the construction of this presidential center, it will eventually get underway shortly, we will be able to deepen our commitment for empowering chicago's residents and allow them to showcase rigid talent in history and culture to the visitors from nearby and far away. and above all else, and sure they are fully able to participate in the economic development in the future of his neighborhood and in the community for generations to come. on the thank you all for being here and thanks again to president obama and first lady michelle obama and we are excited on this historic day and thank you all very much. [applause]
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[inaudible]. sina please welcome j.b. pritzker. [applause] ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ good morning everyone, what a thrill it is to be here in jackson park today marcus historic groundbreaking an investment on chicago's south side. thank you to all of work together in the presidential center in illinois which means probably now known as the land of lincoln and obama.
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[inaudible]. i am privileged to walk, president obama and michelle obama back to chicago and i know the city in the state hold a special place in their hearts just as they hold a special place and ours. while this will be a presidential scale center, is presence and purpose still speaks to the same community center vision that have always defined the presidents work and is no better home place or base in the community that you have been involved in. and then you went to the white house. everybody knows from our history from the great chicago fire in 1871 that chicago is the city and knows the secret to
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rebuilding itself, meaningful investment, a good -- of ingenuity and most important, putting working people first. it is a lesson that he finds our covid-19 recovery initiatives and that's why am so proud to have the obama residential center is a partner in building a better future for the south side or chicago and for illinois. relating with the first woman architect of the presidential center in the united states history, to ensuring luck contractors and laborers are the substantial builders of this project to paving the way for thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of activity right here in one month and surrounding communities in the center will grow as the obama's
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have lived, with work rooted in creating new leaders amongst neighbors and bringing more resources doing community that has historically received less by 2025 changemakers from all of the world will come right here to learn about the obama's journey and take advantage of transformative resources and engaged in celebration it and community spaces marking jackson park is an incubator for help and progress for years to come. and i'm particularly proud of our states contributions to these efforts, reshaping and enhancing trails and roadways throughout the neighborhoods to ensure that the center is an accessible and enjoyable space for all. president obama and missus obama, illinois is working to live up to the promise that you have stood for and the potential
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for positive change that will come from this new presidential center and as we recover from the pandemic, we are committed to building opportunities where there have historically been fewer and from building it the universal preschool and affordable childcare, to providing rental and mortgage assistance, to those who are struggling to revitalizing our neighborhoods and remain streets. today with the groundbreaking of the presidential center like the state of illinois, there is abundance of opportunity ahead. i believe to my core that the best measure of our progress is opportunity and opportunity for working families to achieve prosperity and opportunity for communities, is what the obama's are striving to build, right here in the south side of chicago and we are so proud to
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be your home. >> to introduce missus michelle obama, please welcome ms. wilson. >> good afternoon. i'm a junior at the academy just across the street in the next speaker have a lot in common, you may not know this but when she was serving as associate dean at the university of chicago, i was born at the university of chicago hospital read about the candidate elementary math and science academy in south neighbor in the community that we call home as a fellow girl the south side, she has been an exceptional example to live up to. she has firsthand that we value and care for each other.
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we look after one another and their families and our homes and we carpool, we share cooking, we share our stories and we believe in lifting up others as we climb pretty she's taking those values with her throughout her life and she's inspired me to be the best person myself that i can be raising my voice and serving others and reaching higher. and with my sights set on going to college, to play golf and study to become an architect, all of that being said, is with deep appreciation and excitement that i will introduce former first lady michelle obama to the podium. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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>> will let me just say, you are amazing girl, you are my mini me and you are making me feel underdressed. [laughter] and am so proud of you that i am so excited to have been introduced by another girl from the south side, just keep doing you and this is why we are here so very proud of you pretty and i want to thank everyone for joining us to celebrate this special milestone it as we are thrilled to be back in the city we call home. i've done a lot in my lifetime, i burned a couple of degrees, manager but meaningful career into law and work in city government and i run a small nonprofit and i met and married the love of my life, and i have birthed and raised it to amazing now young women it and i have had the profound honor of
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serving as nations first lady where i have traveled the world and i have died with heads of state, kings and queens, she can and this with two popes. here's the thing, no matter what i've accomplished, or who i have met or where i have gone, what are my greatest honors is being a proud person from chicago, a daughter of the south side. i still lead with that descriptor anywhere it boldly and proudly like a crown to my mind, this city this neighborhood it courses through my veins and defines me at my very core and it makes me who i a.m. and to this day, the experiences i had a growing up
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in the city and in this neighborhood, all of the lessons that i learned in this very special place, they shaped my values and guide my actions every single day. so i am not just a daughter from the south side of the mother from the south side of the lawyer and executive in an author from the south side and i am a first lady from the south side of chicago and that is why this project is so incredibly important to me and my husband. it allows us to live out the values we learn right here and that is to give back something big and important and meaningful to the community is given us so much. so for us the obama presidential center means a lot more than just creating a space to house memories number eight years in the white house. this substantial investment in the south side will help make
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the neighborhood where we call home, destination and for the entire world. but more importantly this project as the governor said, will be a vital resource for the people who live right here, the opc will be a place for the folks can find work and more kids can learn and grow and envision a bigger lives for themselves. where families can walk and ride a bike or have a reunion in the grass. where everyone can find home and beauty and peace and safety. when i was a little girl, even younger than zell wilson, going rep this aside, we didn't have a lot of places like that in our own backyard and i remember that whatever me and my mom dad, my brother, we wanted to do something special.
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and is the art and to hear music, taken a new museum exhibit, that he into my dad's buick, 225, take jeffrey boulevard to lakeshore drive and head north to downtown read and even as a child, understood this disparity and i understood it tt whenever there was a huge invested meant of resources in the city, in the park or infrastructure improvements, or any other beautiful effort, it rarely happened in our neighborhood. we did have the museum of science and industry, one of my favorite museums on the planet by the way. we had that right here in jackson park but the park itself so for the most part, they just did not call to us and didn't always feel like a place for kids like me and too often in
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this gorgeous park it felt like something to drive through for go around to get to somewhere else pretty is a grew up and i left my neighborhood. i gained a greater exposure to this magical city, writing hours and, i mean, hours every day back and forth on the number six jeffrey express. i was able to see more of what chicago had to offer but i continued to ask myself why didn't we have more places to gather and connect in our neighborhood. i didn't are part of town brought people from around the world just like ebp are the art institute. i wasn't there more investment in us. so when it came time to decide where to build this we knew this was a unique opportunity to change that narrative in the
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help elevate the way the kids like me and my zell wilson felt about their neighborhoods and in turn, about themselves. because this center is not about us, not about me and baraka, some of the generations that came before us the folks who did the heavy lifting in the ones who made it michelle robinson and morocco obama possible is about reimagining this beautiful park about taking it a place that welcomes people and, not just folks from around the world of the families mine, who live right in street. and it's also about supporting the existing restaurants in the stores in the neighborhood organizations and the schools in the churches lifeblood of this community therefore the lifeblood of the city and state. and not so long from now, when
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we were back here to replace the shovels with a big pair of scissors to open the center and long for that day and i can't wait for that day pretty we will walk through a world-class museum and stroll down the beautifully redesigned pathways and we will open up a playground the state-of-the-art jungle gym for kids to climb on and best of all, for me is that we will look down and we will see a big sledding hill for the kids to slide down when it snows which it still does a lot of here. something that i always dreamed about when i was a little girl. and that is what this is all about, all the laws the lights, the temporary inconveniences and it's about getting a little something back to the place that we absolutely truly love.
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this doesn't feel like building something live under new, it feels like were hoping to reveal what is always been here, thank you all for joining us today and for supporting this project into everyone was doing the hard work of making this possible and for honoring the spark in this corner of town and making sure that it is seen and felt for generations to come. we can't wait to see this place come to life and thank you all so much. [applause] >> to introduce the 44th president of the united states please welcome -
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ good afternoon everyone. my name is trenton banks, sophomore from south shore international college prep and morgan park neighborhood, is my chicago home and it is an amazing honor to be with you all to hear today and like millions of kids across the country, i spent my entire freshman year at home taking classes virtually and it wasn't the way that i thought it would be but i had on hope that it wouldn't and i could get better if we work on it. it is the kind of hope that our next speaker transformed into a movement back in 2008, when i was just three years old. and for my entire life, our next speaker has been a shining example look at happen when you're goal in life is to make a difference no matter what is going on or what is happening. he reminds me of myself in that
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way. i'm not entirely sure what my future holds but i know that i want to be and make a positive difference in the lives of others to be successful in whatever path i choose. he's taught me that if you want the same hundred change the world, there is no better place to start than in your own community and i'm just ready to do that predict so without further ado please join me and welcoming president barack obama to the podium. [applause] [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪♪
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>> hello everybody in his day is been a long time coming. we had originally hoped to hold a bigger festive event but the pandemic had other plans. so we are keeping the small for now. but to everyone who was watching, including so many who are part of my administration, so many worked tirelessly to make this day possible, please know how incredibly grateful i am and how much i am looking forward to celebrating with all of you in person as soon as we can. autostart by taking trenton that outstanding introduction and and zell wilson for doing such a great job introducing michelle and i would like to zell wilson to also give me tips on my golf
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game. and we are so proud of both of you night also want to acknowledge a few other people here today who have and have been instrumental, and the governor of illinois, gov. j.b. pritzker. the mayor ever great city, mayor lori lightfoot and harrison's and greg mitchell, thank you all for everything that you done to move this project forward so we are here today the south side of chicago in jackson park to officially break ground on the obama presidential center. as michelle noted, we chose this location for a few good reasons, his clothes were michelle grew up and where i started my political career and surrounded by a good neighborhood in a community where we believe that we can help make a difference. and jackson park also happens to
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hold a special place in my heart because it was literally my entryway into chicago. in the summer of 1985, i packed up my car with which was a pretty dinky car from new york and headed west and 2223 old kid about to start a new job in life and after i came on the skyway i found myself driving through jackson park and at the time i remember thinking, is a lot more beautiful than i expected. admittedly, it was not winter and i'm not yet tasted the hock off the lake but at the time is still trying to figure out who i was and still searching for a purpose to my life and it was and neighborhoods not far from here where i began working with church groups, the shadow and it
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was in communities across the city from roseland to pilsen to a little village. the north side, and what i learned that everybody has a story to tell and the beneath hard surface differences, we have common dreams and hopes and values. chicago is where i found the purpose that i had been seeking. it is where i finally my ideas about democracy and activism and social change to the test. and most important, it is where he met the brilliant and beautiful daughter named michelle robinson and we were married here in our reception it
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was down at the cultural center read our daughters were born here right in the street at the hospital. only butter first come here, of march of oh eight and it was - michelle worked with the students at the university of patients at the hospital and it is where announce mike first campaign for public office. la said it was known as - on lakeshore drive. it is where i first and the owners of serving. all that happened within a few mile radius of here pretty chicago is where almost everything that is most precious to me began. it is where i found a home. and now obviously michelle and i have been unfairly extraordinary
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journey since then and one that we have could have never imagined all those years ago. but as far as we have come, i never lost sight of an important lessons that i learned right here in chicago. in the first involves the power of place, the need to anchor our efforts to build a better world, not in theories, and abstraction, but in neighborhoods and communities. and by now most people know that i come from a pretty diverse background. i was born in hawaii, my parents were from kenya and kansas and a child i lived in indonesia in a family to stretches from ireland to china and lifelong friends who come from just about every corner of the world the background helps explain my core belief in the oneness of humanity.
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i believe in the god-given birth of all people read the underlying bonds that we share if i believe americans is his strength, not a weakness. and the only way we can solve the biggest challenges in climate change to economic inequalities, is if we recognize those common bodice and learn to work together across the divides of the race and language and culture. but as strongly as i hold to that belief, chicago taught me that change does not start in a global scale, change start one person at a time, one school anytime in one neighborhood at a time one community at a time in the social media and the internet can connect us and raise awareness about issues that matter but it's only when
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we route ourselves in specific communities that we can understand the realities of people's lives and their complexities and that is where we built relationships in the trust and change requires. it is how we test our commitments and are assumptions we learned navigator differences and refine the strategies and programs and ultimately transform the world. in the second thing that chicago gave me was faith in ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things. rarely in our history has progress rise and the abolition of slavery in the expansion of the bradshaw's and better working conditions in cleaner air and water, women's rights and lgbtq rights and all of these things gain traction because a critical mass of
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people got involved. he got engaged. again together to make the voices heard. and yes that process can be contentious as i'm sure the governor and the mayor are aware. and it can take time but in the end, see most effective inclusive most durable way to move the world as it is towards the world as it should be. any idea of participation and of active citizenship also happens to be the heart of our american experiment of self-government in this country was built on the belief that any of us no matter who we are, where we come from, how much money we have, what her last name is, any of us can recognize where our nation is falling short in the challenging the status quo in full american
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to look closer to our highest ideas would and that same faith and democracy is over front tire and celebrated countries and deliver greater opportunity and freedom and dignity to his people around the world. so my experience in chicago made me believe in the power of place in the power the people. those beliefs guided me all the way through my presidency. and they have shaped our vision for the obama presidential center. we are about to break ground on what will be the world's premier institution for developing civic leaders across fields and disciplines and yes across the political spectrum. a forum for those who want to strengthen democratic ideals and foster active citizenship. a campus right here in the south side it but we hope to convene
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and supportive power the next generation of leaders read not just in government and public service, but also those who intend to bring about change to the arts or journalists are want to start businesses that are inclusive, socially responsible and responsible and responsive to the challenges of our times. we want to center to be more than a static museum, or source of archival research, it won't just be a collection of campaign memory of leah leah or michelle's ball gowns although i know everybody will come see those three will just be an exercise in nostalgia or looking backwards level authority, we want this to be a living and probably home her concerts, cultural events lectures and training comments, dialogues and conversations we want this to be
11:05 pm
a hub with real work experiences to be shared and what works and what doesn't in solving the big problems of the day and we envision a where residents and businesses all over the world come together and restore the promise of the people's place sl be the core mission of the center and our foundation program. inspiring and empowering citizens and communities to act on the big challenge of our time giving leaders the tools to be effective in preparing young people everywhere to pick up and help change the world. along the way we want the obama presidential center to change chicago for the better. in the center will support thousands of jobs during and after construction of many of them right here in the south side will help to spark economic
11:06 pm
growth in this community by bringing as many as 750,000 visitors to this area every single year. visitors 0e, shock, explore and spend money strengthening the south side and making it even more attractive place for businesses to grow and higher. and it will preserve and enhance all the things to make jackson park special would and reunified the land and plant new trees and provided new habitat for birds and wildlife pretty but we were also going to open the spark up to the community creating a community center and a branch of the chicago public library and creating new spaces for folks from the south side and alden city together and to connect and to learn. and i will close by saying it
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feels natural for michelle and me want to get back to chicago and to the south side in particular. the place where she grew up and i came into my own. where our children were born. where we made so many friends and where i launched my political career. and we will always be grateful for that. in the obama presidential center is our way of repaying some of what this amazing city has given us. we are also building the center because we believe it can. pat: some of the central struggles of our time. we are living through a moment of rapid disruption. in technology in the global economy, our social arrangements and our environment, and those disruptions can be scary.
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and too often it feels as if our major institutions have failed to respond effectively to these disruptions to help people find economic or protect our planet and what we've seen is that in the breach, a cultural of cynicism and mistrust and grow. we see more division it and increasingly bitter conflicts. in the politics and the anger and resentment for those who are not like us. and start to turn away from the democratic principles in favor of tribalism and things. this is true in europe and asia and is true in latin america, and in africa and happens to be true. home with the good news is that
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we can reverse these trends. i don't believe it's inevitable that we succumb to the paralysis of mutual hatred or abandoned democracy in favor of power and privilege for the few. it has been true throughout her history and i believe we have to reimagine our institutions to make them responsive to today's challenges and rebuild our societies in the way gives more and more people a better life. i believe it because i've seen it. i seen it in the work of young activists and social entrepreneurs right here in chicago from northside to the south side to the west side. and from oakland to johannesburg and to rio de janeiro to answer amsterdam to port-au-prince. around the world, right here in
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chicago there are young people not waiting for someone else to solve these big problems. in the face of sometimes impossible odds they are rolling up your sleeves and they're putting down the stakes and they are making a difference, one neighborhood, one school about one area at a time read the building health clinics and urban slums and educating girls in rural villages. in reforming the policing and challenging corruption in their inventing new ways to cut carbon emissions in providing clean water for those desperately needed. they're building businesses and they are getting workers a stake in the company success. this coming up generation of zell wilson and trenton others they are the source of my hope.
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it is their imaginations, they are, their diversity, their belief in every voice counts. the deep commitment to protecting the planet and challenging long-standing justice. i believe will save all of us and through the center, intended to give these young people those are coming up behind us, whatever training support resource and platforms they need to fully realize their potential to collaborate and share ideas and to bring their dreams to scale. michelle and i cannot imagine a better legacy than that. we cannot imagine a better investment than that.
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but this next generation of leaders in chicago and around the world, we didn't start out in washington, i did not start off as president, i started off brighton street. down the street and these neighborhoods injured up shaping the rest of my life. this is our way of showing young people everywhere that they can do the same and i could not be more excited to officially break ground give us one step closer to making that vision a reality. thank you we must never going to go grab a shovel and break ground in thank you everybody.
11:13 pm
[applause] [background sounds]. >> are we ready. [background sounds]. >> here we go. [background sounds].
11:14 pm
[applause] [applause] [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> one more time. ready. got it, one - two - three. thank you everybody. [applause] [applause]
11:15 pm
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