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tv   Pete Hegseth Battle for the American Mind  CSPAN  September 6, 2022 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our guests. [applause]
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what a crowd. >> welcome both. >> thank you so much. >> thank you all for being here. >> some quick biographical stuff for us. as i was noting, you were in the armed services, a basque ballplayer in high school. i don't think you started off your career as a commentator a news guy, how did you and fox news ever meet? good question. my first television appearance ever was on msnbc hardball with chris matthews. [laughter] i had never done tv before in my life and i had a buddy who had done tv twice so he was an expert. [laughter] he said lean forward that his first to. it makes you look better stature
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better posture. [laughter] lean forward and don't let the host cut you off. 46 times chris matthews cut me off. i was a newbie. i didn't anticipate i would go into tv. i read a couple of events organizations when i came back from iraq and afghanistan supporting in the battlefield then fighting for reform at the v.a.. through that, and it up doing appearances on tv in different places. a lot of ended up being fox and fox and friends. i will never forget, one day they said have you ever thought about asking questions instead of answering them? i said i'm happy to try anything one time. the worst i can do is make a full of myself. it went ok and that was in 2015 early 2016 then took her carlsen who was the fox and friends weekend host took the primetime gig thank goodness. because he is amazing.
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then i took his slot on fox and friends weekend and that's read been ever since. [applause] >> i don't know if it was your pen who wrote this because it is co-authored, but right up in the front there was a note that when the two of you got together, it felt like indiana jones and his father and one was sean connery and one was harrison ford is my first question is which of you is sean connery and which is peers in fort? >> we believe that to the imagination. i am older than him. >> he even looks like sean connery doesn't he? >> how did the two of you get together for this book?
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>> i will monopolize, i promise. i was at a diner in north carolina and there was a young family in the corner who had their young daughters and their uniforms. i walked around and i was talking to everybody and i talked to them and they were talking about this wonderful school a christian school in north carolina that they sent their kids to. i had known about classical christian school but my interest peaked around that point. and they said you have to meet this guy. so i did. i said i want to do more, what do you guys do? he shot me tens of information. i kept reading it and i'm calling him i called him too much i think. i sit is this true? then our member looking at my wife and i said by the way, she
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runs a lot of the stuff on fox nation and i said we have to write a movie about this. people need to know what's going on. to the bellamy salute to what the progressives did -- the whole story. what david had done and the research he had done was a no-brainer. we got to work on the film then eventually the book. none of this happened without david goodwin and the research and expertise he brings. >> i bet everyone in the audience has some familiarity with critical race theory being taught in our nation's schools today. what i found fascinating in this book was right up front, the two of you make the point that that's just a very recent tip of
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the iceberg. this problem is really as much as 100 years old. one of you please explain that? >> it is. what is an amazing part of the story of the development of the book is we started march 2020. if you remember, that's before crt went front and center. before the george floyd riots and before covid. the interest early on was pete and i were thinking we want to tell the story of what was happening in the early part of the 20th century because nobody has told the story. as we went along, history was unfolding in front of us. pete coming back with he went about this -- what about this? i had this person on tv today and they said this. pretty soon, it was a truly collaborative project where pete was writing, he has written most parts of the book that deal with contemporary issues of the day.
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we found out was it fit together like hand and glove. john dewey no sooner gets done with his work that i researched in columbia university than frankfurt school shows up. pete had a better grasp on that side of things than i did. as a whole, the work was evidential. it would not come together if it hadn't been the time and place and the partnership. >> yes, the progressives had been targeting our youngest minds on their mind from the very beginning. they knew they had to remove the one immovable object inside american civic life and western civilization if their schemes were to catch on. the immovable object was god and faith. the centerpiece of the american classroom since the founding. they had to replace it to keep
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the indiana jones analogy going, it's like when you're trying to grab a precious artifact but it's on a pressure plate. if you take the artifact off of the pressure plate, the alarm is going to go off. if they did that a hundred years ago, the churches would have revolted. they openly wrote in the new republic and this is the research that david did, they discussed how do we remove god from the classroom? they ultimately landed on a forgery which the culture at the time was willing to accept. it effectively was allegiance to the state. it was the flag. it was a new pledge. a pledge of allegiance written by a socialist. it didn't say under god when it was originally written. i love the flag, i probably said the pledge of allegiance today at the beginning. i revere it. for them, it was a new idea
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around which they could get society to cohere that was malleable, nationalism being more malleable vent bevel truth. when you have biblical truth and objective truth you can't move people off of that. you find when you read this story of the characters that it's almost to a man and to a woman they are atheists, humanists, socialists, then eventually marxist who reject biblical truth. they reject human nature and sinful nature. once you can change and reject that, then you create a laboratory for societal change inside classrooms. one of the other things that david discovered through his research and we write about is the early progressives studied one of the first successful social movements which was prohibition. a woman named -- what was her name? frances willard.
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she is a suffragette, a socialist. said if we can put the curriculum of third-graders, we start to have a chance. in the 1870's, third grade curriculum antialcohol is put into curriculum. these are loose public school associations. third grade curriculum put in. by 1919, what do you have in america? prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol. the progressives said if you can do that with third grade curriculum, what else can you do with third grade curriculum? they discovered a word called
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paideia. >> asby said the pledge one nation under god indivisible, would you go so far to say that the socialists and the ones that greeted the pledge when they were after what you described to them under god and god is essentially the state. >> yes but originally the original pledge written by francis bellamy did not include under god. that was included by eisenhower when we were fighting the godless communists in the 50's. to oversimplify, basically what the progressives did and it was always under the guise of training for new economy. they replaced the cross in a bible in the classroom with a flag and a pledge. over time they said were going to start -- start a different type of school over here where
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god is not allowed inside where we have pullout time where you can go to instruction outside of the school. not on school grounds, but we respect that you have faith in god. then when they moved it to new york, they had a different approach. you should explain the gary plan. they started school in gary, indiana that changed the way school worked altogether. >> their intentionality was visible because they created model schools and several places around the country but gary, indiana became the center of it. for anyone who knows the town, it was formed in 1905. it was a very new city and they could take the wherever they wanted to take it. one of these new disciples was the superintendent of that area and they built the plan there in indiana. its features were things you
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probably all thought were always in school like bells that ring at the end of 55 minutes. the seven period day. subjects broken up and social science being in it. this was all packaged up and they removed religion christianity from the classroom by putting it in a pullout p eriod. when i first encountered the story i was reading the back-and-forth editorial pages of the new republic 1915-1918, they were arguing about how to get god out of the classroom for good. because the one side was saying if we put it in a pullout pe riod, we could just drop it. then they said we shouldn't have it in pullout. the whole modern american
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experience especially at high school was designed in gary, indiana without god. >> in the book, you describe at some length this whole woke movement. part of being woke is you are invading my space. those words are harmful, all the rest of that. i read this and i cannot believe it when i read it when i read in your book. that is that the united states the national archives and records administration the agency that is the nation's attic, it keeps all of our records and takes care of the constitution of the united states and the declaration of independence, when you access the archives website, it suggests in the top right-hand corner these -- there are harmful words in these documents.
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how can this possibly be? >> it's true. you got a website of the national archives for the declaration and constitution of the united states and there is a trigger warning. of attentional violent content. inappropriate content. that's the logical extent of the view of the left. they want to reject, they have rejected the ideas of our founding and their theories were dedicated to that from the beginning of when they landed on our shores. david talked about early progressives, then you have the critical theorists of the frankfurt school who free germany. there all marxist. they free hitler's, they arrive in new york and they are welcomed at columbia university. what is columbia at that time and what is columbia teachers college still today? the preeminent teachers college
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in the united states america. the marxist arrived with a new theory called critical theory. sound familiar? is the precursor to critical race theory and critical gender theory. they begin to teach it and they begin to teach it in the teachers colleges means when the teachers go out and become heads of their departments or other places, they are teaching critical theory. what is it to your point? it -- the premise is to deconstruct effectively western christian civilization. criticize all things that lead to the white european patriarchy capitalist system that must be torn down if we are to advance work schism. they thought and an academic sense but it became in -- they thought that warfare was not going to fly in the states -- united states america.
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instead, our terrible path of racial injustice was more fertile ground. the critical theorists eventually landed on radical race theory as to way in which they could indict america from the beginning. we call the first chapter of our book the covid 1619 moment. because covid-19 happens. zoom comes into all of our homes and you open up the laptop and in american history, they are teaching 1619 as the new founding date. they have rejected 1776 and the principles thereof and they are indicting america from the very beginning as being a terrible country. that type of logic at the academic level which has now made its way pervasively into k-12, of course it leads government institutions to say that the constitution and declaration of independence need trigger warnings. therefore they must be canceled
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and we need to find a new founding date and all the wisdom that they had despite their flaws has to be rejected. that was the premise of critical theory from the beginning. they used only teach it in higher education. now all the teachers who have been through the teachers colleges and they handled the accreditation that is now in bed with the unions and now i see we are back to -- who is a great friend of ours he wrote standing up to goliath he took on the teachers unions in california he's an amazing individual. [applause] we have drawn on a lot of wisdom from a lot of people who have been on the front lines and we are yelling about it before people were paying attention. now, they are paying attention. those theories have been embedded into our institutions and that's how you get to the point where something like that appears on the website. >> that's what you have to read this book.
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i will pull a quote on your book and i would like for you to explain it for us. the right has long held the right principles but the left controls the positions. what do you mean by that? >> it's a political question, you get it. [laughter] >> what do i mean by that? look at local school boards. look at union representation. look at our universities. we stand on principles that we know are timeless and believe that they should be timeless and believe that they stand on their own whether they are the brilliance of our founding or the biblical wisdom. the left goes ahead and runs for all the positions, takes over all the institutions then pushes out all the stuff we felt was timeless and would be there no matter what. if there is something you could fault the founders for, it's assuming this type of education would continue.
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how kids would be educated at some level with an understanding of greek and latin and great books and arbuckle western silt ash civilization narrative. they assumed that would be the waters you can swim in. and others who came about after that and tried to could deconstruct everything they did. i try not to be pessimistic in this book, but you revert the stuff we covered on fox of parents rising up at school boards. virginia, glenn youngkin gets elected, it's all amazing stuff. it's heartening. but do those types of actions in today's government schools because that's what we should call them, public schools are government schools. those types of actions as we say in the book, i feel like it's like charging a machine gun nest with nerf guns. we salute your efforts, but we
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will bury you all. what did they do those parents? good luck, see you later, next. my mother protested at pta meetings in the school board in the 1980's and 1990's. god bless her. she took me out of those courses whether it was the sex ed course or the quest self-esteem thing that is benign by today's standards but she recognized it for what it was back then and she protested and pulled out. guess what happened in the middle school? nothing. 99% of the other kids at forest lake high school still went to that education and the quest program and now we are on the 95th iteration of that at forest lake high school in conservative minnesota. they control the pipeline of every aspect of educational industrial complex. the unions being the most powerful arm of that but the
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teachers colleges textbooks curriculums certifications accreditations all hard leftists. we want to disavow people of the idea that you can move to a nice zip code or going to move to a conservative community and everything will be ok. the problem is the pipeline has been federalized and they control those positions. protesting is good and doing something for your kid is good, but it's insufficient at this point. >> if i could add to one thing, the money involved is the icing on the cake. it is the biggest industrial complex. not only is infrastructure solidly in their hands, but the money is two. >> you went to what has to be defined as an elite school for university.
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in the book, both of you note that your request was not to find an elite education but rather the best education. what is the difference between the elite education and the best? you are an expert. >> by today's standards, and elite education would be princeton where i went as an undergraduate or harvard where i went for a masters program but i don't know if you saw on fox and friends recently [applause] i did most -- bust open my diploma to harvard right returned to sender and mail it back to them live on tv. because, our institutions are poisoning the minds of not just our kids, but our country. if we hold them up as standard bearers of excellence and gatekeepers of credibility we continue the cycle.
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it is not just my so-called elite background. it is probably your alma mater's too. take your pick. unless you went to hillsdale, liberty, or college of the ozarks, your university is probably dutifully pumping out hard leftists and marxists at a rapid rate. read your alumni newsletter. go back and take coursework. peruse the website. just by default because we like these sports teams are the nostalgia of drinking beer in college we pump checks to these institutions and we might as well just send it straight to the democratic party. any part of perpetuating that, i believe, is perpetuating a cycle hurting our country. when i see the best institutions i am talking about schools, classical christian schools at the k-12 level. my mentor at princeton is named robbie george. he is an amazing conservative
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constitutional professor. there are now 25 outed conservatives of the faculty of prayers -- princeton --. all because of one man who built the institution and is phenomenal. he has a quote "it used to be liberal professors that led to their job -- indoctrinated conservative kids at college. now it is conservative professors that led to their chops of undoing the indoctrination of the kids that already show up woke and indoctrinated." the problem is not higher education. higher education is gone. the focus is k-12. that is the focus of our book. they are consolidating that on k-12. the kid david pumps out our elite, elite performers, elite students, elite critical thinkers, elite debaters ready to engage in the culture and
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when. --win. if you mean elite by paying $50,000 so your kid can be woke, they are not elite. that or what many of the elite high schools or middle schools look like that are pipelines to the ivy league. these are pipelines to wisdom, timeless wisdom that gave our founders the ability to debate who they debated 250 years ago and create this form of government that is a republic if we can keep it. i did not get that education. every time i talked to david, the first thing i would say is, why can't i go back to one of your schools? because, i learned almost nothing. if i look at the social studies i learned. and, we all took social studies. that's what? those are all disciplines made up by marxists, all of them. used to be geography, philosophy, civics, policy.
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they deconstructed it to dumb it down to make it all a scientific method that could be explained because there is no more objective truth. we all got a progressive education and we did not know it. david is unearthing a hidden form of education that the progressives almost completely buried by the 1970's and he is now giving a generation of americans a chance to actually get educated. my seventh grader that has been a bench in a classical christian school understands ancient greece and rome better than i ever will. he is engaging with ideas the founders engaged with. that is what i would call elite and how i would like to redefine it. >> wow. >> >>[applause]
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>> in your book you say the problem is not what is being taught in our schools but what is not taught in our schools. give an example of a classical christian education that you think will develop elite thinkers. >> one of the things we have a tendency to do is take for granted things that history gave us long ago and we have forgotten. the seven liberal arts, the basis of classical christian education, they date back to ancient greece. the principal was if you are going to form some type of republic or democracy, you had to prepare your children to think for themselves. because, if they just listen to whatever doctrines of it he gave them, they would vote for the tyrant. because, you will go back into
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tierney. that was the fear of the greeks. that was the fear of the romans. it was the basis of the country when they built the country. that is why we have eagles on our statues. many roman artifacts were harkening back to this idea. the republic requires rethinking people. so, the seven liberal arts. the first three is what i will talk about briefly here. grammar, logic, rhetoric. training on how to use language well, how to use logic, and to think well through the study of both formal and informal logic and the practice. in classical schools we practice thinking. we don't token's what to think. we practice them in the art of good thinking. it is a very different kind of education. it is not a teacher in front of 25 kids telling them what to think. there are roundtables, engaging, learning to argue well. the third subject in the trivium
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's rhetoric. it is now a dirty word because politics has shoveled it up. it was originally the art of understanding the comprehensive whole other topic and being able to communicate that other people. and, to persuade them to follow you. that is of course the heart of a democracy. the heart of a republic is to have discourse. what we are seeing now in our country is discourse being shut down from every angle because we cannot stand to hear things we don't like to hear. >> and the solution is not necessarily, if you are a parent out there trying to decide, where should i send my child to school? public schools are the government schools you talked about. that's the real problem. but the solution is not necessarily i will spend $50,000 and send my kid to a private or independent prep school, correct? >> correct. in fact, i would argue must --
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most of the private schools are even worse and more woke. in fact, a lot of christian schools and catholic schools are maybe not as bad on the surface in every way you see, but they are still built completely on the progressive model of education. that is what shook me so much in the beginning working with david. once you dig into it you realize. he likens it to a capsized ship. if you have been living in a capsized ship for 100 years, you feel like the wall is the floor. that is what you have lived in. then when you tipped the capsized ship back up you realize you have been living sideways for 100 years and everything looks different. that is what david's movement has had to do since the 1980's, revive a lost form of education that was almost completely gone. the darkest days of education in
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this country where the 1970's where there was no such thing as classical christian and they tried to outlaw homeschooling. they tried to outlaw all parochial schooling in oregon before that. they would still like to. thank goodness for the supreme court and the ruling we got last weekend in maine among other fabulous rulings. it has been a good week for our founders. and, their structure of government. and for so many other leaders in this country including ronald reagan who have been fighters for life for generations. here we are. i would just say that you have to break down the assumptions you have about what education means, especially in a christian context. that is why i think classical christian is so different.
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we try to break down preconceived notions that classical means outdated, dusty, old. kind of how people look at homeschooling. homeschooling means weird or not socialized. that's the case. if you look at how it is done today and it done so well, it's amazing what they are doing in homeschooling. including co-ops and online curriculum and classical christian homeschooling. there are more options than there have ever been for a great education for your kids and grandkids. david has almost 500 brick-and-mortar classical christian schools across the country in 46 states. there are a bunch in california. there are a bunch across the country. we order -- argue for parents and grandparents taking a radical reorganization of your lives and saying next year family and next year faith, the next step you can take is where
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you educate your kids. where they spend 16,000 hours between the age of kindergarten and 12th grade. 16,000 hours. that was the original working title of the book "16,000 hour war", because that is what it is. do you want to send your kids to 16,000 hours of democrat camp? that is basically what we are doing now when we send kids to 90% of the k-12 schools that exist in america today. i would argue you do not want that. even in some of the articles that david uncovered at the progressives wrote about that. you would know the quote better than me. what chance does one hour of theistic training on sunday morning have against 40 hours of secular training during the week? who said that, david? >> charles potter. >> charles potter.
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they knew from the beginning. frankly, the christian church, we did it to ourselves as a movement. when the church abdicated responsibility on education. david writes beautifully about the social justice arm and the fundamentalist arm. ultimately the social justice arm joins with the progressives. the fundamentalist arm says, we are just here to save souls. that is wonderful, but it basically said we are not in the school business anymore. what got created in that moment? sunday school. instead of sending kids to a school monday through friday that has god in it we take god out of the school and send them to school for one hour sunday. then you see what happens as a result. so i would look very closely at any elite school, any private school, and any private school and look at the baseline prerogatives of what they teach and compare it against the liberal arts classical approach david has an isaac you will see a stark difference. -- i think you will see a stark difference. >> it is exhibit a in what we
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were talking about with the deep educational state. where they control accreditation, teacher certification, teachers colleges. it does not matter if you go to a christian high school or an independent prep school. they are all trained in that system. that is the point we are trying to make. the reason they are woke is they get the same training as everyone else. the prescription we have in the book is get out and go in a totally different direction. >> tactical retreat is what we call it. sometimes when you are surrounded in the immediate movement the first -- immediate moment the first movement is retreat. we argue in the book for an educational insurgency. week against the strong, small against the big. david started that insurgency through his goals. we are seeing arizona just had a universal educational tax credit program. that's a beautiful thing.
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>> we will turn it to the audience for questions in a minute. but i want to zero in on two trigger words you said. first, the reagan foundation and institute was blessed you are able to give $1 million in college scholarships each and every year too often between 10 and 20 students. we are finding that more and more of those that have risen to the top have become finalists, competitors, they are homeschooled. it has been a fascinating thing to watch. the second thing, before questions from the audience. i wanted to read a quote from michael's father here, president reagan, in his farewell speech to the nation in january 1989. the president said "an informed patriotism is what we want. are we doing a good enough job
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teaching our children what america is and what she represents in the long history of the world and what it means to be an american? we have got to teach history based not on what is in fashion, but what is important. if we forget what we did we won't know who we are. i am warning of an eradication of the american memory that could result ultimately in an erosion of the american spirit." [applause] >> that was the end. at the beginning of reagan's term he commissioned and educational -- an educational assessment of america and essentially concluded that if a foreign country had done this we would call it an active -- act of war. >> we would like to turn to you,
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the audience, for questions. just a quick primer. if you have a question raise your hand. but please. wait until we get a microphone in your hand so we can hear your question. we have one right here near the front. a question for you. because of your occupation or the circles you travel in, you encounter media from the left? do you have discussions with them on their positions? do you ever have a banter with them, a back-and-forth, or you pre-much stay with people on the right? how does that work in your profession? >> i just talked to williams. i would love to. first of all, i get a chance to work with some of the best conservatives in the business. we are chock-full of them at
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fox. i will say that the left-wing media is not the most tolerant bunch in the world. not only would they not want a conversation with me, i would count myself as somebody that has gone to pretty left-wing universities. i am happy to have a conversation with you knowing we disagree and knowing we will probably come to a different conclusion at the end of the conversation. the problem is that these days you talk to most members of the media on the left and the only way the conversation will go is they will end i saying, you are a racist. really. it is an absolute mischaracterization, strawman characterization of the opponent as less than human. the private conversation i have with people left of center at fox are wonderful. wonderful. because they are at a place that actually tolerates.
12:41 am
one quick anecdote. i have a bunch of friends that have worked at cnn that are conservatives. every single one of them has gone running for the exits because eventually they are cornered, run out and screamed out and told we are horrible human beings, especially if they voted for trump. i have never met a liberal that works at fox that did not say this is the most wonderful place i have ever worked. yes, we have discussions on the air and we have it out. but at the end of the day i can ask about their kids, their life. they will complement me on the book. it can exist when you foster an environment that exists. that environment at fox i think is the shared value that america is a good country and god is worth celebrating. when you can agree on the basics, you can figure the other stuff out. >> we will send it over here.
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>> thank you so much for both of you being here. i am so excited to read your book. it is a little overwhelming to listen. i have three millennial kids that have not had kids yet. do you have a suggestion as to how we can communicate besides just giving them the book? and also, it is a desk part -- two part question. i would like to be able to communicate that to two of the couples of my kids that are trying to have kids to look at this. but, the other side of it is, what can we do in the audience to help the movement? >> i talked to a gal last week that had the same question.
12:43 am
she was not sure she would get them to read a book but they did watch the miseducation series and it was very influential for millennial kids. they had never heard that before. i would certainly recommend that on fox. >> i agree. the miseducation of america is a six part series on fox nation where we tell the abbreviated version of the book in film form and we worked with a great producer, john case, who put it together. he did a great job. i think after watching that they would want to read it more. i think ultimately coming at the topic with humility to your kids, exactly what i will do with my monday when they are old enough to understand why we made the choices we made its be like, i had no idea. you will want the best for your kids. maybe i did not know that when i was going through because it was not laid bare in front of me. but now i know and you will want to know because -- you will want
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to know because i know you want the best for your kids too. do yourself a favor and before they are five results, read this book. covid did this too. being more intentional. i can say this to californians as a who lived a lot in minnesota, a very hopelessly blue state. being more and more intentional about where you live. meaning, the city and county you live in. covid showed us how much more impact local control can have. that is what david's website has. every school that is a classical christian school is a pin on a map area that is what i would do -- a map. that is what i would do. move to a school. that is what my wife and i are doing, moving to a school. you can't say, we pay property taxes. we moved to a place that is nice because of the school and we pay those property taxes.
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that is a hard thing to get past for some people. but ultimately, is that sacrifice where the future of your kids and their souls and the way they view the world? i think, yes, take time to watch the movie. >> there is another benefit to this movement. i am an association of members. really, we help these many independent schools. they are all independent. outside of us there are other organizations during classical education. classical conversations in the home school is doing the same for homeschoolers. if your kids cannot afford 7000, $8,000 a year in tuition, homeschooling is available -- a viable option. other options come upon schools. classical christian education at thousands of years old. nobody owns it. it is all of ours, we have to reclaim it.
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>> i went through the whole catholic homeschooling and started my kid with that. he has in college now. i had a big problem. like what you said about the progressive plan. it was the core curriculum. even though we homeschooled catholic, and i groped her in california, napa, they still had a core curriculum that we had to do. i stopped going there. i said, i will not do that anymore. i tried to do things with schooling groups. then when we wanted to go back to high school for sports and stuff they would not accept him. he had to go to an alternative school. i was so glad i was able to homeschool. it just meant so much to me. he turned out great, you know?
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he is an eagle scout and all that other stuff. but, that was a big block for me. i said, why do we have to cater to this core curriculum still? one other thing i wanted to mention. i noticed is that i guess lbj decided he did not want to have school buses for christians and catholics. so even though we are public, we pay all of the taxes. for getting kids to public schools. he eliminated taking kids to christian schools. i would like to turn that around also and turn around the core curriculum thing. how do we do that? >> the school bus thing sounds like a great challenge for the supreme court these days. >>[laughter] >> i am serious. core curriculum is part of how they consolidate control, obviously. david, how do you navigate that
12:48 am
curriculum in classical question -- christian schools? >> we don't. >> they don't. when you don't take the kings gold, not -- not that you are, homeschooling is not that. but when the testing requires the core curriculum aspect that is how they try to box most parents in and it takes a lot of extra effort to do that on your own. that is why the next step is also, the sat just recently stopped testing for reasoning because reasoning is racist. it is the same guy that took over the sats that wrote common core. that was a federalization of standards under the obama administration. so, what david is linked up with is a classical learning test, and s.a.t. for classical christian schools. there is a pipeline, accreditations. teachers colleges need to be created.
12:49 am
it is an entire ecosystem that will have to live a parallel to a progressive pipeline that controls everything go aspect, to your point. -- every single aspect, to your point. >> when he ran for president of the u.s. the first time, one of the main things in his campaign was to get rid of the department of education put forward by jimmy carter. the one thing i was upset with his after eight years of president of being -- after eight years of being president of the u.s. he was never able to get rid of that apartment of education. he said, "when we stop saying one nation under god we are a nation gone under." i say that to young people all the time when i go out and speak to young people. working people get a list of these schools for those of us that have grandkids now?
12:50 am
my parents sent me to a military academy. >> i like that. >> we called it alcatraz. i was taught by the sisters of mercy. then i went to the jesuits. so, god was having fun with me from the very beginning. but, where you get a list? >> i have to give credit to my wife storming in the front row. she is our webmaster. she has developed a great tool you can sort by state, city, pins on a map, anything you want. classicalchristian school binder. it will get you there fast. every school has its own page. >> >> the reason i would believe your dad is so adamant in getting rid of it is he knows how and why it was created. we break that down in the book
12:51 am
as well. a lot of the work we has done focuses on that too. unions used to be conservative teacher associations that were taken over by the union movement. then the union movement endorsed its first ever presidential candidate in 1976 and the teachers union had 50% of the delegates at the convention where they endorsed jimmy carter. when jimmy carter was elected president he turned around and gave a gift to the same powerful teachers union, the creation of a federal department of education. the nea and aft brand to there would be known affirmative education without the teachers union. from the very beginning that affirmative education has been the department of education has been a creation of the teachers unions. and if you get rid of that, you are anti-education. that was the problem of many other week need republican senators and congressmen of that area who were not willing to make that move.
12:52 am
i hope that we are at a point where how corrupt the unions are after covid, something like being against the department of education can be decoupled from being against education. they have corrupted it so much they created an opportunity to expose it. >> we have time for one last question. we will go over here. >> thank you. by grandkids are homeschooled. i have learned a lot about it. my granddaughter is a sophomore at hillsdale. our youngest provides courses to kids through high school. he has online courses you can take no charge. it is amazing. the college is hard to get into. they have a tremendous student body. they have a code of honor like
12:53 am
the military academies. if you break the code, you are kicked out. my granddaughter learned that the hard way in high school. she lied to her mother. bad mistake. i get the phone call. nikki said, talk to emily, she lied to me about not doing homework. i called my granddaughter. she said, lying about your homework. not doing your homework is a problem. you fix the problem. lying to your mother is a character flaw. you have lost her confidence. never do that again. when hillsdale interviewed her, and went to the code, you say you missed anything you think should be there? she said, yes, don't lie to yourself. my grandson just made an eagle scout this month.
12:54 am
>> congratulations. [applause. ] i was just talking to jason chase on his podcast about the book. his friend trey gowdy said in all my years of prosecuting -- i have never prosecuted. he said when he gets a question about education he has said i have never had to prosecute a homeschooled kid or an eagle scout. we have two of them here. that is a testament to parent to have been ahead of the curve and willing to do something for their kids. what is encouraging is now there are more brick and mortar and online options where we can get critical mass pumping out 4%, 3%, 5% of the graduates in this country that can be part of the leadership change for the future of the nation. >> each of you will have an opportunity to say hello to pete and david at the book signing now. on behalfhi christine, and
12:55 am
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congratulations on your new book rethinking sex. i'm really excited to be talking to you today about it. my first question for you is just why did you decide to write this book? i


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