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tv   Select Subcmte. on Coronavirus Crisis Adopts Report  CSPAN  February 1, 2023 6:24am-6:40am EST

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coronavirus crisis. our nation is in a far better place than we were in january of 2021. now we must take action. to prevent such dark days from returning in the future. with that, without objections, submit additional written questions to the chair. these will be forwarded to the witnesses for their response. this hearing is adjourned. the witnesses are excused. we will ask that your places be taken by the clerk.
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>> the meeting will come to order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare a recess of the committee at any time. the clerk will report the report which has been distributed in advance. >> preparing for and preventing -- final report, december 2022.
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>> without objection, the report is considered ready and open to amendment at any point. the chair recognizes himself to offer an amendment and addition of a substitute. topics have been distributed electronically to all members in advance. the clerk will report the amendment. >> mm and the nature choose to preparing for and preventing the next public health emergency lessons learned from the current -- coronavirus.
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>> without objection, the amendment is considered red -- considered read. i now recognize myself. the findings of the select subcommittee detailed in this final report, based on first-hand accounts, contemporary records, expert testimonies and other evidence. identifying pre-existing and predatory actions that contribute to extraordinary loss of light and economic suffering during the crisis. the select subcommittee has acted as a sort of public fraud,
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identify billions of taxpayer funds spent ineffectively, inefficiently, or inequitably, within pandemic relief programs across the federal government. as this sun report shows, and many instances, the management of programs left them particularly vulnerable to waste, fraud, and abuse. the report lays out in detail how the previous administration prioritize politics for public health and a pandemic response. engaging in an unprecedented campaign to undermine federal agencies responsible for protecting americans health and lives.
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importantly, the report lays out recommendations to combat the main instances of fraud, abuse, and interference that fled the country's pandemic response. it was shameless he observed, those that cannot room or the past are condemned to repeat it. you must remember the response to the coronavirus crisis so that we do not repeat them in our responses to future crisis. i commend the work of the select subcommittee. over the past two years, and the vital work of this members and staff that worked tirelessly to assume that our country would be better prepared for the next public health emergency. thank you, and i yield back.
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is anybody seek recognition? >> mr. chairman? >> mr. jordan. >> we wish to speak on the report. >> you may. >> thank you, mr. chairman. the report is strong on bashing president trump but there's nothing in the report about the cause of the virus, nothing about american tax dollars being spent to china -- being sent to china. nothing about this concern. nothing in the report about what happened at the start. american tax dollars went to a company that was not properly bedded. then sent money to a lab in china that was not up to code. that lab is the place where this virus most likely started. nothing in the report about that. i find that amazing. the select committee on corona
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virus, the only select committee on this virus doesn't want to look at how the thing started. nothing in the report about any of that. nothing in the report about governor cuomo's home order. do we know what happened there. the tragedy situation? the tragic things that happened there. nothing in their part about cdc colluding with the teachers union. nothing in the report about the impact of the vaccine mandate on our country, the impact of the vaccine mandate on our military, nothing in the report about that. i will be voting no on this report. i don't think it got to what this committee should have focused on. frankly, i think a lot of americans think the same way. i appreciate the chairman. i will yield back my time.
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i need an anonymous consent request if i could? >> are you asking for? >> that all members have two counter days including minorities -- >> mr. jordan, for we get to that. >> thank you, mr. chairman for recognizing me. i wanted to thank you and the committee members for their participation in the subcommittee. particularly for your leadership over the past two and half years. you conducted diligent oversight. that is reflected in this committee's final report. it captures the challenges that our country has faced during the coronavirus pandemic and among the reports, 30 recommendations is that critical investments are needed to address the coronavirus and to prepare for
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future public health emergencies. so we need to reinvigorate a chronically underfunded public health system to improve our nation's ability to prevent and respond to future crisis is. i want to report the report recommends that we modernize our public health data collection and disease surveillance capabilities and that we grow and support our public health workforce. these, along with other recommendations in the report are very important. i hope that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will work together to implement these recommendations so we can prepare for future challenges and improve our ability to protect all americans in the case of another virus attacking us. again, i want to thank you for
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the in-depth analysis, the many hearings, the professionals that you brought before us. i support your report. >> thank you very much. if no one else is seeking recognition, we will move to a vote. the question now occurs on the amendment and the nature of a substitute to the committee report. all those in favor, say i? although suppose, say no. theayes have it. it is agreed to. reporting the report as amended. all those in favor, say aye.
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although suppose say no. the ayes have it. let the record reflect that mr. jordan opposed favorable reporting by voice. the committee reports it will be reporting to the house, without objection, a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. without objection, step is authorized to make technical and performance changes in this market. >> mr. chairman? >> mr. jordan? >> i asked that all members have two calendar days to submit additional views. thanks. >> without objection.
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i want to thank all of you for your purchase a patient today. with that, the commitment stands .
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address hunger among seniors and adults.


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