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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 5, 2009 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> up next the 20th anniversary of tiananmen protest. and then special operations units. coming up on tomorrow morning's "washington journal," david makovsky and foukara will talk about president obama's trip. and after that coverage of the house and health care. and next we will have may employment numbers, live coverage begins at 9:30 eastern on c-span 2. >> now a portion of the rally
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marking the 20th anniversary of tiananmen square. hundreds were killed with this being held on the western lawn. >> i am ready. thank you for that lovely music on this cloudy day. i would like to welcome you to the 20th anniversary of the tiananmen square movement. we are here to remember the brave and honor the fallen. but we are also here to call for truth, because that's the soft underbelly of tyranny, and truth is the powerful sword of freedom. and to bring invocation and truth to our work, i would like to call reverend bob to give an
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invocation. bob. >> let's pray. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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[praying in foreign language] [praying in foreign language]
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[praying in foreign language] >> dear heavenly father, today on this special occasion, we come to you with praise and worship in one accord. it's you, our father in heaven, that wipes our tears as we confess our sins. we have gathered together in rememerance of this memorial day for every year, the past 20 years. and we have witnessed the wonderful works that you our god, creator in heaven and earth, in your image. and bring to our people to you
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in this historical wound. today we gather to remember the victims in the tiananmen square massacre. and those who fight for righteousness. we pray that you receive those victims and look over their families. we the not live for ourselves from now on, but live for you. each -- even though we are scattered around the world. we pray when the time of rights comes, from the corners of the earth, to go back to our own country, our home, where we love deeply. dear heavenly father , we keep your commands, although those who commit massacre have not confessed their evil doings.
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we leave all the judgment to you, we believe it's written and wrong to revenge. i will repay. you know that your thoughts are not our thoughts, your ways are not our ways much -- we trust in your deep love and wisdom. oh, lord, we have been wandering in the wilderness for a long time. once again we pray that the lord open the doors and let us return to the lands of our fathers without fear. we are here to pray for freedom. let your holy spirit into that land, set your people free from the bondage and curse throughout time. deliver your people from evil things. where the spirit of the lord is, there is freedom. may you redeem your land and
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your chosen people. may your righteousness shine like the sun, all over china. may your mercy and love flow from heaven like a mighty river upon that land. in jesus christ's holy name we pray. amen. and god bless all. thank you. >> thank you, father. i am now very pleased to call to the podium, dr. lee, president and founder of initiatives for china, a former political prisoner in china and a veteran of the tiananmen square movement. dr. lee. >> ladies and gentlemen,
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[speaking foreign language] ladies and gentlemen we gather today after the passage of 20 years, there are those today who wish to have legacy of tiananmen by saying that democracy has many faces. and western style democracy is
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not for china. some even say that the chinese people do not want democracy. some say that for the sake of liberty china needs a strong, single party government. any logic of this reasoning quickly reveals as self-serving rhetoric designed to rationalize the legitimacy of absolute power. if one accepts this logic, then one must also accept the concept of slavery. that some people actually divide to be slaves. that one human being actually has the right to tell another human being how to think, how to pray. the absurdity is quite evident.
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freedom in democracy may indeed have many faces. but a freedom democracy in whatever form have a common foundation. that foundation is truth. we are here today to call for truth. without truth there is no basis for any relationship between people and between nations. we are here today to ask why the chinese government is so afraid of the truth. we are here today to call the government of china to confront and acknowledge what happened on the morning of june 4, 1989. we call on the chinese government to end the black list of people who participated in tiananmen.
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we call on the chinese government to end its harassment on a variety of citizens who dare to speak the truth. in particular we call on the chinese government to release the founder of the china way, and another person who is in con -- solitary confinement. but most of all, we call on the u.s. government and like-minded to support truth and open and free internet for all people. the technology exists to by pass the fire walls and block
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the truth from the people and enslave their minds. the democracies of the world can open the internet to people in china, vietnam and north korea. such access to the truth, we strike the fire walls and strikes a flow to the tyranny in much the way that the berlin wall brought an end to communism in europe. we are here to remember and to call for truth. it's truth that tyrannies hear the most. it's truth that a stable society and created international ability. we must demand truth from the government of china. we must take up the call of
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fallen brothers as we broad to the democracy in tiananmen square. chinese people arise. erect to the statute of god of democracy in your heart. long live freedom. long live democracy. thank you. >> thank you, dr. jianli. i am extremely pleased to call a voice of congress of human rights, the honorable chris smith of new jersey. >> thank you very much, and thank each and ever -- every one of you being here today on
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the remembrance of tiananmen square. those of tiananmen square will ever be forgotten, of their sacrifice, it will never be in vain. i believe and i believe you believe it as well, that future generations of chinese and other s worldwide, will forever honor their courage, vision and dream of democracy. the chinese people deserve no less. and it's a matter of when, and not if, when democracy will come to china. 20 years after tiananmen, those remain in concentration camps receiving torture. on several trips to china, we have been in lougni, and stayed
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a couple of hours, and saw men and women's shaved heads. they looked like concentration victims from the second world war. in the olympics when they were gushing over the chinese, we went over and they gave a list of prisoners including some there. and the chinese government took that list and laid it aside. and not one individual has been released. the tiananmen square massacre was a turning point in china and not for the better. as you know well. the hard liners in beijing have sensed unleashed on cruelty and on labor activists, political believers and have created crime on women and children on
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forced abortions. the ugliness of tiananmen square massacre continues today throughout china, that only a nazi could love. with notable exceptions including last year's savage crack down. the chinese leadership has taken their murder and torture behind closed doors. where the cries and screams are heard by no one but the torturers themselves. the international community has failed to challenge china's massive human rights violation. and that includes the weak response of the united states of america. that must change. when u.s. secretary of state,
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hillary clinton, visited china a few months ago to finance u.s. debt. she said that human rights should not be allowed to quote, interfere with that and other issues. willingly or not, that attitude enables the chinese leadership to continue fertilizing its own people. and while i respect president obama's outrage in cairo, that event could have been scheduled for any other day but the 20th anniversary of tiananmen square. bad priority. this remembrance of tiananmen square, and the crushing of the victims bodies, but not their hopes, should be the white house's priority today. there is a bipartisan support
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on capitol hill. republicans and democrats that care deeply about human rights of the people of china. but we need to do more than say and talk, words have meaning, deeds have more meaning. it's time for deeds, we need to relink human rights and trade for other parts of our relationship. secretary geithner will be in china pushing treasury bills. we should be talking about human right, we should be visiting at every level. those in tiananmen, that spoke that agony, that should be the priority, human rights first. you are here as a witness, and some day, god willing, china will be free.
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thank you very much. >> i would like to address the gentleman in the back that is screaming. we hear you. i ask you to extend some courtesy to the people that are giving their time to speak to us as well. thank you. i am pleased to turn the podium over to mr. michael harswitz, a senior fellow. and i have got to know in the past months and no one knows more about truth. >> it is so much my pleasure to be here among heroes. and to speak out for democracy in china.
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but i must tell you a confession. i do so for very selfish reasons. i am the grandfather of six beautiful children. and my view, my certain view is that the hope they have, and the hope i have for them, of a good life in the 21st century will rest more than on any other single factor on freedom and democracy in china. we talk as we should here in washington about muslim terrorism. and it poses real threats to free people. but muslim terrorism cannot continue forever. the world will be upset but not ultimately shaken by what these
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terrorists fanatics do. but on the other hand, if china remains a democracy in the 21st century, my grandchildren, my children have the risk that they -- their century will even more bloody than mine has been. so the heroes that we celebrate today, speak not only for china but they speak for 21st century in which the world knows competition to build better computers, better cars and everything, and everyone wins from that competition. rather than a world that we increase to destroy each other. and the key is democracy in china. and the heroes who fight for
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the world and for my grandchildren, are the men and women who are here, who we honor today. some of those heroes are fallen gun practitioners. who have in the face of unbelievable torture created internet freedom systems that jian talked about and that shatter those. and others are leaders as bob fu, i think as more of a texas man, than a man in china. that so much brings the spirit of china and texas for the religious freedom who offer the people in china the life they will and must have beyond the
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materialism that the dictatorship offers then. and of course i think of people like jianli and all of those here and others who are here, who sacrificed and whose example has set history in motion. and make no mistake about it. but before i say that, i want to thank them as an american. by being here, i know your heart is in china. but by being here you strengthen china. because you remind us in america, that we're the children of immigrants who fled from dictatorships. all of us in america. and you remind us of our roots and strengthen our resolve to fight for democracy in china
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and make us better americans. and i want to say to those here, perhaps the most important thing, do not be discouraged. i know that the heroes of tiananmen must have days in which they think that no one cares anymore. there are such deep discouragements because they don't see progress, a little bit of progress , a little more everyday. the great thing i want to share is that is not how history is made. history is not a process of gradual change until you reach victory. history is brave men and women lonely, who keep that flame, that little candle flickering. until one day, magically, it seems overnight.
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the shift takes place. and what seemed impossible yesterday because obvious and inev to believe -- inev --inevitable and we think that dictatorships are strong and that we are divided and weak in democracy. dictatorships are fragile. so everyone here, let us give deep honor to the men and women who show even more courage than they did in tiananmen. by fighting off the feelings of defeat, the bad days. and still working with all in their hearts and souls to keep that flame flickering. just keep it going, do not be discouraged.
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dictatorships are fragile, and you will bring down those walls. and it may come sooner than you think. you are more powerful than you know, and we are deeply grateful to follow in your path. thank you very much, and keep fighting for my grandchildren, you will give them a wonderful life. >> the theme of this event is remembrance and truth. so it is my extreme pleasure to invite to the podium ms.
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ji-ling. she was a commander in tiananmen in the democracy movement. a wonderful woman, she will address us in chinese and english. give her a warm welcome. >> thank you for being here with us, and remembering tiananmen and 20 years later. i want to invite my colleagues and my dear friends that are with us 20 years ago, to come to the podium with me. i am speaking on behalf of all of us, please all others that were here earlier in the press conference. please join me on the podium. give them a big round of applause. [applause]
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>> 20 years later, i still remember the sunrising behind t he chinese history museum, shedding the bright light on the square. it was the morning of june 3, 1989 and the students of the broadcasting center had just begun the newscast. a nt


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