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is more accessible to this society, acceptable to the society, what additional resources do you need to play that role? i know you have announced a mission to hire more agents, particularly with financial, legal backgrounds. what is going to be required to get the job done, not only in terms of people power, but also in terms of making up for what has historically been the week capability, given the mission that you have announced your undertaken. >> capability has improved dramatically since september 11th. we could use more resources in
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that regard. in the week of september 11th, we have addressed the threat, imminent at that time, by transferring agents. increases were mostly on the national security side. we have not had an opportunity, those agents that had come from the criminal side, many of them have been doing narcotics and white-collar criminal cases. as we faced the mortgage fraud crisis, the investigation, corporations and the like, we have made a request to congress and congress has been providing those resources. i will testify in a couple of days for the senate appropriations committee, and they will continue the dialogue
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-- dialogue for obtaining that. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, director mueller. lunch will be served. thank you. >> thursday, the president delivered a wide-ranging speech at cairo university in egypt. he called for a two-state solution, and more freedom and equality for women in the muslim world. we will replay the speech sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> our party needs a lot of
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work. >> sunday, on c-span q and 8. mitch daniels on revitalizing the gop. >> we need to look inwardly, and think about how it can speak more meaningfully to the problems of today, and to the americans of today. the young people say maybe i can be a part of that. >> with other mitch daniels, sunday night on c-span. also on ex-im radio, or download the c-span podcast. >> a confirmation hearing for the top position in afghanistan. the nominee is general stanley mcchrystal. carl levin of michigan is the chair of the senate armed services committee, this last
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two hours 40 minutes. good morning. the committee meets this morning to consider three military nominations, admiral james stavridis, lieutenant general douglas fraser, nominated to be general and 6 ft. admiral star vitas -- admiral stavridis. and lieutenant general stanley mcchrystal, nominated to be general and commander of nato international security assistance force and commander u.s. forces afghanistan.
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on behalf of the committee, we would like to thank each one of you for your service to our country, your willingness to continue to serve. we also want to acknowledge the sacrifices that you and your families made along the way. the support that our military families of pride -- supply is critical. we want to do all we can to support them. if confirmed, these three nominees will be meeting today's concerns in their areas of responsibility, and preparing for tomorrow's. one of the most immediate challenges is implementing the president's news several military strategy for afghanistan and pakistan. if confirmed, two of our witnesses, will need to coordinate closely for the strategy to work. its commander -- commander and supreme allied commander in europe, admiral stavridis will need to work with nato and
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coalition partners to build the partnership needed in afghanistan and secure allied commitments to the nato mission. our european allies continue to provide the majority of nearly 35,000 non u.s. troops in afghanistan, only a portion are in the fight. the fight is mainly to the south and east of afghanistan. the nato contribution there remains inadequate. even as the president has approved increasing the u.s. presence, by some 21,000 soldiers, the total u.s. force of 68,000 will be -- by the end of the summer. secretary gates testified recently that the secretary army trust fund has received contributions of less than one- tenth of its target of 1 billion euros from our native allies. any thoughts that you -- nato
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allies. any thoughts about how we can get our friends to do their share? to provide civilian technical expertise to build the country's governance capacity. the another issue relates to russia. vice-president and secretary clinton have called for resetting u.s.-russian relations. there are opportunities to build common security interests, including the development of a unified response to the threat of a nuclear-armed iran. the president, secretary clinton and secretary gates, and general jones have all commented positively about the prospects
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of the united states and russia working on a common missile defense as a way of deterring nuclear -- iran's nuclear ambitions. i recently explored that possibility on a visit to moscow, prague, and warsaw, and came back with positive things to explore. i invite your comments on whether that could change the overall dynamic in the region, and might cause iran to recalculate in the nuclear weapons ambitions. we would welcome comments that you might have on the potential for the nato russian council to serve as a useful forum for discussing such possible defense cooperation. the general mcchrystal, if you are confirmed, you'll bring fresh eyes to commanding nato's assistant force, and u.s. forces
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afghanistan. outlining the president's strategy will require significant coordination, up one reporting up to the nato supreme allied commander in europe, the other through u.s. forces afghanistan through general petraeus u.s. central command and to coordinate between the military and civilian components for the effort in afghanistan. the next commander will confront a myriad of challenges, including a resurgent taliban, effectively open the border in the area between canada hard and pakistan, over which border extremists return to afghanistan and return to safe havens in pakistan. there is on a checked narcotics trafficking, all u.s. and
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coalition power, not just military force, also diplomatic and legal tools needed to turn the situation in afghanistan around. general mcchrystal, i also invite you this morning to clarify your understanding of u.s. standards for the treatment of detainees and to comment on allegations for detainee mistreatment units under your command during your tenure as commander of the joint special operations command in 2003-2008. you may want to address both that issue and the tillman matter in your statement. both subjects were discussed yesterday and connection to your nomination to your current position. general fraser, if confirmed, the challenges facing you may be different, but they are also complex. as a result of the success in
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colombia over the past decade, security has improved for colombians. you will still be confronted by illegal narcotics trade that is constantly adjusting its tactics in response to u.s. surveillance and counter narcotics. as general stavridis can attest, they are not challenging governments across america and mexico, countries like quite a mallet and panama have now become focal points of trafficking routes for drugs. -- countries like what the mall and panama have become focal points. you'll also be in charge of developing our security relations with important allies. general fraser, we look forward to hearing from you on these matters, and how you plan to build on the work of your predecessors.
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>> thank you, mr. chairman. i join you in welcoming admiral stavridis and general mcchrystal and general fraser. securi security cannot be overstated. their high stakes our country faces in this theater. i support the long overdue change announced for afghanistan earlier this year. the war in pakistan is one we can and will win. for years, we have been fighting without a strategy, with insufficient resources, and with less than total support with the government of pakistan. now that we have a new strategy, we must follow up with an integrated joint agency, a civil military campaign planned for
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all of afghanistan, and for the pakistan border area. we also need to ensure that general rodriguez has the staff and resources he will need to conduct operational planning, some moral -- similar to iraq. finally, we must take every possible step to accelerate the growth of the afghan security forces. the afghan army is too small, even with the current projected strengths of 134,000, it will not be big enough to tackle the many security challenges at hand. at a minimum, we need to more than double the current size of the afghan army to 160,000 troops, and consider enlarging it to 200,000. the cost of this increase should not be borne by the u.s. alone, by the international community. i look forward to hearing general mcchrystal thoughts on
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these things, as well as the need for comprehensive civil military plan and for the establishment of a planning corps under general rodriguez. admiral stavridis, you'll play a critical role in marshalling nato's efforts in afghanistan and elsewhere. we should press for reductions of cop gets on staff reductions. we should move away from stress and what washington wants europe to give, and more towards encouraging what europe is prepared to contribute. many of our nato allies and other allies, and partners of side of nato, including countries in asia and golf are capable of contributing many resources. as secretary gates noted over the weekend, in many areas, non- combat related contributions from police training to a trust fund for the afghan national
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army will be critical for long- term success. as critical as more european trips -- troops on the ground. advert -- admiral, we will look to you for new approaches. america's future is finally tied to the stability, prosperity and security of our southern neighbors. the recent uptick in violence along our southern border is perhaps the chief example of the interplay between our own security, and that of our southern neighbors. in phoenix, ariz., this is the kidnapping care -- cadman -- kidnapping capital. they wreak havoc and i nation's cities and towns. through the issue with mexico and partnerships for of the hemisphere, we must help our southern neighbors help themselves and a concerted effort to stop drug trafficking -- trafficking and provide
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security for their people. general fraser i look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to solve the these problems. i am looking forward to your testimony today. thank you. >> thank you very much. before we call on their witnesses, introduce their families. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i am honored this morning to sit before you come to introduce a general douglas fraser. he is coming by his wife, his son and daughter, and i a understand her husband as well. i have had the pleasure and the privilege to come to know not only general fraser, but his family also for the time is
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spent in alaska. he comes before the committee this morning for confirmation to the rank of general, tapping off the 34-plus year air force career. that career officially began in 1975, on his graduation from the air force academy. he served in several states in addition to alaska. i think his children are well- traveled. he also served in germany and japan. he calls alaska home, and we could not be prouder. he served two memorable assignments and alaska, the first in january 2000-2002, when he commanded the third weighing in anchorage. i represented the air of men in the legislature. i became very familiar with the generals leadership both on the base and off.
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the general and his wife were more than ambassadors for the air force. there were forces of the good for the community. in october of 2005, the general returned after two assignments in colorado. during this time, our armed forces were really coming to grips with the challenge of treating men and women returning from iraq with the ptsd and traumatic brain injuries. gen fraser was commanding -- was involved in a round table so we convene to discuss how we deal with the health care facilities, and how our i ability to deal with the challenges -- our abilities could deal with the challenges. i learned about a project, it is
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called home town healing. the air force medical wing determined it was capable of treating wounded warriors in alaska. we brought them back to alaska, and under the general's watch, it is something we are very proud of. the hospital was voted the best in the air force. alaskas is known for the high level of support it provides for the high level -- it fosters strong relationship between leaders on our installations, and the community partnership that each senior leader improves upon during his tenure, and passes along to his successors. your air force has sent to alaska some of its best, like general martin short'schwartz.
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general, you stand shoulder to shoulder. i have to express some disappointment that the generals next assignment will take us away from us, where the nation leads us. that is where he will go, where ever general fraser goes, i know he will be an inspiration to the troops he leads, and eight military leader of the highest quality. i strongly endorse his nomination. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you for the introduction. we were glad you were able to join us today. we will call for the three witnesses, it general said -- admiral stavridis, general frazier and general mcchrystal. >> german loudoun, members of
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the committei could not ask forr army context battle body -- buddy. we are glad to be here. as you look at the three of us here, it is a joint goldwater nichols kind of panel, army, navy, air force. also general fraser has been nominated, stanley mcchrystal, legislative quality built into special operations all came out of goldwater nichols. we are proud to be here. i thank you for taking the time to hear a spirit i am here with my family, my wife, my childhood sweetheart.
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we have two daughters ourselves. i am lucky to have my family here with me. i am obviously very honored and humbled by the president's nomination and the secretaries nomination for this position. i have a fair background in europe, i have travelled extensively over the years, i have operated with nato. i have studied nato as part of my navy work that the navy sent me two years ago. i believe in the trans-atlantic alliance. if confirmed, i hope to be a positive force as senator mccain was just talking about, in
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convincing our allies we need to stanch -- they need to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. my approach will be collegial, oriented towards international solutions, multilateral approaches. these are challenging times in europe, and afghanistan and the world. if confirmed, i will do my best. thank you. >> thank you for this opportunity, senator mccain. let me first introduce my wife, my partner for 11 years. she learned about the air force and the joint committee and now steadfastly supports military families around the globe.
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i am joined by my son, he spent four years in the air force, a veteran of iraquis freedom. i am accompanied by my daughter and her husband. when performing to the air force reserve, routinely went to afghanistan. they also blessed us with our first grandchild. we're also joined by an academy graduate who we sponsored while we were in colorado springs while he was attending the academy. he is now a third year medical student. he is essentially another son. and our daughter could not be with us today. she is i am sure, doing well on
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her final exams. thank you for this opportunity to introduce our family. distinguished members, it is my privilege to appear before you today. i am honored and humbled to be nominated by the president and secretary of defense for this important role, and the opportunity to serve with the men and women who voluntarily serve this nation. i spent three years and high school in columbia, graduating in 1971. during this time, i gained a lifelong appreciation and affection for latin america. i visited several countries in the region. if confirmed, i relish the opportunity to return to the wonderful land of my childhood. i haven't spent much time in
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latin america during my career, but i will spend all my time and energy enhancing my role the southern command plays with the armed forces in the region and continue admiral stavridis. as i have looked more closely at the southern command, i am impressed by what southern command has accomplished by his foresight and innovation. i look forward to the opportunity to build on his accomplishments. during my current duty as separate -- deputy commander of pacific command, i shared some time with general mcchrystal. i am impressed with his vision,
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intellect, and drive. mr. chairman, thank you for the opportunity and the privilege to appear before you. i look forward to your questions. >> thank you. general mcchrystal? >> mr. chairman, senator mccain, members of the committee. thank you for the opportunity to appear before you. i would like to thank the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the president for nominating me to serve on the team engaged in this important mission. i am a company today by my wife, her love and support for 32 years has been extraordinary. the president's strategy outlines the past to achieving the strategic goals in afghanistan. it is important to give you my perspective for work we believe we are and where we must go. i appreciate this opportunity.
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first, i would like to recognize the many afghan citizens, who along with young americans and coalition partners have sacrificed to stand up and fight for afghanistan. i honor thefal fallen. you gave me the opportunity to investigate pat tillman in connection with this committee a year ago. i stand ready to answer any additional questions that you may have. i would like to express my deepest condolences for the loss of a comrade and to his family, who lost a brother, a husband, and a son. as a fellow soldier, i would like to recognize the service of general mackinnon. the situation is serious. afghans face a combination of
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challenges, a resilient taliban insurgency, increasing level of violence, lack of government's capacity, persisting corruption, lack of development in key areas, illicit narcotics, and alliance to other countries. these threatened the future of afghanistan and regional stability. the potential reemergence of al qaeda or other safe havens in afghanistan, existing safe havens are critical threats to our national security. additionally, challenges to legitimate governments like under -- those under way undermine an important partner and threaten regional stability. finally, i believe that providing the afghan people battered by 30 years by on broken the violence an opportunity to shape their future, requires our commit


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