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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 8, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we could triple l gas tak tax and not build the rode. don't let anybody think we are giving anything away. what do politicians mean when they say "i respect their point o." >> the got wind of what i was
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doing and they asked to come along. they just record it. i humored them. i said, as long as you don't wasn't mosh monday$n >> i am the wup who said if i was going to become a candidate
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for public office, i would do things very differently. more than ghig, even let the people decide. hello. you know who we are? >> no, i don't >> did she really not know who you were? >> it happened all the time for a while.
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smb knew owe was i was eye ofpkism you say you didn't think this up? >> no. i thought it was probably a bad idea.
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>> now i travel a lot of times on my motorcycle now. i'll come back to that. first time around, you won by how many percentage points? >> about six. you won by how big? >> 18. i think president obama won his victory in our state. he invested a ton of his own time and an incred i am nom yicks of the nomination.
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it was over give him credit. it was a hard earned victory >> i have ridden since i was a kid. it's something i enjoy. each year, i press it had out this a people accept it.
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i am a little problem for the security folks. they haven't had to follow anybody in saloons. they put up with it pretty well. >> here as nonche clip. . what's your number? >> 8124. i got 13 and 12. who is the judge? what if it falls on the lipe somewhere. >> no. the heaviest part wins.
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>> it's going. you meep we have a winner. >> were you really asleep there? >> yes. >> how many of those people you were thanks pping around know with you dot a degree from princeton? >> i don't think. has it worked i know that this mode is very comfortable for me it's the one thing i enjoy. there's one thing about the life i like. this is particularly naturecos
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>> i like that. i like doing it. staying overnight in people's houses. people say, i couldn't do that. here's one of the reality shows talking to some good olegoy >> i worked for george bush the last 2.5 years.
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poor guys. it you see my sign. what do you think would have done better? >> that's hypothetical but who i voted for. >> he could have. that's all right. i like people who get involved in it. if you are governor, i hope you remember this place. why yot, i sode it.
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i was asked about him many, many other places here is a national review. big cover story. that picture will take care ever it. no one would vote for someone who looked like that.
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one more. one more video. >> all right. >> those were true thridorky. he's owe sfirblely cutoff in the conference. who are they? >> that's the apple of my eye. just had her 23rd birthday . that was a few years ago. something else different was you'll almost always nfer see shery or one of the girl was me. it's my job. that he will never ask you or
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pressure you to take part in any event. i haven't for six years. she -- when she does things, people love her to death. she is 0 so non-political. >> she is the second champion non-removed of the cow milking process. >> where did you meet her? >> she was a young working girl. after a few months. she gave me the ultimate tough and fortunately i surrundered. >> four daughters? >> yes.
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>> how old are you this >> 23, 24, 25, 6727. >> young margaret is working in new york city in what's left of the bankth world. you may have a speak pla may 9. >> it is a great school. fine, type academic school and a great basketball tradition. about the only recreation i go watch their basketball team a lot of time. i don't go looking sfor
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commence. speeches. i couldn't say no to butler. you talk a lot about tony henkle. who was he? >> the duel sportzn plaintiff cache sort of a code around the program. it was an interesting article. it was interesting. it was called the butler way. ? would be a good port of eetur
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>> where did that come from? >> i may have overstated a little bit for effect. >> there were many, many qualifiers here. yes. i see a contrast between the values that have made america what it is.
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for instance. the debt we are passing on to these young people is very, very difficult for them to manage. we could have shown more politic. i was urging them to be less self absorbed. think more about the future and less about today. it may have been a little too strong of judgment. it is in general. i think a point i believe in. we were tamper
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>> i've probably been guilty from time to time. which of us hasn't. i do blobe the next generation
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ought to do a little better in this regard and be more find nul in the future. we would try to learn from those things have you seen what the post tribune says about this in >> no. >> he says he suck he's talking about. he says "
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s >> your reaction. >> nazz a loose point of view. a lot of people reacted more positively. >> next year, i better discipline myself not to take any commencements. there's always the risk that you'll say something too original for your own good. >> did you write it yourself? >> yes. can't blame anybody else. >> the gep operation that we did tend to live for today.
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>> why didn't he veto? that's a question put to him. i would si so many factors at play. i toned be charityable.
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thev multiple stresses put on them all the time. >> the president's first prit or i think many times he probably chose not to have fights on other issues where he might have in pursuit of trying to keep his main objective to be in tact. i never asked you again, but you never told us why on the time change, the daylight savings thing. what did you do? >> we got in step with the rest of america. we were the last state, accept one that never went -- didn't change clocks when the rest did. it wasn't the
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>> people would say, reprogram his compruter twice a year just to work with me. >> we had a lot of symbolic i am importance to a lot of people. to some folks, it summed up the fact this this would be an era of change. how many counties are still on central time? >> 10. the corper around chicago. all the rest is eastern. that bakes
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>> what's different about your four daughters than the boomer generation? >> well, we'll have to see how they choose to live their lives? >> i see a lot of their another that's the best thing i can say about them. they'll make their own choices. i hope that the two, soon to be three marriages that have gun in our family will last for life certainly as long as there are any children. i have enormous admiration and
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sympathy for single parents. this isn't some moral jiment that of the chinch of america and so many of the problems, pobert and every social path on would be so much less a problem if we had much higher rates of in tact families. so, this isn't shg you try to think about placing them ahead of your own happiness if you
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possibly can. >> what are you going to say if you change your mind about running for president after we have all of this on tape? >> brian, i've put another i hope that maybe i can be of some use. our party needs a lot of work. it needs to look at itself inwardly and think more meaningfully to the problems and the young people of today specifically. maybe i can be a little part of that. you don't have to be a candidate to do that in our state, republicans, we are the
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party. e year has made change after change after change we have brought a host of improvements we haven't. governor, we want to thank you. we'll anticipated with another reality clip from earlier in your campaign. >> good morning. you part of the company here. jo my first day on the job. >> you just got hired today? >> fantastic. what were you hired to do? >> accountant.
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this is bob. >> this is your new co-worker. let them take your picture. there he is. i tell you what, you sit still, i'll come back here. take good care of my new friend, bob. >> i guess bob wept to work. i don't know. >> come here, they all want to meet you. ladies and gentlemen, this is bosh. -- this is bob.
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house of representatives will begin their day with general speeches. . .


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