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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 8, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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reconsider is laid on the table. will members kindly clear the well.
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will members kindly clear the well. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas rise? ms. jackson lee: madam speaker, thank you. i ask unanimous consent, because of official business in houston on june 4, 2009, speaking at the graduation of a school district that had suffered great damage in hurricane ike, north parks -- north forks independent school district, i missed the following votes. i'd like to ask they be placed appropriately in the record. roll call vote number 304 on agreeing to the amendment of the h.r. 2200, i would have voted no.
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roll call number 305, h.r. 2200, agreeing to the amendment, i would have voted aye. roll call vote 306 on the thompson, mississippi, amendment i would have voted aye. 307, the transportation security transportation authorization act offered by jackson lee, i would have voted aye. roll call vote number 308, the amendment to h.r. 626, i would have voted no. roll call vote 309, the motion to recommission on federal employees 35eud parental leave, i would have voted no, and roll call vote 310, passage of the federal employees paid parental leave act, h.r. 626, i ask that my vote be recorded as aye, madam speaker. madam speaker, i ask that all these votes be placed in the appropriate place in the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. ms. jackson lee: thank you.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california rise? >> to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. will the house please be in order. will the members please take their conversations out of the chamber, please. the house will be in order. . . the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman may proceed. ms. sanchez: madam speaker, it
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is of great sadness that i rise to pay tribute to sergean rowe, a devoted husband and father was a constituent of mine from whittier, california. this brave american was killed in afghanistan on may 26, 2009, on the 15th anniversary of his service in the military. sergeant rowe was killed by an i.e.d. the 33-year-old leaves behind his seven-year-old son and wife cindy. my thoughts and prayers go out to cindy and andrew and find some sole ace in the gratitude that our nation owes to sergeant rowe. he spent his entire adult life serving our country. he joined the army in 1994 and served in operation iraqi freedom. last july, he mobilized again for duty in afghanistan. he and his family have made the greatest sacrifice that one can
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make and we are forever in his debt. sergeant rowe whose life embodied the word patriot will be missed by family, friends and colleagues but his honorable deeds will not be forgotten. thank you, madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? mr. poe: request permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.. mr. poe: we have yet another czar appointed by the administration. the pay czar will set limits on how much money they can take. it is accountable and answerable only to the president. these czars avoid scrutiny of congress. there is no advice and consent by the senate and little oversight and no one knows what these czars do. there is no authority found anywhere in the constitution to appoint these czar rules.
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the czars claim they know best how to take care of the masses. this administration used this russian term czar since the russians invented the polit bureau. it was made up of political party appointees that made political decisions and ruled the country through their dictates. we have 21 czars and we are moving towards the socialist control and less government by the people. and that's the way it is. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from illinois rise? -- ohio rise. mr. kucinich: request permission to address the house for one minute. despite agreements over funding for the monetary fund and closure of the guantanamo bay detention facility, the primary inintent of the supplemental is
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to continue funding the wars in iraq and afghanistan. as members who remain opposed to the bill, we need to make sure and make clear our opposition and work to defeat the bill. it's notable that attempts to make important changes to the legislation, such as a call for an exit strategy from afghanistan or demands for increased transparency or account built to the i.m.f. have been rebuffed. it ensures the continued occupation, there by undermining the stated withdrawal. funds for iraq have been dedicated to bringing our troops home and the contractors home as well. it's time to end this war. no to any more funds for the war in afghanistan and war in iraq and no to any legislation if they try to tie it to war
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funding. the speaker pro tempore: are there further one-minute requests? if not, the chair lays before the house the following personal requests. the clerk: leaves of absence requested for mr. kind of wisconsin for today, ms. bono mack of california for today and june 9 and 10. mr. mack of california for today, june 9 and 10. and mr. gary miller of california for today. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the requests are granted. does the gentleman from texas seek recognition. mr. poe: i ask unanimous consent that today following legislative business and any special orders heretofore entered into, the
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following members may be permitted to address this house, revise and extend their remarks and include therein extraneous material, mr. paul for june 12, mr. burton for today, june 9, 10, 11 and 12. myself, for june 11 and 15. mr. moran for today, june 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15. mr. jones for 12 and 15. mr. mcclintock for june 9 the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california rise? ms. woolsey: i ask unanimous consent that today following legislative business and any special orders heretofore entered into, the following members may be permitted to address the house for five minutes to revise and extend their remarks and include therein extraneous materials, ms. woolsey of california, ms. kaptur of ohio. the speaker pro tempore: without
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objection. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, and under a previous order of the house, the following members are recognized for five minutes each. mr. poe of texas. the gentleman will be recognized for five minutes. mr. poe: thank you, madam speaker. the recent focus on israel and the arab-israeli conflict that continues today is vital and important to our world peace. there are a lot of people out there trying to revise history, however. the state of israel was established in 1948 by british mandate after the holocaust of world war ii. the jewish people lay claim to this area since biblical times. the establishment of the jewish state of israel formalized the return of their homeland by an international agreement. both the united states and the u.n. including the soviet union, recognized the state of israel. the day after the jewish state
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was established in 1948, it was invaded by six surrounding arab nations. a negotiated cease fire ended hostility, with jerusalem being split in the middle between israel and jordan. in 1967, israel was once again invaded by syria from the north, jordan from the east and jirpt from the southwest. -- egypt from the southwest. israel expanded its border by including the golan heights that was controlled by syria, the west bank controlled by jordan and gaza controlled by egypt. some would have you believe that the establishment changed the borders of arab states in an agreement that existed for centuries. that is incorrect. the boundaries of the middle east countries were fixed by western powers after turkey was defeated in world war i. the french took over syria and lebanon. the british took over palestine and iraq. the areas allotted to israel had
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been under the control of the on the man empire from 1517 to 1917. during this 400-year rein, it was only sparsely populated. it was the oppressed jewish population and muslim immigrant groups and small groups of christians in the area. the actual boundaries of what became the state of israel were set by the united nations in 1947 when formally established in 1948, the attacks on the state of israel began immediately by the neighboring arab states. arafaf formed the palestinian liberation organization or the p.l.o. in 1964. he formed a state within a state and the palestinian homeland of jordan. arafat stated that jordan was palestine. not until the 1967 war that the arab nations backed the p.l.o.
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for the purpose of taking back land that israel had won in that defensive war of 1967. in 1967, arab forces massed against israel surrounding the tiny nation. the egyptian president sicked them out which acted as a buffer. the world watched hundreds of thousands of troops tried to quote, drive israel into the sea. the unexpected brilliance of the israeli military stopped the aggression in all directions and israel was secure for a moment. as a result of that war for survival, israel fairly won land, the sinai, west bank and gaza. everywhere else in the world, territory in self defense was returned in the context of a negotiated peace. israel has never been fully afforded that negotiated peace. israelis have returned land time and time again when a peaceful
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settlement was reached. soon they may run out of land to give away. in the camp david accords, israel returned the sinai to egypt in return for a peace territory. jordan and syria have similar agreements. israeli jews should leave or not be allowed to have natural expansion of their own communities. this should be negotiated between the israeli government and the palestinians. the united states should not interfere and prevent negotiations by picking winners and losers. this year, the united states is picking the loser of israel. the united states should help broker negotiations and help all parties to negotiate, but not demand either side take a certain position. israel has been a long time ally of the united states and our interests should be to the sides involved solve this problem without the united states dictating who wins and who louises and that's just the way
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it is -- loses and that's just the way it is. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: ms. woolsey. ms. woolsey: i wish to praise president obama for his historic speech in cairo last thursday. the president built new bridges, bridges of understanding and peace. the speech contrasted sharply with the approach taken by the previous administration. there was no arrogance or fear mongering in president obama's speech. he made no threats. he did not talk about an endless war on terrorism. instead, the president called for a new beginning between the united states and the muslim people. he renewed his pledge that america is not and never will be at war with islam. he called for cooperation instead of conflict. he courageously acknowledged the
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mistakes of the past and called for an end to mistrust. the president marginalized extremists by saying and i quote him, the enduring space of over a billion people is so much bigger than a narrow hatred of a few, unquote. he defended israel's right to live in peace while recognizing the palestinian people's right to a state of their own. on iran, president obama urged diplomacy and reiterated his call for a nuclear-free world. and he advocated for democracy, for religious freedom, economic opportunity and the rights of women and girls. madam speaker, everyone listening to the speech had to be inspired by the president's eloquence and good well, but the president also acknowledged that the speech was just the start. now we face the hard work, the work of making peace a reality,
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especially in iraq and afghanistan. on this issue, i have urged the president to move in a bold, new direction. i have called upon him to speed up the timetable for the withdrawal of our troops and military contractors from iraq and to leave no resideal forces behind because i believe the sooner we return full sovereignty to iraq, the better. i voted against the supplemental appropriations act, because it will prolong our occupation of iraq and sink us deeper into the quagmire of afghanistan. we must develop a plan to redeploy our troops out of afghanistan, otherwise we'll face another endless occupation, one that will fuel anti--americaism and promote instability, which actually is happening in afghanistan and happening in afghanistan and pakistan today.


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