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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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is interesting, but his campaign was meticulously thought through, well organized and their techniques of outreach to gather support and funds through the internet. they were innovative, and their hollywood savvy in the use of media was masterful. . the use of media was masterful. all their strategies should be carefully looked at to see if we might mimic them in a positive legal way. my most pressing concern at this hour is the safety of israel. i think obama has no idea that israel was built on the blood
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and sweat of the jewish people. every blade of grass, every tree has been a successful effort because of the jewish people understanding they would have a safe homeland forever. safe homeland forever. he could not possibly understand this or he would know that the jewish people have tried time and time again to give the palestinians land and bring a peaceful solution, but every attempt, every attempt was returned with violence. palestinians use gaza to attack israel. as far as i'm concerned, their only agenda is to wipe israel off the face of the earth. and he reprimands the israeli people, obama, like he's a professor and they're the school
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children. i was embarrassed to watch his press conference with the great war hero benjamin netanyahu who has helped keep his country safe for many years. obama sat there with complete arrogance that he is now the new american power, able to dictate what he thinks is best for israel. so how worried are we supposed to be now? was i hearing things when he said that iran might have the right to nuclear power? are we supposed to be sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new holocaust? who's going to take the responsibility to keep israel safe? i'll tell you why this really scares the hell out of me, because everything obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.
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this so-called stimulus package and his budget will leave our grandchildren with great burdens and great debts. the government is now owning car companies and banks. and we're losing job after job. our unemployment rate is in an astro nom mick 9.4, and of course, they send out joe biden, one of the great double talkers of our time to tell us the unemployment rate is getting better. the government wants to run health care and tell people what doctors they can see. how much they can make, what cars to drive. and they're killing off the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy. it's no wonder that the russian newspaper pravda, the former house organ for the soviet communist regime recently said the american deskenlt into markism is happening with breathtaking speed.
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we can blame nancy pelosi, harry reid, chris dodd, george soros, david axelrod and their ilk for the down fall of this the country. it saddens me greatly to think we were the great powerful good in the world. we as americans knew america to be strong. and we were the liberators of the entire world. we are becoming a weak nation. obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken julius caesar and thinks he's going to conquer the world with his soft spoken sweet talk and really thinks he's going to bring all the enemies of the world into a little playground where they'll swing each other back and forth. we and we alone are the right
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frame of mind to free this nation from this oma oppression. and let's give thanks to all the great people like sean hannity, rush limbaugh, bill o'reilly, laura ingraham, mark levin, william bennett, glen beck, hugh hewitt, dennis frayinger, dennis miller, dick morris, ann coulter, michael steele, karl rove, newt gingrich, thomas so, victor davis hansen, shelby steel, charles kroutheimer, michele malkin, fred barnes and so many others. let's give thanks to them for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this false prophet, obama.
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that's what i said pretty much this morning. and now i have the honor, you know, the honor to be with you and to introduce such such a wonderful array of great people who i'm so honored to be, you know, able to introduce to you tonight. since 1976, orrin hatch has served the people of utah with distinction and honor. in the senate, we can -- and by the way, i met orrin hatch, and isn't he -- i mean, you know i'm in the movies and sometimes people see me they say gee, you're taller that inthought you were or you know, whatever it is. or you're not as old as i thought. i say that.
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but really, they never say that. but when i saw orrin hatch because i'd only seen him on shows you know where his face is on television and he's usually addressing very serious subjects so he's very, you know, has a very serious demeanor. but i found out wonderful things about orrin hatch. when i ask people about orrin hatch, they light up. because obviously, he has this other side that i'm not familiar with. and he's full of fun. he's a charming man. he's very impressive physically. when i met him, i said what a handsome fellow this is. and he's a songwriter. and i have a brother who's a songwriter wrote "which would thing" and "angel in the morning" and so i felt an immediate closeness with orrin hatch. but anyway, he's a fellow who's
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the good senator is we can count on him for fiscal responsibility, dedication to children and education. he defends constitutional rights and supports our military. he's the man for me. a man of principle, integrity, candor, ladies and gentlemen, orrin hatch. well, thank you, jon and thanks to all of you for being here this evening. we're very grateful to you and grateful to have john voit here. that was quite a talk, wasn't it? i really enjoyed that. now, it's my privilege to introduce to you a very special performer. while some of have you seen him
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perform before, i would venture to say that all of you have heard him sing. tonight we are in for a real treat because all of us will get to see and hear him. known as america's tenor, this californian has been a featured soloist with orchestras across the nation as well as overseas. well, that's good. they have to brighten me up somehow. he has appeared many times at the dorothy chandler pavilion, the hollywood bowl as well as the academy award shows. he made his carnegie hall debut in 2006 at the world premiere of miss america can na. equally adept at performing classical and contemporary music this versatile singer has chosen to record demo tapes that were used by luciano pavarotti, placido domingo and jose
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carreras. his signature voice can be heard on scores of commercials and more than 150 feature films. including "indiana jones and the temple of doom" beauty and the beast and "the hunt for red october," just to name a few. in the patriotic arena, he has sung at congressional medal of honor events throughout the united states and has 16 solo recordings including his latest amazed by america. he maintains a concert ministry performing up to 60 concerts a year of sacred religious music. and recording cds to bring people closer to jesus christ. as great as he is in a public arena, he's just as wonderful in the most important arena of all within the four walls of his home in grenada hills. he and his beautiful wife christine have been married for 30 years and have two children, matthew and catherine. ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to introduce a wonderful
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conservative republican and a privilege for me to introduce to you america's tenor, the incomparable steve amerson. ♪ ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪
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♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪
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thank you. you may be seated. i've been asked if i would also sing an invocation for this evening. that what goes on in this room this evening would be honoring to our nation and to our god. and i can think of no other song that would be so fitting as the words of st. francis of an assisi.ssisi. ♪ lord make me an instrument of thy peace ♪ where there is hatred let me so
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love where there is misery pardon ♪ ♪ where this is doubt fate and where there is despair love ♪ ♪ where there is darkness light where there is sadness joy ♪ ♪ oh divine master grant that i may not go -- to be consoled as to console to be understood as to understand to be love ed
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♪ forest is -- for it is that we receive and is [unintelligible] that we are part of and is [unintelligible] that we are part ♪ ♪ , or it is in giving that we receive and it is in pardon that we are pardoned and it is his
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dying that we are born to eternal life ♪ isn't he amazing? whoa. the next great fellow that i have the pleasure, the honor to
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introduce is someone you all know, one of your leaders, a brilliant tactician who worked it out so mary elaine chourks mitch mcconnell was first elected in 1984 when he made history as the only republican challenger in the country to defeat a democratic incumbent. we're going to repeat that in 2010 hundredfold.ountry to defe incumbent. we're going to repeat that in 2010 hundredfold.the country to democratic incumbent. we're going to repeat that in 2010 hundredfold.challenger in defeat a democratic incumbent. we're going to repeat that in 2010 hundredfold. in mitch's distinguished career, he served as the chairman of the national republican senatorial committee as the majority whip and the 111th congress, senator mcconnell was unanimously elected by colleagues to be as the senate republican leader. ladies and gentlemen, senator mitch mcconnell.s the senate republican leader. ladies and gentlemen, senator mitch mcconnell. the senate republican leader. ladies and gentlemen, senator
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mitch mcconnell.the senate republican leader. ladies and gentlemen, senator mitch mcconnell. >> well, thank you very much, john. i'm still just reveling in hearing someone from hollywood make a speech like that. i hope you're going to be able to find work after this. you're great. and come back anytime. i also want to recognize john cornyn who's doing a fabulous job as chairman of the nrsc. thank you so much, john. and you heard from our nrsc chairman orrin hatch who's doing an absolutely spectacular job. orrin has enjoyed a long and distinguished career and certainly doesn't need to be spending his time pitching for the nrsc but to tell you the truth, he's been an all-star the past couple of years and we
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don't know where we'd have been without him. thank you so much, orrin. and my buddy john boehner has done a great job holding those house republicans together. thank you so much, john, for the great job you're doing. and pete sessions, an outstanding job at the nrcc and finally, i want to thank probably the best idea man we've ever had is back in action and providing great suggestions. sometimes on a virtually hourly basis. our speaker tonight, newt gingrich. thanks for being with us, newt. as jon voight indicated this new administration has got a very, very radical agenda. it's been pushing hard and we've been pushing back. they may have the numbers but we've had some successes we can be proud of.
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for example, a couple of weeks ago, they came up to capitol hill saying they wanted to transfer terrorists from guantanamo. well, i'll tell you something, there's a better place for those terrorists than virginia or kentucky or kansas. it's right where they are in a cell in guantanamo. let me tell you something else, the administration got the message when 90 senators agreed with us on the senate floor. they've been real busy at the white house, the same folks who brought you the department of motor vehicles now want to make your vehicles. we've watched them take over banks, insurance companies, car companies, and now as jon voight indicated they're interested in taking over your health care. so americans will have to wait in line for surgery or have some bureaucrat tell them they can't
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get the life saving care they need. look, we need health care reform but we don't need to destroy what's right about american health care in order to fix what's wrong and that's just what they want to do. so when the administration's wrong on an issue we'll propose a better way. but we're going to need to stick together and we're going to need some wins next november to slow down their agenda and deliver the kind of reforms americans really want. and with your help, we're going to do it. thanks for coming out tonight and thanks for all your support. we appreciate you. >> one of my favorite acts by
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leader boehner was, of course, when he took the thousand-page stimulus bill and he held it up and he dropped it on house floor and said, this is bad policy. john boehner was first elected to the house in 1990 and he has been taking on the democratic establishment ever since. john was instrumental in drafting the contract with america which was so effective that it helped bring republicans to the majority in 1994. we are going to need to do that in 2010. when i first met john, i think i met him out in california. the first thing that impressed me were those eyes. and then that tan. that skin. i mean, and i'm used to seeing that stuff in california.
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but there was something riveting about john's appearance, and then i realized actually, that he reminded me of my dad who was a golf professional. and john loves golf as well, and my dad was that kind of gracious, you know, figure, very, you know, elegant. but down to earth tough, principled. that's who john is. and i'm very honored to introduce him to you tonight. ladies and gentlemen, john boehner. >> thank you, jon for the introduction. i appreciate you all being here tonight. and doing what you do to help promote our party and our
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values. let me also welcome all my fellow gm shareholders. i want to thank paul ryan, our dinner chairman for helping pull this event together. and i want to thank him for the pivotal role that he's playing on our house republican team. i also want to thank pete sessions for the outstanding work that he's doing to build a stronger and more aggressive nrcc. you know, raising moin, recruiting great candidates and really going after the vulnerable democrats around the country and let me tell you, they're doing great work. now, i wasn't really going to talk about my senate colleagues because you know, this is a house-senate dinner. they do our thing, we do ours. let me tell you what, i could not have a greater partner in this town than senator mitch mcconnell.
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you know, there are an awful lot of those senators now who were former house members and friends of ours. let me tell you what, working together on behalf of our party, i think we're showing the american people the best of the republican party and the best that we can do on their baffle. behalf. i also want to thank newt for being here tonight, as well. newt is a true agent of reform, an ideas guy who knows how to solve problems and who knows how to win a fight and i look forward to what he has to say tonight. listen, everyone in this room tonight is a prime target for president obama and speaker pelosi, and it's not because you're reblican. it's because you work hard and you play by the rules. you know, responsible, hard working fames are taking it on the chin under this regime. they're the people who are bailing out the people who lied
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on their mortgage applications, they're paying higher credit card rates for people who used their cards irresponsibly, they're paying for billions for government takeover of gm, they're paying for the thousands of wasteful earmarks fund agairport for no one, stimulus checks to dead people. they're also the ones paying for the new national energy tax, the so-called cap in trade bill that's going to raise costs for every working family it that drives to work or dares to switch on a switch in their home. vice president biden says some people are getting scammed by the stimulus. oh, really? i'll tell you who's getting scammed, every hard working taxpayer that's footing the bill for all this nonsense. ladies and gentlemen, this is the most expensive and the most
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dangerous credit card in the history of the world. it's a congressional voting card. and it's what democrats are using to bury the middle class and our children under a mountain of debt. and we need to take this card away from them. we need to elect a new republican majority to curb spending and to cut taxes. implement an all of the above energy plan. make high quality health care affordable, portable and simple. end bailouts once and for all. and start forcing the washington to respect the constitution again and over the next 17 months, i'm going to need your help to make nancy, make sure nancy pelosi doesn't spend one more day in the speaker's chair. your presence here tonight is
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fueling our fight for a new principled republican majority. and i can't thank you enough or tell you how proud i am to be on then journalp@ap@a@ ♪ \
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>> thank you all for being here tonight. thank you for your support here tonight. thank you very much for your strong support. [applause] i want to a knowledge the contributions of my colleagues and the presence of them here tonight. every republican senator was encouraged to reach out to people across the land. i want to thank the 33 republican senators that are here tonight. i want to thank our leader for setting a great example for all of us. [applause] as the actor said, he is not only a great tactician on the senate floor, he has put in the time and energy to help make sure our


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