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my democrat colleagues are proposing to add up to $108 billion for the international monetary fund as part of the global bailout for foreign nations. not only is this a bad idea on its own, i have yet to hear any explanation of how on earth this will benefit our troops in iraq and afghanistan. . iran, which the state department has certified as the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world, would be eligible for these funds. hugo chavez, who describes america as the biggest men ace on our planet and supports narco terrorists and neighboring nations, he, too, would be eligible for these funds. the purpose of this bill is to make sure that our armed forces have the men and material they
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need to defeat terrorists, that this bill would include funding that could benefit the sponsors of terrorism? that's outrageous. all this being said, i welcome an honest and open debate and vote in this chamber on the i.m.f. funding but my democrat colleagues don't want to risk an up or down vote. they have resorted to fun and games by shoe horning, with no opportunity for debate here in the people's house and won't end there. unbelievablely, democrats are looking for language that terrorists being held at guantanamo bay and they intend to require the immediate release of photographs of detained terrorists, likely inflaming terrorists and endangering our
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armed forces deployed overseas. and again, i will happily debate these wrongheaded measures on the floor of this body any day of the week, but this attempt to ram these unacceptable provisions through the house without a debate or vote is simply wrong. and i can't think of a more demoralizing message to send to our fighting forces that the majority of congress is loading down a war funding bill with unpopular provisions. when i served in the united states navy, we feared the annual games that politicians play with military funding. it made us angry to know we were tasked with the mission and politicians played politics with the resources we needed to complete that mission. mr. speaker, i did not come here to play that game. there is no honor to vote on conditions for our soldiers,
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sailors, marines and coast guards men. this congress must not cheapen or degrade our military to move forward with political interests. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: mr. gohmert. mr. hensarling. mr. paulsen. for what purpose does the gentleman from minnesota rise? >> i ask unanimous consent to speak out of order for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. paulsen: we owe our way of life to people and it's important for us to remember that every freedom we enjoy, every moment of safety and every dream we have for the future that we hold was purchased with the blood and sacrifice of our
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military families. we should not only be thankful for the reality for the quality of our life, but for those who laid theirs down to make it possible. we are aware of the things that make our society run, electricity, gasoline, money, jobs, for example. but our society also runs on values, honesty, integrity, service and sacrifice. our national progress can truly be measured by the quality of our spirit. here again, our military families epitomize these essential american values. they are role models for all of us to follow. with that introduction, i want to highlight the service of one of the thousands of brave men and women who do amazing things. joe graduated from high school in 2004. joining the marines is something he wanted to do all of his life and the passion was fueled by the tragedy of september 11, which played a key role in his
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decision. we talk about the threat that al qaeda represents to our world and we deplor their savagery. joe chose to go out and fight them over there so we can be safe here. he has now served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. his unit was called lions of the desert because of the courage in which they carried out their missions. near the end of his most recent tour, he was injured by an i.e.d. and suffered burns over almost 40% of his body. in the months since then, he has put the same determination in his recovery that he put into his military service. with the strong support of his family and own spirit, he's making great progress and doing well. masket, when a reporter called and spoke with him, he just
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completed a 5k race in florida. joe's recovery is going well and making ambitious plans. it's no surprise he is looking for new ways to use his talents to serve our country in law enforcement and maybe even running for political office. we have a tremendous country here in the united states. we're not perfect, but we're still the envy of a large majority of people around the world. through all the generations of american history, people like joe have quietly stepped forward to take on the nation's toughest jobs. they don't do it for fame or for fortune, but do it because they love their country and translate that love into a sense of duty and service. corm joe perham, we all thank you. we appreciate your family who raised you, who supported you in your recovery and in a very tangible way has also served with you.
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with you in mind, we here in washington can try harder today to make this country worthy of the price you have paid to make it great. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mr. bishop. mr. mann zuleo. mr. gingrey. what purpose does gentleman rise? mr. gingrey: permission to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. gingrey: mr. speaker, this week, the residents of a small town in georgia's 11 of congressional district are dreefing together as they say good-bye to a native son who died while serving his country in afghanistan. sergeant jeffrey w. jordan was killed in action on june 4, 2009, near capisa, afghanistan from wounds suffered from an
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i.e.d. jeffrey was born and raised in georgia and after high school, he settled in a very close-knit town in cave springs georgia with his wife and son. they marked tyler's first birthday on the very same day that his father gave his life in defense of our nation. jeffrey is remembered as a loving husband, father, son, brother, grandson, friend and patriot, who sacrificeed for our nation and will never be forgotten. sergeant jordan leaves behind his wife laci lambert jordan, his son, taylor jordan. his parents mary lou and his brothers, robert and j.r., a sister, candace and his
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grandparents, mr. and mrs. white and mrs. thomason and ingraham and a great grandmother as well as aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews and in-laws. tomorrow, i will join this group of sergeant jordan's family at his funeral to honor the life of this brave sold year. mr. speaker, my prayers go out to his family and my deepest gratitude goes out to sergeant jordan for his selfless sacrifice, yes, for our nation. i ask all members, please join me in honoring the distinguished memory of sergeant jeffrey w. jordan. and i yield back the balance of my time.
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the speaker pro tempore: mr. goodlatte. for what purpose does the gentleman from virginia rise? mr. goodlatte: permission to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. goodlatte: mr. speaker as we speaker here on the floor of the house right now, the house agriculture committee is holding a hearing on the legislation reported out of the energy and commerce committee, the so-called cap and trade legislation. many of us know it as cap and tax or as massive new energy tax on the american people. the agriculture committee has wisely decided to hold a hearing on this complex legislation and, in fact, the secretary of agriculture has been answering questions from members on both sides of the aisle for the past 3 1/2 hours, as members are almost uniformly opposed to the legislation, regardless of their party status and have expressed
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grave concerns about the impact this will have on america's farmers and ranchers, that it will have on rural america and indeed, the devastating impact that it will have on our economy and jobs and our standard of living as a whole. and i want to bring to the attention to the members of the house some of the concerns that we have raised. the impact of this legislation will have on our economy and our very lives is extensive and we should make sure that not just the energy and commerce committee, but every committee in the house fully vets this bill. the cap and trade proposal is really a $846 billion national energy tax that will hit nearly every american. moving into a cap and trade system will place the united states' economy at a distinct disadvantage, because it would place significant costs on every american business, farmer, manufacturer and american families. this bill will raise electric bills across the country by
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hindering the development of traditional energy sources while also ironically limiting the development of renewable energy. coal provides the majority of electricity generation in this country and this bill will effectively stop coal-fired power plants being built in the united states at a time when one new coal-fired electric generating plant is being built a week in china. they will use it to power the growth in their economy, taking jobs away from the united states and putting the same co-2 gas into the atmosphere that we are passing this legislation to try and stop in this country. it makes no sense. nuclear power is the second largest source of electricity generation and largest source of co-2-free energy which is ignored by this bill, notwithstanding the fact that it will reduce co-2 gas emissions by a far greater measure than any of the other alternatives
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being discussed. the one size fits all renewable electric standard. this legislation assumes that all states have the exact same amount of renewable resources and can develop them and penalize states when they cannot. furthermore, the legislation excludes far too many people who should be able to participate in the renewable energy market. i know i speak for members on both sides of our committee when i say that the biomass definition in this bill is inadequate. woody biomass is a clean, sustainable form of energy that deserves encouragement from the federal government, not unneeded restrictions. given the restrictions already placed on woody biomass by the renewable fuel standards, we should not not be repeating the same mistake in this legislation. we must keep in mind that agriculture is energy intensive industry and this legislation will make the cost of energy even higher. it's estimated that the waxman
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legislation will raise electricity rates 90% after adjusting for inflation. gas prices, 74%. and natural gas prices, 55%. there is no doubt that this legislation will raise the cost of fertilizer, chemical and equipment, which farmers use daily. this will cause serious economic harm for the american farmer. according to the heritage foundation, farm income is expect todd drop because of this legislation by $8 billion in 2012, $25 billion in 2024 and over $50 billion by 2025. these are decreases. i do not know how we can expect american farmers to survive when we cut their farm income by 94%. what i found even more interesting that the impet tuesday for this legislation is to reduce carbon emissions. the legislation does not
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specifically provide for agricultural or forestry assets but leaves ell i believe assets to the discretion of the environmental protection agency. over 30 pages of this bill are devoted to developing international forestry offsets including to send american taxpayers overseas to developing countries. i urge my colleagues to look at this legislation closely and soundly reject it. the speaker pro tempore: mrs. bachmann. mr. carter. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? mr. carter: address the house out of order for five minutes, revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. carter: thank you, mr. speaker, for recognizing me and allowing me to speak and i'd like to start first by apologizing to mr. ryan who i just wandered in here and walked in front of him while he was speaking. before i start with my speech, i want to apologize to mr. ryan for that inappropriate thing i
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did. i agree with president obama when he said this about spending if in may of 2008 while on the campaign trail. president obama, candidate at that time, said, $9 trillion of debt, that's just bad. that's just fiscally -- that's not fiscally conservative. and so we're going to have to change our policies. the first thing you do when you're in a hole is what? and the crowd reactedstop digging. unfortunately what president obama said is not what he has done and in fact we didn't only not stop digging, we threw away our shovel and got a back hoe and started digging double time because the -- in 2008 the debt was too high but now president obama has increased spending so
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much that we have broken historical records on spending. we started off with a stimulus bill, the $787 billion to stimulate the economy. it was promised that its big goal was to cap unemployment at 8%. we weren't going to go above 8% unemployment. and that's why we had to spend all that money. but unfortunately we're sitting here today with 9.4% unemployment and rising. the debt that we have accumulated since the president has come into office has been unbelievable. $8.5 trillion in 2009 will grow to $16 trillion in 2019. in only five months, president obama and the democratic majority has managed to spend
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and borrow more public debt than in the history, the entire history of the united states. that's the past 233 years. so in less than 150 days they've spent -- they've obligated this country in debt more than the past 233 years. and a couple of weeks ago i was on the floor of the house talking about the proposed bailout of the automobile industry which i still contend is an unconstitutional takeover of private industry. based upon the youngstown case. the administration has recklessly used the taxpayers' money to basically put the administration in charge of general motors, chrysler, a.i.g., city bank and the list goes on -- citi bank and the list goes on and on and on.
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i don't think the change the american people were looking for is where the government took over the micromanagement of industry. i really don't believe that was the change americans were looking for. yet that's the change we've got. even worse, when these people who see where the government is going, where the democrats are taking this country, they say, well, hey, we'll give our money back, we don't need your bailout money, we want to give it back to you and they're having trouble trying to give it back. the obama administration won't take it. so with all this accumulated debt and with all this spending that we've done, between now and probably the end of july we are going to take up a health care, basically a government health care plan, which is going to include another $1 trillion in
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entitlement health care spending, at a time when all experts agree that medicare as we have it right now has real problems and is going to eventually go broke. because there's a whole lot more people taking out of the program than paying into the program and it only gets worse as the baby boomers grow. so we're going to add to that $1 trillion and don't worry, we'll figure it out. and of course we just heard about the energy tax that's coming that way. you know, the real money that we ought to be worrying about, it's not these folks we're bailing out. who we ought to be worried about is those guys who have lost their jobs. that's the money we ought to be worried about. and that's what the folks back home are worried about. i thank the speaker for allowing me to speak and i yield back the
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balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from minnesota, mr. ellison, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. mr. ellison: thank you, mr. speaker. thank you, mr. speaker. this is congressman ellison claiming the time on behalf of the progressive caucus. i have to set up a bit. i'll be back in about 10 seconds.
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mr. ellison: mr. speaker, this is the progressive message. the progressive message is the progressive caucus' effort to come before the american people at least once a week for 60 minutes or so to talk about a progressive vision for america. not a vision based on fear, not a vision based on a denial of science, not a vision based on division, not a vision based on escape goating some minority group, but -- scapegoating some minority group. a vision that says science is something we should rely on and have some faith in and some really confidence in because we understand that whether you come from a faith tradition or whether you don't, we're giving -- we have minds that we should use and it's human nature to discover, inquire and find out the facts. a vision that says that, yes, we are entrusted with this earth
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and we as human beings are responsible for it and that where we have gone astray we should try to correct the situation for the sake of our children and all life on the planet. a progressive vision where we come together every week and talk about things like civil rights, equal opportunity in the economy, where we talk about the struggle to end global warming or at least try to slow it down, where we come and talk about progressive issues like this, like peace, like demilitarizing our society, like promoting dialogue, diplomacy and development. like trying to solve war through dialogue and not through conflict and fighting. these are the themes that we come together with the progressive message every week. this is the progressive caucus that brings this message and we have a website,, very, very important to stay in touch with this critical website
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because it is this website that we rely on to communicate with the community around the country. tonight, with the progressive message, we are going to come and talk about our nation's energy future. america has to embrace this idea that carbon emissions must be cut and must be cut drastically. and it won't do just to act like there's no such thing as global warming and deny the science that proves that not only does it exist, but it's caused by human behavior. we're here tonight to say it doesn't make sense to say that, hey, look, we can't do anything about global warming because it might in some way hurt our reliance on coal, because some people make a lot of money selling coal. look, if coal and the use of coal is out of step with the
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needs of our environment then we have to find alternative sources of energy in order to make it. if nuclear energy cannot be safely used and there's no way to store it we should look for other ways and incentivize other ways in order to make energy. the fact is, by whipping out fear and hysteria about cap and trade and coming up with clever slogans which i'm not even going to repeat, the fact is that we're simply clay -- delaying the inevitable which is the gradual acidification of our oceans, the acceleration of melting of solar -- of our ice caps, of expansion of desert, of loss of species of animals and plants, of intensification of
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hurricanes and all these very serious problems. the scientists all agree, the only people who don't want to listen to science don't agree and, yes, we have some of them here. the fact is, addressing carbon emissions, addressing global warming, is not going to hurt our economy, it's going to actually bring jobs. it's not going to hurt our farm economy and it certainly is not going to be the devastating thing that some people on the other side of the aisle claim that it is. the fact is, tonight i just want to talk to people who know that global warming and the acidification of our oceans is a very dangerous and serious problem for all of the world and want to do something about it for a change. want to do something serious about it and are not willing to just let this earth continue to heat up and the oceans continue to acidify and species continue
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to die out and the ice in the northern and southern regions of our world continue to melt. people who want to do something about it, we have a bill that's been marked up and it's been reported out of the energy and commerce committee. we need to hear from you on this bill. the fact is is that right now we have been in congress focusing on the health care bill, we've been focusing on marking up other important pieces of legislation and i personally am not confident that we are focused enough on this energy bill. we're not focused enough on the cap and trade bill that's coming out and so we want to encourage people to respond and offer their views and i want to say this, those of you who yearn for change, who know that carbon emissions are killing our planet, know -- i hope that you understand that your engagement in this process is very important, that we need people to give us the feedback because
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there has been a bill reported out, it's not the law yet, the not even been brought to the floor yet, but it is being shaped and crafted every day and without the active engagement of good ideas coming forth, we will not get the bill that we need. i want to give a lot of credit to the members of congress who have worked hard on the bill, congressman waxman, congressman markey, been doing a good job, but i dare say that the legislative process is engaged, involved and that everybody has to be a -- has to have a say so in this thing and those two leaders have not denied that. in fact, they've welcomed it. i just want to give a broupped on the bill that exists so far -- background on the bill that exists so far. it's called the american clean energy and security act, the american clean energy and security act, and the referred to as acis. it passed by a vote of 33-25.
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33-25. that's not a big margin. the legislation will create millions of new clean energy jobs, in my opinion and based on the facts, and it will enhance america's energy independence and protect the environment. another thing that the bill will do is it will signal to the world community that america is serious about cutting carbon emissions. america is leading the way in the world to cut carbon emissions. and therefore countries like india and china and other nations of the world that are big emitters, we're the number one emitter, but there are others who emit a lot of carbon as well, they now have to bring their economy in line with the needs of our planet. this bill does represent a new beginning for america's energy environmental future. by saying so, i don't mean to imply that it's a perfect bill or it can't stand improvement. i'm asking to you help improve it right now. but it does


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