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in shah -- in that speech he said we must leave iraq to the iraqis, but the supplemental will only delay the return of sovereignty to the iraqi people. and then there is the little matter of the recession, madam speaker. when the american people are feeling such great pain and need so much help right here at home, we can't afford to squander another $100 billion on foreign military ventures that will not make our country safe. instead of approving the supplemental bill, the house should be urging the administration to fundamentally change our mission in iraq and our mission in afghanistan. we can go this in several wayings. first, we should support the bill offered by jim mcgovern of massachusetts which calls upon the administration to submit an exit strategy for afghanistan. second, i urge my colleagues to
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consider the plan that i have offered in the house -- in house resolution 363, it's called the smart security platform for the 21st century. smart security attacks the root causes of violence by fighting poverty and giving people hope for a better future. it controls the spread of nuclear ancon ventional weapons of mass destruction. -- nuclear and conventional weapons of mass destruction and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. finally, we should insist that at least 80% of future funding for afghanistan be devoted to the smart security efforts i just described. right now the supplemental, as i told you, devotes more than 90% of its dollars to purely military efforts, efforts that are getting us nowhere. . madam speaker, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past. we've got to stop writing more
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blank checks for open-ended occupations. this is what the american people want. and congress must listen. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from -- mr. burton for indiana. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? without objection. mr. hensarling: madam speaker, i rise today to honor the life of william c. dove mccarty. and recognize his commitment and service to his community, the state of texas, and to our great nation. dove a resident of athens texas passed away last month. he was a loving husband of 58 years to jo ann. he was proud father to daughter cynthia and mary lou. he was a devoted grandfather of cole, kyle, michelle, and great grandfather of kristen,
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preston, and daniel. finally, madam speaker, he was my dear friend. he was born in 1929 in texas and graduated from luisa high school. he proudly defended our nation in the korean war by serving in the united states army. when his service ended dove began what became a legacy of leadership in our free enterprise system and service to his community. he returned to work and eventually owned his own clothing business. he gave back to his small west texas community by shaping the live of younger men as the order of de malay dad and long time boy scout leader. he then moved to my hometown of dallas, texas, where he began a long career and corporate group insurance management. after that he set his sights heward on the pine trees and lakes of east texas and began a fire and casualty insurance business in henderson county.
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as a business owner he helpedp countless members of his community achieve their american dream. and he took great pride in his community, his record of service today is still unmatched in east texas. he served as the cedar creek chamber of commerce president. he helped establish the cedar creek library. he was a charter million of the library'ser board of directors, and he and his wife worked tirelessly to support and grow that library. he led the can i juanies club and was -- kiwanis club. he served as secretary treasure of the club. he took a leadership in their pancake breakfast. he was an active member of the athens rotary club and the list goes on and on. now we all know across america that the rotary motto is service above self. dove lived those words every day of his life. he led by example and his example represents the best of the american character.
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madam speaker, dove was not indifferent to the direction of his state and nation, either. he cared passionately about faith and family and free enterprise and freedom. and he chose to put his principles into action by serving as chairman of the henderson county republican party for eight years. that's where i first met dove, this kind, giving, caring individual. he was always upbeat. he always had a smile on his face. and he always knew if we worked together that america's best days would lay ahead of her. he made a difference. as the congressman for the fifth district of texas, i'm honored an frankly humbled to recognize my good friend, doug mccarty. on behalf of all the constituents of the fifth district of texas, and a grateful nation, i would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to jo ann and the family. dove will be greatly missed but i take solace in knowing that
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his contributions will live on and that the people who had their lives touched by him will never forget. madam speaker, i am one of those people. godspeed to dove mccarty. he has left us but he has gone on to now hear those words in a different place, well-done, good and faithful servant. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. mr. schiff. for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? >> claim my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. smith: madam speaker, yesterday as ranking member of the africa subcommittee, i joined several colleagues at an important foreign affairs committee meeting with prime minister morgueian of zimbabwe. it was an extraordinary opportunity to discuss zimbabwe's progress towards democracy and a way from
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dictatorship. its problems with hyper inflation and multiple health crises, including cholera, and to obtain a fuller understanding what additional steps the united states can take right now to help. that meeting, however, occurred at precisely the same time that the house considered h.res. 529, a resolution condemning the june 10 violent attack on the holocaust memorial museum, a despicable anti-is he met eck act that killed officer stephen tyrone johns, and so eloquently articulated by so many of my colleagues yesterday during that debate, we a lule officer johns for his bravery and his courage and extend our deepest condolences to his family. i rise today not only to express my support for h.res. 529, but also thank my good friend and colleague, mr. klein, for introducing it and including me as a co-sponsor. mr. speaker, the holocaust memorial museum is a noble and vitally necessary attempt to
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remember and honor the victims of the holocaust. the memorial itself is a witness to truth and the promotion of human dignity and tolerance. wednesday's attack on that museum by a crazed hate philed gunman is yet another chilling reminder that our society still harbored a dangerous collection of bigots and racists who hate jews. unparalleled since the dark days of the second world war, jewish communities around the world are today facing violent attacks against synagogue, jewish cultural sites, cemeteries, and individuals. anti-semitism is an ugly reality that won't go away by ignoring it or by wishing it away. it must be combated with resolve and tenacity. and it must be defeated. the sad and deeply troubling reality is that james von brunn
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cannot be dismissed as an aberration but is connected to a whole hate promoting movement that results in violence against jews in america and around the world on practically a daily basis. the anti-defamation league recently issued its annual audit of anti-semitic incidents. they are to be congratulated for its careful research ton an unpleasant but absolutely necessary subject, the ugly facts that the report documents makes for painful reading. in 2008, they noted 1,352 reported incidents of vandalism, harassment, and physical assaults on jewish people or jewish-owned property nationwide. sadly and shamefully my own state of new jersey had more reported anti-semitic incidents, 238, than any other state in the union. the attack on the holocaust
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museum is the most ominous aspect of this evil wave we have seen world wye and in our own con-- worldwide and in our own country. the holocaust museum is a unique institution. it is a memorial, a center of holocaust scholarship and promoter of tolerance. it is a very powerful symbol of the sol late of america for those murdered in the holocaust and with the jewish people as well. mr. speaker, at this critical moment we need government officials at all levels to denounce without hesitation or delay every anti-semitic act wherever and whenever it occurs. no exceptions. at this moment not to speak out enables the purveyors of hate. they never take a holiday. they never grow weary. nor should we. just as mr. base runner attacked the holocaust memorial museum and murdered a courageous security officer
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tasked with its protection, holocaust remembrance intolerance education must dramatically expand and we need to ensure that our respective laws punish those who hate and insight violence against jews. finally, if we are to protect our children from the evil of anti-semitism, we must re-educate ourselves and systematically educate our children. while that starts in our homes, the classroom must be the incubator of tolerence as well. it seems to me that only the most hardened racists can remain unmoved by holocaust education and remembrance. only the most crass, evil, and prejudiced among us can study the horrors of the holocaust and not cry out never again. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. ms. richardson.
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mr. moran. ms. kaptur. mr. jones. mr. flake. the chair lays before the house a message. the clerk: to the congress of the united states. section 202-d of the national emergencies act 50 u.s.c. 1622-d provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless prior to the anniversary date of its declaration the president publishes in the federal register and transmits to the congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date. in accordance with this provision, i have sent to the federal register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national
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emergency and related measures blocking the property of certain persons undermining democratic processes or institutions in belarus are to continue in effect beyond june 16, 2009. despite some positive developments during the past year, including the release of internationally recognized political prisoners, the actions and policies of certain members of the government of belarus and other persons that have undermined democratic processes or institutions committed human rights abuses related to political repression and engaged in public corruption pose a continuing unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the united states. for these reasons i have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency and related measures blocking the property of certain persons undermining democratic processes or institutions in belarus. signed, barack obama, the white house, june 12, 2009. the speaker pro tempore:
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referred to the committee on foreign affairs and ordered printed. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from virginia, mr. wolf, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. wolf: i thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, as ranking member on the commerce, justice, science appropriations subcommittee which last week considered the f.y. 010 appropriations bill -- 2010 appropriations bill, i have a keen interest in and oversight responsibility for a host of counterterrorism and related initiatives. the bill which is expected to come before the full house next week includes $7.7 billion to support the work of the federal bureau of investigation, the f.b.i., whose top priorities including protecting and defending the united states against terrorism and foreign intelligence threats.
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the f.b.i. was intimately involved in a 15-year investigation what's culminated last fall in the holy land foundation that five of its former organizers be being found guilty of illegally funneling more than $12 million to the terrorist group, hamas. . that, a department of justice issue release may 27, 2009, reported that for relief and development and five of its leaders following their convictions by a federal jury in november of 2008 on charges of providing material support for hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization. the sentence is range from 15 years to 65 years in prison. according to the department of justice from its inception, the holy foundation existed to support hamas.
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government's case included testimony that in the early 1990's hamas parent organization, the muslim brotherhood, planned to establish a network of organizations in the u.s. to spread a militant islamist message and raise money for hamas. the defendants sent holy land foundation to hamas. among the unindicted conspirators in the case is an organization which over the last several yoors has been granted access -- years has been granted access to the highest levels of the u.s. government. which is a voice of mainstream muslim americans. this organization is the council on america islamic relations, or care. mamad is an islamic thinker and reformer and one-time islamic
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extremist from egypt. he was a member of a terrorist islamic organization with dr. al-zawahiri who became second in command of al qaeda. in may 25 of 2007 in a "wall street journal" on-ed, he said the following, quote, in america perhaps the most conspicuous organizations who persistently accuse opponents of phobia is the council of america islamic relations. the observations of mr. tarwik is light compared to recent news report. on may 30, 2009, fox news reported that the f.b.i. was, quote, severing its once close ties with the nation's largest muslim advocacy group, the council on american islamic relations, amid mounting evidence that it has links to a
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support network for hamas. given that hamas is on the current list of u.s. designated foreign terrorist organizations, this was obviously a serious claim and one which if true would rightly inform a shift in the f.b.i. policy. however, the fox news piece left me with some unanswered questions, questions which given the seriousness of the report necessitated further inquiry. such questions of the executive branch are common congressional practice and in fact are the responsibility of the legislative branch of government and the intended purpose of our system of checks and balances. for six years, from 2001 to 2006, i served as chairman of the appropriations subcommittee with oversight of the f.b.i. this year i resumed the leadership role as the lead republican on the subcommittee. according to the congressional
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research service, and i quote, congressional oversight refers to the review, the monitoring and supervision of federal agencies, programs, activities and policy implementation. it is an integral part of the american system of checks and balances. end of quote. a young woodrow wilson before becoming president put it this way. he said, quote, as quite as important as legislation is vigilant oversight of administration. needless to say, i take very seriously the responsibility of congressional oversight, especially in matters with potential national security complications. in this spirit of oversight, i wrote to the f.b.i. on february 2 seeking additional information and clarification regarding the bureau's decision about its relationship with care. i submit a copy for the record of the letter. the fox news piece which proferted my -- prompted my
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interest, one at the bureau said, the f.b.i. has had to eliminate its former contacts with care field offices until certain issues are addressed by care's national headquarters. i found this statement to be vague, and while perhaps sufficient from a public affairs advantage i believe it to be insufficient explanation for members of congress, none of whom to my knowledge has been informed of this policy shift. and it was just that, a policy shift. the fox piece noted later the f.b.i. has, quote, long been close to care. the agency has preponderance of the evidence invited care to give training sessions for agents and use it as a liaison with the american muslim community, end of quote. i was one of several members of congress, both democrat and republican, who wrote to bureau in the days following this report. some, such as republican
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senator john kyl of arizona, -- jon kyl of arizona, and chuck shumer of new york, voiced their support of the bureau's decision which was a step further than my initial letter. but they, too, desire to, quote, understand the situation more fully as senators kyl and shumer wrote. when i received response from the f.b.i. on march 9, only one of the 10 questions i posed was unanswered which prompted me to send a second letter restating the original questions and pressing the f.b.i. for a timely and detailed response. i submit a copy of that letter for the record. days after my second letter care launched a public attack against me claiming in a march 12 press release that i abused my office by seeking to pressure the f.b.i. to produce negative information about the organization. those assertions are patently untrue and would not even warrant a response.
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were it not that they were symptom attic or i believe a larger pattern of intimidation undertaken by care. intimidation which is of great consequence given the national security matters at stake. as my letter to the f.b.i. indicated, i was seeking to better understand the bureau's position in access information about what led to the decision. it is a conclusion which i agree with my senate colleagues is absolutely appropriate based on reports i read for years which again marks a change in course for the bureau and as such deserves further explanation. it is north worthy that on april 28 following my initial unsatisfactory reply from the bureau, senator kyl received a more substantive response to the f.b.i. to his letter. in this letter to senator kyl the bureau was more detailed in explaining and validating the original news report regarding its relationship with care.
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the letter reads as follows. quote, as you know, care was named as an unindicted co-conspirator of the holy land foundation for relief and development in the united states versus holy land foundation, et al. during evidence at that time, there was evidence among the relationship among care, individual care founders, including the emeritus and the director and the palestinian committee. evidence was also introduced that demonstrated the relationship between the palestinian committee and hamas, which was designated a terrorist organization in 1995. in light of that evidence, the f.b.i. suspended all former contacts between care and the f.b.i. quote, the f.b.i.'s decision to suspend former contacts was not intended to reflect a wholesale judgment of the organization
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and its entire membership. nevertheless, until we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between care or its executives and hamas, the f.b.i. does not view care as an appropriate liaison partner, end of quote. i submit a copy of the bureau's response to senator kyl for the record. i plan to take the remainder of my time to explore many of these same concerns and talk about why everything i've read, studied and observed has led me to believe that the bureau's decision is not only defensible but advisable. and inform the actions of other public officials, policymakers and the press, many of whom consistently and i would argue mistakenly look to care to speak for mainstream muslim americans. zuni jasser, himself a muslim and president of the islamic
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forum for democracy, makes a critical distinction between islam and islamism. islam is, of course, a faith which has over an estimated worldwide following of over one billion people. islamism, however, according to mr. jasser, is, quote, he says, a coercive governmental and political construct that seeks to impose shahrya, islamic injuries prudence over society. in the publication, family security matters he says, it is religion -- they use the discourse of politics when they want to push forth their islamist agenda with the presumption of speaking for all muslims. they will delve into the political only on their own terms in both foreign and domestic policy, but when they are on the receiving end of political criticism they run for cover under the guise of victimization.
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a look at care's public posture shows that mr. jasser's observations ring true. in 1998 i authored the legislation that created the national commission on terrorism. that same year in care's own words from a press release it, quote, asked muslims to contact leaders of the house-senate conference committee and asked them to amend new legislation that would create the national commission on terrorism. this was a misguided lobbying effort at best. fortunately it was unsuccessful and the bipartisan commission was authorized to conduct its work. a congressional research service described the main finding of the commission this way. quote, it calls on the u.s. government to prepare a more actively to prevent and deal with a future mass casualty catastrophic terrorist attack, end of quote. regrettably, the commission's recommendations sent to
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congress in 2000 was generally ignored until after the attacks of september 11, 2001, when 3,000 people were killed, including 30 from my congressional district. following the commission's public report, care's executive director said in a june 4 press release, quote, the fight against terrorism is one that should be undertaken but that struggles should not be based on stereotypes, false assumptions while the political agendas of foreign governments. if the past is any indication, most or all of these indications will use to target muslims in this country and worldwide. it is an american muslim group whose fundraising will be restricted. it is muslim students who will be monitored, end of quote. indeed, the f.b.i. has restricted the fundraising of some muslim groups, but only when those organizations have found to be a cover for a terrorist financing. as true, most notably with the holy land foundation.
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when the holy land foundation was shut three months after 9/11, care warned in a december 4, 2001, press release that this was, quote, an unjust and counterproductive move that can only damage america's credibility with muslims around the world and can create the impression that there had been a shift from a war on terrorism to attack on islam. but this pour ported attack on islam -- purported attack on islam proved to be false. on november 25, 2008, the department of justice press release following the initial verdicts in the foundation case quotes patrick groan, assistant attorney general for national security, quote. he says, for many years the holly land foundation used the guise of charity to raise and funnel millions of dollars to the infrastructure of the hamas terrorist organization. this prosecution demonstrates our resolve to ensure that humanitarian relief efforts are
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not used as a mechanism to disguise and enable support for terrorist groups, end of quote. as i noted earlier, care was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the holy land foundation case which makes it cautnary words about injustice of closing their charity suspect. and the federal court filing from december, 2007, federal prosecutors described care as, quote, having conspired with other affiliates of the muslim brotherhood to support terrorists. end of quote. the government also stated that, quote, proof that the conspirators used deception to conceal from the american public the connections to terrorists was introduced, end of quote, in the holy land foundation trial. and a footnote, government prosecutors


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