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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 12, 2009 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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representative from vietnam. >> mr. president, as a party to all multi national, the duty on non proliferation to a test ban city with the objective of non- proliferation considering it not only as an effective measure, but indispensable tool for the environment of the promotion of use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. it now is a strong advocate of the establishment of nuclear weapon free zone, and in that spirit we're strongly supporting
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the effort of the -- peninsula in the interest of peace, stability, throughout the region. vietnam's shares the concern about the nuclear tests conducted by the democratic garment of korea. we joined the city counc six vietnam has insisted on the -- and according to the resolution. the measure we adopted by the council must avoid affecting the
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normal level head of the people well humanitarian development, activities in a career. having voted for resolution 1874, i wish to emphasize that the resolution be affirmed council's commitment to a diplomatic and political solution for the situation. we support the effort by member states to promote a comprehensive solution to dialogue during the six party talks and to refrain from actions that would cause for attention. >> thank you. i give the floor to libya's rep. >> thank you, mr. president.
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we believe that weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons cannot be a source of security they pose a threat to the state, and a threat to this other states as well. therefore, we believe that the world will not enjoy security until we managed to eliminate all the stockpiles of weapons of mass destructions. in all states. and there are no nuclear weapons should refrain from trying to acquire them. proceeding from this, libya programs of weapons of mass destruction under the vision,
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libya is a party to making africa nuclear weapons free zone. it looks to the establishment of a nuclear weapon in the middle east region. we believe that the international community has wasted a precious opportunity that would encourage other states to get rid of weapons of mass destruction have libya began properly rewarded, and had necessary assistance given, particularly with regard with water -- to water
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desalinization, and the production of energy. the international community failed necessary and some of at the proper time to dprk, it did not make use of the situation of libya in a correct manner. libya emphasizes the right to force all states through the peaceful use of nuclear energy in accordance with the provisions of the non- proliferation treaty. it emphasizes that nuclear installations of all states, with no exception must be coming
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in this connection, we would like to state that the measures taken by the international community must be global, and on selective, and they must extend to the israeli nuclear activity, which is still threatening the middle east region as well as the world without a nuclear threat position. mr. president, libya has always been in the forefront of those who do not encourage the imposition of sanctions, because they do not achieve a solution. rather, they directly harm
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people through the increase of poverty, hunger, the deterioration of health and education services. libya has always wanted good dialogue to settle disputes with regard to this question, we have always supported the six-party talks, and encouraged the optimum manner to address of the nuclear korean question. we still believe that negotiations is the recent approach, which should continue, and we hope this will not lead to further worsening of the
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situation in the region. we also hope that dialogue will resume, and that all four -- forms of sanctions will be nullified until an agreement is reached among the concerned parties. yet, we believe that this resolution has been formulated in a manner that makes the consequences of sanctions not harm the korean people directly. therefore, we joined the general consensus prevailing in the council. thank you. >> thank you. i now give the floor to the representative from gone up. -- you gone up.
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uganda. we welcome liam anonymity of the council on this mayor pattmatte. it is important to achieve non- proliferation. but to have also for this resolution because we are convinced that together we can work towards the thoughtful elimination of all nuclear weapons. in order to create a more secure world. thank you, mr. president. >> i give the floor to the
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russian federation. >> thank you. the russian delegation is satisfied by the unanimous adoption of a resolution which concerns the nuclear test of the dprk. additional limiting measures for north korea, the result -- resolution adopted is inappropriate response to their violation of the decisions. demonstrating a responsible approach to the main sense of peace and the region. and reaffirming the resolute commitment of the security council for diplomatic sentiment on the korean peninsula. the repeated tests -- nuclear tests in order to strengthen they dprk with their nuclear
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weapons. the international law laid down by the treaty on prohibition of nuclear tests banning such jeopardize the stability in the region. dealing with the risk of proliferation, the resolution 1874 meets the goals. but tourists -- additional measures, which are provided for our substantive. but they are targeted in each year, tied to the needs to end of the program to create nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and cannot affect the pressing needs of the population for
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economic assistance and humanitarian needs which are fundamentally important. this is clearly stipulated. sanction measures are implemented exclusively under article 41 of the u.n. charter which does not provide for use of military force. the inspection regime on the high seas will be exclusively applied. it has a completely defined framework which describes a situation of the nuclear test is on precedent. the russian delegation has contributed to the fact that in the resolution there was detailed provisions in support of the political, diplomatic impact of the korean peninsula of the resumption of the six-
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party talks. we ask that the return to this dialogue. we would like to stress the creating the nuclear misfile potential, but the country ratchets up tension in northeast asia, and impair security. as an alternative for this negative scenario, it is important to continue jointly with partners through the six- party format and other interested parties on the creation of a mechanism for
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peace and security in northeast asia by political and diplomatic means. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. we welcome the unanimous adoption of resolution 1874. dprk has chosen a dangerous path. has belted -- build a nuclear program with exclusively military purposes. this is clear. it has developed a ballistic military. -- missile program which is increasing its nuclear threat by using sensitive technology throughout the world, it is further is threatening our security. in doing this, it has violated the ntp,, it has used dangerous
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program to receive benefit for dismantling and this has not been met. north korea has significantly increased tensions in northeast asia by proceeding to a ballistic missile out test on nuclear test and firing short and medium term micelles. the reaction of the security council today is commensurate with this provocation and the risk it will encourage others to do the same. the council condemns in the strongest terms possible this activity and requires immediate cessation of these activities. this will limit the capacity of north korea to progress programs, particularly by drawing up financial resources that come from other destabilizing activities, the dissemination of weapons throughout the world, bosch, by
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looking at funding for these programs, by extending the embargo, and by adopting sanctions against persons and entities involved and finally, by requiring that states inspect, seize and destroy cargoes. this reaction must be underscored as targeted, and that is why it has the support of the council approved a resolution explicit -- exclude humanitarian assistance programs and economic development for the population and will continue to be concerned about the population. we have to now agree overcoming in the committee on the list of persons and entities in north korea, because of their activity -- involvement in activities and they may be
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subject to additional sanctions. we must make sure that all of the provisions are strictly implemented and by everyone. france welcomes the idea that the council has given the committee that is in charge of monitoring the implementation that it has made it a panel of experts. this will be precious help to the presence of the council. it will enable us to do follow- up and assistance to those that he does. we must also draw lessons from this crisis for the future. i am thinking of the comprehensive test ban treaty, the usefulness of the detection systems are clear here. we must also work towards the rapid introduction of the treaty. we will be hosting a conference on october 14th on the treaty. i am also thinking about the
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upcoming treaty on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. we cannot forget the seriousness of the threat from proliferation. when we discuss increasing guarantees, we must consider states that may want to leave the tree. and we must call on north korea to take up the negotiations. they must make a strategic choice to reject once and for all its nuclear program, and to reestablish normal relations with its neighbors. its population will be the burst -- first to benefit from this. friends like the european union, so much wishes to see this. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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it's a party to the nonproliferation and advocates to in force as soon as possible. we have voted in favor of this resolution because we feel and the need for a world free nuclear weapon. while our principal position is that all states have the right to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes, we advocate to insure that all states to refrain from activities in this area which could endanger international peace and security and which could weaken the relevant legal and institutional framework. this is why together with the international community including the countries of the region our delegation has
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condemned nuclear tests carried out by dprk on the 25th of may last. this runs the risk of worsening tensions on the korean peninsula and throughout the area. mr. president, we hope that sense the resolution takes into account all possible facets of the issue, the resolution will make an effective contribution towards finding a lasting solution to the north korean nuclear issue. because these functions are targeting -- targeted, we hope the measures proved will effectively make it possible to avoid any - humanitarian impact on the population of north korea. this is also one of the reasons why we support the resolution.
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we call upon north korea to take up again cooperation with the international atomic agency and to return to negotiations, the six-party talks, this remains the most appropriate framework for ending the crisis. we invite the countries as well as all parties to do everything possible to choose dialogue. it is only the second prevent the escalation in the region. the security council and the whole of the international community have a particular responsibility in this area. within this farmer, we hope -- within this framework, we hope this goes towards the peaceful and lasting sentiment. >> thank you. >> austria has condemned the
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nuclear test of 25 may, 2009, and the strongest terms as a direct violation. the unanimous adoption of the present resolution is a clear, fully appropriate response by this council and the international community. it is a threat to international peace and security. we welcome thedprk to join the nuclear test ban treaty. coast arica and austria believe that the recent events highlight the necessity and urgency of our
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rapid entry into the, france's nuclear test ban treaty. both countries wish to underline the very terrible -- valuable contribution made by the organization and providing reliable data on the dprk nuclear test on 25 may. >> thank you for your statement. >> thank you, mr. president. we also condemn the nuclear missile tests by a dprk. we see it as a threat to international peace and security, and therefore, we supported the unanimous response on the part of the security council. we call upon the dprk to return to the favor of six-party talks
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to revoke its position to withdraw from the not per inflation -- non-proliferation treaty. the dprk should take serious this message which finds and it all aspects, understanding that the measures adopted are not aimed at the general population of a dprk, but should be taken as a tool to encourage readers to take the path of negotiations. thank you. >> i think you -- the rep. the thank you, president.
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>> we consider it is the greatest importance that the security council, in order to respond to a major challenge to international peace and security we have endorsed for the resolution we just adopted it seems that the text we voted on at the disposal of the international currency in responding to the major challenge, we trust that the action taken today by the security council mmay strengthen the regime and provide a major boost to the announcement of use
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in the field of nuclear disarmament. we think that the resolution is also an opportunity for the democratic people's republic of korea to return to the mechanisms of a dialogue, and we urge this as soon as possible. thank you. >> a thank you. i shall now make a statement in menasha capacity. >> -- in my national capacity. turkey is deeply concerned with the nuclear tests conducted by the dprk on may 25th. we believe the nuclear test was a clear violation of u.n. security council resolution 1695, and 1718.
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earlier on turkey had expressed concern over the launch carried out by dprk on 5 april. we believe this undermines stability, mutual trust and confidence and the region even further. turkish authorities have condemned the nuclear test in strong terms and support the security council to send a strong and unified response of two dprk for this act. we believe that the resolution adopted today contains the necessary elements for such a response. it is our strong expectation that dprk and international community comply with this and abide by the provisions of the resolution appeared at the same time, turkey recognizes the importance of encouraging the dprk to return to the six-party talks. cherokee looks forward to these talks and considers them the best vehicle for negotiation.
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-- turkey looks forward to these talks. this is important for stability and a boat region. all the parties to the talks are essential. i will resume as president of the council. i wish i now give the floor to the representative from career. m korea. >> thank you. and 25 made the share, the dprk conducted a nuclear test statements by the security council and define by the international community. the action taken by dprk poses a theory -- serious a threat to the korean peninsula and beyond. dprk declaration of its
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intention to pursue the development of its nuclear weapon program is a problem for the nuclear non-proliferation. in conducting the second nuclear test, they have demonstrated a complete disregard for a commitment, and other agreements such as the six party talks. it is also a violation of resolutions and -- -- this year. this must be met with a strong response of international size. we welcome and support the resolution by the


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