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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 13, 2009 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> people can't believe that if he won, he won by such a huge margin. other reformists have been venting their anger today releasing statements saying the elections have been staged. >> are there other avenues ke take? >> no, not really. the only kind of appeal, he has
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already been appealing to him to say, do not allow irregular all-starities to be permitted. it's a difficult thing to do with iran and such security stakes there were a few protesters out on the streets. all dispursed immediately by police.
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the police were there. there's a lot of police and road blocks out there. my friends saw protesters beaten by police even. long queues already at 8:00. back out at 10:00. still waiting to vote.
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we heard women played an active role. there were a lot of more western, educated people who don't usually bother to vote there's a big section that feel that by voting they are legitimizing it. they were very long queues out there. people saying they were voting for the first time since the islam yick revolution 30 years ago. i think ahmadinejad taught these people there was a difference.
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there was a lot of people yesterday voicing their displeasure. do you sense there might be unrest among the people? could that show itself in future protests? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. these people mr. mousavi supporters have too much to loose in many ways. they already enjoy the freedom. where as mr. ahmadinejad's supporters are more likely
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>> any idea if mr. ahmadinejad will change the policy because of the turn outs? >> no. he has been very defient in responding to his critics at home and in the stance taken towards the west. >> what with do we care some
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finalization of this issue? >> it should be saturday or early sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us from tehran. >> thank you. >> if you want to comment on the results of the eye roon election. the numbers are on the scene. twitter is c-span wj. on the democrat line. thank you. go ahead. guest: i feel sorry for the people of iran. i feel like this is a fixed election. it reminds me of the year 2000 in our own country. there's not too much those people can do over there. it's like, wow, good thing we have a change every four to eight years, we would have the same thing to the extreme of
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this. we are already having problems with the rhetoric of rush limbaugh insighting all the crazies. people are going out here and being bolder with their guns. why doesn't america wake up and talk about what's going on in our own country. have a special on this. i feel karl rove and dick cheney are giving rush limbaugh the talking points. host: we'll have to leave it there. linda on our republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i feel like they are going to have to change anyway. women already have the right to do many things over there.
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even if ahmadinejad descends, there will be changes. what the people on his side don't want are these underground raised drinking clubs and where children are nightclubbing and partying. they don't want that over there. it's not going to happen over there. they will rise up against that. host: do you think if he does win a secretary term, what do you think it means as far as our discussions and concerns about iran and the nuclear program and other issues the united ç has with iran? caller: i think somebody with a good head on his shoulders like obama, that ahmadinejad will be able to deal. i think they will talk. i think a lot of what we hear is the fact that iran and north
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korea -- these countries don't want us acting like a bully. if we talk to them in a level headed manner and not try to take over their countries. the main thing is their youth. they don't want them going down. host: from wyoming. on the indianapolis -- on the independent line. go ahead. caller: can i make a comment. i have been watching this about the closing of the auto dealers. i just can't -- i really -- it's hard to believe what i'm hearing. i know many people have watched them. it's pretty devastating.
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they are planning to close thousands of dealerships. as far as the iran situation, i don't know the political position of the candidate that ran against the current president. isn't it true in iran that the presidency is sort of a figure head or a dictatorship there? >> host: there's truth to that, sure. caller: i wonder if you are going to cover their positions? host: we'll have a full break down in our program tomorrow in the latter part. they will break down the results for what it means for iran and for the united states as well. you'll want to tune in for that are tomorrow. our guest --
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or previous caller mentioned ahmadinejad and mousavi report right now that mr. ahmadinejad have won the election. several holding that result in dispute. please call in. host: arlington, virginia on the phone. go ahead. caller: the size of ahmadinejad's victory, probably means -- unless it's a whole sale froud, that he won a substantial
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victory. the problem is that the reporters kind of go up into north taran, which is a more up scale part of the city. it's a hotbed of the area. there weren't too many reports from around the country, which is a little disturbing in it self. if we see these large numbers of people turning out, we think maybe the option really does have the majority. maybe they don't. it might be because we have focused on one small part of the country. we'll see. it would have been nicer if the united states had been a little more forth coming in the election in kenya where there was a lot of evidence of fraud. it happened to benefit somebody we liked but we didn't do too
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much about it. hopefully, the people will begin to see the honesty of the elections as something worthwhile in it self and the just if i indications of any government and the size of the victory if it is seen as not having been whole sale fraud. it probably means a lot of the iranians still back this guy. that's my comment. host: someone who sent us a tweet is wondering did the obama middle east visit have a certain impact in the vote. we'll go to the line with a call from louisiana.
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caller: i think we are more concerned with what is going on in america. i think americans are more concerned with immigration and crime within our cities. americans are focused on our american issues. thank you. host: we'll continue to talk about the ire rainian issue but we've in some other stories including this one discussing three saudis transferred from guantanamo.
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host: let's go back to the phone. on the republican line from virginia . go ahead. caller: i heard a lady call in. she said, if we spoke to them level headedly, it would be smoother. i disagree with that. i think it is a religious issue. it has to do with our support of israel. i'm a christian but as a practical matter, i don't think
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we'll ever be able to get along with any muslim country as long as we support israel. host: this is out of the houston chronicle. here next up on the democrat line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i'm enjoying this discussion. why do we discuss this election when -- if we know or it doesn't really matter. this just says to everyone, watch out. when you have religious leaders or religion as your primary factor in your country, how can you ever think you are going to
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have an election that means anything. i think it's a shame for the people of iran that the world looks at this nation and says, well, it doesn't really matter because the leader is someone else. host: the 9/11 talking about gate's promises. here's a little bit on what mr. castle reports on. he warn that had fighting would get bloodier.
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the report is in the "new york times." the full story there as well. next up on the independent line. caller: i am from iran. i voted from maryland. i voted and i am zpwhrad to see signs of dem crassy. it is not true that it doesn't matter who is the president of iran. we saw a totally different face
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of iran during mr. ahmadinejad's presidency. it really is important. the president densey in iran matters, people should give a chance to iran to pursue the path to dem crassy. host: can i ask you, if it does happen that mr. ahmadinejad wins, how will that path continue in your mind? caller: i think he will see a lot of iranians are not happy. i think he will method rate his stance and be more a meanable to make a certain deal with the west, particularly the united states and his views will be moderate towards israel. host: we had a reporter join us at the beginning of the program
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saying in her words, he was still pretty defiant as far as making changes in his policies and certain attitudes that he holds. she said she didn't see that changing. caller: i believe that's right. mr. ahmadinejad is a very hard-headed individual. the reality will force him to change. he's going to be hearing from supreme leaders and others in the government that he needs to method rate and tone down and slow down his harsh language and approach the west and solve the issues iran has with the west. there is a zanger that iran might be attacked by israel and america and a combination of them. host: what was the turn out yesterday where you voted?
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caller: it was around 12:00. there were quite a few people. it wasn't a very long line but constantly people were coming. i saw a lot of taxi drivers come and took time off jobs and probably lost theirát+y they came and parked and voted. you could tell people driving trucks even. i saw a lot of physicians and women. it was very exciting. my guess is that the majority favored mr. moussavi rather than mr. ahmadinejad. host: thank you. going to the next caller from virginia . caller: i think everybody is
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the same, they put -- [inaudible] i'm trying to say like the president, he is mistaken. you have to go there and live. not just reach in and say this is different. the difference between you and them. it is not just 100%. some people lead some people act like leading. as long as it is there, what's the difference. one person is saying the last word. they node a big change in my country. nobody is criminal.
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they don't know about that. i hope one day things go deeper and go and search a little more. don't put yourself in everybody's place. host: ok. talking about the global financial system. writing about the european overalling front.
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host: we'll go to the democrat line. go ahead. ahmadinejad has been voted for. he has the only strength to stand up to america. i feel like america and israel can use this as an excuse to invade iran. i'm happy for mr. ahmadinejad. long live president ahmadinejad. host: detroit, michigan on the
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independent line. caller: i can tell you how much impact this is going to have on my personal life. absolutely nothing. zero. we need to talk about our country. i'm not even making my basic financial needs. all of this corporate media is just a distraction. all the jobs are being sent overseas. what the hell am i going to do? i'm the average american. host: from california on the republican line. caller: hi. i'm a democrat but i was trying to get through. i think it is time we pull out of iran. we are powering billions of dollars into it.
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the one thing that the government doesn't talk about that i've seen firsthand from a family member is that these people are coming back so messed up that they are having to get out of the service because their heads are so messed up because of all the violence and the killing of the young kids and the innocence i don't even know all the facts of what he saw. host: hello. the next caller. go a head. caller: i'm a law


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