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ortse than that, it's really the quality of the teachers. guest: one more call. caller: good morning. your guest is right on target. but she's not putting it all together. and i have it all together. creativity and incentive have to be combined. and that will answer all the needs if it's handled in a correct way. and i'm just trying to launch global economy based on what i term creative utilization of information. and imte self--taught in that. it's not taught in schools but it's a very, very powerful concept of people just learn how to think in a different way and how to utilize existing technologies today they can empower themselves and go into any field to an unlimited degree. and the internet will provide as much indepth education as necessary from the experts worldwide. i would love to speak with your
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guest further on this. guest: well, please go to www opportunity we need to build the demand and will around the country to make this happen. their future depends on it. thank you for this opportunity. . . .
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>> and they insist that it'll be a grass mark meeting. the chairman and the rank member. chuck grassly and i'm wondering though, if they sort of grasping at straws trying grab him there and olympia snow from over here on the finance panel and maybe a couple of others. doesn't sound like you think that's bipartisan product. >> that's what they're doing.
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grassly has been given no authority to regard anything on republicans on that committee and he's said, while his staff has talked to senator balkas. he's not negotiating with him. if we have only three day left to produce a bill and we've not had a republican bill to decide what's the rerepublican on this? i say it may have, um... it may reflect the fact that i know our democratic friends know what a lot of us are thinking and that may partially be reflected but isn't as if we sat with them to write the bill. >> our news maker programs comes your way after tomorrow and 6 profit margins majority leader whip serving the state of arizona. we'll have open phones for 20 minutes before our next guest
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comes in. here's the number for republicans, democrats and independents. the "washington post" this morning. it's off lead story by paul cane, the headline, lawmakers reveal health care investments. the ties between those crafting legislation concerned health care and financial investments they have. senator majority leader harry reed has at least $50,000 vested in health care index. the republican from new hampshire has between $244,000 and $500 in major health care companies. the family of representative jane har man. senior member of the congress committee drefting the lens. 3 point 2,000,000 more than more than 20 health care companies at
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the last year. while no congressional rules barred none from financial rules from what they regulate. experts say it often reflects conflict of interest particularly if there is a chance the legislation could result in personal financial boost. there's a complete story inside the "washington post" and a graphic you can follow as well. you can go to that at "washington post".com. again we have open phones this morning. chicago, illinois. democrats line. james? >> just two things. i think the next time someone calls that is so blatantly racist and a tacks other groups in this country should be could out on it. the guest shouldn't take anymore than that. maybe you also. but secondly, i wanted to comment that's the movement
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grows we need to make sure the interests are protected and we have to have the right to joun a francis yoon and that'll be important to that movement. >> madison heights, michigan. we here from the republican line. go ahead. >> yeah, this m administration control seems like deja vu from the movie, the demolition man. >> the hartford, current in the financial disclosure's section talks about senator chris dodd and the piece is call dad's major adjustment. a priced value of the senator's cottage in ireland more than triples. concludes it's worth three times as much as dad has been
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reporting. the new value on the island in the county is about $658 thousand dollars according to two financial disclosure forms. the two page appraisal was done guy same man that did it in 2002 when it was valued at $190 thousand. timber pines florida? >> the article you just referred so was one of the two questions i was going to call in and say something about. the first was, that um... the president and supreme court has to put their stocks in a blind trust. why don't the congressmen have to do that? secondly, term limits. how come my mayor has term limits and governor and my president have terms limits but the congressmen don't? let you reply. >> albuquerque key, new mexico.
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>> hi. there. with regard to education, one of the real problems is the fact that most - in most of the states, most of the teachers in thek pse&g 12 system are processed through colleges of education and these colleges of education, the students are out the by professors of education rather than professors of english or mathematics or chemistry and physics and they wind up with degrees in education but not really a degree in physics or math or history or energying len englis people go on to teach and that's, really a shame. i think until we change that, we're not going to have a really first class kindergarten through
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12th grade system. >> houston chronicle has a story looking at stimulus money. as state gets money from feds. governor rick perry's texas be came hold energy to the press to keep the unemployment trust fund solvent even after refusing to take money in federal dollars. the number of job less being paid benefits from texas jumped up to 353, 851 in 2009 costing additional 208 million for the month. broken bow, oklahoma. republican line. >> i'm a teacher of 34 years. tault in all size schools. there is no - there are no
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experts in education so i'm certainly not one but i think i know a little of what's wrong with public education. number one, entirely too much bureaucracy. some people don't do anything in schools except walking around look important making up to six figures a year. education is really overly bureaucratic in this country and another major problem with education, we have a lot of students that don't have parents or they're parents are absentee. and we have students raised by grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or don't have anyone at all. so, when you say the parents need to get mind education with the kids. realize 30 pse&g 35 percent of the children don't have anybody to get behind them basically. this is one of the major
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problems. the destruction of the family in america. because of the welfare system has related a lot of problems in education. >> response from twitter comment on the previous segment looking at education. saying children should have a liberal arts education at the grammar school level. she says she did and we can do that now she said. pennsylvania, independent line? barron are you there? good morning. >> yes. >> you're on, cyr. go ahead. >> yes, i'd like to comment on education. i have a fairly high math aptitude and i'm 59 years old now and my experience has been, if you have that type of insight, creative logic and creative problem solving, your challenge to authorities and the
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establishment and this, therefore it is not in the politicians, or corporate or other establishment organizations to really have an educated citizenry. i appreciate your comments on that. >> the globe in male. canadian newspaper this morning has an article looking at the us ambassador to canada. this is david jacobson. a profile of him. goes by this story by sonya writing he is a whip smart lawyer and an internet wizard. legendary as snappy dresser famous and decision to enter political life and since then he's emerged in democratic politics fund racing for white house hopefuls including hillary clinton and o bah massachusetts best-selling you authority scott
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jar o and now a golden boy with an all-american up bringing in a chicago suburb has emerged as obama's pick. a dream job according to his wife julie, we could not be happier she says. before boarding a flight to washington where her husband's nomination was said to be confirmed by the senate. she said canada is the most beautiful place in the country. democrat line? >> i wanted to talk a little bit about the smoking thing. if you put yourself in a garage with a running car for an hour. you are going to walk out dead. if you put yourself in a garage with a carton of cigarettes, guess what? you'll walk out alive. who are you people?
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bu bye. >> wichita falls, texas. joe, republican line. >> yes i have a comment about education. how can we look at talking about what needs to be done when there's a systematic problem of equality when you still have school districts that are still under lawsuits for integration. how can we talk about equality, equity and educating all students when in fact we're still under 1970 lawsuits for immigration. >> the "new york times" art section looks at conservative magazines and cohen says. their vision is not the, gop. she writes there's one arena
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that seems decidedly enthusiasm visions. the quote is to air our views. says the editor or executive editor. a lot of people want us to write about the future of the republican party. we're not interested in that. we're not that interested in the future of republicans or conservatives but we're interested in obama. cohen says since the financial melt down so many americans have sought government action to refocus on first principals and refight bolts they assume have already been won. we're seeing free market capitalism am program trampleed. buckly says there's a need to re-reinstate the traditional social institutions and a tough
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minded foreign policy. good morning to independent line. >> yeah. i'd like to talk about education a little bit. um... you know two by two. learn the date columbus discovered america. the most important thing a teacher can do and they have to learn it first is to in still an individual with thirst for learning. we have libraries and we have all kinds of ways that someone can go and read a book and learn anything. they can learn engineering and politics. main thing is thirst to learn it and teacher is the only one that can do that. so, instead of teaching when columbus discovered america. the day abraham lincoln was born if teachers were learn
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themselves how to in still learning our education system would be taken care of >> new york daily news this morning looking for an irs proposal. the irs may dial up >> rules that can cost you more in taxes if the employer gives you a cell phone. proposal taken or taxing 25%. someone in a 28 percent tax bracket and costs they're company a thousand dollars a year would pay more in income tax. between 17 and 20% in cell-phone taxes charges and fees the irs has laws regarding taxation on business phones for two decades. companies rarely complain for the difficulty of keeping such records. oklahoma city - >> good morning. let's talk about the holocaust shooting. way to go right wing and sara
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palin. this is what she believes in. having gun as and the government were to treat us like anybody, go shoot them. rush limbaugh. sean hannity, this is what you guys wanted. you know you keep starting hate and now it's coming back and this is happening. >> we'll leave it there. patrick kennedy according to the "washington journal" that struggled with addiction much of his life said yesterday he's checking himself into a medical facility. other stories look at that that, taking a look at other stories in the "washington post" looking at cyber security as it's called. this is knackshi ma writing about the pentagon's efforts keeping defensive with those attacking the nation based computer systems. some fear the pentagons ability to develop cyber warfare may
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forge partner ships with the private sector. and with governments and businesses a broad. in the cyber domain according to those. kevin chilton of strategic command said in a meeting last month with reporters,nsa had unique abilities to inform the military of threats and a ver theirs intent and to prepare for attack and to prepare for attack and a tack. every day unseen operators using software are using millions of scans that handled 56 teara bytes of data a day and used by millions of military and civilian personnel. that's in the "washington post" and there's also a story looking at - i've lost that story. oh, the associated press.
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may have heard in light of several news agencies being closed to independent ves gaytive journalism. these are usually, while the associated press decides to show some of the stories as far as journalism starting july first, they will deliver work by the center for republic integrity, the center for ves gaytive report together 1500 american newspapers that are free to public the and publish the material. on july first that starts. the chairman and ceo of over a website to purchase items of that nature will be on our program, next we're talking about concerns by businesses that use the internet for a large part of the daily work. internet taxes and other things that effect the internet.
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we'll be right back. ♪ >> the government's funding of direct aid to colleges is a laterly 1950's early 60's thing. >> hails dale college has never accepted government funding and not even government backed student loans are permitted. >> title four of the higher education act is roughly 400 pages lock. if we have a lawyer in town trying keep the government from giving us moneyed i once asked him to send it. >> hills dale college president larry, sunday night at 8 o'clock on c-span's q & a or listen onx m satellite or download the podcast. >> here is our present policy.
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that we are really anxious and eager to stop the bombing as we're eager to stop the war. >> telephone conversations from the final months of lyndon johnson's presidency. troubles for his pick for supreme court chief justice. listen at ten eastern on c-span radio. in the washington baltimore area at 91 point fm and nation wide on,x m satellite channel 32. >> "washington journal" continues. >> our final segment of the morning featured patrick burn of over how much does your business rely on the internet? >> well, 100 percent. we're pure play we call. there's no brick and mortar star. all internet. >> as far as business, how much traffic do you generate and what's your revenue stream from
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it? >> 10 pse&g 20 million visitor as month and probably do just about a billion dollars this year. >> when you come to washington, one of the things, from what i understand is your concerned about how the internet is used. particularly in the terms of taxation what's the issue? >> the issue is there are states who want to start taxing, we're based in you at the so when we, somebody buys something from wisconsin we don't put a sales tax on it. california, new york is starting to say we want that sales tax revenue and that's now the issue. >> so when states like that want that revenue, what ultimately could that do for your business? >> well, it could hurt us and it would hurt the people in those states that start paying tax on products they're not paying on now. >> when you - do you come to washington to lobby and talk to
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folks about it. >> i'm not real popular for other reasons on capital hill. i have folks that come and lobby but actually, we haven't jumped into that issue too much but we've made our position clear. we're lobbying on other wall street issues but on that, we've made it clear. you want me to hit that? in 1992. supreme court. quill verses north dakota decided it was own rouse to ask catalog companies to pay tax on those out of state sales. just the 7,000 tax jurisdictions in america. in kentucky, cotton candy is taxes as candy in ohio it's taxed as food. there's no way for us to know the tax rates on every product in 7,000 places for that reason it's impossible for them to tax. however they're talking about
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getting around that by creating database updated and then they would argue that knocks down that objection. but still there's about 07' pse&g 80 percent americans against paying taxes on internet purchases. it would wipe out e-bay because everybody would start to have the to pay and collect taxes and thus. the internet is a friction less environment now and that would impose it on that. >> it's happening at the state level and it's also, congress is looking to pass law to enable it, that sort of enables getting around, enables the central data base to get around the objection from the supreme court. the state legislators are starting to sort of reach and try to find ways through that. could the states make a case if something is bought off the internet it's not from a brick and mortar state and we're
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losing revenue from it? >> they certainly make the argument they're losing revenue from it. the argument it's not bought from a brick and mortar in their state which i would say well that's our point and not your point. brick and mortar or target store has employees that drive on roads. children use our schools and it imposed cost on the infrastructure where as we're just maleing a problem and it doesn't effect it nearly as much therefore we shouldn't be taxed. the true lobbying going on from behind this is from target and wal-mart. those are the stores the national retail is lobbying like crazy because they don't like the disadvantage they suffer. >> but they have web-sites as well. >> right but the majority vast sales from them are still in brick and mortar. >> for those on capital hill
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whether you talk to them personally or people associated with your company, do you have a sympathetic ear and who have you talked to? >> i have not been. i have not been involved the lobbying. like i said, i've been antagonistic to folks on call toll hill and this is as close as i get to capitol hill but there are in general, i know there are, it's not a popular idea on capitol hill. enezi is trying enable it and there's a few other internet companies realizing it's a bad thing for governments to tax internet transactions. >> we'll have a guest on this for the next 25 minutes or so and if you want to ask him questions about these issues you can do so by calling one of the numbers correlating below.
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twitter isc panw j and e-mail journal at c-span dot org. another venture an as far as business is naked short sailing. >> this is a form of stock manipulating. when around forever but in the last 10-years seems to have accelerated. i'll explain it without jargon. the real basis is when you buy stock from me i take your money and i'm supposed to give you stock. that's called settlement and that has some loopholes in it that say when it comes time to take your money, can i take your money bucky see, oh, i thought i had that stock but i didn't. i'm just going to give you an, iou. you get your merrill lynch statement saying you have the stock but only with an iou. they were created to settle
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fault tolerance but what's happened is hedge funds a small number figured out how they could abuse the loopholes and flood the market with billions of fake shares and by doing that they can manipulate the different stocks and crash companies. it's an issue intertwined. take down lehman bros. and so it's just intertwined around a lot of financial interests. we argue the loop hopes one of which is called the madoff loophole. >> how does this direct internet companies like yours? >> how it effects any company, i actually keep trying separate it from over stock. over stock is fine and we don't need capital b


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