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six years before i went. trouble putting progressives in six years after most was it. progressives like dennis overthrown. kucinich will have trouble going at that time, he was viewed as a back to their constituents and say i made a pledge to never communist. he was also criticized for vote for any war finding that did not have any troop trying to nationalize that for withdrawal provisions and not operate with that. i think they are right because taking the oil companies and so if they do that, that means they were hypocrites. and it means they were just there was no anger at the united demagoguing the war for states six years after him. political purposes. i think that is wrong and they in our school, we had over 50 think that is wrong, and i hope they stand together. iranian students from upper host: our guest will be with us for about a half hour if you division -- i am sorry, upper- wanted to ask her questions class iranian families. about the war supplemental bill. they went to the shrine hospital, took care of patients there. the only ones in the country or you can send us an e-mail and a at twitter it is c-spamwj. from the village people. host: leave it there. guest: my college roommate grew
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talk about the hesitancy to support this. up in iran during the same time. guest: we are being told we people look back as the golden cannot have health care because we don't have the money. years. of course there were thrilled. we are told we cannot bail out the shah came back. california because we don't have the money. people in california cannot be there was burning resentment to treated for breast cancer or cervical cancer because we don't replace the government because have the money. they thought he was sympathetic how do we justify backing $108 to communism. billion loans to bill european we have a tendency to have a banks out of the same situation we did -- to bail european banks short historical memory. but people remember that and we out of the same situation we sent the united states for that. did? interestingly, republicans and stepping and reminds a lot of progressives feel the same way people of 1953 the cia had a about this bill. it is not a good bill. significant role in changing the it is wasteful and we should government. separate it from the war finding. host: neil macfarquhar is the let's talk about the imf. let's talk about why this needs author of "the media relations to be a priority for us to pay department of hizbollah wishes you a happy birthday: unexpected encounters in the changing middle east." $108 billion in loans to
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european banks. thank you for joining us. that is it for today. host: talk about what folks to go to your blogs are saying about this issue. [captioning performed by guest: they are saying the same national captioning institute] [captions copyright national thing, why do we have to force cable satellite corp. 2009] . progressive members to their needs to pass this thing? why aren't we just having a discussion about the imf? the conservative states are starting to say -- they are getting nervous because republicans will say they will target them for -- they will target them if they vote for this. i was just voting for the war, but now that the republicans are not doing that it makes them vulnerable. they could pay a price in 2010. the readers of my block are concerned about that, too. my block is fire dog lake. i have been covering this issue >> legislative work starts at noon. members plan to consider $106 and it has been very interesting. we have been engaged in this million in additional spending for the iraq and afghanistan
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furious debate that has not wars. caught the eye of the media, but also, bills dealing with homeless veterans and spending the next budget year on, and it has consumed 100% of rahm emanuel's time this week. justice departments, as well as science programs. they are committed to this. rahm is wheeling and dealing. at 2:30, we bring you live coverage of the senate hearing with federal communications do they need it or do they want commission's chairman nominee. it? that is the question. why do they need $108 billion senators will also questioned bailout of european banks? fcc board nominee, robert host: politically, they need mcdowell, who was originally this to pass. guest: i am not sure about this. nominated by president bush in 2006. i don't know why they can divide these bills. >> july 4 weekend on "book let's pass these bills honestly, debate them on their own merits, tv." and see where we come out. we are live from what george host: mcnall, pennsylvania. washington's mount vernon estate with an offer on the ascent of good morning. george washington. join our three-hour -- mcdonald, pennsylvania. conversation sunday, july 5 on i was wondering if you know how much money would be in this bill c-span2. for the private contractors like >> a short while ago at the black water?
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state department, hillary clinton reported on human guest: i don't know if it is trafficking throughout the world. this is the ninth year the state broken out in that way. department has issued its human the money is going to the imf. trafficking report. the concerns are that the imf operates behind a veil of secrecy. there is no transparency. >> good morning. there was a letter circulated we are delighted to have with us that was signed by 41 members of this morning some key members of congress. we want to make sure the money is going to poor countries in congress who have cared about and worked on this important the not disappearing into european banks to cover their issue for a number of years. toxic assets. this is the first time we have that is probably what is going to happen the way it is written. introduced new report in this so that is the concern. way because we want to demonstrate that this is a partnership between the state host: from alexandria, virginia. caller: good morning. department and the congress. if it were not for the congressman would not have the i have called many times over legislation. we would not have the follow up. the years, so i thank you, c- we would not have the average that these members and others span. have been doing. -- we would not have the out i have a question. i think the idea of bailing out reach that these members have
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american banks was ridiculous, been doing. much less bail out european you will hear from two people in banks, but that aside, with a moment, but let me introduce carolyn maloney from the york, ben carden from maryland. bipartisan support to make the we have eddie johnson from texas. chris smith from new jersey, books of the federal reserve transparent? someone from florida, and i think that is all of our members obviously, these kinds of here with us. there may be others who will decisions, the federal role has come later. a huge role in these then i will be introducing some macroeconomics issues. of the other speakers in a moment. do you know where that bill stands? guest: as a matter of fact i do, this is one of the significant because i have been flipping days in the calendar for our votes for that. as of today has 224 votes. country. and particularly for the state 217 is the majority. department. we have so many people who have originally, it is house resolution 1207 and was offered been affected by this significant issue over the by ron paul of texas. years. it had 135 co-sponsors.
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it is especially fitting that we at the time a democrat from would hold this announcement here on the eighth floor where florida who we started helping we have great diplomatic history decided to start whipping democratic co-sponsors, sen now there is 222. of so many important events in we have been active in keeping our nation. track of those votes and it is i am especially pleased that our another situation we are seeing new ambassador, the new director an interesting coalition come together of conservative of the office to monitor and republicans and progressive democrats who won more combat trafficking here at the transparency and an end to their state department was confirmed parents. there is nothing you said i in time for him to be part of disagree with and i am pretty this ceremony. [applause] progressive. host: one of the aspects i am reading is about the detainee photos. previously, lou led the fight guest: the detainee photos are gone. they sort of kept those into the against slavery and has also bill in the middle of the night. been a valued member of the team i think a lot of people did not on the house judiciary even know what they were voting committee with the chairman for. it came on the radar when barney conyers. thanks to him hundreds of frank called me and said this is in the bill. cracking survivors are living even people like me who want to vote for this will not do so. productive lives in our own
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i think they were thrown in countries. -- thanks to him hundreds of there said there would be something to deal out so trafficking survivors are living progressives feel like they productive lives. would get something. we are also inviting very i sort of thought that would be special guests here. what was happening and it was we have one person who runs a what was happening. president obama said don't foundation that this is some include photos. victims in costa rica and another who opened the first host: our independent mind. shelter in albania for go ahead. caller: do you hear me? trafficked women and girls. these two women represent nine host: joran. women and men who we are caller: -- you are on. celebrating this year for their courage in the fight against trafficking. we are so grateful they could caller: the attached amendment join us today. [applause] was in the sense that. i encrusted -- the attached amendment was in the senate. i hope people of the comments all around the world millions of about that. people are in the and in he explained a very well to his bondage. they labor in fields and counterparts in the senate. factories under brutal employers host: what did he say? who threaten them with violence caller: the loan to imf is if they try to escape. they work in homes for families effectively a letter of credit. that keep them virtually
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imprisoned. they are forced to work as the united states has never prostitutes or beg in the washed one penny on loans to the streets, fearful of the imf. consequences if they fail to the imf needs money to loans to meet their daily quota. they are women, men and children of all ages and often held far from home with no money, no developing countries. basically, this is electronic connections and no way to ask money. for help. this is modern slavery, a crime it is not printing u.s. paper money and sending it to the imf. that spans the globe, providing the european banks are not roofless employers with an endless supply of people. involved in at whatsoever, so i human trafficking is a crime with many victims, not only those who are traffic, but also think c-span should start giving iq tests two commentators you the families they leave behind, have on to see if they have one. some of from never see their loved ones attend. guest: i will tell you that i trafficking has a broad global think you have a couple of the impact as well. details wrong. it weakens legitimate economies, yes, they are loans to the imf. threatens public health and they are counting it will be safety, and shreds the social about $5 billion, but the thing fabric that is necessary for progress. is if they guarantee these loans it is an affront to our basic and they go bad, when i went to
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values and our belief that all business school you have to pay people everywhere deserve to the full value. live and work in safety and dignity. secondly, the imf just -- it does not give money to the obama administration views developing countries. the fight against trafficking both at home and abroad as a they loans to banks and in this crucial part of our foreign situation they are recourse policy agenda. loans, which means the money is not given, the countries have to united states funds 140 anti- pay them back. we have seen the trouble this is trafficing programs in 70 countries, as well as 42 causing when the countries get domestic dress forces -- 42 in over their heads and the imf dictates what they can do in terms of offering health care, domestic task forces to address the problem here. economic pressure in this global unemployment, social services. economic crisis makes more people susceptible to the if you read the shock doctrine, faults -- to the false promises of traffickers. it makes it easy to understand. the state department releases our annual report today. the problem is that they do this it underscores the need to behind a veil of a lack of address the root causes of poverty -- the root causes of transparency. they will not release documents. trafficking, including poverty maxine waters is saying she and exploitation of women. wants to see documents. she wants parliament to be able to vote on this.
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we want to know where the money this includes examples of steps is going as opposed to throwing taken against trafficking it into an open hole. worldwide. if you don't think we will be on for example, in condo where an that line for the $108 billion, army officer was convicted in a i have to disagree with you groundbreaking case -- in condg, because that is what happens when you guarantee a loan. if these countries are unstable or if they cannot pay them, are where in on it officer was convicted in a groundbreaking case. we going to eat it? that tends to be the way these things work. host: what the visitors to your or in jordan for the ministry of site and progressives think labor has established a fund to about current discussions about provide tracking victims with food and legal aid. the policy in iraq? is it still at the forefront or with this report we hope to do they wish it was more at the shine the light brightly on the forefront? scale of modern slavery. guest: i think it was more so all governments can see where wishing it was at the forefront. progress has been made and were barack obama was elected with a more is needed. strong sentiment to end the war. trafficing thrives in the when he went into office people shadows and it can be easy to thought it will be over. most of the polling done things dismiss it as something that happens to someone else somewhere else. it has dropped down in
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but trafficking is a crime that involves every nation on earth. priorities, but the middle east is not stopping being a problem. that includes our own. we had troops acceleration in trafficking and forced labor are grave problems in america. afghanistan. there are no plans to get out of we have been reminded of this in iraq permanently. recent weeks where authorities we are always planning to leave uncovered a scheme to insulate some residual forces there. we xcaxancan see iran is a hotb. foreign workers as laborers for hotels in the construction sites in 14 midwestern states. to coincide with this year's host: that comes to the global trafficking report, the forefront when you have questions about the war department of justice is releasing its own report which supplementals, as far as funding for war and troops. describes the problem of human guest: that is the way we have trafficking in the united classically stopped wars. states and offers recommendations for how we can we have stop funding them. do a better job of fighting it. it is a long tradition in the we are grateful for the work. democratic party of trying to do it will help us advance our that. in 2007 many members of the struggle against trafficking in our own country. house signed a commitment saying we are committed to working with they would actually never vote all nations collaborative late. for any war finding that did not in recent years we have pursued include troop withdrawals. a comprehensive approach on may 15 representative mcgovern said what is the exit reflected by prosecution,
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strategy that brings men and protection and prevention. it is time to add a fourth, women home? until someone gives me a credible answer i will be voting partnership. the network that explains -- no, but last night is reported that he will suddenly be voting this expands continents. yes. i think our -- people are we are committed to building new concerned that that makes it partnerships with governments look bad on all of us who wanted around the world. to use this as a way to end the because the repercussions affect war. us all. in excess all look like we're i know that there are many of insincere, so i think people are you in this room who have been concerned. -- it makes us all look like we stalwart and for kids in the are insecure. fight against trafficking. caller: good morning. chris smith, you have the copy of the report. -- you have been stalwart did you hear that from the huffington opposed the white advocates in the fight against house is [unintelligible] and they are saying you will trafficking. i want to thank everyone in the never hear from us again if you do not vote for this war money. state department who helped produce this report. this is inhumane what we are i hope is studied for the doing. this is the man i've done -- guidance it provides so that we in partnership can continue to this is the man i voted for. make progress against this we voted for the democrats to terrible problem. get us out of this. >> we saw a couple members of
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i just saw my congressmen on the house joined the secretary your show a little while ago and of state there. eddie johnson of texas and chris i am proud of him, when i am tired of these oil morris. smith of new jersey. the house is coming in for we were using the middle east as morning our speeches in 20 a gas station. -- i am tired of these oil wars. minutes. legislative work gets under way at noon. members will consider $106 thanks so much for your time. billion in additional spending guest: i did read that. for the iraq and afghanistan war. it was reported in several also bills dealing with homeless places. the white house was telling veterans and disbanded next budget year on the commerce and democratic freshmen if they did not justice departments. live house coverage here on c- span. at 2:30, seized -- c-span3 brings to a hearing. the senators will also chairman -- they will also question the sec chairman who was originally nominated by president bush in 2006. -- they will question the fcc chairman. >> how is c-span funded?
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>> may be some government grants. >> advertising for products. >> public money. >> my taxes? >> how is c-span funded? 30 years ago america's cable companies created c-span as a public service, a private business initiative. no government mandate, no government money. >> the house is set to vote today on $106 billion spending bill to pay for the worse in iraq and afghanistan. democrats are not counting on any republican support. -- $106 billion spending bill to pay for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. host: welcome. there will be debates today looking at the war supplemental bill. what are the specifics of this bubble? what is the debate behind it?
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guest: originally the house passed the supplemental by its self, but when obama was in europe for the g-20, he promised $108 billion in aid to the imf. he knew that he would have trouble selling it when he got back home, so they decided to package it with the supplemental in order to be able to give it to their more conservative members of the party so they did not have to say we paid for $108 billion european bank bailout. they can say i was voting for the war, but if the republicans decided they would not vote for it, and they have not, that meant the progressive members of the caucus who have pledged never to vote for war finding did not include troop withdrawals had to vote against that conscience. they know if they voted on the supplemental by itself they could take their vote of
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conscience and it would still pass, but in this case they need their votes in order to pass it. 39 of them are holding together could defeat this bill. host: you mentioned the republicans will likely hold together. will the press as hold together? guest: that is a good question. who will break ranks? some of the republicans were thinking of cutting deals with the rahm emanuel in order to be able to help them pass it because they were having
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