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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 17, 2009 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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host: over on capitol hill today lots of activities on this wednesday. one of the major items in legislation this summer, health care. it is the market-up in the senate health committee and we will cover live today at 10:00 a.m. on c-span3 and on c-span radio.
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eric holder, the attorney general will be on the hill today to testify. we expect the senate to take a vote as early as today on 106 billion dollars in war funding. the house passed the vote yesterday in a close vote. our question for this first half hour is about the president's approach to iran. what do you think about what president obama has been saying about it run? lots has been written in the papers today about it. -- what the president has been saying about iran. much of the riding and the opinion pieces are generally split. this headline says that the world is split over the iran pull out come. there's a big split over whether to recognize ahmadinejad as the
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victor. france has denounced the elect for fraud while russian and chinese leaders personally welcomed him to regional some of. meanwhile, barack obama came under domestic pressure to take a tougher stance on the disputed election. -- chinese and russian leaders welcomed him to regional summit. this writer says that obama is cautious response to the election protests has ignited a debate thinking that u.s. should provide a more vocal support for peaceful protestors but those who argue that that would be more counterproductive. in a news conference about korean relations he was asked about it. >> i have said before that i have deep concerns about the election.
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i think that the world has deep concerns about the election. you have seen in i riran some initial reaction from the supreme leader that hitters stance that the iranians people have concerns. it is not productive given the history of the u.s./iranian relations to be seen as meddling -- the u.s. president meddling in iran and elections. what i will repeat as i said yesterday is that when i see violence directed at peaceful protesters, when i see a peaceful dissent suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is a concern to me and of concern to the american people. host: "the new york post" and other paper is a jump on that
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comment. it's as big chaos reigned in at the streets of tehran yesterday, a situation which caused president obama "deep concerns." the phrase is repeated. when hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest a highly dubious election, the government's violent reaction was predictable but unacceptable and the president should have said so. instead he meet with declared "that is not how governments should interact with their people." this paper asks who is writing obama speeches -- dr. phil? this writer says that the u.s. cannot back iran protest. she writes that some conservative politicians and pundits are demanding that obama backed the demonstrators.
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other was a future president may have to apologize to iranians for mr. obama's lack of involvement just as obama apologized for u.s. involvement in the overthrow of an elected iranian leader. the first call this morning on the president's approach thus far -- lancaster, pa. on the independent line. caller: at the heart of all america's problems in the middle east is america's creation of israel back in 1948 which was essentially an invasion of muslim territory. it has been muslim territory for 1300 years. these jewish people in europe and in north america thought there were entitled to invade palestine. to take over that territory. there has been a war ever since. host: connected to the iranian
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election? caller: i america does: iran just the way it did not like iraq because they are the biggest enemies of israel. host: a republican as a line from minnesota. caller: good morning, i think the president is taking the right approach. in the past america has been blamed for meddling in the affairs of other countries throughout the world. many callers yesterday work using the president of meddling in the iranian effort. since he based his foreign policy by coming into office on a general policy he would like to establish and it is unclear whether ahmadinejad will prevail
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or someone else will take power he cannot undermine ahmadinejad because he may have to sit down with him and negotiate for resolution to this 30-year lull in foreign policy with the country. however, there seems to be more -- what is going on in iran is to be more of an internal battle between the muslim head of the revolutionary guard and the previous president who is head of the 12-member council that had the power to unseat the supreme leader. this seems to be an alliance between a two to possibly unseat the ayatollah khamenei. host: thanks for your perspective.
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supporters of the defeated presidential candidate set fires in the streets of tehran. we read that iranian state television is putting out stories that shows these same fires and refers to these folks as insiders. here is another headline -- you can see more fires here. the front-page story from "the new york times" has another photo of protesters. this is the headline there. it talks about the crackdown on the media over there. obama notes concerns and is doubling as the wrong course. that is the topic here, the president's approach to iran. is it correct? caller: thank you for c-span.
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i think president obama is doing exactly what he should do. we need to stay out of that right now and the ayatollah over there i think it is beginning to understand that this twitter thing -- he cannot stop the people from communicating with the outside of. if they could have done that, then i think this would have all gone away. -- he cannot stop them from communicating with the outside world. host: the twitter aspect is the subject of several stories today. the new type of revolution is spreading -- it says that they are not only a mast industries, but have swamped the internet with huge numbers channeling anger into 140 characters or
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less. social networking is allowing members to broadcast anchor, fear, observations to the entire world. there are several other important twitter-related stories today. hear this story says that twitter is a player in the drama. the state department asks the social networking site twitter to delayed scheduled maintenance to avoid disrupting communications among the tech- savvy iranian citizens. this move illustrates the growing influence of online social-networking services. you are on the air, good morning. caller: i think the president is doing the right thing considering that we overthrew the government and put the shah
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in there. i did not see them jumping into our business when we have our election stolen from us in 2000 by george bush and dick cheney who represent oil companies. we were losing all of our treasure over there. i am getting sick and tired of all our money leaving the united states and going out to facilitate the business of the oil companies. when will we learn that we do not have to prop up the biggest welfare recipients in the world? when will we start making corporations be responsible for themselves and quit being their armies? host: let's here from tennessee now. caller: i think is very political.
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we are the soldiers in the country right next to this guy who is a maniac running the place. i think it is cowardly not to support the democratic process and the other part of the world. host: cincinnati, you are on the democrats' line. caller: not only is obama doing the right thing to stay out of the situation, but for him to support the opposition, that would be the kiss of death to the opposition leader. if obama were to support him he would be seen as nothing more than a puppet of the united states. that would be the wrong thing. the other thing -- this points up the problem with the iraq policy from the beginning.
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democratic movements need to be organic to the country in which they're born. they cannot be imposed from the outside. in order for them to succeed they have to come from the people. if the people want democracy this is what they do. host: i appreciate your thoughts. lots more viewpoints in the papers today. the right that to the extent the obama administration could be faulted for its response so far, it is perhaps a cycle or two too slow to express support for democratic values.
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just below this is the piece, a further write up by senator john mccain who of course ran against the president last year. he says to speak out forcefully. we have this call from alabama now, an independent. caller: i think that he has sort of been -- i am nervous. israel is not to blame for everything in this world. that is all have heard people blooming is true. they are in their country, not even over there. -- people blaming israel. to me, mr. obama has sort of inflamed this situation in my opinion. they are two parties over there, ahmadinejad, whatever his name is, will not give in and will have to be put out.
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america's policies -- when one gets end they just hold on to do whatever they can. of the van so far as we know killing someone to stay in office. but i think that his speeches have and landed the situation around the world. host: back to twitter. if you like to start using it just good to twitter -- go to to learn about it. we want to remind you that one of our upcoming guests later wrote this piece which says ahmadinejad one, get over it. he will be on with us at 9:00 a.m. eastern to take your questions and comments on iran. chicago has been standing by, a
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democrat. is the president's approach correct? caller: absolutely correct. people need to look back to 1953. if you were to do anything different, all he would do is emboldened ahmadinejad. i hope that i pronounced his name correctly -- it would be even more death for the opposition. this is about people's lives. there has been history you can look at. unfortunately, john mccain is unbelievable. he has been in the military and knows better. for him to say that the president needs to denounce the results -- he has nothing factual. it is more likely that ahmadinejad did not win. but the u.s. cannot involve itself. if you really want to play politics, republicans, i'm a
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democrat and i am about the country first. you should not encourage the president to the wrong thing. president obama has listened to himself and what he knows, not politics. host: jake, an independent color. -- jay, an independent caller. caller: the people are processing because of the running government has been line to the people. the people were surprised to hear from obama that all americans do not hate iran. we love to communicate with them. many are running people said they want a democracy, other things, i was surprised to hear that. they want what we want, just to live in raise their children.
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i am incensed with john mccain. how can we go into someone else's country in go and dictate americana? we need to urge them towards democracy, sure, with most parts of the world. we cannot go in and tell them to do exactly what we say. the people realize that the government has been lying to them about the way that we feel about iran. there were giving them a totally different ideology. president obama would love to have a nice, good diplomatic relationship with them, but he told them if they would unclench their fist we would work with them. host: thank you for your thoughts. we will look at what the president said yesterday at the end of a news conference with the south korean leader. >> i have said before that i
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have deep concerns about the election. i think that the world has the concerns about the election. you have seen in iran some initial reaction from the supreme leader that indicates he understands the running people have deep concerns about the election. it is not productive given the history of u.s./iranian relations to be seen as meddling, the u.s. president meddling in iran and elections. what i will repeat and what i said yesterday is that when i see violence directed at peaceful protesters, when i seek peaceful dissent suppressed, wherever that takes place -- it
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is of concern to me and it to the american people. host: as we hear the president's voice, here's this piece. it says that iran is in chaos. it says that the party struggle to find its voice on this pivotal world again. the south carolina senator told political that the situation in iran clearly deserves a more forceful response. the go on to talk about the senate gop conference chairman, saying that he is not ready to criticize the president on iran. otherwise, the texas senator john cornyn did. the party has been remarkably
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unified on foreign policy. it took sharp aim at obama's bridge with iran during the 2008 campaign season when the democrats insisted he was open to talks with iran without pre- condition. ruth on the republican line, which you make of the president's approach? caller: this last ellis of the same thing i wanted to sue. obama should just back off of iran and let them be. just let them do their own thing. the same thing in afghanistan and in the other countries. he wants to send money to build the mill. the money he wants to send over there we need over here. -- to bail them out. he always wants to give people money, give people money, but he doesn't for over here.
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not watching kitchen. but does -- and they do not catch, but that is the best insurance, if people want that. host: the next call from the democrats' line. caller: the way that i see it the president is more than correct. to get into another country's elections? we have to see our aid down there working anyway, so why do need a president to say anything? he should stay as far away from that election as he can get. host: back to cincinnati, frank, and in a panic caller -- an independent color.
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caller: i think obama it is doing a good job. i think the criticism is largely about what is going on here in the united states and not about a iran. even when he was running in the election he was under a lot of criticism for taking a position around negotiations, taking a soft-power approach initially with iran. it has been his policy and a lot of these commentators say that when we approached a run we need to get involved with other people so that when we're dealing with -- for we approach iran, so that when we're dealing with nuclear we will have other people involved. if we jump immediately to a hard, forceful approach we will be in trouble. we will not be able to build allies. he is following that policy now and doing a good job. host: here is one tweet.
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we bring that up because of this piece from "in new york times" concerning gaza. this is a shot of jimmy carter. this is during the is really strike back in january. it says that he urged the leaders from hamas to take steps necessary to become accepted by the leading western powers. is the most prominent figure. it says that mr. carter's visit is welcome. the leader and mr. carter held a joint news conference. an american flag was displayed alongside of of palestinian national flag and there was no green hamas flag inside.
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the next call is from south brooklyn, new york. caller: good morning. this show is very good overall. thank you. uc obama being careful with iran -- it will do only one thing. what is going on in iran right now -- obama is playing politics right now and is dangerous. asked the iraqi people who are rallying there now. do you like democratic? if they say yes, then they should accept the election. because when we have an election and the united states in the party wins, go ahead. the party who loses, if you do not like it, you do not go into
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the street. [unintelligible] host: before we run out of time a couple of other opinion pieces. "the wall street journal" puts it this way. the president yesterday denounced the extent of the fraud and a shocking in response of the running regime to public demonstrations. he says if ahmadinejad had made such progress why such violence? they show that the president who spoke these words was nicolas sarkozy of france. this is that the rebellion which is too soon to call a revolution
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is turning out to be the 3:00 a.m. phone call for mr. obama. as a french president shows up the american, his instinct in a crisis is turning out to be prescient. hear from "the washington post" -- we understand the reluctance to sound a tougher nut. however the crisis ends in may require rethinking of the ministrations strategy for iran. last couple of calls from an independent. caller: we had some very contentious calls that had to go all the way to the supreme court. i cannot imagine a foreign power getting involved in by- elections. we have a history weiran and we have installed the brutal dictator, the shah on those people. but we did not stop there.
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we gave iraq biological and chemical weapons to drop on iran, and they did, they used them. so why iran want our input -- and we probably have the cia working behind the scenes now. wish to leave people alone and let the mark up their own government and of their own way of life -- we should leave people alone. host: belasco as from the republican line in virginia. caller: this reminds me of the tenement square massacre in 1989. before the president george h. bush was cajoling these people to do more to get democracy and the result was the massacre. i agree with mel martinez that it is better to stay out of this and see what happens because it


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