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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 17, 2009 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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had three main elements in it -- diplomatic isolation. we do not have relations with them. we discourage others to have relations with them. economic pressure. that is to various types of unilateral and multi lateral sanctions against iran. then what i would describe as thinly veiled support for regime change in iran. i do not think that policy has worked. i do not think it does help the interests of the united states or our allies in this part of the world for the past 30 years. president obama says he wants to take policy in a different direction. he wants to engage diplomatically with iran. i think at this. my criticism of the obama administration would be that he has not laid out a real strategic framework for engaging
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iran diplomatically. how do solve the major bilateral disputes between the united states and iran? other concerns? he needs to lay out a framework for trying to resolve these issues on a comprehensive basis in much the same way that president nixon rhee oriented 25 years of american policy towards the people's republic of china and reach that framework with china which is still ruled by the same man. on that basis he was able to achieve a major rapprochement and i think that has served u.s. interests profoundly well ever since. that is the kind of approach we need to take toward iran. set up a framework for dealing with all of the major disputes between the u.s. and iran.
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someone referred to it as a grand agenda. it is not so important what you call it, but it is important that you do it. i am concerned that they want to reach out diplomatically and that it will not be strategically bounded. host: should iran have nuclear weapons of their own? guest: they say they do not want nuclear weapons. there is a dispute going on about the nature of their civil nuclear program and whether that is ultimately aimed at giving iran a nuclear weapon or not. i think that what is important here to remember is that certainly at this point, the idea that iran is going to give up its civil nuclear program,
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including uranium enrichment, as part of the deal with united states is a pipe dream. what we will have to do is basically be willing to accept that iran is going to have civil nuclear activities and work with iran to implement international verification mechanisms through the international atomic energy agency that would give the world confidence that the risks associated with those activities are being controlled. if we continue to hold out for suspension of their in richmond program and ultimately 0 in richmond in iran, -- for suspension of their enrichment program -- my view is that what iran wants is first of all recognition.
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they want to have security. they want the islamic republic to be recognized as the legitimate government of iran, not as by the regional neighbors but perhaps most importantly by the united states. they want to know the united states except to the islamic republic and that's 70 million people, the biggest country in the region by far, huge hydrocarbon reserves in a critical geostrategic location. there is no way this country will not have an important role in this region. they want to have that role legitimate and except it by their neighbors and by the united states. host: does go to sheila in connecticut. you are on with flynt leverett. caller: if you'll let me say my whole statement.
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i would appreciate it. i was wondering what the u.s. pokes its nose where it doesn't belong. we don't other countries but into our business. we the people are fed up listening to terrorism talk about everyone out there coming in to get us. i find it childish and boring. if we do not take "terrorism" out of our vocabulary. we should work with them as soon as possible and find an answer to conquering their problem of global warming once and for all. the we can all celebrate together that our solidarity accomplished this and we save the planet from destroying itself. guest: i think i would agree with you that it with the global war on terror was defined by the
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previous administration after the 911 attacks ended up having a really distorting -- the 9/11 attacks ended up having a really distorting view on our policy toward iran. on the night of september 11, i was working at the state department at the time. i was called back into the state department on the night of september 11 to meet with secretary powell and to work with colleagues through the night to come up with a strategy for assembling a coalition that would go after al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. this is the strategy secretary powell took with them to the white house on the morning of september 12 and became the blueprint for watching would become operation -- the invasion of afghanistan to overthrow the taliban. i am very sorry that we took our eye off of that ball, it did not
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say that job through of actually defeating and destroying the people who carry out the september 11 attacks in the united states. instead, the bush administration to find a global war on terror, it did not finish the job against the people that had attacked us, and instead, it took us into your rock and ended up distorting our foreign policy -- took us into the rock -- into iraq. so in that sense, i would agree with you. i still regret we did not finish the job that we started of eliminating the threat posed by people who would actually carry out the attacks. host: now to allentown, pennsylvania. caller: good morning.
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i have a problem with representatives like mr. sherman coming on here. as soon as anyone brings up the israelis, we have politicians defending everything they do. it is not in the best interest of this country. why don't we turn this thing around? if the palestinians were abusing the israelis, the way things are going now, probably about a week. we have u.n. resolutions defunding the borders of israel, and they certainly violated every un resolution they ever had against them. as far as the iraq war, it was a diversion. the people who pushed us into this often had ties to israel at one time or another. thank you. guest: i agree with you that the iraq war, while ne-yo
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conservatives played a big part in making the case for the conversion, they also had plenty -- while neo-conservatives played a big part in making the case for the conversion. they were wrong headed decisions. in terms of their relationship with israel, i was hopeful that president obama would really be prepared to challenge israel on the settlements issue and on the need to go not just back to the road map, but really to deal very seriously with sensitive parameters of the final status issue between israel and palestinians. so far, he has not done that. i think he missed an important
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opportunity in his cairo speech to do that. i think, frankly, he should not be simply saying the settlements are unhelpful or a bad idea. he should be saying and taking u.s. policy back to what it was before 1981, which was that israeli settlements in occupied territories are illegal. that is how the rest of the world, the eu, most of the rest of the world outside israel and the united states, israeli settlements are viewed by definition as illegal. i think president obama missed a real opportunity to put u.s. policy back on the right track on that important issue. host: we have one last call. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: fine.
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caller: we hear about iranian elections and stuff about that. i think they should have their own election. i'm sorry people got hurt over there. over here we lose jobs so much. the congress and the senate should be worried about getting more jobs over here and get americans more stable and get the american people on air feet. we're getting to be a weak nation. people are losing their jobs and the faith. we lose the jobs and they get shipped overseas. that is my question, i guess. guest: look, obviously this is the time of great hardship economically for a lot of americans. i would encourage you not to think of -- think of it as a
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choice between being involved in the world's or being prosperous at home. personally i think that is profoundly a false choice. i think american prosperity in years to come is going to be increasingly dependent on our ability to be productively involved in international trade, international financial flows and so forth. i think in many ways, american foreign policy has not worked to benefit -- to the benefit of the benefit -- to the benefit of the americanno carrierringconnect 12
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host: we look forward to all of your thoughts. we're waiting from some major announcement to come from the white house later today. it president and the treasury secretary goes up to the hilt on
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the story. plans for financial regulatory reform expand fed powers. the president will reveal plans for a new system of u.s. financial regulations that expands the powers of the fed so we can assume primary responsibility for averting crises. there are several points to this program that we will hear today at the white house. the treasury secretary will hit capitol hill on all this tomorrow. another main story, obama to give benefit to pay fed's possible partners. the president will sign an executive order that will extend health care and other benefits to the partners of gay federal workers. this will be during an early evening oval office event. the official said the administration would outline details on wednesday.
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the state department recently made similar changes to its policy. the administration is making the move as mr. obama faces criticism for not repealing don't ask don't tell. alabama, you're up first. frank is on the line. caller: i wanted to get hold of that fellow before to ask him what he thinks about censorship against fox news. i watched fox. you see things. you do not see anywhere else. he came on yesterday and criticized fox and cnbc and probably some other places also. he won't interview with fox. he has something against fox
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because they tell the truth. thank you. host: tampa, florida. go ahead. caller: the elections in iran do not really matter. all national candidates after the prescreened and preselected by the guardian council. half are selected by the supreme leader. they are prescreened by the guardian council. true reform, there will not criticize the closed circle of power within iran. some are not allowed to run. i wanted to make one comment about the previous guest's statement that he would like to
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see engagement. i want to know how you can be engaged with these people who are bringing about becoming -- to bring the entire world under puritanical islam. i do not see engagement possible with these types of people. host: thank you for calling. we want to get some other views. this is patty. caller: i m patrick, not patti. i wanted to respond to a previous article. in the first place, you are talking about a voter the electorate of over 50 million people who are filling out paper ballots. you have an essential dictator coming out and saying within an hour after the election that all of those ballots had been counted and he is going to be the victor.
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it wasn't just that. if that were the case, if he works such -- if he was such a victorious leader, if his position was so strong, you would not have to enter into being with the media and shut out -- shot up all of the cell phones. another point is, i think it is ridiculous and i think what he even -- was even watching the situation in iran? if ahmadinejad out was the truth victor that the claim, then why would you have to bust in voters from around the country just to give the perception that you were the victor of this election. host: thank you. here is one of the write ups. senator ensign is acknowledging
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an affair. this is from the washington post." >> last year i had an affair. i violated the vows of my marriage. is the worst thing i have ever done in my life. if there was ever anything that i could take back in my life, this would be it. i take full responsibility for my actions. i know that i have deeply hurt and disappointed by what, darlene, my children, my family, friends, my staff, and all of those who believed in me. and to all of them, but especially my wife, i am truly sorry.
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i will not mention any names. but the woman i was involved with, and her husband, were both close friends and they both worked for me. our families were very close. that slows this put me in to situations during a very difficult time in my marriage which led to mike inappropriate behavior. we caused the pain to both families. for that, i am truly sorry. i am committed to my service in the united states said and my work on behalf of the people of nevada. host: and "the post" writes that the news was the latest setback for a party that suffered losses of at least 13 senate seats in the past two elections.
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he could deliver the conservative message on political talk shows. he did not directly comment on his political future. he said he was committed to a service in the united states senate. he made a trip three weeks ago to iowa. charleston, south carolina. an open phones. you can talk about any topic you like. caller: call calthink you for ty call. i want to talk about nuclear power. i think it is the iaea. right. i was listening to him. i was wondering what the
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response to him was. will iran but others come in and experts or whenever? the other question that i wanted to ask. i couldn't get my:. host: thank you for bringing that up. san diego is next. caller: good morning. c-span. not to change the topic or anything. we have a horrible thing going on here. the census bureau has reported that murder is up 1600% and only in the minority group, the black people. it is down 10% in the white people. it will not reported.
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you will not see it in the news media. i suggest people go -- is very disturbing. go to the census bureau and ask them. they will give you the information. that acorn? totally corrupt organization. i know firsthand by the way they're handling things here. host: let's move over to new york on the democrats' line. caller: my question was for the previous guest. it was a wonderful conversation there. i wanted to ask him if there was a rift between the rural and urban population in iran. it seemed like there were people that were doing all kinds of sophisticated stuff. i thought maybe it was the rural vote that went for ahmadinejad. i am bringing it up because i'm
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living in a rural area. i find it to be quite different from an urban area. host: ok. burke but, new york, is on the line. -- bert plan -- brooklyn, new york. caller: i wanted to talk about the health care plan president obama is pushing. what they create more debt? host: what do you think? caller: i think there will be a major problem. how come attacks more rich people? it will discourage people like me to donate or to help or to give by paying more taxes. host: let's move on to laura on the independent line from maryland.
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caller: i am a poor person. i never even thought to write it off my taxes. that is not the point i wanted to make. i wanted to talk about fox. rupert murdoch', owns several newspapers. he describes himself as a tabloid journalists. he owned a tabloid in england. he is fond of saying he does not report the facts. he is a commentator, like plan backed -- glenn beck says that he was. i would suggest you turn to c- span. i think rupert murdoch should know. host: thank you for calling. this is a picture of william
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jefferson. they are entering district court on tuesday. the federal bribery trial opens. they say he used his office to carry out bribery schemes. one of the most powerful officials, a member of the u.s. house was using his public office for private gain. the assistant u.s. attorney told jurors that mr. jefferson is facing 16 criminal cases of racketeering, bribery, and obstruction of justice for receiving bribes. he has pleaded not guilty. you can see the write up in "the wall street journal." caller: i always like your disposition. the callers are not paying attention. it will be private health care
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paid for with public money. i happen to be a marine corps veteran. we have socialized medicine in the marine corps. it seems to work well. it's still private health care. i'm calling about iran. you can watch democrac you may want to look in your own american history. there was a guy who thought health care was important. the corpse wanted to take is oil -- the corporations wanted to take its oil. they hired a guy. a fellow marine. an officer. it overthrew him. that took place under eisenhower. go to blockbuster and rent the movie. look at the history of your country. host: thank you.
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cambridge, illinois, democrats line. caller: good morning. i have agreed criticism of your former guest, the congressman. i felt he overreacted to a caller. the caller made a connection between corpse and supporters of israel which i probably would not have made. a up the congressman overreacted to the caller. host: thank you. i have to let you go. we're going to the floor. i appreciate you calling. the house today takes up some appropriations actions. the also of homeland security out there this week. they passed war supplemental yesterday. it will move onto other appropriations bill. the senate is in session.


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